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Friday, May 8, 2009

Pelosi's Clintonian Moment

by Dan Crosby

On April 23, 2009, Speaker Of The House, Nancy Pelosi (D) stood before America and said that she had never been informed about the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques following the 9-11 attacks while she served as the Senior Democrat Chair on the House Intelligence Committee.

"In that or any other briefing…we were not, and I repeat, were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation techniques were used," Pelosi stated, while emphasizing her deniability with a clintonesque finger wag.

Now, however, Intelligence Committee meeting records show that Nancy Pelosi was present and was fully briefed on the methods of interrogation used by the CIA in 2002. At that time, Pelosi held the democrat's chair position on the committee and had classified access to CIA information about how and when interrogation techniques were being used on suspected terrorists caught by the American military. The information she received was more than adequate to afford her every opportunity to express opposition or concern about the application and severity of the methods.

There are two possible explanations for why Pelosi decided to lie about having knowledge of the use of EIT's after 9-11. The first is that she did not believe the EIT's were wrong within the post-911 political climate. The second is that she is incompetent and does not have the mental capacity to understand the information she was given by the CIA.

Either way, Pelosi has a credibility problem.

Now, as the political climate has changed and America's security has been improved by the previous Administration, Pelosi is groping through a political delusion of remissive errors.

Now that she has the convenient political advocacy by which to manufacture false perceptions of the wrongness of America's action during the crisis 7 years ago, her patheticism is mixed with a visceral fetish for hating the ghosts of policies past, which she supported, and her blind adherence to the caterwaul of a loathsome liberal establishment.

And, in her lack of accountabililty, Pelosi has managed to blather herself into a political box while exposing herself as one of the most incompetent, and perhaps, most dishonest, members of an Intelligence oversight committee in American history.

Pelosi’s behavior reinforces contention by Conservatives that Liberals believe it is more equitable to lie about their previous behavior when current political circumstance favors behavior opposing their previous position. Rather than take personal responsibility for their humanity and the possibility that extraordinary circumstances sometimes apply in their decisions, they will compound their abjection by attempting to mislead everyone about their initial actions.

No other strain of our society is more reprobate than liberal Democrats when threatened by the loss of their precious political favor. Despite the fact that liberals are alive to choose to be hypocrites, as a direct result of the improved security provided to them by those they hate, their self serving political instinct is so strong that they are willing to dismiss moral absolutes that even the most virtuously indigent people of our society would be reluctant to abandon. These are people who have no other god than the one which allows them to justify their mistakes with an intention of escaping their due penalty.

In the years following Clinton's indescretion with an intern, his critics were excoriated by apologists under the guise that his perverted behavior amounted to little more than an inappropriate sexual relationship. They soiled themselves to find a pardon for him in the public's regard. But, what the Clinton pile simply did not have the substance of character to permit was that the protest, and his subsequent impeachment, was not about penalizing him for his adultery.
The derision against Clinton, and now, Pelosi, is because they lied about their behavior after they were caught.

America can absorb an abundance of character flaws in our leaders. It can forgive acts of indescretion and mistakes made in the most human of situations. But, America has a difficult time forgiving the act of intentionally lying for selfish reasons. Especially when the liar was afforded the opportunity to bear honesty and humility, and still chooses to serve their selfish interests.

Demonstrating the familiar dishonesty America has come to expect from liberals, Pelosi has also managed to hedge herself between her politically convenient desire to be ignorant about the use of torture immediately following the 911 terror attacks, now fully contradicted by CIA records of the actual Intelligence Committee briefings Pelosi received, and having to admit her apparent incapacity to function within even the most basic requirements of her position as a member of such a committee.

Either way, Pelosi has proven that she is neither competent enough nor honest enough to serve in any ranking position assigned to oversee or receive information from any branch of America’s intelligence apparatus.

Reminiscent of Clintonian pathology, Nancy Pelosi demonstrated her liberal lust for political expedience, as well as her aforementioned lack of brilliance, by claiming she did not have an inappropriate relationship with the "evil Bush horde" when she, in fact, did approve of the interrogation methods used. Methods which contributed to the successful prevention of another terror attack over the last 8 years.

Postured at her podium, she even used the index finger like Clinton to assert her deniability. It was classic.

Everyone understands that Pelosi was as complicit with the necessary intelligence gathering methods after 911 as any other member of our government. This complicity is not extraordinary given the circumstances and most Americans believe it was far better to error on the side of "too much" rather than "not enough" after watching 3000 innocent people slaughtered in our streets.
Yet, like Clinton, Pelosi prostrated herself before the false, irrational fear of being caught in what her liberal gods had convinced her is the unforgivable sin. In her case, the sin of approving of torture. And, in doing so, she committed another sin more grievous. Like Clinton, she lied about her role in it.

The unnecessary tragedy in Pelosi’s dishonesty is that if America so easily understands that committing adultery with an intern is the most human of errors worthy of forgiveness of a president, why in God’s name wouldn’t a subordinate like Pelosi be able to conceive that that same America would be understanding of her willingness to approve, by bipartisan consensus, of necessary intelligence gathering techniques in a time of war against global, genocidal terrorism, in order to prevent our destruction.

For most, this indicates a frightening incapacity, on Pelosi's part, to make hard decisions, and take responsibility for them, in difficult times. It demonstrates the lack of fortitude to do the unsavory work that comes with the responsibility of protecting one’s nation from a despicable enemy.

But, instead, Nancy Pelosi chose to be led by stupidity. She could have explained that while serving as a senior member of the Intelligence committee inheriting the 9-11 crisis, she was, in fact, fully aware of the use of waterboarding as one of many Enhanced Interrogation Techniques available to our intelligence gathering efforts. She could have easily coupled this with the fact that the content of the briefings she received were in accordance with the extraordinary circumstances demanding upon her, and every member of our government, a desperate need to respond to a crisis that could have never been adequately planned for. And, every American would have sympathized with her and that would have been the end of the story. But, instead she chose to be a coward.

Pelosi would rather sacrifice her credibility and her character at the alter of desolate liberal politics. And, as she is handed over to her reprobate mind, released by the order of decency to work that which is unseemly, she squirms within the epitome of foolishness. And, as such, falling victim to her reckless hatred for some political opponent long forgotten, Nancy Pelosi now finds herself caught between the options of political rejection and having to admit to her disturbing incompetence.

If Nancy Pelosi would have simply admitted that she was human like the rest of us; If she would have taken a moment to close her mouth, turn off MSNBC, take leave from her indigenous San Francisco mentality…..there would have been no cause for this current aversive recourse.

Perhaps Ms. Pelosi can ponder that as she explains why she approved of torture to protect America when it was popular but now lies about approving it because its effectiveness is not as necessary at the current lull.

Nancy Pelosi needs a firm lesson in vintage American values. When you are given the opportunity upon the honorable forums of American mercy to admit the bearing of false witness before your neighbor; Mercy which, by the way, has been paid for in blood and death of those more worthy than you, and you look them in the eye and lie again, you get what you deserve.

In light of Pelosi's wretched pandering, it appears George Bush's defense of America was far more effective than his political opponents might like to admit. While peddlers, like Pelosi, seek selfish popularity, it remains a teeth-gnashing reality for Bush-hating liberals that America is actually served better by a "Decider" who was wrong on occasion than a limp noodle unwilling to decide anything at all when there is a possibility that they will be forced to take personal responsibility if it fails.

Based on common principle, George W. Bush was willing to risk being wrong in his successful efforts to protect America. And, in being so wrong, as liberals claim he was, no terrorist attack occurred in America for the remaining 7 years of his presidency.

Liberals choose to ignore this fact. But, most importantly, history and vintage America will not.

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