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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Newest Race-Mongering Androphobe At MSNBC

by Dan Crosby

For those of us who relish the self destruction liberals suffer from their beleaguered hatred for conservative white men, Rachel Maddow has emerged as a perfect accessory in the MSNBC tool shed.

When Maddow, the newest, though no less incestuously appreciated, misanglyst of the liberal hackwork, took the air last year, it was easy to overlook her ambiguous feminism. She was a rookie intent on merely doing her job.

Though somewhat mannish, despite her elegance upon the precipice of militancy, Maddow presented herself with agile, sometimes adorable, wordsmithery, while nightly draining herself of a mounting agitation against the melanically challenged.

Then, something happened.

Even though she skirts literalism with the best of them, somewhere along the line, Maddow decided to hate two distinct demographic sectors of American society. Whites and Men.

Watching Maddow now leaves one with an unsettling sense that she thinks her broadcast wedge should end each night praising penis haters everywhere. Unfortunately, Maddow has become yet another nail in the discredibility coffin of MSNBC’s nightly festival of hate against all things Vintage American.

In a recent exchange with Patrick Buchanan, a fellow MSNBC contributor appearing on her self titled happy hour, Maddow probed and prodded the evangelist with a series of blatantly race-oriented questions.

In one completely naked, but characteristic question, Maddow asked, “Why do you think it is that out of the 110 supreme court justices we’ve had in this country, 108of them have been white?”

First of all, only a race-mongering liberal would recognize the demographics of America's supreme court history.

In that moment, only an implement like Maddow could violate the contraceptive against corrupted thought to seek the political nugget of racism within the historical judicial service of vintage Americans over the past 250 years.......when America was anglo-europeans.......who happened to be from a region of the world where the sun shines upon the surface of the earth at a more shallow less duration.........than it does where people have developed a higher density of melanin in their a natural defense against ultraviolet their skin a dark complexion......

In liberal-speak, that means America was settled, created and developed by "evil white devils of non-african origin".

The fantasy response from Buchanan would have been to say, "Well, Rachel, its probably because the United States is overtly favorable to whites and rooted in the belief that light skinned people are just better than dark skinned people in every way. DUH!!"

But, he didn't. But, it would have been fun to hear it. And, this is the mantle for liberals for generations before Maddow was shamefully conceived into American generosity.

Instead, Buchanan’s response was poignant, honest, true, factual and real.

“…White men were 100% of the people who wrote the constitution…..and whites were 100% of the people who signed the declaration of independence….”

We will add the "Duh" for Mr. Buchanan.

Maddow looked like a dear in headlights. Running into Buchanan’s brick wall of logic, Maddow zigged with a follow up as her psychosis deepened.

“So, do you think that the reason there have been 108 out of 110 white justices is because they deserve it?”

Again, Buchanan could have answered with devastating logic by simply saying, “Yes.” But, instead he provided a more generous and thoughtful response.

“My argument would be get the finest minds you can get, get real scholars….”

Imagine that.

Choosing the best qualified individuals to serve in places where their decisions actually effect the lives of those they serve is better than choosing individual based on their race.

Maddow isn't even qualified to understand this concept. Her lust for race mongering and harvesting the treasures of the liberal establishment's hatred of white men drives her into an ever vast separation from reality and humanity.

Citing the two mantles of American history upon which our judicial system was constructed, Buchanan should be praised for remembering the essence of what America was intended to be, and for reminding Maddow about what she is causing it to become.

While Buchanan, a conservatively oriented former presidential candidate, presented a sober rendition of the liberal preoccupation with race in each of his answers, Maddow was hell bent on making his pro-anglo responses appear racially insensitive. However, Maddow only managed to confirm the epic suspicions decent Americans have about the corrupted mind of today’s racist liberal. The actual racists of our time.

His point was well made to those who matter. Buchanan was right. Only when America puts away the foolishness of race-based, minority-coddling idiocy in its municipal process will it find sanctuary from the edicts of racism. And, an end to the liberal dissemination of race based politics for its own benefit.

For, it is within the “good intentions” of liberalized measurement by which minorities are discounted, oppressed and forever relegated to a needful regard. Dregs like Maddow are the reason dark skinned people remain in their desolate place. After all, liberals have proven that blacks serve the liberal establishment better when they are victims and slaves than when they are accountable, independent and prosperous.

In reality, liberals, NOT conservatives, are the actual offense to blacks and minorities because only liberals have an self serving interest in keeping them dependent on entitlement and racial politics. Without the insidious sociopolitical value provided for liberals by the disseminations of demography and race, blacks actually have no purpose or value to the liberal establishment. The greatest enemy to a liberal politician is a prosperous, successful, educated, intelligent, decent black man.

Liberals like Maddow hate it when this truth pierces their bleeding heart. And, what’s more, they absolutely disdain it when it is presented to them by a white male, like Mr. Buchanan.

Afterall, white males are the "devils" of humanity. And, without the "evil"ization of white men in America, what do liberals have to propel their desolate ideology? How can they motivate their minions without the false doctrines promoting hate for white men?


Liberals hate the truth from men like Buchanan. They hate it not because they think it’s wrong. They hate it because it is so fundamentally rooted in the truth that it threatens the cognitive structures of dissonance they have strived for so long to erect in convincing themselves of their delusion. The fact that such a devastating testimony comes from a vintage patriarch makes it unbearable for Maddow, and those who have spent their entire lives cultivating a visceral hatred for their caucasian targets.

Maddow probably hates the fact that the emancipation proclamation was created under the administration of a white, republican male. As though slavery and discrimination never existed before America showed up.

Not only is that racist, it’s hateful of America.

Pat Buchanan was honest, thoughtful and correct about the dissonance of liberals and their exploitation of race in this country.

Maddow should be ashamed for allowing her once credible effort at a career descend into such hateful derision.

For all of her fading potential and wonderful naivety, she has become little more than Keith Obermann.....without the vagina of course.

But, then again……she does work at MSNBC.

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