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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fox Finally Sees The Light With Those Questioning Obama Legitimacy

by Dan Crosby & Pen Johannson

Fox's Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly are finally coming around. Welcome to the party, guys.

Following the debacle surrounding former USDA regional administrator, Shirley Sherrod, and her racially contextualized speech in March, 2010, Fox News finally began to admit, for the first time, that the ineptitude of the Obama presidency is a probable symptom that Obama should not have ever been allowed to be president to begin with.

After an exerpt of Sherrod's speech surfaced in which she appeared to say that she once withheld assistance from an individual because of race, the NAACP and the USDA immediately overreacted by calling for Sherrod's firing as did many in the media, including some at Fox News.
However, once it was assessed that the content of Sherrod's speech, in its entirety, was a teachable requiem about the need to renounce racism, all bets were off and everybody retreated back to their default, hate-filled ideology. In fact, the liberal establishment, including the NAACP, immediately blamed Fox for "snookering" them into firing an innocent person. Never mind that it was the NAACP who Sherrod was speaking to in the controversial video!

That's right America, the NAACP denounced Sherrod's exerpted statements as racist even though they were presented to the NAACP at the original speech, five months ago! Did they not recognize Sherrod on the video? According the NAACP and the Obama administration, apparently its okay to be a black racist as long Fox News doesn't get a hold of the video tape. It makes one wonder why the organization suddenly went race crazy. Could it be that being exposed as a degenerate, racist hypocrite organization had something to do with it. If the video of Sherrod had never been publicly exposed, the NAACP never would have said a word about it.

Therefore, the teeth-gnashing message for the NAACP is that race doesn't matter, and therefore, neither do they. The message for the media and the federal government under Obama is: Race is not a choice. Behavior and character are!

Then, the liberal slew tried to blame Glenn Beck for Sherrod's firing. What a surprise it must have been for the idiots at MSNBC to realize that Beck had actually defended Sherrod and said that she should not be fired so hastily, until her speech was analyzed in its entirety.

Bill O'Reilly studiously admitted to jumping the gun a day before and cordially apologized for his snap judgment calling for Sherrod's firing. O'Reilly said, "I made a mistake and I apologize to Ms. Sherrod. I should have investigated this further before making my conclusions and I am sorry."

As a result, Beck and O'Reilly are finally taking a harder look at the legitimacy of the Obama administration.


Rest easy America. Dry those tears for poor Ms. Sherrod. She is doing just fine. She is living happily, surviving on a meager $13 million dollar settlement she and her husband won through litigation against the USDA...which then turned around and hired her as an administrator...then fired her...then hired her back...and will probably soon find itself in another lawsuit against Sherrod...paying her more money for pain and suffering for firing her without cause in the first place!

Yes, America, Ms. Sherrod is all good. If she keeps this disfuntional, abuse-cycle, relationship with the USDA, she stands a good chance of being appointed President in 2012.

Therefore, it lies within this reason that if we are forbidden from passing judgment on one another based on the involuntary characteristics of race, then we are also forbidden from issuing justice based on race. For justice first requires a judgment, and race is not a consequence of something that is chosen by us. So, therefore, we are bound by the inescapable truth that justice is found as a result of how we choose to behave and the character we choose to exhibit.

The liberal creature has a terrible dilemma. If we are to embrace hollow "progressive" ideology that we should issue justice based on race, then what incentive should we seek to accept judgment based on character or behavior? If justice, which is the issuance of punishment or reward based on judgment based on a standard rule, in this case - race, then why should anyone choose to be decent, loving, compassionate or generous if there is no justice for these chosen characteristics?

Or, does the liberal establishment in America today actually hold so absurdly to its deranged lust for race-based reward that it advocates the myth of a "just reward" for ALL blacks, at the expense of whites, regardless of the choices we make in our behavior and character?

This is how liberals are destroying America, and therefore the world. They are making decency, sympathy and compassion insignificant in lieu of rewarding involuntary racial characteristics. Does anyone doubt that if the current social "rule-de-jour" demanded rewards based on racial characterstics that everyone would not want to choose to have those racial characteristics? However, we are not given the option to have certain racial characteristics, are we? In the liberal world, if you are not black or dark skinned, you are disqualified from justice...therefore, why should a white person be decent? There is no incentive to be so.

So, let's end the nonsense about racial justice and the media’s blatant, racially-oriented bias for Obama as a first "black" president. The truth starts here...with the inalienability of rights established by our Creator.

God did not establish the path to justice on earth based on disseminations of the involuntary characteristics found in race, He established justice based on the disseminations in the content of individual character and as the consequence of choices human beings make in the way they behave. Justice is issued based on character and behavior, not skin color! Failure to understand this will result in terrible consequences for those who believe in, and practice, ideology to the contrary.


This truth is an all consuming fire which ends the debate about the validity of “racially charged” events occurring since Obama became president, and we must finally recognize Fox News' Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly for their diplomacy on this matter, which they shared during their respective broadcasts on July 20th and 21st, 2010.

Fox News surpasses all of the other cable news ratings...combined! In fact, the re-runs of Glenn Beck, O'Reilly's "The Factor" and Hannity rate higher than any other network's programs. The re-runs!

Decent, honest Americans are disgusted by the liberal smear tactics by MSNBC and the left leaning bias of CBS, ABC and CNN.

O'Reilly's comments illustrate perfectly what vintage America has been saying for the past 5 years about our government, and more recently, the past 3 ½ years about Obama, the liberal media and the degenerates working in this administration.

During an interview with liberal New York Post columnist, Kirsten Powers, O’Reilly finally had the essential epiphany which liberal America and Big Media has long since abandoned for the lesser gods of entitlement ideology, controversy and socioecomomic justice.

During his discussion with Powers, O’Reilly seemed to have the same moment of clarity the rest of vintage America has been caterwauling about. He suddenly realized how slews of liberal, mainstream media hacks have protected Obama by simply disregarding obvious newsworthy stories exposing Obama's racially motivated audacity, his covert identity and his ambiguous claim to American political legitimacy.

Glenn Beck actually defended Shirley Sherrod and said that he did not believe she should be fired without a deeper investigation. Beck said this before it was discovered that Sherrod's racially oriented comments were taken out of context. This can be attributed to Beck's attuned instincts in matters of character and behavior, along with his rejection of liberal racialism as a standard for implementing justice. Beck said it would be an injustice to expel Sherrod without taking a deeper look into her March, 2010 speech. Beck seems to have a highly sensitive radar for detecting degeneracy, dishonesty and hate in others.


Here are a few examples. Over the past 4 years, the liberal media has ignored the following dirty secrets about the Obama Administration by refusing to report them:

1. Obama's "covert" relationships with criminal degenerates like terrorist, Bill Ayers, slumlord, Tony Rezco, racist anti-Semite, Rasheed Khalidi, drug dealer, Larry Sinclair and America hater, Reverend Jerry Wright, just to name a few.

2. The appointment of communist convict, “9-11 Truther”, and former “Green Jobs” Czar, Van Jones.

3. Obama’s prejudiced, ignorant response to the arrest of his friend, a black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, by white Cambridge police officers, who Obama said "acted stupidly" even though he did not even know the circumstances of the incident.

4. The Obama Department of Justice’s refusal to prosecute clear, blatant cases of voter intimidation by club wielding, racist members of the New Black Panther Party against white voters in Philadelphia. Allegations of racism within the Civil Law Section surfaced as a former lawyer with the DOJ resigned under claims that he was told by supervisors loyal to Obama that cases of voter rights violations would not be pursued when the victim was white and the suspect was black.

5. Valid evidence about Obama’s covert natal identity and his possible violation of Constitutional mandates requiring him to be a verified “natural born citizen” to hold the office of President.

6. The exoneration of former Klan member, Democrat racist, Robert Byrd, after his death, by multiple liberal politicians and news networks. Many on the left excused Byrd's racism as a symptom of the 93 year old's age and outdated social upbringing even though Byrd was caught using the word "nigger" on national television only 6 years ago.

7. The secret appointment of a self-admitted redistributionist, Donald Berwick, as head of Medicare, while Congress was out on recess.

8. The NAACP’s President, Ben Jealous' racist hypocrisy against the conservative Tea Party movement calling for the Tea Party to “expel the bigots in its ranks”, while ignoring the Black Panther Party’s hateful incitements for blacks to “kill crackers” and murder their “white babies”. NBP head racist, King Shabazz also called for the murder of police officers as a legitimate means of ending "police brutality".

9. Obama's possible violation of international law barring America's elected officials from participating in or influencing foreign political campaigns and foreign elections. Video of Obama campaigning and giving speeches on behalf of his "cousin", Kenya's Orange Communist Party candidate, Raila Odinga surfaced during his 2006 trip to Africa while Obama was an Illinois state senator. Obama's conduct was a clear violation of the Logan Act. Prior to the election, Odinga signed an agreement in exchange for support from the Islamic Council in which he agreed to implement discriminatory policies based on Islamic doctrine. The election resulted in rioting instigated by Odinga loyalists after Odinga lost the election. During the ensuing violence, hundreds, possibly thousands of innocent Christians were slaughtered and dozens of churches were burned.

10. Now, the recent debacle regarding former Georgian USDA administrator, Shirley Sherrod, in which the Obama administration outright “assassinated” the professional career of Sherrod by firing her without even investigating the context of her racially oriented story during an NAACP rally in March of 2010 when she said she once made a mistake in withholding the "full force" her help because the person she was helping was white.


In response the failure of the liberal, mainstream media to cover these failures of Obama, O’Reilly was heard saying, “The American people have a right to know who is serving them and who these people are!”

If only Fox News and O’Reilly would have just admitted this when Obama, and his band of degenerates, first appeared in the mainstream American media as far back as 2006 at the Democratic National Convention.

O’Reilly continued, “What we are looking at here is a complete news blackout of these stories and that is the biggest journalistic scandal in the history of the republic.”

Bill O'Reilly has never been more right. Finally! Congratulations, Mr. O’Reilly! You made it to the party! Welcome! It only took three years, but we are so glad to see you come to the same understanding we have been raving about since Obama announced his ineligible candidacy for the presidency in February of 2007.

Yes, Bill, we have a right to know who these people are!

We have a right to know because it is upon the value of our lives and the worth of our work by which they operate. Our taxes pay for their institutions. Our work pays for the policies created by their ideological beliefs.

We have a right to know who they are!

We have the right to know that our president is Constitutionally eligible to serve us and that he was properly vetted by those we pay to do the job of verifying his eligibility with full disclosure, without being victimized by legal tactics and derisive commentary simply for inquiring about the matter. We have a right to know this so that we may live with confidence in the sovereign identity of our leadership, without the suspicion of possible plurality made vulnerable among world interests and threats against our nation.

We have a right to know that the individuals appointed by an eligible president, who serve our citizens at any level, have the interests of ALL of the American people in mind, not just those who share ideology and skin color with sympatetic factions of the elected officials in control of our government.

We have a right to know that the individuals appointed to oversee the enforcement of our laws are not allowing violent, hate filled radicals to intimidate, harass and kill us based on our skin color, and that they have the well-being of ALL of our citizens in mind, regardless of the color of our babies’ skin. Right?

We have a right to know that the individuals hired within our municipal service divisions of our government are not making freelance choices on who to help and who not to help based on racial bias.

Aside from a blatant lack of managerial expertise, the Obama administration is, unequivocally, the most racist, most liberally biased presidency in the history of America.

This is what happens when a society panders to the exploitation of race as a reason for justice. Militants are exposed as hateful criminals, government workers are forced to resign for saying stupid things out of context, standards of media and public information become a farce, leaders of well intended “advancement” organizations are exposed as hypocrites, community activists become hindrances to progress, and Presidents are forced to alienate their shallow ideology in order to make decisions based on universal truth, not racial bias.

This message is about individual accountability.

Blacks in America must embrace the fact that race is not a behavior and that being a black person does not entitle you to justice. Likewise, whites in America must embrace that justice is not just for the affluent and powerful and when you act like a hateful idiot, justice will set itself against you, as an individual, and those you take for granted because of their pale skin, will disqualify you from salvation and the freedom that is America.

Therefore, justice may only manifest when a society submits to the truth that people do not receive preeminent justice from God on the basis of the color of their skin, but on the basis of the equal standards based on content of character and decency of behavior, as they are defined by the tenets of God.

Jesus established two commandments based on the choice to love, not the involuntary characteristics of race.

Race is not a choice. Therefore, it is not permissible for mankind to hold those who have done no wrong today responsible for those who have done wrong in the past, based on the fact that they are both merely the same skin color. The content of character is not based on the amount of melanin in one’s skin. This is where America has gone astray. Militancy and derangement has taken the place of individual accountability and likeminded decency.

When we exploit the involuntary characteristics of race as criteria for the implementation of justice, innocent people become vulnerable to accusations of bad character, and those who think they have a right to hate are exposed as the actual problem.

Being an American is not a racial entitlement. Being American is the best possible effort of stewardship toward advanced human citizenry based on the like mindedness and decent behavior of a people of superior character, and skin color has nothing to do with being an American.

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