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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi Now Torturing Democrats

by Pen Johannson

Nancy Pelosi apparently approved of torture so much, she decided to use it on herself. Her surreal performance, accusing the CIA of lying, now has America speculating about her state of mind and the future of her political career.

The situation has become so dire for the Democrats, the Obama Administration has issued the political equivilent of a gag order through a letter from current Obama appointed CIA Director, Leon Panetta. The letter, defending the official policy governing the CIA's relationship with congress diametrically opposes Pelosi's contention that she was lied to by the agency.

So, what's next? Pelosi may soon accuse the IRS of tax fraud or, worse for Democrats, reveal Secret Service records that George W. Bush is actually the martyred genius the liberal establishment secretly fears he is.

The more Pelosi speaks, the more right Bush becomes. And this simply cannot stand because the argument against waterboarding was supposed to hurt republicans. Right? So, why is the Obama-led CIA now targeting Democrats?

Obviously, Pelosi, and Democrats alike, are learning some very hard lessons about priorities in leadership. And, they appear very confused by it.

First of all, obtaining and maintaining self serving political power is not more important than America's security. Pelosi's absurd sense of purpose that her primary job is to win elections rather than protect Americans only reveals everything vintage Americans despise about liberals.

Democrats hate the fact that Bush not only understood this, he was successful in protecting America from terrorism for the entire remainder of his terms in office after 9-11. Most liberals hate the fact that another terror attack did not occur for the rest of Bush's time in office. This reveals the depth of their psychotic lust for vengeance against the ghosts of politics past while disregarding domestic suffering and the threats of terrorist enemies to American lives.

Supporting this argument, with brazened audacity, Pelosi stated her primary purpose, ahead of national security and the safety of Americans, was to seek political leverage over her opponents in congress and get a Democrat president elected…….not protect Americans.

Secondly, you don't accuse the keepers of "truth" of lying. Politicians can NEVER win this fight. That's like Charles Manson accusing the judge of shoplifting during his own trial. If you are a politician and the CIA leaks a report that you are an alien from another planet, you need to learn martian culture...pronto. For someone previously serving as a ranking member on a Congressional Intelligence oversight committee, Pelosi's ignorance about this is utterly breathtaking.

However, trumping it all, the primary mistake Pelosi made is thinking her narrow sense of political righteousness gave her universal jurisdiction over "truth". Her mind is so consumed by a fetish for vengeance against the previous administration, it has short circuited her capacity to understand common preeminence and the preservation of humanity. This is nothing more than a reverberating indictment that Pelosi, and many liberals in Washington like her, have been overcome by a visceral, primal political corruption.

The liberal establishment would have right thinking Americans believe that there is no possible circumstance for which any form of aggressive interrogation of suspected terrorists would be justified. Not even the eminent destruction of America. This fits well with the progressive culture of death.

In fact, the only result of this comedy of errors is that she is the one exposed as a liar. And, Pelosi herself, to the demise of her party's anti-Bush fantasies, is only helping prove that the previous administration implemented a successful national security policy through methods she supported then, but now wants to pretend to oppose to serve her politics.

But more critically, with her political career in certain peril, Pelosi's fumbling effort to salvage facts from her serial delusion are beginning to expose Democrats for what everyone has always known about them; Their calloused and careless lust for political vengeance against those who consistently defeat them on national security issues they are completely ignorant about.

This is a teeth-gnashing reality to the weaker half our two party system because even they know that all of their pet issues and social extravagances are unimportant without national security. For, what value is a strong economy, engineered demography, and social entitlements, when the cities in which these were meant to thrive are in ashes or destroyed?

This is why the right side of our political system remains the dominant of the pair, even in its minority status. As the right-of-center leadership are enjoying a much needed vacation from its effective duties of defending our nation from mass destruction, they remain ever-ready to take over again when the liberal establishment inevitably fails to put the protection of American citizens as the priority.

Democrats, and the liberal left, can never be leaders of humanity because they are unable to do what is necessary to act effectively in a national security crisis. They are far too focused on political opponents, past and present, who threaten their efforts to satiate an addiction to power. This addiction overrides their principled obligation to enforce national security and prevent the destruction of America.

Among the thematic exposition from Pro-Pelosi Bush-haters, Obama’s decision to rebut the ACLU’s request for gratuitous anti-American propaganda seems admirable on its face. But, it dove tails incredulously with Pelosi’s saga.


Real Americans, military families, and vintage America fully expect the photos, and a certain classified CIA briefing transcript with Pelosi's name in it, to be conveniently “leaked” within the next month. They have been preparing for it since Obama stood on the White House lawn last week and publicly dissed the ACLU.

Slithering among the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Obama has positioned himself to declare full immunity when the photos miraculously appear in the New York Times in the coming weeks, and Pelosi has become his pet goat to slaughter for undermining his efforts to punish the ghosts of policies past. It all fits well with the anti-American theme flowing from the White House because who better to deny responsibility for the destruction of America than those who enable it indirectly?

Burying themselves alive just to prove they can use a shovel, Democrats are proving their montra-du-jour in true form. Torture is indeed painful. Especially when you inflict it upon yourself. And, as they lay themselves prone beneath the flow of interrogation, they are proving that waterboarding, and other forms of public torture, are absolutely effective in drawing truth from those subjected to it.

For vintage Americans, it only proves that interrogation techniques which cause pain are necessary, in some cases, to purge the lies and to yield the truth.

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