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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Saturday, September 8, 2012


CHILD EXPLOITATION? - The difference between the "birth certificate jokes" by Mitt Romney and, recently, by Barack Obama is that Mitt joked about his own birth certificate and is actually eligible to run for president while Obama exploited the controversy surrounding his illegitimacy using a six-year-old child.

Commentary by Dan Crosby
of The Daily Pen

ORLANDO, FL  - The Obots went teeth-gnashing, bat-guano crazy when Mitt Romney made a birth certificate joke two weeks ago.  They called it “offensive” and “racist”.  

CBS "news" correspondent, Scott Pelley, called it “a swipe at the" so-called "president”.

I have bad news for the Obotic horde.  Obama is swiping at himself, now.

More importantly, Mitt was joking about his own birth certificate.  He didn't exploit a six-year-old child.

Still laughing?

Evident that Barack Obama continues to regard the Constitution as if it were a joke, despite millions of Americans who have died and shed blood to secure its sovereignty, he’s now projecting his failure to meet the minimum legal qualifications to be a legitimate president by mocking the laws governing presidential eligibility while taking advantage of the birth circumstances of innocent children.

On Saturday, during a campaign stop at Gator Dockside restaurant, Obama was told by a female patron that one of the kids there, six year old Andre Wupperman, was born in Hawaii.

Then, continuing to denigrate the honor and sacrifice of heroes who, over the past 300 years, made possible his liberally entitled existence, Obama mocked the child asking for his birth certificate as proof he was actually born in Hawaii.

A real knee slapper.
Pouncing like some shameful predator, feigning humor, Obama cornered the boy, “You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?”

Now, if the boy had replied, "Yes, but you don't, liar!" I would have no reason to write this commentary.  Little Andre would have done just fine.  But, since Wupperman is only six and has no understanding of why Obama even asked that question, I am writing a response on the child's behalf.

If Obama were truly joking in sincerity, after being informed that little Wupperman was a native Hawaiian, he would have known that the child is currently not eligible to run for president for other reasons, despite being born in the U.S.

Obama would have included that Wupperman hasn’t even been alive for 14 years, let alone lived that long as a resident in the U.S., which is one of three Article II requirements to be president.

Obama would have also commented that little Wupperman is also ineligible for another 29 years, until his 35th birthday, the minimum age required to be president.

The child was still in diapers when Obama began pursuing his fraudulent usurpation of power in 2007.

Then, there is the question of Wupperman’s parents’ citizenship status at the time of his birth.  Were they citizens of the U.S. at the time?  The comedian Obama had no idea that Wupperman’s birth certificate would not even show whether the child was born to citizen parents, a requirement to be a natural-born citizen, the third requirement to be a president.

Most Obots actually believe a birth certificate confirms natural-born citizenship.  It does not.  It only provides evidence of one metric of natural born citizenship…the birthplace.

Wupperman may have been born in Hawaii, and his parents may even be citizens, but Obama failed to inquire if Wupperman ever resided in a foreign country and registered as a foreign citizen, thereby, legally removing his natural-born citizenship status?  Obama didn’t even think about the remote possibility that this little hamburger eating traitor may actually have been a foreign citizen at one time…like Obama. 

Obama didn’t ask about those things because he doesn’t qualify under them either.  He was just interested in the child’s dumb birth certificate.  That’s as shallow as it goes in the mind of Obama.

Such a joke at the expense of an innocent victim reveals the damage Obama’s lies about his entire identity, not just the birth certificate, have caused to his character and reputation.  He is the most prolific fraud and slanderer in the history of American politics.  Mocking a six year old isn’t going change that.  But, he did it anyway.

The place suddenly filled with uneasy chortles and darting eyes of those searching for comfort with the subject matter.  If you have a hard time understanding the feelings in the room at that moment, imagine a member of the Third Reich showing up at a synagogue joking to see everyone’s Nazi ID card.

A joke is not funny when innocent people died and suffered for the punch line.

As the punch line discerning enemyship between America’s vintage heritage and the obotic liberal horde grows ever more definitive, and the spirit of violent revolution grows ever more restless in America, many on the left portray Obama's remark as a dig at the so-called “birthers” and, perhaps, at his opponent, Romney, even after accusing the same joke from Romney as being a dig on Obama. 

Why the dissonant hypocrisy on the part of the left?  Because, under the conviction of being puppeted fools controlled by such vast and immeasurable deception, they all fail to recognize that it just looks like a pathetic attempt to project his guilt onto a helpless subject who can’t defend himself.

Moreover, worst of all, they fail to realize the remark is just one more of a thousand justifications to cast judgment upon this utter wasteland of liberal inhumanity.    

Perhaps we should actually help Obama get re-elected.  It might be more beneficial to keep this charlatan locked at the helm as the ship sinks with the greatest collapse in human history.
At that point, when real people begin dying and losing the fight against the truth, everyone will understand…the tired joke is no longer funny.
Later, Obama worked a room of fifty or so people, leading a round of “Happy Birthday” for a little girl.

“How old are you?” He asked her.

She held up three fingers.

Apparently, her gender was enough evidence to conclude she would never be president.   Obama didn’t even bother to ask for her birth certificate.


  1. It's a sad testament to the ravages our Environment has gone through.

    Lead poisoning was partly the downfall of the Roman Empire, and two thousand years later, we in America repeated their mistake.

    It's all due to the inventor of Tetra Ethyl Lead, a gasoline additive banned in the late 1980's.

    For two generations, toxic lead was spewed from tailpipes across America.

    And our children were helpless to avoid inhaling it.

    Symptoms of even mild lead poisoning in children include; brain damage and lower intelligence, and behavior and learning problems.

    Crime rates skyrocketed as lead use increased with the adoption of the automobile.

    After leaded gasoline was banned and phased out, at first no changes were seen; but abruptly, 18 years later, crime rates began to drop as children were born breathing cleaner air.

    Their brains aren't impaired the way some of their older relatives were.

    But we still have that generation of impaired thinkers, struggling with confused thoughts, battling irrational fears.

    That's the root cause of Obama Derangement Syndrome.

    People that believe lies; people that pursue paranoid fantasies, people that see conspiracies everywhere.

    Some of these people have convinced themselves that a Presidential Candidate must have TWO American parents, although the Constitution does not say so.

    Some of these people have convinced themselves that a black child born in Hawaii was somehow "smuggled" into the Country, despite the Official Long Form Birth Certificate, and Birth Announcements in the newspapers.

    And they cling to any remark, no matter how innocuous, as proof of malign intent.

    The worst form of this pathology is the way any Conspiracy theory is automatically believed in, no matter how easily debunked; and one by one, the afflicted build a house of cards out of these falsehoods.

    It doesn't matter if you show them the Truth; if you rub it in their face, theory by theory debunked and disproved.

    Their disease makes them incapable of seeing the Truth or even, for a single moment, doubting the stories they've been told.

    For example, the graphic you posted.

    #1 Born in US Territory. Correct. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii, has the Long Form Birth Certificate, and the Birth Announcements in the newspaper archives.

    John McCain was born in the Panama Canal Zone, but the Democratic Senate Committee checked, and in about thirty minutes declared John McCain was fully eligible to run for President.

    #2 Two American parents. FALSE. This is a lie manufactured by the Right Wing. Only one American Parent is required.

    And you should probably drop that lie as soon as possible; Ted Cruz has only ONE American parent and was born in Canada.

    #3 Continuity of Citizenry. Correct, as far as that goes. Anyone that disavowed his American Citizenship would be eliminated.

    But, sorry; Kenya doesn't HAVE dual citizenship. Had Barack Obama wanted to give up his American Citizenship and become Kenyan, he would have had to exercise that option before the age of 21.

    That ship has sailed.

    What you misunderstand is the definition of "Natural Born". It's not the confluence of three factors, it simply means "biological birth".

    In other words, John McCain's adopted daughter cannot run for President in... 2032.

    She's no doubt a darling child, but she was adopted, not "Natural Born".

    I realize there's no hope that you will recover from your brain damage.

    Brain science is improving rapidly, and perhaps Blastocysts injected into the brain can someday replace damaged neurons.

    But FIRST, the patient has to admit they have the disease, and that you cannot do.