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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Message To Bush-hating Katrina Critics: Welcome To Gulf Crisis Hell

by Dan Crosby

For all of the dissonant, Obama-loving critics of George Bush, the epic destruction being wrought by the gulf oil disaster is making Katrina look like spilt milk. Long term estimates place the total economic impact of the oil spill around $200 billion dollars by 2015 and many analysts believe the gulf region’s economic engine will never fully recover.

Kinda makes you miss the run-of-the-mill "racist" gulf hurricane, huh?

Hurricane Katrina and the oil spill are tragedies. They are morose events imposed upon the existence of humanity without probable cause and without full explanation as to how to prevent them or their consequences without destroying the very quality of life previously enjoyed by those who are hurt by them. However, the foul nature of these disasters pales in comparison to the foulest nature of the liberal establishment who point to both as justification for castrating American exceptionalism through psychotic environmental policy.

Barack Obama is no more to blame for the “evil, environment-hating” oil spill than George Bush was to blame for the “racist” hurricane which struck the gulf region, but its exonerating watching the ostentatiously vaunted ivy-league intellect struggle with the concept of the "redistribution" of oil from a 16-inch hole. At least, Katrina was a hundred-mile wide act of God. What's Obama's "oil spill" excuse?

However, for every liberal claiming Katrina was the result of George Bush flapping his arms on the west coast of Africa trying to conjure a tropical storm in an effort to kill black people in Louisiana, here is a more likely truth. Vulnerability to such disasters, regardless of the victim's demographics, is the result of liberal degeneracy preventing economic opportunities for poverty-stricken residents of the region to either build away from, or move out of the path of environmental, and industrial disasters, alike.

Or, there is the option of concluding that Katrina and the oil spill only serve to support Barack Obama's racist fantasy that only dark skinned people are righteously qualified to see the intrinsic value of worshipping the "god" of the environment, while the rampaging, "evil, white earth killer" theory takes hysterical hold on the helpless minds of deranged, stupid liberals. For all who promote doctrine claiming climate extremes are caused by humanity, there is an equally compelling argument supporting the fact that deep sea oil disasters are the fault of liberal enviro-nazism which hinders energy exploration in safer regions of America, and for every argument against the use of fossil fuels to power the advanced citizenship of humanity, there is an equally valid argument against allowing people to build entire neighborhoods in precariously levied, water-front regions 30 feet below sea level...within the unanimously understood path of hurricanes. Or, worse, radical, state-sponsored environmentalism truly seeks to make the world's poor so destitute that they will riot in favor of Obama's genocidal environmental policies.

However, the gulf oil spill is about the "redistribution" of environmental karma, not the racial bias of a hurricane, right, Mr. Gore? Of course, the same God who populated the earth with dinosaurs, then killed them with a mass extinction, turning them into petroleum based substances now utilized to fuel the progress of another more intelligent species, is now "punishing" the white, rich sector of that species for unintentionally mixing the remnants of those dead dinosaurs with the sea that environmentalists have declared the new "god"? Let's take the commandments one at a time, starting with the first one. Liberals desiring to call fire and brimstone upon the free market economy of the United States for making money off their moral indigence should take a moment and heed the rules they seek enforcement of, lest they be judged as well.

How many extinct dinosaurs and dead oil riggers fuel your private jet, Al?

The gulf oil spoil is a lesson in karmic equality with a verdict “levied” against rabid, Bush-hating liberals whose self-righteous arrogance is now exposed to the same political and ideological humiliation they sought for Bush. The verdict is this: Barack Obama’s response to the gulf oil spill crisis has been an abysmal failure of epic proportions. Punditry attempting to paint this disaster as Obama’s Katrina is actually inaccurate. It’s worse...much worse.

The dirty little secret about both disasters, however, is that they may be more connected to one another than liberals care to admit.

As the gulf region’s agrarian industry began transformation from a plantation-based economy at the end of the civil war to an industrially diverse corporate manifest, the discovery of oil, and its energy-based applications, prompted new entrepreneurial interests. Families who were previously invested solely in plantation farming at the end of the slavery era, found resurrection in investing in the burgeoning oil industry. As the families of freed slaves established new communities in the south, their lack of endowed economic power forced settlement in less desired regions of the American south, regions like the 9th Ward of New Orleans.

Therefore, vulnerability to industrial disaster has its roots in as much of the same causality of diminished migratory conditions and socialism as any exposure to benign environmental disasters, and they affect all people equally. However, in order to understand this, one must first abandon the liberal psychosis claiming that the earth is an unwitting victim at the hands of the genealogical remnants of cavemen and that presidents only act promptly when those affected by tragedy share their skin color. It requires that one actually embrace a higher opinion of creation, first, and be willing to accept the fact that the true tragedies of disasters such as Katrina and the oil spill are their destructive effects beginning at the top of the bio-creation hierarchy, not the earthly bottom.

However, this truth is inconvenient for the frothing liberal masses seeking to destroy human beings under the guise of implementing their God-free religion rooted in a psychotic, pro-environment, anti-humanity culture of death.

Therefore, as oil gushes into the once pristine, biodiverse waters of the gulf, we now have balance in the account of stored ideological wrath against liberalism. For every liberal excretion lamenting the death of a sea creature and blaming it all on those they hate, there are a million worthier inhabitants of earth willing to give credit for that creature's existence to a loving Creator, to begin with!

However, let us give benefit of the doubt without focusing on the possibility that Obama's delay in implementing the full power of the world's economic, industrial and military superpower to stop a mere 16-inch wide oil leak was in no way related to his racially-based hatred for an affluent industry rooted in anglo-American ingenuity and dominated by white entrepreneurship.

Then, of course, there is the nearly $500,000 in contributions Obama accepted from the petroleum industry, as a whole, during his 2008 ensconcement campaign.

Let us be optimists and pay no attention to these "canards".

Instead, perhaps we should come to the consensus supported by the evidence at hand, that God does indeed hate pelicans, sea turtles...and black people, right, Obama?

As vintage America recovers from these tragic events, let us document for history that the greatest defilements against the gulf region in the last 10 years has nothing to do with environmental disaster or the response to them. The most hideous effects are from liberals seeking to reep the wages of "Big Oil" sin then pay them to the vile manservants of "Big Environmental" hypocrisy. When all is said and done, both deserve each other's company while burning, side by side, in gulf crisis hell.

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