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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Obama's Victory Is The Gift Of Bush's Legacy

by Pen Johannson

Vastly exceeding the necessary spending required to resolve our current economic challenges, Barack Obama remains obstinate to concede the favorable circumstances inherited from the previous administration which have provided his opportunity to build on our national security and strengthen our fundamental survivability.

Without the basic rights of safety and existence, enforced by the Bush administration, Barack Obama would not even have the current opportunity to improve our economic situation, and thus, the American quality of life.

Because of Bush’s hard work in the field, Obama has the opportunity to now get the house in order.

Primarily, among the obvious circumstances benefitting Barack Obama's tenancy, is the opportunity to serve as president in a world without the menacing presence of Saddam Hussein. For decades, the Iraqi dictator terrorized the Middle East and threatened world stability while murdering and torturing more than a half million Iraqi citizens. His execution made the world a better place.

This reality brutally confronts the weakness of liberal dissonance and forces upon the conscience of Bush hating lackies the appalling question of our responsibility, as a super power, to help oppressed people in underdeveloped and distressed nations. Sometimes the threat is not the weather or an earthquake. When the threat is evil, sending bottled water and hemp blankets is appreciated, but inappropriate. Sometimes, its actually necessary to send men with guns on a destructive mission.

In the course of America's response to the terror attacks of September 11, 2001, Saddam Hussein presented himself as the convenient evil idiot justifying both his removal and the American military's proactive establishment of an overwhelming presence amid the region of the world where our terrorist enemies breed and conspire against us.

Despite the liberal establishment's personal disdain for the former president, their failure to appreciate Bush’s unwillingness to cower until the next act of mass murder, is a frightening insight into their desolate politics and their acceptance of fatalism. Impudence remains the defining characteristic of this large segment of America, who are subject to a culture of death and derelict to imagine effective, and feasible, global solutions to this lethal world-wide fanaticism.

Obama’s incapacity to understand the brilliance of the Bush Administration’s initiation of a proactive military presence in the Middle East is just one example of his profound ignorance in matters of quelling violence and hate. And, the minions of the Democrat party have failed to associate the reasons for being alive, even at the most trivial level, with Bush's prevention of another cataclysmic terror attack, to date. And, tragically, this may serve as a potential doorway through which terrorists can find another opportunity to murder innocent Americans.

Secondly, Obama gets to be president in a country that was made safer, and kept safe, for 8 years after the worst terror attack in American history. The murder of 3000 innocent people, from 90 different countries, at the hands of radical Islamic terrorists, took America, and the world, by surprise and prompted the efforts of our most powerful leaders to never allow it to happen again.

Let’s remember who is really to blame for this atrocity. This crime against humanity is the fault of insidious creatures who hijacked planes, full of innocent passengers, and used them as weapons to implement hatefully justified destruction and death.

The Bush administration took on the endeavor to realize a safer world by implementing controversial, but effective policy intended to fight against our terrorist enemies. And, to many Americans, his policies were not severe enough, or broad sweeping enough. Many called for the use of nuclear weaponry on several selected major cities in the Middle East as retaliation for ALL terror attacks in the past 50 years. Bush's destruction of Saddam Hussein's government, and the subsequent liberation of the people of Iraq, were amazing demonstrations of restraint and responsible application of American military might, in lieu of the alternatives Bush was called to consider.

Of course, the policies of the Bush Administration were extraordinary for our time. But, the fight against global terrorists and radical Islamic violence is an extraordinary matter requiring extraordinary responsibility. And, Obama’s liberal herd must be forced to understand, either by reason or apocalypse, that our response to terrorist violence should never be measured by a need to merely defend our lifestyle. Rather, it should always be measured by the necessity to live, as the priority. What good is preserving our lifestyle at the cost of not being alive to experience it?

Bush supporters are confident that he understood this pragmatic difference. But, they are doubtful that Obama understands it. In Obama's narrow focus to tinker with economic leakage, he is failing to appreciate the implications of a breach in the dam Bush built to contain the terrorist threat. Whereas Bush was willing to go to the headwaters of terrorism and fight at the confluence and tributaries, we can only hope, desperately, that Obama will not withdraw completely, resigning our nation to finger plugging a collapsing structure at the precipice of our greatest vulnerability.

Most of Obama's supporters simply lack the mentality to realize the pointlessness of American citizenship without the resolve and predestructive methods to defend it in accordance with the level of lethality being employed to destroy it. There is nothing more important than our security and the responsibility we have to ourselves, and the world, to remain eternally prepared to respond to terrorism with every available resource at anytime, everywhere. Our safety is no longer dependent on our geography, so we must prioritize our response to terror in every decision we make, regardless whether or not it concerns foreign or domestic matters. At a minimum, we owe this to the victims lost.

And, this is the biggest problem vintage America has with Barack Obama, himself. Prevailing as the macrocosm of his party, there is nothing particularly honorable about the man. How can we find safety from our foreign enemies under the administration of a man so alien to the fundamental truths of America? His character deficiencies present fodder for opinion, but it remains an obvious truth that his past offers nothing extraordinary to which we might attribute our confidence, or dispel his "otherness".

So, rather than merely squat on a constituency’s fawning lust for his media darlingness, perhaps if he had invented a useful implement, or submitted to some form of military service, or led a national charity, or even presented some evidence of physical sacrifice for America, we might have more favorable reasons to embrace him.But, aside from merely being the man opposing the party of the “evil Bush horde”, what grand, selfless act has Obama committed to express his appreciation for the privilege of being a member of America’s advanced citizenry?

Though liberals will disdain it eternally, President Bush will be remembered in history as the father of the global war against terrorism. He was not a perfect leader, nor was he absolutely right in all decisions. But, along with the relinquishment of executive challenges, like many presidents before him, Bush has given Obama some extraordinary opportunities for success and distinction. It rests upon the mind and conveyance of the successor to make the most of the grand stage foreset by the fundamental actions of an unfairly and ignorantly reviled historic figure.

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