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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ma'am Boxer's Condescension Reveals Herself, Liberals As The Actual Racists Of Our Time

by Pen Johannson

One foot didn’t fill her big mouth. So, she just had to shove the other one in.

Over the past month, Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has acquired a taste for her own feet. She is one of those rare individuals who, after inserting one in the yammering hole in her face, blindly lusting so much for the appearance of a liberal’s version of diversity, fairness and equality, must shove the other one in as well.

Contrary to the arrogance she used to berate Brigadier General, Michael Walsh, last month, there are some things Boxer has not had to work hard to become. Some things just come easy for the "Ma’am" from California.

Being worthy of the title of “Senator” is not one of them.

Obviously, one of the things Barbara Boxer doesn’t have to work at is offending those who take time from their worthier functions, as members of America’s military and financial sectors, to appear before the meaningless Environment & Public Works committee, over which she presides. Ironically, Boxer tends to assault those who are invited to offer testimony about things she is completely unqualified to make decisions about.

The other thing Boxer is good at is running her mouth without passing the words through her brain first.

In the first instance, on June 16th, Boxer insisted that General Walsh refer to her as “Senator”, rather than the time-honored, militarily correct title of “Ma’am”.

First of all, Boxer revealed her distinct ignorance for the fact that military personnel, and most decent folks who were raised correctly, refer to women who they perceive as an authority as "ma'am". It is an obligatory term of respect, especially from a longstanding, respected military veteran like Walsh.

Secondly, the title of "Senator" was commissioned during the convening of the 7th congress as a way to address members during open debate, not in committee. Boxer needs to bone up on the history of her profession.

Otherwise, there is certainly at least one other gender-specific four-letter title, other than "ma'am", which more accurately resembles Boxer.............if she pleases.

But, the finale’ in Boxer’s foot feast came last week during a meeting with the Black Chamber of Commerce President, Mr. Harry Alford.

Attempting to shove the issue of race into a discussion about energy, Boxer offended Alford, an African American, by suggesting that his position on Cap & Trade was less legitimate on the basis that the NAACP and John Grant, leader of “100 Black Men Of Atlanta”, had different views than his. Obviously Boxer was using race, and more specifically, african american heritage as leverage against Alford's opposition to some of Boxer's liberal views on energy.

Deepening the crevice, Boxer was obstinate, “I am putting in the record a statement from the NAACP.”

And, Mr. Alford’s response was priceless and perfect.

“WHY?” he asked.

Therein lies the jewel.

Indeed. Do tell, Babsy……


What relavence does the NAACP have within a discussion about energy and Cap & Trade?

Apparently, according to Boxer, the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People suddenly becomes a relevant expert on matters of energy when their views align with Boxer's, while opposing those of another black man who happens to be conservative.

When did the NAACP become an expert in energy? It can’t even function in a role worthy of its acronym, let alone how to find sources of energy.

When did John Grant and the “100 Black Men Of Atlanta” become experts on the issue of Cap & Trade? Why, in a meeting of the Environment And Public Works Committee, did chairma’am Boxer inject a memo, which she specifically attributed to the NAACP, into a discussion about energy with the President of the Black Chamber Of Commerce?

Did she have some noble relevance in defense of an oppressed minority group? Was she citing documents from the NAACP in honor of civil rights or opportunities for blacks?


Unfortunately, there is only one explanation for Boxer’s condescension of Mr. Alford. She was exploiting the demographics of race in order to pander for political support. She was letching skin color shared by members of the NAACP, John Grant and Mr. Alford to prop a liberal psychosis against Alford’s conservative views on energy.

And, she revealed something very ugly and insidious about liberals.

Boxer's condescension of Alford was as shocking as it was perverted. Her depth of arrogant presumption to exercise such thoughtless license, permitted to herself through political party affiliation, was abhorent and repugnant. Her deviance will go on record as the most inappropriate exploitation of the issue of race in congressional history. It was truly despicable.

The most tragic thing, however, is that Boxer has so long been a race mongering degenerate subservient to the politics of demography that she can't even remember when she lost her soul. She didn’t even understand what she had done.

On the contrary, she actually had the audacity to defend her gaff as an elevated attempt to show diversity......

.....about energy?

Barbara Boxer represents an epic debauchery which, at some point, blacks must face about liberalism and the Democrat party of condescension. Blacks must wake up and realize that they are only worth to democrats and liberals as much as their poverty, oppression, helplessness and dependence on entitlement policy allows for the liberal establishment to assume and retain power over their lives. Meeting for the cause of the poor black victim is the essence of liberal identity.

For, when a black man or black woman becomes independent, prosperous and successful they become a threat to the liberal establishment's ability to justify its purpose. Successful blacks are worthless to Boxer's liberal cabal.

Mr. Alford’s knockout punch to Boxer came in a final stanza of his response in which he accurately exposed the true, naked, racist character of Boxer and every liberal who has sold their soul to the god of race politics.

“Senator, we’ve been looking at energy policy since 1996. And, we are referring to the experts. Regardless of their color,” Alford continued, “And, for someone like you to tell me, an African American, college educated, veteran of the United States Army, that I must contend with some other black group, and put aside everything else in here……this has nothing to do with the NAACP, and really has nothing to do with the National Black Chamber of Congress. We are talking ‘energy’. And, that ‘road’ the Chair (Boxer) went down….I think is God awful.”

Alford subsequently appeared on the Dennis Miller radio show during which he summed up his exchange with Boxer, “I was there to talk about Cap & Trade and she wanted to go to ‘colored’ town.”

Finally, an African America speaks the absolute truth revealing the true racists of our time. A prominent, colorless member of American society finally recognizes the insidiousness of race mongering by liberals like Barbara Boxer.

In the end, by her own admission, “working hard” to have a title of “senator”, reveals the utter detestability of allowing a true racist like Boxer to become a leader of anything….let alone something like a congressional committee. In order for a menace like Boxer to have any authority, in the real world, she would have to either commit a crime or engage in immorality to achieve it. Because, no decent, sober person would ever pick someone like her in an election if they were actually afforded the opportunity to become familiar with her true nature.

In this case, she exposed the prevailing liberal view of blacks in America. That they are just one big, victimized black person who needs either pity, condescension or charity.

By this, Boxer has shown that she is a violator of every principle prescribed and recognized by far worthier Vintage Americans before her who have lived authentic lives in the customs of decency and genuine identity.

General Walsh and Harry Alford have seen it first hand. The confrontation with them revealed Boxer’s astonishing imperialistic arrogance…………….and ignorance about her own deficiencies.

Unlike Gen. Walsh and Mr. Alford, Boxer was ensconced into her delusional highness by default election results pandered through a liberal, west coast constituency of reprobates. Her position as a political deviant was achieved only because a deteriorating pool of more qualified humanity who, fearing putrification by association, bore enough wisdom to remain as far away from idiocy, like Boxer’s, as possible, and never serve anywhere near the gutter of Boxer's liberal political ranks. Gutter dwellers like Boxer generally fall into their position simply because better people refuse to take it.

But, the final nail in Boxer's credibility coffin was hammered when Alford referred to her as "ma'am" three times in 15 seconds.

Boxer never even noticed.

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