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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Gulf Bleeds As Obama Self Destructs

by Pen Johannson

History has proven that the best way to bring sobriety to the radical ideologue is to impose a geographically oriented, real world consequence upon them which forces them into a conflict between their ideology and their need for survival. Natural disasters, military confrontation, disease, famine and manmade catastrophes have a wonderful way of clutching the unwilling zealot by the throat and forcing a decision which directly contradicts their very radical essence. These circumstances demand rational decisions and practicality, not idealism. Such pressures test the character of an ideologue and force the radical mind to reevaluate the priority of its delusions with repulsive consequences for inaction. To a politician, this means accountability for failure and failure to hold power.

Today, 80 days since the beginning of the worst enviro-economic disaster in human history, who can disregard that the Gulf oil spill as not taken such liberty with Barack Obama? This event has exposed a massive disability in Obama's capacity to apply practicality and rationalism over ideology. Once heralded as the great-black-hope by his slobbering media dregs, Obama finds himself quivering on the precipice of political destruction. Moreover, ultimately, his failure as a leader can never be allowed to be accounted to previous administrations by his supporters. Allowing the empowerment of Obama's opponents by blaming them for conditions which cannot be overcome by their hero would only solidify Obama's failure as a self-endowed bearer of change and hope. If you are going to blame someone else for what you claim are bad circumstances, you better well be able to resolve those circumstances, yourself. Otherwise, pointing the finger at your opponents while you fail to meet their conditions only makes you look like you are actually too weak and deficient to prove they were wrong, and perhaps it only proves you should have never been allowed to be in the game to begin with.

The teeth gnashing reality for Obots is that accounting Obama's troubles to his white predecessor only imposes the long standing, ever-present stigma plaguing blacks within the racially driven differences polarizing our society. Today, we refer to it as the “blind side” syndrome, a condition resulting from the seemingly uncanny ability of rich, generous white people to offend blacks by simply applying brilliance and practical means in overcoming life’s challenges. Whether this has anything to do with racial demographics is unknown, but what is certain is that the Obama Administration seeks to impose a neo-socialist "economic justice" based on racial disseminations, not by decreasing the poverty rate, but by decreasing the prosperity rate thereby bringing affluent Americans monetarily closer to the languishing hordes. Obama confirmed this when he said, “I do believe there comes a time where you have made enough money…”

Spoken like a true, angry, black, over-educated lawyer.

The depth of Obama's dissonance regarding the roots of American capitalism, the value of American industrialism, and their manifestation out of global history (not just American history), is breath-taking. It's hard to imagine Obama even qualified for an Ivy League education.

The tragedy in Obama's vast mental deficiencies as a leader is that he fails to grasp the universal truth that indigence is not the result of a lack of money, it is the result of a failure to exercise the basic human characteristics of ingenuity, responsibility, intelligence, physical effort and decency in relationships, all of which form the very foundation of the value of monetary worth in any society. What Obama must come to embrace before it is too late for him is that America is what happens when the world's brightest people assemble in the same place. If America, as the expression of human exceptionalism fails, the rest of humanity is truly in peril.

The atrocity in Obama's actions is that he actually believes he can legislate and redistribute personal independence and human brilliance simply by taking money from people who have it and giving that money to people who don't have it, and he thinks he can do this without ever addressing the root causes of why poor people are poor to begin with. Does Obama ever consider that poor people are poor not because they lack money, but, perhaps, instead, they actually lack those characteristics which endow worth to monetary currency? Without addressing this deeply genetic reality, Obama is just peddling worthless paper to the poor.

In his statement, Obama’s ideological “blind side” exposed his mental incapacity to understand that America’s economic standing in the world is a direct reflection of its ability to overcome challenges exactly like those presented by the Gulf oil spill. Challenges of a geographic, physical, real-world nature. His fallow statement also reveals that he has failed to understand that the earning of money is not what makes people rich, but rather it is what they invest money into and the purposes for which they transact their money, that makes them wealthy. Affluence is built on a network of transactable, reciprocating value. The static possession of money and spending on dead-end causes makes it worthless to everybody. Besides, how much money is “enough” in Obama’s mind? What makes him more of an authority to determine the metrics of economic satiation than you?

Obama has an uncontrollable desire to remain passively ideological while disseminating an underwhelming response to the real economic and geographic challenges facing America. The economy is only a symptom of the lack of confidence Americans have in Obama's socialist agenda. The gulf oil disaster and illegal immigration are the quintessential geographic perplexities that liberals hate to be confronted with because liberals want to apply a self righteous, ideological answer to them rather than respect the sovereign authority of Constitutional law and boundaries.

Not to mention, Obama is especially resistant to hard choices and commitment when it comes to facilitating reparative benefits for a region of America which he has a particular cultural and ideological hatred for. From its history in slavery to its opposition to illegal immigration, the southern United States is especially offensive to Obama. Therefore, its easy to understand his misguided and racially biased aversion to help residents of the region. The irony is that Obama thinks the American south owes reparations to "his America", not the other way around. Regardless, seeing a rich, Anglaic oil company giving massive amounts of authenticated money to other rich white people living in the south must absolutely nauseate Obama, but that's the karmic price liberals must pay for their stupidity.

Without apologizing for any previous administration, there are simply degrees of failure and disgraceful performance that conditions inherited from any predecessor cannot even cause, and Barack Obama has long since been corralled and flopped upon this actual moment of accountability, no matter how much “hmming and hawing” his witless minions use to excuse his deficiencies. Obama is the worst leader in American history, end of story.

The patheticism of liberals reaches so deep and so far into their own dissonant psychopathology, they believe that if Obama fails, it is the fault of others. However, if he succeeds he is the true savior of their world. However, prevailing winds of unfavorable publicity are proving that Obama's failure as a leader is his own doing...and any success he takes credit for was indeed initiated and enabled by the far more important prerequisites of national security and sovereignty successfully enforced by the Bush administration for 8 years after 9-11-01. Contrarily, since Obama's election, America has suffered four terrorist attacks. Despite deranged hatred for Bush, the simple fact of the matter is that his presidency strengthened and empowered those who matter most in the epic fight to protect America and keep it a haven for the world. Anyone disputing this has never lost their beloved or blood for America and therefore, should be disregarded when declarations of authority are made.

The horror facing the mindless Obot is that it requires more political contortion and devious lies than even they can conjure in order to convince anyone who actually matters that Obama is in charge while, at the very same time, desperately attempting to prevent the empowerment of those they hate by endowing them with the responsibility for the conditions Obama is too weak to overcome. In essence, everytime Obama, or one of his gaggling hacks, blames the Bush administration, it makes Obama look weaker than Bush because it makes Obama look like he is subjugated by the dominant choices implemented by the Bush's Administration. When Obama liberals blame Bush for something Obama can't resolve, it only makes Bush appear stronger and more indominable than Obama's capacity to change what Bush accomplished. Besides, the convenience of plausible deniability will never hide the fact that Bush is vigorously defended by the vast majority of the most affluent, most powerful people in the world and that 80 percent of Obama's votes during the 2008 election came from people who earn less than the average yearly salary in his home country of Kenya.

The oil spill is just another final straw in what has become as massive roster of nation-killing circumstances, several of which were manifest from Obama’s very own hand. The ingredients of this destruction include a massive debt made monumentally worse by Obama’s government mandated Healthcare intrusion upon a free capitalist society. The cracks in our sovereignty and our national security are compounded by his failed stimulus spending; his punitive legislation against American business; A lack of transparency regarding his personal and historical associations with hatemongering degenerates; his oppressive over-regulatory legislation against the banking industry; his pervasive racial bias against white people; his appointment of deranged communists into the once pristine visage of America’s governing stanchions; And, now, a disaster of epic proportions whose consequences rest squarely upon the fault of Obama’s lack of response to it...rather than the causes of it.

Now, we must watch the office of the American presidency decline in value under this liberal otherman, as the physical realities of America's wounds assume an ultimate authority over Obama's stupid ideological fantasies. The terrafactual demands upon Obama's attention and, yes, the abysmal response of his administration, who would remain merely noisy and righteous in their own mind, confined within the luxuries of a political sanctuary blood-ransomed by worthier patriots, choosing to only exalt their own hatefilled, liberal hallucinations supporting their impotent and shrewish conduct.

The Gulf oil spill is not only a rendition of our bleeding nation, it is a carefully orchestrated syncronization of manmade destruction and natural forces conveying the symphonic death of epic, generational nonsense found in a liberal ideology represented by Obama. It is the covert extortion of America's political power for the purpose of invoking international pathological degeneracy using ideological justifications, all of which have manifested in the assumption of power by an absolute living, breathing device of anti-Americanism called Barack Hussein Obama. Sadly, our reality dictates that lowly Obama may have been all we had left to throw at this pervasive, generational assault against American exceptionalism. If that is the case, we are truly in peril.

In the end, Obama liberals may have to face the truth that the only deficiency worth noting in Obama's entire presidency is that the circumference of his over-educated, ivy league head is so much smaller than the inside of the oil spewing pipe that he truly was found to be, not only ideologically worthless, but physiologically worthless, as well, in solving this, or any of Americas problems. America will be destroyed and millions of the most advanced citizens in humanity will die, but, hey, a black man was able to live in the White House before it all turned to smoke and ashes.


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