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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Obama Continues To Push Against American Civility: Upon direction of a court order, the State of Hawaii is, once again, unable to produce original documents corroborating the image of an official “Certification of Live Birth” posted on the White House’s computer systems on April 27th, 2011, alleged to have been provided by the remote municipal agency and promoted by Obama, himself, as an authentic record of his natal identity supporting his natural-born qualifications to hold executive power.

By Pen Johannson,
Editor of the Daily Pen

New York, NY - Upon service of a court ordered subpoena by California attorney, Orly Taitz and associates, on August 8, 2011, the Hawaiian Health Department confirmed that it is unable to provide documented proof that Barack Obama was born in that state and therefore he is an unconstitutional, undocumented holder of the office of the President.

Working to confirm Obama's real natal identity, investigators have put forth requests for corroboration of any record pertaining to Obama's Hawaiian birth to several hospitals in Honolulu. All medical facilities have also confirmed that no records have been discovered in their respective archives showing that Barack Obama or his mother, Ann Dunham, were ever patients in those facilities. In fact, no hospital in the United States or its governed territories has ever attested to Obama's birth in their facility.

It has become apparent that Barack Obama and the liberal establishment have trapped themselves in a very perilous corner. After releasing an obvious counterfeit of a mere image of what they claim was an official, original government issued “Certificate of Live Birth” on April 27th, 2011, complete with extraneous graphics, spelling errors, cryptic symbols and unofficial artifacts, the Hawaiian Department of Health is now unable to produce that same original ‘vault’ version of the document from which with the image was produced.

Having argued for more than four years that Barack Obama is a natural-born citizen, and therefore eligible to be president, despite irrefutable evidence to the contrary, his blindest of incompetent supporters have had no other choice but to promote the unsubstantiated claim that the State of Hawaii’s Health Department possesses an original version of Barack Obama’s 1961, NVSD, hospital generated “Certificate of Live Birth”.

Unfortunately, Obama's lies and epic fraud have impugned these claims by narrowing the probative field to the following overweighted condition: The only way Obama can possibly be eligible and legitimate to be president is if the Hawaiian Health Department possesses this original document in its archive files...and, to the horror of officials of the Hawaiian Health Department, it must match the counterfeit forgery posted to the White House computer systems on April 27th, 2011, complete with "smiley face" graffiti, spelling errors, extraneous artifacts and an over enlarged safety-paper border.

This is what happens when you lie. You must forge new lies to explain the previous lie.

However, the State of Hawaii is unable to provide this proof for the simple reason that it does not exist. Therefore, Obama has violated Constitutional law and perpetrated a crime against the United States of America.

Foremost, even the forged image confirms that Obama’s stated father was not a U.S. citizen, thereby disqualifying Obama’s claims to natural-born citizenship. A natural-born citizen is one who is born in a location under the protection of the U.S. Constitution to TWO U.S. citizen parents and maintains the continuity of their natural-born status without interruption by any legal or administrative procedure such as expatriation, foreign adoption or extradition.

Only the offices of the President and Vice President are required to be held by natural-born citizens. If Obama is a native-born citizen, or a naturalized citizen, he is eligible to serve in any other capacity in local, state or federal goverment. He just can't be president.

Radicals on the political left, commonly referred to as "Obots", have leveraged illicit arguments against Obama's eligibilty contenders by futility attempting to frame the entire saga under claims of persecution against his demographics and bi-racial heritage.

Unfortunately for these ideological degenerates, the simplicity of the entire argument resides well founded in the fact that Obama is merely ineligible to be president. However, when the truth emerges, despite his criminal usurpation of a position for which he does not qualify, it remains certain that he shall be allowed to exist as a member of the human race, even as a vanquished wretch.

Theoretically, if the Hawaiian Health Department had actually possessed an exact replica of the original document from which the fraudulent image of the April 27, 2011 document was produced, the State of Hawaii would have to admit to being an accomplice to the greatest fraud ever perpetrated in American history. Multiple, highly credible document and imagery experts from several industries have conferred in complete agreement and publicly proclaimed that the image is either of a forged document or a forged image created after the document was digitally scanned and posted in digital image form on the White House’s own website.

The fact that the corruption of the image occurred while it remained in the warranted chain custody of the White House from the hands of officials in Hawaii to its secure internet site means that Obama owns this document image from conception to revelation.

“There is no way out of that for him,” says media analysis expert, Marian Taylor. “He owns it, forever. If he claims it is a forgery, he then has to explain how the forgery occurred on his own secure computer systems, or he has blame the State of Hawaii.”

“Much like Anthony Weiner’s ‘my account was hacked’ defense. And, now, we all know the truth about Weiner, don’t we?” she added.

If Obama attempted this escape route regarding the forgery posted on April 27th, he has no way of explaining how someone accessed the digital image on a secure White House site, vandalized it, then reposted it without any of the "geniuses" in his adminstration noticing. However, on August 8, 2011, it was confirmed the State of Hawaii is unable to produce this document, as evident from its inability to comply with the court order.

Lex parsimoniae wins that dull argument every time.

On another hand, Taylor says that if the Hawaiian Health Department possesses a version of a different original birth document, showing different information and appearance from the image posted to the White House’s network computer system on April 27th, then Obama is a liar and a counterfeiter and, therefore, merely a criminal of the lowest order.”

“At this point, I really don’t consider Barack Obama to be a president as much as I consider him to be just another inferior ideologue seeking notoriety by attempting to fraudulently attach his self to American exceptionalism,” says Taylor.

“He’s made the entire image of American leadership a joke to the world,” says Taylor.

“However, the mistake he has made is assuming he can affect lasting change as a member of our government, whereas American history has demonstrated, time and time and time again, that the real power to bring justice and punishment lies not in government but with the advance citizenship of people of vintage American heritage. The descendants of our warrior class generation.”

Taylor continued, “In my 25 years in media and technology, I have never seen such a blatant case justifying the complete delegitimization of a political heretic, as with this man. It’s repulsively fascinating how this individual even found his way into public service at the local level, let alone in a position to trespass on the highest executive office. That’s what happens when authentic people allow illegitimate candidates to come to power.”

The ever-reliable bastion of truth known as “the internet” has been the sole representative and primary medium bearing the factual substance of the Obama’s eligibility to be president. Absurdly, Barack Obama invested his legitimacy as a politician on the content of nothing more than digital document images posted onto a large computer network which can be accessed by anyone and, for which, the published content remains unaccountable to anyone specific.
Never has a public figure been allowed to exploit such a fallible technology as a tool for conveying such fraudulent information in world history. It’s laughable.

During this horrific Obama era in American history, it is important to acknowledge that many president’s have been accused of being liars under the guise of ideology and policy. None, however, have been so subject to such a vast probative supply of evidence showing that they are a fraud, like Barack Obama.

Undeniably, at a minimum, Barack Obama is a liar, in the political sense, and, therefore, unworthy of his place in leadership. At most, he is the most renowned criminal fraud in American history and, therefore, is subject to legal prosecution.

Despite the strain Obama has placed on the account of grace, the man must be civily and endurably processed from office, prosecuted for his crimes.

It is paramount for Americans to embrace that this tedious exercise of removing usurper Obama from American history serves well the purfication of our rites of sovereignty while fortifying the value of our blood-ransomed heritage, which has endowed freedom upon the face of the earth for millions...for centuries.

Never forget that America was created and has since been defended by the members of the advanced citizenship of humanity. A nation like America is what happens as a natural consequence when the highest qualified members of humanity come together, under God, and form a union based on unalienable rights enabled by reliance upon divine providence.


  1. Which court issued the subpoena? Where's a certified online version that we can all examine? When was it served to the Hawaii Department of Health? Where are the documents proving service?

  2. Which agency official issued Obama's Certificate of Live Birth? Where's the Certified original paper version from the Hospital that we can all examine like the Nordykes'? When was it created and submitted to the Hawaiian Department of Health from the hospital? If the Certificate of Live Birth always existed, why did Obama allow Lt. Col. Lakin to spend 6 months in jail before all of a sudden showing it? Where are the other records and documents proving Obama's identity? Why are Obama's records being hidden if they all, as his horde claims, exonerate his legitimacy as president and confirm his life narrative? Why are his lawyers being paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to fight lawsuits seeking the truth? Why is the Certificate of Live Birth in the vault hidden under privacy laws after the very same document "image" was put on the internet for the world to see? Why is Obama hiding his education records and financial aid records?

  3. Why is Obama using a social security number issued to an applicant from Connecticut when there is no evidence or account of him ever living there? Why is Obama hiding his passport application information from 1981? Why did the Hawaiian Democrat Party authority refuse to Certify Obama's nomination in 2008? Why did the DNC create a 'special' certification of nomination for Obama to appear on the Hawaiian ballot after Brian Schatz authorized and signed an Official Certification of Nomination which did not adhere to approval requirements under Hawaiian election laws? Where are the written notifications legally required by the Chief Elections Officer of Hawaii once notified of Obama's deficient OCON status? If the arguement that Obama's mother could not have flown from Kenya to Hawaii with newborn, then how did she fly from Hawaii to Washington with a newborn to attend school two weeks after giving birth? Why do records show Obama’s mother unaccounted for from February, 1961 to August, 1961?

  4. Where is the marriage announcement of Obama's parents from the same newspapers which allegedly announced his birth six months later?

  5. It appears there are more important questions about Obama which remain unanswered than questions about the Taitz subpoena...but let's answer them all in order of priority, shall we? Let's start with the earliest event in question...Obama's natal information and biographical data.