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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


FLEEING FROM BIRTH CERTIFICATE TO “LEGITIMACY” - A shocking change in the content of reporting at NBC, CNN and CBS indicates the pro-Obama media are beginning to stagger under the weight of facts which plainly show that Barack Obama has never provided valid, corroborated documentation proving he is constitutionally eligible to hold the office of president.

By Dan Crosby,
of The Daily Pen 

New York, NY - The pro-Obama, liberal mainstream media is showing symptoms of fatigue in their endless defense of Barack Obama’s fraudulent identity. 

A sudden reverse in liberal media content indicates they are realizing defense of Obama’s “eligibility” based on rapidly fading support of his fraudulent birth certificate is no longer sustainable.  The lies about Obama's identity are becoming too heavy for those undersold as errand-slaves for the bowing liberal consensus.  
In at least two broadcasts by CBS ad MSNBC, following Mitt Romney’s campaign rally joke about his own birth certificate, hosts from the leftist networks used a new word to defend Barack Obama’s fading credibility.

Defense of Obama's "legitimacy", not "eligibility", is now emanating from media propagandists indicating they can no longer defend the lie that the digitally forged image of an alleged 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” proves he is “eligible” to be president.  Now, they are desperately hoping everyone will forget their abetment of the “eligibility by fake computer image” lie and show grace for Obama’s contingent claims to “legitimacy by popularity” instead.

On Friday, Obama lover and "The Ed Show" host, Ed Schultz, instead of defending the authenticity of Obama’s alleged birth document, which he has done with vigor until now, used the word “legitimate” to defend Obama saying, “Another day at the office with the “Mittster”.  Today Mitt Romney reignited the fringe, those in his party who don’t see Obama as a legitimate president.”

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Then, Romney’s joke evoked an almost desperate need from CBS’s Scott Pelley to hear Romney say that Obama was a “legitimate” president, while Pelley completely avoided the tired lie that the digital image of Obama's alleged 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” posted on an official government website in April, 2011, was authenticated proof that Obama was eligible to be president.

See the video here.
Pelley asked Romney, “In the rally today, you said, ‘No one has ever asked for my birth certificate.  They know this is the place I was born and raised.’ Why did you say that?”

Romney told Pelley the comment was a joke based on the fact that he and his wife, Ann, were born and raised in Michigan.  However, the only reason Romney has for referencing a request of a birth certificate is Obama's failure to provide a valid one over the past five years.   

Pelley then embarked a pathetic defense of Obama, “But, this was a swipe at the president.”

"No, no, not a swipe," Romney replied. "I've said throughout the campaign and before, there's no question about where he was born. He was born in the U.S. This was fun about us, and coming home. And humor, you know -- we've got to have a little humor in a campaign."

Unconvinced under the crushing weight of his chronic dissonance, Pelley then posited a question which reveals the old lie is no longer effective and that he is beginning to rethink his position on Obama’s alleged birth certificate and constitutional eligibility.

“For the record, will you say, once and for all, that you believe Obama is a legitimate president?” pleaded Pelley.  

Romney replied with a confident smile, “I have said that 30 times, I guess 31 won’t hurt.”
Romney answer accompanied a light in his eyes indicating he now understands that a question about Obama’s "legitimacy" is not the same as one about his "eligibility".  He also realized from Pelley’s question that the media knows it, too. 

“If you have the wherewithal to suspect that sharks are preparing to attack because they happen to smell blood in the water, perhaps instead of asking why the sharks are attacking, you should ask, why am I bleeding?” asks TDP editor, Pen Johannson.

“Obama was bleeding credibility on the issue of his eligibility long before anyone challenged him.  The media is beginning to see this.”   
Eligibility is based on a legal requirement rooted in the rule of law and doctrinal precedent over the past 250 years in America.  Legitimacy, on the other hand, is a transient status of subjective entitlement based on the fact that voters supported the candidate, even though the candidate was never legally eligible to be elected.

In 1840, John Tyler, serving as Vice President as the first ever candidate eligible for the office of President born after the adoption of the U.S. Constitution, became the first candidate required by the Constitution to be a Natural Born citizen of the United States, which he was.  However, Tyler was also the first candidate to perform the duties of President without being elected to the office.  He was forced to assume the powers and duties of president upon the untimely death of President William Henry Harrison just after the 1840 election.

Many in opposition to Harrison’s administration refused to acknowledge Tyler as a “legitimate” President, even disparaging him as “His Accidency”.  Harrison's unprecedented death in office caused considerable confusion regarding Tyler’s succession despite the fact that he was eligibile. 

Article II, Section 1 of the Constitution merely states:

In Case of the Removal of the President from Office, or of his Death, Resignation, or Inability to discharge the Powers and Duties of the said Office, the same shall devolve on the Vice President.”

The Constitution did not endow Tyler with the title of President in his own right, just the powers of the office.  It only stated that the “Powers and Duties” of the deceased President Harrison would “devolve” upon him as Vice President, not that he would hold the office.  Read literally, Tyler would remain the Vice President with presidential powers, as Acting President, but he could not be called “President of the United States”. 

In spite of his constitutional eligibility to be president, Tyler’s opponents refused to acknowledge that he was a “legitimate” president.  Therefore, it is completely absurd for the liberal media to actually expect that Obama would be considered “legitimate” without a shred of documented proof of eligibility. 

Obama’s legal right to hold office has never been verified because he does not possess the historical proof to show that he meets the requirements stipulated by Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 of the Constitution.

Shultz and Pelley, like the remaining slew of pathological liars in the liberal media, are being confronted with a terrifying reality that there is no proof that Obama is actually who he claims to be, let alone be eligible to be president.  Moreover, they are realizing that only Obama, not original sources, has been the only one they were allowed to receive information from about his identity, which they willingly swallowed and so enthusiastically defended as the truth.
Now, they see the fox in the hen house.  The shift in perception indicates the delusions of liberal media are now being confronted with the reality that Obama has poisoned and corrupted their personal and professional reputations.  They are beginning to think Obama might actually be a fraud.

Long ago, CBS and NBC sold out to Obama’s lies and have no way to reconcile with the soul crushing truth so they no longer have the credibility to fight the cause for Obama based on the losing proposition that the birth certificate represents the truth about his identity.  It does not.  It represents the greatest lie ever told to the American people, and they are beginning to realize it.

Mitt Romney’s recent joke about his own birth certificate, according to CBS, was apparently an endorsement of suspicions by so-called “birthers” that “…ultimately drove Mr. Obama to release his long-form birth certificate to prove he was born in the United States.”

Yes, a CBS writer, lost in ideological delusions about Obama’s eligibility grandeur, actually used the word, “drove” in attempting to convince themselves of an elusive reality about the intentions of Romney’s comment.

Of course, CBS reporters can provide no documented proof that Romney’s comment was directed at Barack Obama.  Sounds a little like CBS believes there is a coo-coo conspiracy to undermine Obama.  They are beginning to sound more like what they accuse so-called “birthers” of, everyday.
CBS and other liberal emanations seem to be slowly admitting, now, that the derogatorily called “birther” movement must have had the power and facts to “drive” the anointed One of a bowing liberal consensus to the brink if destruction by forcing him to actually provide evidence that he is who he says he is.
Think about what CBS is claiming.  A bunch of crazy, rightwing fringe racists “drove” Obama to present a digitally fabricated image of an alleged 1961 birth certificate which was proven by 10 month-long criminal investigation to be a forgery?

They sound like crazy left-wing conspiracy theorists.  Acknowledging the power to drive an alleged “legally eligible” president to prove his legitimacy is a lot of respect to assign those formerly considered a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists.

Imbalanced pundits like Shultz and Pelley are beginning to look like fools.  Labeling those who question Obama’s eligibility as racists and crazy people is beginning to come back on liberals in a very destructive way.  When the truth is against you, your condemnations will return to haunt and destroy you because no aspersion you cast holds credibility once the lies you defended are exposed.  At that point, you have become worthy of destruction and ridicule. 

Let’s talk about Obama’s legitimacy, shall we?

After all, sarcastically speaking, it’s not as if suspicions about Obama’s illegitimacy were actually based on facts about his past, like the fact that his alleged father was never a U.S. citizen…which means he is not a natural born citizen of the U.S. and therefore not constitutionally eligible to be president based on 250 years of legal and doctrinal precedence.


Facts like, Obama voted in favor of congressional resolution 511 stating that his 2008 opponent, John McCain, was a natural born citizen because, unlike Obama, both of McCain’s parents were U.S. citizens serving in the military and, therefore, eligible to run for president, despite the fact that McCain was not born in the U.S.    


Obama lived to Indonesia as a boy, attended school as Indonesian citizen as required by Indonesian law and so stated on his school registration form, and has never provided documentation showing that he retained his American citizenship upon return to Hawaii in 1971. 


Obama traveled to Pakistan, by his own admission, using a passport which would show his citizenship status in 1980 and, yet, it has never been allowed to be seen by anyone.  Legitimacy?  


Obama refuses to provide his college transcripts which contain information about whether or not he attended school as a foreign student, which would show that if he received foreign scholarships he could not have applied as a U.S. citizen.


The Democrat Party of Hawaii chairman, Brian Schatz, refused in August of 2008 to provide an “Official Certification of Nomination” containing legally required language under Hawaiian election laws stating that Obama was “constitutionally eligible” to hold the office of President.


Obama’s literary publicist printed in an official promotional brochure for 16 years that he was born in Kenya.   

Obama’s alleged Selective Service registration card, allegedly signed by Obama a day AFTER it was stamped by a Honolulu postal worker, apparently using the only two-digit year received stamp ever possessed by the U.S. post office, was determined by a six month law enforcement investigation to be a forgery.  Requests by investigators for the original record from the Selective Service Administration were denied without explanation.  


The digital .pdf image of his alleged 1961 Hawaiian “Certificate of Live Birth” has been proven through a criminal investigation by officials with decades of federal, state and local law enforcement experience to be a fraud.

Legitimacy?  Obama’s horde of puppets have a better chance of winning the eligibility argument using the forged birth certificate.



  1. Congress or the military have to take action against this Administration! There are immigration laws duly passed by Congress! Obama refuses to do his job to execute the laws as written? Then we have no law! We have a dictatorship! This cannot go on! We can't wait for elections! I personally believe that Obama is an illegal immigrant himself and NO One Insists on proper documentation! We must remove him from office NOW! Congress must open a committee to review Sheriff Joe Arpaio's work and act on it by issuing a Subpoena for Obama's birth certificate, Social Security Account Number records (including application), Obama's Occidental College Records (Including Application) Obama's Columbia University Records (Including Application) Obama's Harvard University Records (Including Application) as well as all aliases, i.e.,Barry Soetero! As Commander in Chief, Obama carries the highest security clearance and has access to all of our security information for our nation! If Obama's subpoened records are not available and/or if they show what a two year old could observe, Obama must immediately be arrested, charged with Treason and removed immediately from office, along with the leadership of the Democrat Party who were complicit in his treason and responsible for vetting him as a candidate for President.This cannot continue! Our nation is at stake!

  2. I totally concur with you Shirley and would love to see one Congressman or FBI Agent find their cajones and do what is right for this country. This close to the election it isn't going to happen, but it should regardless. The law is the law and should not be overlooked for the expediency of a political event. Those with the power to do so have been pressured to overlook his illegitimacy to the office because of racial tension hanging like a raincloud over our country. If they acted according to law, The Constitution, all hell would break loose and the country would be in one mass riot. He would finally have created jobs though, in the aftermath construction would be booming. All kidding aside this should have been addressed prior to the last election to prevent this entire fiasco. What I can't believe is that the Clintons didn't vet his sorry behind and insure that Hillery would have been the nominee. I'm amazed and ashamed of our political process and what it has digressed into.

  3. Let Obama rig the election and get himself re-installed anld there will be no stopping him. We can't allow him to remain in office and yet our Congress and DOJ won't lift a finger to prevent what is about to happen. There will be no arguments left for removing him from office no matter how illegal/ineligible he is. Americans have had a difficult 4 years because the courts refuse to hear evidence about the usurper but his remaining in power will block any further efforts to have him removed no matter how much proof we have to the contrary.

    1. Mel,
      You use the term "rig" and unfortunately you may be spot on. I truly don't think that Obama has the support, based on his record, to "win" this election. If he does it will be a "Hugo Chavez" victory. The results may already be in the computer. I pray that this is not true. If the Democrats are reinstalled I suspect that those that truly believe the hope and promise that is America will not sit idly by and accept dominion from above. We may not get the courts to prove that Obama is a usurper and should be removed, but I believe that true American Patriots will not stand for a second term of tyranny and overthrow of this great country.

  4. Bob Lee August 30, 2012

    There is little doubt that Obama was born in The British Protectorate of Kenya. His birth records have been found in British Archives. In addition there is a video in which he confesses to not being an American but rather a Kenyan by birth. If you would like the address of this confession, request at Thee is nothing to prove that Obama is an American much less a Natural Born Citizen. Our Congress and FBI have failed to live up to their Oath.

  5. for "teacher10258": "What I can't believe is that the Clintons didn't vet his sorry behind and insure that Hillery would have been the nominee."
    The Clinton's did, in fact, attempt to discredit Obama by citing his lack of documentation and it cost them the life of one of their closest friends, the DNC Chair, Bill Gwatney, who was murdered in 2008. The Clinton's were/are well aware of the fraud-in -chief and if you recall, the first person to challenge Obama and file suit was presented by a democrat, Philip Berg, in 2008. Many are of the opinion that Chelsea Clinton's life was threatened --- which would explain the silence among the Clinton's at this stage.

  6. What I'm surprised and didn't state implicitly was that the Clintons, whi have left a wake of bodies in the path, didn't take the extra steps which they were so accustomed to, to make sure that Obama was discredited and eliminated from the competition. That Obama had the savvy and wherewithal to circumvent such hardened Democrats is astounding. Gwatney may have been a message, but the Clintons were bluffed and found wanting. Regardless, we are all now subjects to the dictator Obama and we now stand accused of being loyalists to the Constitution. God forbid, we should all be Patriots and want to see this dictator and his Czars removed. tried, and convicted for the Anti-American tyrants that they are.

  7. Pres obama born in Toepka ks i started publishg myeye witness acocount on facebook linked to lblogger and tweet on 7.26.12 and in daily recaps since. The millions spent and collected is a scam. records all over and witnesses but the fear of Fred Phelps is too great? Millions have been spet to stilffle the eye witnesses. There ia=s also three dead bodies in Topeka, ks forom then that have never been investigated as no one would beleive the President;s own mother, hat they had all gone into the river. The KKK was often part of the law enforcement in the old South and Topeka, Ks was a hot bed as the last battle against segregation was there. I have some hand problems and typos sometimes exist. i was warned abut wome fo te horrible comments I would recieve. Most have just wanted anseres to wuestons and I thank them for wanting the truth. Like any goid invstigation start with the eye witnesses and few have come forward and verify. I'm sop sorry <rPresident that when i saw you again in /71 I hadn;t allowed your maternal grandmother form stopping me form emntioning I;d seen you after birth in the dresseer drawer your mother was using for a crib behind the counter of where she worked in Topeka, Ks. You were very cute! Your mother had great courage to wnat and provide for yo! Don't foget that..I don;t know if you were ever told the truth and if my e=mails to the white house and campaign haveeven been shown yu. I am nt doing tis for political reasons, but you really need to pull the fake Hawaii b.c your meternal grandmother filed for fear of her own past and KKK trying to protect you , too in her own way. My dad arrangeing the marriage to obama sr should have been enough as times did change.