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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Identity Theft: Obama's Birth Place Is The Least Of His Eligibility Problems

Is eligibility to serve as president a birthright? Since the American Constitution, in the interest of protecting our national soveriegnty, prescribes that a president must be a "natural born citizen", apparently it is a right of birth, or at least, legally, of birth place.

The AOL news headline today is, “Obama Rumor Just Won’t Die”, in reference to the ongoing, persistent and justified questions regarding the man’s constitutional eligibility to serve as president of the U.S.

The matter remains legitimate because it rests at the very heart of America's essence with regard to it's true identity and it's constitutional authenticity. If our leaders can remain anonymous under legitimate scrutiny, how can we rely on them to defend us against our enemies and domestic tyranny? No real American, having served honorably in our military or in civil service, would ever honestly commit to service with a man like Obama. He is far too concealed to be trustworthy.

Despite the fact that many liberals would desire for the world to believe that the Constitution was written by old, expatriated, racist white men, the truth remains that our nation's identity is built upon our citizen's service and adherence to it's laws. And, tragically, what message does it send to the citizens of a nation when the elected officials violate the same laws they pretend to uphold?

The word you are looking for is, "Despotic".

The AOL story goes on, in dank liberal form, to paint the entire affair as a conspiracy theory propelled by the fringes of the conservative anti-Obama right. As though legitimate matters of Constitutional Law morally equate to a search for Bigfoot.

Only in the liberal mind could such absurd dissonance exist.

As insulting as the liberal media is to the intelligence of America, they remain secretly desperate to aid Obama’s covert leadership and help him conceal the unthinkable possibility of his “otherness”, and the resulting Constitutional crisis it will create.

Many rightly presume the probable impact on Constitutional integrity is the reason Obama, the mainstream media, including even Fox News, remains so unresponsive, if not outright secretive, about his actual identity.

The stick in the liberal craw, however, is that this man may indeed not actually be a natural born citizen, as defined by the commonly accepted interpretations of Constitutional Law, compliant with the factual history of previous American President's natural born status.

The questions are easy to answer. That is why the issue rings so loudly in the minds of vintage America. The answers to the basic questions are not as obscure as sasquatch, or the existence of the lost city of Atlantis. The questions are answerable with a phone call.

Therefore, the effort and resources employed by Obama to keep these records concealed is disproportionate with the plausible consequence of revealing what he claims they contain. A confirmation of his eligibility to serve as president.

Obama spent 2 weeks in Hawaii in September. Long before this issue became malignant.

Obama is so brazened in his ploy to conceal these records, he has even abandoned his liberal constituency by imposing complete information "black out" about the issue. Sadly, instead of being allowed to confirm Obama's true identity themselves, they are forced to trust the unreliable leftist propogandists of the Annenburg Foundation,, the Daily Kos, the New York Times and the Huffington Post, all of whom probably know less than they do, as their sources. And, that’s a pretty pathetic lineup if objective, fact-finding, journalistic research is your interest.

Also, the hilarity in this, as with every other blind Obama sympathizer’s attempt to excuse away the facts, is that, despite irrefutable reality, this man has never actually produced any verifiable evidence to counter the facts of the conservative presumption. They simply claim that the presentation of liberal sympathizers are adequate for enthroning Obama.

And, after the debacle that resulted from the Supreme Court's involvment in election issues in 2000, the SCOTUS judges have suddenly become convenient cowards in response the matter of Obama's constitutional eligibility. Once again, they are derelict in their duty as interpreters of the law, when it is most needed. Yet, they seem ambitiously able to legislate matters outside of their jurisdiction when it agrees with their political views and moral ineptitude.

Regardless of the actual mysterious truth, Obama has submitted no confirmed record of birthplace, only a scanned image of a possibly forged Certificate Of Live Birth, which, as the State of Hawaii statutes prescribe, may be issued in any case where a living child is presented to the office of the Hawaiian Department of Health, regardless of the their actual place of birth anywhere in the world.

The scanned, altered image of the Certificate Of Live Birth presented on the Daily Kos was a complete hoax. And, a badly contrived one, at that.

The AOL story also falsely states, “For the record, officials in Hawaii declared last October that there was no doubt Obama was born in the state. Officials verified that the health department holds the commander in chief's original birth certificate.”

This is a lie. The first sentence of this account is outright deceitful, while the second sentence is erroneous by omission.

No official working for the state of Hawaii has ever provided official confirmation that Obama’s Birth Certificate states that he was born in Hawaii. To the contrary, the State of Hawaii did NOT confirm Obama’s place of birth, but instead, the Department of Health’s Director stated, without any notarization, that the “birth certificate of Mr. Obama, on file with the state of Hawaii is an authentic document.”

The Obama Birth Certificate may indeed be authentic. An authentic Birth Certificate from another country.

The statement pronounced no such evidence if his birth within the state of Hawaii, only that the Birth Certificate on file, probably issued from Kenya, was delivered to the state of Hawaii and thus sealed and filed accordingly.

This, as well as many leftist’s desperate attempts, continue to fail miserably in their blatant campaign to distract the American public from the facts that Obama, whether or not a natural born citizen, has never provided verifiable, official documents in support of his claims of eligibility. And, that is a perfected conviction founded in undeniable truth.

The liberal attempt to cull this issue under the categories of UFO theorists and witchery is amusing as it is absurd. And it is a complete rendition fabricated through their degenerate lust for all things Obama.

As Obama proceeds through his first term as America’s first pretend president, the fact that this matter continues to gather interest, even from Obama defenders, is startling. One would think that something so “ridiculous”, as it is characterized by probamates, would be disregarded. But, on the contrary, it has gained momentum. Exponentially.

If this were indeed a fringe conspiracy theory concocted by conservative zealots then why does poll after poll find that nearly 50% of all equally mannered American’s continue to have doubts about this man’s identity? And, nearly 47% of internet savvy Americans believe this issue will actually come back around to harm Obama’s presidency, eventually.

And, what’s more, why does the liberal media complex continue to give attention to the issue?

AOL, and the liberal media should spend more time prompting Mr. Obama to make his identity public, instead of allowing him to walk between the inquisitive rain-drops of authentic Americans. Perhaps, if this pretender were actually “transparent” instead of just a hypocritical manservant of the liberal establishment, he might actually gain some respect and support from those offended by his dishonesty.

Mr. Obama has three options.

One, he will simply continue through his presidency under the justified accusations that he is usurper, and a political infidel without ever showing any verifiable, official documentation about his identity. With this choice, he will complete his presidency without ever having the fullness of credibility that he probably deserves, or the respect of the most American’s possible. America is, predominately, a respectful nation. We may not agree with some politics, but we know a real person when we see them. Obama is not a real person to America right now.

Second, he can sack up and throw down the gauntlet this official identity records and let the chips fall where they may. Just provide the exonerating records and move on. Doing so would end this inquisition and instill America’s confidence. It would help the democrat party’s future and end the doubts about Obama’s eligibility. America is pretty fair minded. Despite being constitutionally ineligible, or worse, an illegal alien, Mr. Obama might find forgiveness in the liberally dominated justice system and he will be allowed to serve out his term as an elected official pro tem. I think we could manage to allow him that given the crisis that would need to be averted.

Third, he can surrender and resign. That’s not going to happen, so it looks like he has two options.

Then again, you never know what choice the fringe might make, either.

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