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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

AIG, Barney Frank Are The Same Pathology

by Pen Johannson

There is a threshold of fiscal destruction that America has failed to identify for 50 years. It is an event horizon finally presenting itself as a malignant deformation called the American International Group (AIG). But, we could call it any number of other agents of fiduciary failure. Barney Frank, Barack Obama, Bernard Madoff, Lehman Brothers, Bear Stearns, CitiGroup, Washington Mutual and Merrill Lynch are just a few alternative names for the same disease.

The audacity in giving bonuses to misfits who should actually be thrown in jail can only come from the reprobate nature of our current generation of leadership in America. Perhaps calling for their execution is more punishment than most of them deserve, but banishing them from America's economic system is not.

When politicians hide stuff that we know is to exist, bad things happen to politicians. But the proposal of $165 million in bonuses to the very people who caused the failure of companies like AIG is just another symptom of the fatal sickness. If it wasn't so insidious, it would be comical.

Fortunately, we can identify the illness with a simple, quantifiable observation. When potential loss is no longer worth what we are paying to insure against it, the financial securities industry, at a minimum, no longer has purpose. At most, it becomes the very destructive agent we paid it to protect us from.

Exacerbating American International Group's (AIG) malignancy, rather than cut it out of our economic body, Obama's liberal government confiscated our money and, by giving it to reprobates, essentially forced upon the American people his appalling declaration that AIG is bigger, and more important, than America itself.

So, AIG took its 30 pieces of silver. And, like all traitors and betrayers, AIG will fail.......eventually. It will file bankruptcy, and, the 200 billion in welfare it received will evaporate into impotence and ineffectual disbursement throughout the worthlessness of our society. It will be paid to lawyers, politicians and speculators, all vying for a piece of America's treasure. But, in the end, they will squander it too. They will fail because they have no honor or decency and lack every sort of viable quality that defines America's true wealth.

The reason AIG will fail is not so much because the bail out money it received wouldn't pay its debts to our economy. It will fail because the character deficiencies of the people who received the money are much deeper than the fiscal deficiencies of the company they work for. This, and the fact that the American people will now destroy AIG by refusing to do business with anyone associated with it.

Perhaps many years from now, the value of a company like AIG will rightfully be entrusted to better men and women with a better way of doing business. They will reconstitute an authentic demand for the kinds of services AIG once provided, only better, and the people of America will confide in its value by exercising the choice afforded by a capitalist society. They will determine what is equitable and what is not by sharing their value and hard earned worth with a better, more honorable company. That is the foundation of a free society.

This is why no business entity is bigger than the market they serve.

Welcome to America.

In essence, the pathology exhibited by AIG, and our government, is characterized by our passive devaluation. It is the result of the disgusting unwillingness of these degenerates to produce and contribute anything of worth or viable demand which, in turn, drives the desire of the masses of decent people to work hard, produce much and seek honest prosperity.

They are the takers and burdeners of the world. They are truly obsolete.

The maliform they have caused America to become is the result of inferior members of our society rising to positions of leadership and authority they have no qualifications to assume. They have become the paper heads within organizations and government that have become so big, and so evil, they have become the facade blocking the ugly failure we are becoming because of them. And, worse, they place us in the impossible choice of having to either sacrifice our lives or sell our souls. They become our destruction rather than the prevention of it. They have failed to protect the very resources that prosper them. And, by natural order, they must fiscally die by being disqualified from participation in our economic system.

And, the most harmful results come when our good money falls into the hands of these bad people. The American people reject the expenditure of 2.2 trillion dollars to correct the mismanagement of inferior people because they realize that if you continue to empower irresponsibility it will only grow and metastasize. They understand that this amount of money will never bring the miracle needed to resolve our problem, not because of the amount of money, but because of who it is being given to. They understand it’s like giving a blank check to a drug addict. It is almost unfathomable. And, the true atrocity is that our kids will pay for it.

Vitriolic nut cases of the liberal establishment would like to blame our current demise on the Bush Administration. And, in their ignorant shortsightedness they have failed to realize this entire debacle is the legacy of an entire generation, not just a single presidency. All the choices along the road of our journey over the past 200 years have led us here.

We might call this generation the baby-boomers, but they have a much more insidious definition. Their manifestation over the past 60+ years is the moment in human history when our direction, as a nation, officially turned toward destruction. They are the people in positions of leadership in America who hold the offices of our government and dictate over the resources of working Americans. They are the CEOs and the figureheads of industry who have made egregious errors in judgment based on their selfish addiction to everything “me”. They have wrought financial destruction upon America’s future because of their insidious lifestyle replete with a doctrine of fairness that has established the act of taking, rather than giving, as its prime directive. And, their reprobate nature has worked within America this massive destruction which confronts us with the appalling questions of “What is our security, our confidence and our future actually worth?”

Are they worth this?

AIG has just become an inappropriate answer to that generational question. It is a condition that has remained dormant and infectious waiting for the right time to become gangrenous. And, now that it has, we have only one option to save our life. Amputation.

Organizations like AIG, Lehman Brothers and Merrill Lynch were created for the sole purpose of preventing and managing loss and risk. But, now, they have become the loss. They have become our destruction. The liability preventers have officially become a deeper liability than the ones they were meant to prevent.

Risk management has become a bigger risk than actually suffering the loss.

Our government is contributing to our destruction. While Barack Obama redistributes the value of successful people to those who seem to exist for the purpose of burdening them, he is creating a world in which monsters like AIG can justify their sins to force us to pay for their horrific negligence and malfeasance.

Washington D.C. has become the east coast version of Hollywood, for unattractive slime merchants. The indignant hypocrisy of men like Barney Frank is laughable. This idiot deserves to be the pariah of our government’s involvement in this entire mess. An individual who profited from the greed of financial institutions for years, he now seats himself in the virus incubator with the rest of the strains, clinching his teeth and waving his arms in fake disgust.

And, as the moral indigents of AIG receive death threats from an enraged America, perhaps Barney Frank, and the remaining slew of defamatory hacks on the hill should receive a portion of that same risk. Then they can see what its like when we fail them.

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