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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blood-Ransomed America Has No Place For Either Shabazz

by Dan Crosby

For more than 40 years in America, the radical, liberal race-monger has exploited the blood-ransomed First Amendment freedom provided by worthier members of our society in order to evoke a bigoted perspective that all Anglo-Americans are evil. However, fact borne in the domain of higher consciousness proves that liberals, and more specifically, black liberals in America, are predisposed as the actual violent racists of humanity.

Whether its first name is Malik, or King, vintage America has no place for the degeneracy and racist hatred of any Shabazz.

From the first moment in our history when an American president, Barack Obama, stood in front of the diverse population of this nation, and took sides based on his narrow minded, ignorant bias for the black race, the exposure of the emerging black Anglophobe became more distinct than ever in America history. Despite the election of America’s first bi-racial president, (with the help of 40 million ashamed white, liberal Americans), ideological extremists like New Black Panther Party leader, Paris Lewis (more commonly known as Malik Zulu Shabazz), and his yappy, club-wielding electron, King Shabazz, maintain an archaic degeneracy intended to foment racial division, not unity, and fuel hatred within our socially fragile republic.

Shabazz, whether Malik or King (take your pick...there is no difference between them), is nothing more than a black version of Nathan Forrest. His very existence should compel vigilance among vintage America in the same manner of awareness we have toward all ideologically driven terrorists. Like the Klan’s first Grand Wizard, Shabazz should be violently exiled from our society and condemned by history as a deficiency, not an asset, to the effort of the whole of humanity to realize Constitutional equality along demographic disseminations in America.

"If you want justice, you have to kill some crackers," spewed Shabazz, "You have to kill their white cracker babies..."

Shabazz, a militant Black Nationalist is an unabashed racist who admits to a rabid disdain for the Anglo race. Devices like Shabazz, and their associations, have no place in decent American society and should be removed from the sanctuary of tolerance, immediately, covertly and brutally, if necessary, in order to defend and maintain the righteousness of unified diversity found only in the world's advanced citizenry of America. They should be stripped of any right to incite their brand of racial violence and silenced by a crushing rejection. Allowing Shabazz and his dark horde to continue to seed prejudice only delays positive changes toward a better world and endows the white supremacist with legitimacy and exoneration.

A primitively minded inciter of viciousness, Shabazz assumes a theocratic position built solely upon the currency of abhorrence for a specific, narrow demographic in his own species, in the same manner and under the same auspices of Hitler’s final solution for the Jewish race. Would anyone doubt that if Shabazz were afforded the opportunity, he would not “facilitate” the white race toward a concentrated destruction? His recent praise of the terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, reveals a celebratory lust for the mass murder of Anglo descendants. Upon this platform, Shabazz has accomplished little more than generating a virulent campaign pandering to ignorant, ineffectual, religionist blacks who have removed from acceptance their cause by ingesting, and then vomiting, Shabazz’ message of racially oriented extremism and domestic unaccountability.

Dr. Martin Luther King gave his life to rid American society of dregs like Shabazz. In fact, research of his life’s work reveals that Dr. King was ashamed of the Black Panther Party because Dr. King understood that such immoral criminality and derisiveness from provocateurs, like Shabazz, only supports argumentation against the establishment of social equality. In his August, 1963 presentation, Dr. King spoke against malcontents like Shabazz saying that criminality only diminishes justice along demographic disseminations.

As a self proclaimed representative of black interests, Shabazz draws no support from those possessing the implements of empathy and fairness, including superior members of his own race. Therefore, the actual causes of racial division and hatred will one day come to rest upon the debris of failed, power-hungry shadows, like Shabazz and his Black Panther Party. When historians of the post-plurality era evaluate the Shabazzes of the “old world”, they will vanquish them as a peace murdering genus absent of the qualities supportive of a truly sustainable existence. As humanity evolves into a more sovereign species, it will breed away the likes of Shabazz and replace him with more decent myoliths of philosophy and advanced reasoning. Any record of his existence will come to a whimpering end, lost in the irrelevance of errant progressivity, having never espoused anything positive or right for humanity.

Clearly, the only reality qualified to fuel Shabazz’ brand of justice is the constant threat of destruction of the black race by the white race. Racists like Shabazz need to feed their psychosis by perpetuating a scenerio that they are, and always will be, a victim of their targeted oppressor. In this case, Shabazz must desperately hold to his fragile reality in which he is under constant attack by phantasms dressed in white sheets chanting the N word by the light of a burning cross. Without this hallucination, Shabazz has nothing to live for. Therefore, he must promote an idea of a constant threat against blacks in order to validate a purpose for himself. Or, does anyone actually believe blacks can find enough justice for Shabazz to stop hating white people? What does that world look like?

Even as a perceived threat, white institutions serve a necessary purpose toward the existence of black racists. Like rotting, dead fruit that falls to the earth, the Shabazzes of the world have their purpose in enriching the ground from which more healthy trees can grow. The worst possible result for racists like Shabazz is the end of the white race in America. A whiteless world is void of those trees from which he would even have the choice to be a violent, self-justified, dying, black racist. Moreover, Shabazz' rotten carcass should be a welcomed result to the ground of our society, serving the value of his life's work as a source of fertilizer for a better future for those he hates. No level of accomplishment or prosperity forged by the black race in America will ever appease the poisonous hostility and vengeful desires of black militants in life. Therefore, in order for destroyers like Shabazz to have a justifiable existence in the world, blacks must remain indigent, angry, intellectually oppressed, threatened, and more specifically, they must remain this way as a direct consequence of injustices imposed by Shabazz' delusion of some laughing, superior white enemy.

The error in Shabazz’ divisiveness is a common occurrence which should not surprise or confound. Racism is a human characteristic shared by all. It is driven by a shallow, cave-dwelling intellect which thinks justice is a locality anchored in the qualitative assessment of involuntary human characteristics, like skin color. Shabazz believes that social justice should be rendered benignly to black people along the transient present, loosely attaching its facilitation to violent means embraced by Shabazz, himself. Is there any mind more degenerate than this?

Shabazz, like Nathan Forest, succumbs to a moment of perceptibility he is conveniently consumed by, whether it is the post-Confederacy era or the post-Civil Rights Activism era. With this truth firmly held in the militant's delusion, hatred is an expected and accommodated occurrence at any given time in human history for whatever reason the hater determines necessary to justify it. Electing black presidents, even those with a favorable "melanically oriented", racial bias, like Obama, will never appease Shabazz, nor will the facilitation of success in the black community provide compensation for their perceived displacement.

Hell has a place for a creature like Shabazz where the truth about the long history of black atrocities against prehistoric civilizations reaches so deep into the corridors of eternity, prior to Shabazz' strain on this vapor that is America, that any whisper of slavery first refers to the epic chains forged by black ancestory in dank horrors far from any white republican's emancipation proclamation. Shabazz may find himself a reluctant agent of white supremacy proclaiming, poetically, that white-on-black slavery was first halted, as a matter of national legislation, by a superior, predominantly white society, led by an honorable white leader whose conservative, ideological affiliation is opposed only by the bannished sons of geneological inferiority. True justice is watching Shabazz realize that modern black oppression is merely the beginning of a million years of actual justice long since lost in the liberal entitlement psychosis.

Like the brazened street vendor desperatly pandering garbage everybody already has enough of, Shabazz' only customers will be the 600,000 white, civil war martyrs who died over the question of equality between all races. They will pass by, dismissively, forcing a teeth-gnashing truth upon Shabazz' that his misconceived perception of oppression of blacks during his insignificant, microscopic sliver of idealism may actually be a reciprocated warrant justly issued from a distant verdict, from an ancient time long since forgotten. Perhaps America is simply the subsequent ebb of an epic atrocity seeking karmic balance across the expanse of human history, and perhaps no man, black or white, is worthy of its justice, not one.

Tragically, in the wake of murdered, authentic liberators like Dr. King, the juvenile amateurism of Shabazz’ message resounds isolated and requitivily among the fringes of sedition, among traitorous, lesser minds, as a means for justifying nothing more than racially driven hatred for small, global minority of white people who make up less than 3% of the inhabitants of a vastly predominant, dark-skinned earth.

This proportional reality makes Shabazz' life a very, very painful existence, indeed.

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