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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama’s Foolish Myth: Racial Equality Through Economic Justice

by Daniel Crosby

Inferior members of humanity desperately cling to the myth of racial equality because it is only within the disseminations of such involuntary exclusivity where the liberal degenerate finds justification for creating political doctrine. Their agenda is contrived to promote shame for the purpose of confiscating of the monetary resources of others. Liberal indigents have such a poor quality of life, they must be able to accuse others of racism in order to merely sustain their very existence within the limits of our species, without being held accountable for their own criminality and personal deficiencies.

Since race is not a chosen characteristic of any individual, it is easily and conveniently exploited by the debauched, shallow liberal mind in order to conjure a self-serving ideology. Unlike the choice to exhibit various behaviors, no individual may opt out of exhibiting their race. The race mongering liberal simply extorts this obligatory mandate as a means of disassociating themselves with the guilt of being a racist themselves.

Throughout history, the slag of the human species, from Rome’s Diocletianus and Nero, to Hitler; From the Third Reich’s persecution of Jews to modern America’s “progressive” misotheistic bigotry toward Christians; From the vile, overt racists of the Black Panther Party and the KKK to the passive racists of the Wilson and Obama Administrations, the institutionalization of accusatory race-mongering has served the radical as a convenient form of justification for promoting their insidious culture of death.

Racism is not a choice. A narrowly defined bias for one’s own physical, psychological and cultural characteristics is a necessary mechanism inherent in all life meant by our Creator for preserving genealogical homogeny. There is no natural law against overcoming this mechanism across racial boundaries when the relationships within and between races reproduces results which preserve the welfare of the species. Racism is benign. However, the error in our understanding of racial homogeny is the disregard of hatred as the corruptive component of the dynamic in our society. Hatred is different than racism.

Based on this, is it any wonder why today’s liberal exploits the issue of race? Hatred is the result of selfish interests unfulfilled. Is there any creature more unfulfilled than the liberal? Hatred is a blue plate special, and the Black Panther racist serves the same old, tired dish, day after day, year after year and yet, the black community continues to languish and struggle. Perhaps someday in the future, once the Black Panther Party as killed enough white babies, black people will assume a level of self respect and accountability enabling the improvement of their existence, right? Such public sentiments prove that the militant liberal is a depraved creature unfit for promoting the welfare of the human species. Espousing murder is one of the disqualifications for participation in the human species.

The liberal lacks confidence in things untouched and unseen while yoking its existence to the gratification they believe they are entitled to receive at the expense of others without permission. This generation of liberalism is based solely on a sense of entitlement to have access to the resources of others without accountability for its own failure as an equally qualified life form. In today’s America, a liberal accusing someone of racism is like a porn queen calling a housewife a whore or like a convicted rapist accusing someone of fornication because they once had consensual premarital sex with the person who eventually became their spouse. Liberals today call on accusations of racism to save them when their own lack of character and mindless derangement brings painful consequences upon themselves. By diminishing the character of others in their own mind, they don’t look that bad in the mirror.

With a populous full of ashamed white liberal cowards, and violent, radical black tools and christaphobic God haters, Obama’s bowing, slobbering consensus has endowed itself with permission, under the vast delusion of socioeconomic justice, in blaming white conservatives by calling them racists, for their own deficiencies as liberal degenerates. The modern liberal establishment must bind itself to an injustice caused by someone else as the subject of blame for its own abysmal failure to affect humanity with anything good, honorable and right. Specifically, it must assign the myth of racism upon its opposition because it has no honesty or humility to own its idiocy. Therefore, the natural disseminations of race serve as an easily attainable crutch for explaining away their lack of accountability for a depraved character. The logic of a liberal is that Obama is not a failure as leader lacking political legitimacy and executive experience, no. The liberal rather beholds that those who expose Obama’s factual deficiencies, his covert natal identity, his lack of transparency, his inclination toward socioeconomic collectivism without individual accountability, his corrupt relationships with criminals and terrorists, his lack of disclosure about his identity, his racial bias, his lack of warmth and compassion for all Americans…well, they are just racists. Racism? Really? That’s all you’ve got? It’s laughable and it exposes the shallow liberal mind for what it truly is.

The insidiousness of the American liberal race monger is that they exploit race as a tactic without caring about the actual status of real racism in places like the Middle East, East Africa and Eurasia. As long as the issue of race serves their selfish, death-ridden agenda, they are content to allow racism to occur when it comes from them. A strain of radicals actually believe its okay to hate white people because they are obligated by their perceptions of recent history to do so. Thus, the error of liberal race ideology exists in its lack of imagination, its lack of depth and its lack of knowledge. In their dishonestly and hatred, liberal race-mongers have failed to apply the appropriate measurement of worthiness when observing the nature of humanity.

Unfortunately, there is a moment during every conflict when a decision to fight or fly must be made. In today’s polarized America, the greatest ideological fight raging in our society is defined along racial lines. No matter what conservatives do or say, the degenerates of the liberal sewer will always need to hold them as racists. In fact, if a conservative monopoly consulted the liberal establishment and asked it, “What should we do in order to not be a racist in your eyes? What specific actions can we take in order for you not to see us as racist?”

The answer would be silence. The liberal cannot afford the prospect of seeing the conservative as being the superior character. The reality that liberals are the actual racists of our time completely eviscerates the liberal cause for political legitimacy and undermines the campaign of fear of being labeled a racist. Therefore, it has become necessary to shift paradigms for those accused of racism by the liberal zealot.

Now, it has become necessary for conservatives to simply embrace the racist label and admit to being racist while being strengthened by the truth that since they are being called a racist by a liberal degenerate of the Obama genus, they must being doing everything right!

Relish the liberal accusation of racism. Let is serve as the indication that your effort is righteous, because if your endeavor were errant, it would not threaten belligerence. If your character were hateful, it would not be rejected by the Godless. When a liberal calls you a racist, you can rest assured you have achieved a moment of victory for the greater cause of humanity. Let the liberal lavish you with the compliment of racism and wear the jewel-laden crown signifying that your endeavor as a conservative has achieved success.

Embrace accusations of racism from the radical liberal. Humbly absorb the hatred of a liberal without justifying it. Expose liberals in their inferiority and dominate the cause of real hope and real salvation with approval from our Creator and our nation’s founders. When a liberal calls you a racist, it means nothing in the domain of fact, yet it resounds as a teeth-gnashing conviction against the accuser that they, indeed, have reached the smallish limits of their intellectual capacity and they are left helpless resorting only to unfounded, unsupported lies and hatred. Embracing the false accuser brings with it a conviction and an inescapable sentence condemning them as the the whore, the rapist, the child molester, the thief…the actual racists of humanity they can only wish they were not.

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