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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Friday, July 22, 2011


The Elephant in the Oval Office: Obama’s delusional fantasy as a legitimate U.S. president continues to erode as Speaker of the House, John Boehner, walks out of debt talks with the fraudulent office holder. However, the unspoken taboo is that Boehner’s disregard of Obama has nothing to do with ideological differences about how to spend American money and everything to do with the fact that Obama’s claims to power are the greatest felony against our blood-ransomed sovereignty in history.

Commentary by Penbrook Johannson
Editor of The Daily Pen

Washington D.C. - John Boehner is finally beginning to understand a bitter but necessary truth. He has been slapped across the face with the same sobering reality which everyone else in America has already known for more than four years. Barack Obama is not eligible to be president, and therefore, he is not qualified to have legitimate debates about the economic challenges faced by the true citizens of this country.

Only a dead person or delusional psychotic would not admit that Barack Obama was ensconced by a bowing liberal consensus for three invalid reasons. One, he is “black” (actually, he is bi-racial, but only his half blackness counts to degenerates on the left). Two, his name is not George Bush, and most importantly, three…no one in this disgraceful government would ever question Obama’s legitimacy to be President because of the first two reasons, even though the constitutional sovereignty they took an oath to protect upon their own induction was being violated and disregarded by this implacable thief.

Under the pathology driving Obama's economic justice agenda, it has now become manifest that a new “law” in America has been declared, without a single merit of standing, which says the Constitution is hereby invalid and, therefore, reparative-based, transient social values and “progressive” ideology are now the hollow standards by which a nation in freefall selects its leadership, regardless of that leadership’s identity, notorious covert history or obvious criminal intentions for the people he serves. Murderers, dictators, rapists, hedonists and bigots are likewise all legitimate according to this generation of liberal Americans. The progressive American electorate really raised the bar for Obama, didn’t they?

Essentially, as Obama emerged into American consciousness, a sick and pathetic liberal establishment, with the help of an illicit media, put forth a sociopathic standard which establishes the right of anyone in the world to be president of the U.S. as long as that candidate fits a specific, “non-white” racial profile, and that they not be an incumbent which liberal bastions self-righteously hate, while being allowed their hypocritical hatred of anyone challenging their ideological lusts. As long as their aspirant fits these binary eligibility requirements, the final decision to allow inferior candidates, and now, apparently, criminals, like Obama, to assume power will never be challenged under the oppressive fear of being disparaged, ironically, by degenerates of even lesser standing than those they condemn. This is a very strange and lascivious dual standard, indeed.

Boehner finds himself amidst his own personal revelation that, unfortunately, there exist among the lame reasons for ensconcing such an inferior applicant as Obama none which include the fact that he was actually constitutionally eligible to even hold the office, as established by the doctrinal mandates of our worthier, original hosts who actually traded their lives and welfare to ensure the rights of electing eligible leaders. This is the very fact which makes Obama such a ridiculous figure. Rather than possessing qualifications of merit upon which he could be validated with standing, he was annointed by an insipid horde for merely not being what they hate. Not exactly the ringing endorsement our founders would have desired for a someone seeking presidential status.

Essentially, when Obama's deranged constituency found itself faced with the undeniable truth that Obama did not qualify under America's requisite rules, realizing they had no extending options, they simply decided that it was the rules which were illegitimate, not the person they sought to exalt. In doing so, they simply violated the covenants of a civil society and, thereby, set an apocalyptic precedent by which America is now vulnerable to invasion from within by foreign influence because the rules now no longer apply to successors of Obama, as well. Or, did they actually believe violating the constitution "just this once" for Obama, would have no consequences for those seeking power later?

The apocalyptic consequence of such a violation, an endorsement of a creature like Obama by ignorant masses, is that America will collapse economically and socially because the deficits upon both stanchions of our society were created by a fraudulent liar to begin with, thereby making the economic conditions and social ills the consequence of that same lie.

Essentially, Boehner is realizing the economic failure of America is a minor consequence when compared to the vast implications of this government’s actual failure to protect the constitutional sovereignty of America…FIRST! More tragically, by allowing Obama to be a pretend president, America received into itself a viral disease of illegitimacy, which has weakened our effectual powers and undermined our self-governing sovereignty. Our economic leverage and moral aptitude is lessened because of Obama’s fake presidency. That’s what happens when you allow yourself to be deceived by such an epic form of identity fraud. Your dissonance leads you to your destruction…as you realize in horror that you are gleeful over your own end.

Unfortunately, Boehner has been forced to realize why it is so critical to uphold the authority and legitimacy of America’s governing powers by verifying and proving the integrity and authenticity of the candidacy of its office holders. Additionally, the speaker is also being forced to deal with the consequences of the failure to ensure that Barack Obama was even legally eligible to bear such power and position, let alone engage legitimate debate about America’s economic challenges.

When an illegitimate leader takes office, it creates a dangerous potential for destructive consequences because accountability becomes strained. There is no greater example of this in human history, except the fall of Adam, than Barack Obama’s usurpation of power over the advanced human citizenry of the United States of America.

If it was found in the beginning that our Constitution prevented legitimacy for honest reasons, then the Constitution should have been addressed through legitimate channels, not disregarded for the sake of some psychotic social indignation. If Obama wanted to become president so bad, he should have first allowed himself to be openly measured against the prescriptions of our founding doctrines with the humility expected of such an office seeker. If found deficient, he had options. Instead, he chose to lie and deceive, and in doing so, allowed at least one innocent man to languish unjustly in prison for five months (only to later provide the alleged documentation originally requested which would have prevented Dr. Lakin's court martial in the first place), and, perhaps caused the deaths of at least two others. Most assuredly, not only has truth and justice been vanguished by Obama, honor has, as well. Now, because of his willful and intentional deception, I fear a righteous wrath has been stored against him and his abettors.

Boehner’s abandonment of Obama is but one of many disseminations to come. As Boehner’s exit shows, reasonable debate no longer has the ability to bring resolution to common problems among our leadership because the initial problem of legitimacy remains unresolved. Obama was allowed to grow into a farcical rendition of illegitimate government wrought with fraudulence and covert criminality, which are the natural consequences of allowing an epic lie to spawn such realities. John Boehner is now witnessing the consequences of the lies about Obama’s true identity, first hand. He is seeing the castration of legislative, judicial and executive power.

Finally, paraphrasing the book of Romans, Paul writes: “…wrath is being revealed against the wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness...their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened...although they claimed to be wise, they became fools...Therefore, God gave them over to shameful lusts and they received in themselves the due penalty for their perversion...furthermore, God then gave them over to a depraved mind to do that which is unseemingly and they became filled with every kind of wickedness and depravity, full of envy, malice, murder and deceit..."

Perhaps the idealism of this place called America exists in a place untouchable by evil renditions of otherness, like Obama. Perhaps the destruction of what we falsely believe is the true America is the only way we will actually find the kingdom upon which freedom and sovereignty was intended to be based…but which, expectedly, could never be defended indefinitely. Do not be troubled by this brothers and sisters. Your eternal purpose was never to be subject to such worldliness.

In that glorious light, we, the founding descendants of this great nation, have nothing to fear in loss of this momentary, transient idea about ‘some ole used to be’. We were intended for something unimaginably better than to be identified with a nation served by the likes of an Obama. In fact, the destruction of a criminal liar like Obama is directly proportional in scope and weight to the size and historical significance of the stage upon which he has trespassed.
Perhaps it’s time we consider the idea of refusing to be afraid. Perhaps it’s time to begin evacuating our fellow nobles, tossing the lamp asunder and locking the door of this absurd theater from the outside.

Let the conflagration sort out Obama’s true identity while it lights the way out of this abyss from afar for the rest of us.


  1. very clear, like the boolean graphic at header, diagrams a natural born clearly.
    A friend used to work in the maturity ward delivering baby as a nurse. She said she used to complain about the 23 pages of paperwork she had to fill out for every child born there. Foot prints, palm prints, thumb prints, thumb prints of mother, room number of delivery, everybody's name that was present during the birth, details ad nauseum. Now she understands why. And there are two books kept under lock and key. The hospital book of live births, and the State book of live births. within a couple of days, the hospital would record, then within a week, the State book would update. This procedure was implemented in 1954 (or 1948, I'm not sure). Unchanged since the 70's when my friend was a nurse.

  2. This is THE MOST racial, ASSININE document I have EVER read. You people are GOD AWFUL!!! I cant even bring myself to fully verbalize my thoughts because I am truly outraged by this. I am not an american so fortunately I am NOT a Republican or a Democrat but it amazes me the stupidity of the author and the few people who have commented.


  3. @ Unknown - Would you be saying that if Obama's white half was more dominant in his skin color? You did know that he was a half breed right? Or can't you see past the color of his skin?

  4. @Unknown - I find it explicably ironic that you actually admit to your own foreign otherness stating, "...I am not an American..." as you vent your unqualified, illegitimate outrage while commenting on a matter of foreign citizenship that is, quite simply, none of your damn business. Are you really going to make it that easy for me?

    As an admitted non-American, your observation on the qualifying mandates for members of the American electorate and its constituency are none of your concern, fringe-dweller. Perhaps you would do better to fix your own foreign inferiority, first, before commenting on the constitutional sovereignty of the greatest assembly of advanced human citizenry in world history.

    As such, you have made my response to your vast and immeasurable ignorance a simple task. Since you are not an American citizen, I say the same thing to you which Speaker Boehner has declared to Usurper in Thief, Barack Obama Soetoro Subarkah et. al:

    Silence, tripe! You are not qualified to have an opinion about this American issue.

    Oh, by the a momentary amendment to your dank quip about this article's "racialism" (whatever that means), the author of this particular entry happens to be the same race as Obama. Sorry! Nice try though. Consider your lame "race card" play destroyed while your mind renewed with a valuable lesson. That's what happens when ignorance enslaves your shallow mind. Pathetically vanquished.

    Thanks for the comment...

    Dan Crosby, of The Daily Pen

  5. @Mr. Crosby, Bravo! Like this article, and your response to "Unknown" above, I only wish I could ever be as eloquent. Thank you for putting "Unknown" in his proper place, and thank you for elevating the discourse of the internet and the American people with this blog!

    David H. - CO