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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Obama's Fear Of Limbaugh Conservatives

by Penbrook Johannson
For the first time in American history, the members of a minority party are actually benefitting from losing an election. And, they are getting help......from the winners.

This help is coming in the form of Obama's failed attempt to target the strongest components of the Republican party. Bypassing the obvious chinks in the Republican political armor, Obama is hoping to paint Republicans as extreme by associating them with media icon, Rush Limbaugh, thinking this is somehow, a bad thing for the minority party.

Unfortunately for Obama, the Republican party has accomplished alot during one of the most challenging decades in American history.

Republicans, not Democrats, were called to respond to the largest mass murder on American soil in our history. And, despite the debate that rages about the methods used, it is unarguable that Republicans, not Democrats, have kept America safe since. Whereas every psychotic, islamo-fascist is, at this very moment, actively planning to invade America and kill us all, Republicans, not Democrats, have kept other such events from occurring over the last 8 years.

Subsequently, America's defenders, led by Republicans, greatly depleted the threat of a global terrorist horde by destroying its members and exiling its leadership to an abysmal existence. Republicans deposed, and facilitated the execution of a murderous, tyrannical despot who murdered hundreds of thousands of people. And, they established a strategic military presence in a place America previously had none, where our enemies breed.

Republicans provided the opportunity for the establishment of a society, providing opportunity for free elections and establishment of a representative government, in a place where democracy and capitalism previously did not exist.

Republicans have held back the tide of liberal destruction in America. And, most importantly, they have established an international identity as American leadership of the modern war against global terrorism by being the first country in history to instigate proactive military action to secure domestic safety.

So, it should be no surprise that the Republicans are engaged in a well deserved transcendent period. They deserve it.

In the mean time, Republicans have every confidence that America understands the ebbs and flows of party dominance, from election to election. America knows these fluctuations are just the normal pattern through which the party improves their message, redefines their identity and works to enhance their popularity. And, America knows the Republican party is no exception to this. So, of course, America realizes the liberal fantasy to the see the end of the Republican party is nonsense, and that it is driven by irrational fear.

Certainly, liberals imagine the demise of conservatives. But, Obama's attempt at pushing Rush Limbaugh as the Republican leadership is just helping his opposition while solidifying the aforementioned truths about the Republican party.

Obama is learning a tough lesson about winning elections in America. He is learning that it is possible to win an election, and actually lose the game. An election is just a personnel selection process for the job to come. It does not guarantee success at the job itself.

This is very frightening to Obama. Already burdened by doubts about his fitness to be president, he would rather dismiss the importance of his legitimacy than face the fact he may lack the qualities needed to be successful at leadership.

Also, Obama's paranoia raises doubts that Democrats actually understand that they are the majority party in power. Driven by insecurity about his own fitness to even be president, Obama seems easily drawn into trivial political squabbles, perhaps due to a compelling need to validate himself, and the Democrats, as the ruling party. It appears their irrational fear of a deranged, gun-wielding, religiously zealous Republican death squad is getting the best of their judgment.

And, even though the entire ruse might resemble an underhanded conspiracy to paint Republicans as lost, extreme and beaten, Limbaugh is gleefully tormenting the Obama democrats with a taunting message that a Republican mob is planning to march on them in the dark of night, pitchforks in hand, led by Limbaugh, himself.

The behavior exhibited here, on the part of Obama's executive staff, along with other prolific liberals, exposes an organic weakness in the party. Democrats have actually become so narcissistic, they can't even tell when they are winning. And, it only invigorates the confidence of Republicans, despite their recent election losses.

“And, what’s worse, exploiting an icon like Limbaugh is probably not real smart,” explains Marian Veinara, professor at the National Center for Media Studies, “Remember, even as their own arson was burning Rome to the ground, the despot, fearing reprisal from his own, accused the innocuous bystanders, spurring the greatest expansion of any human religious movement in history. Nero's Rome was destroyed, but the Christians are still here. Democrats should pay more attention to the troubles they were elected to address.”

There are many reasons for Obama to be afraid of Limbaugh.

First, the liberal establishment is taking a huge risk by engaging Republicans and Limbaugh's conservatives in this way. The democrats are already walking a political tight rope, perhaps one mistake, or one passive moment, from the catastrophe that exonerates conservative persecutions against Obama and turns moderate American’s away from him for good.

Calling Limbaugh the leader of the GOP is like calling Warren Buffett the Leader of the DNC. Basically, it’s the equivalent of calling Limbaugh a “Big PooPoo head” on the playground. He’s probably not very scared and, yet, he is now emboldened to assume a renewed aggression against the weaknesses of liberals.

Another teeth-gnashing reality motivating Obama to target a man like Rush Limbaugh is that Limbaugh's success is self-generated. Obama's is not.

"....The American left dropped the bar so far below decency, in their treatment of Bush during the past decade, they had to dig a hole where their integrity used to be just to get over, and it just so happened that a guy named Barack Obama fit the character void and fell into it. So, by proxy, they made him their leader......"

Limbaugh has built his world through a potent application of talents in a competitive, free-market industry. Obama's success has been the result of a political party lowering the standards to a cultish lust for someone.....anyone, willing to oppose those who disagree with them. The American left dropped the bar so far below decency, in their treatment of Bush during the past decade, they had to dig a hole in the place their integrity used to be just to get over, and it just so happened that some guy named Barack Obama fit the character void and fell into it. So, by proxy, they made him their leader.

Obama is primarily the creation of other people's contribution to his image, and the subsequent byproduct of a liberal constituency’s psychotic hatred for his predecessor. Rush Limbaugh is the American success story everyone loves, regardless of political loyalties. Limbaugh's achievements are attributed to the advanced citizenry of a vintage American. Obama's achievements are attributed to advantages afforded to him by a welcoming society.

Obama was merely deposited here and found his way to the White House by circumstances of exception, rather than inclusion. His professional origins are less than lustrous, and, in the light of his time in the corrupt environment of Chicago politics, somewhat troublesome. Questions about Obama’s personal identity, immigration status, educational records and political intentions are simply issues Rush Limbaugh is free of. And, it seems ludicrous that Obama would pick a squabble with a man like Limbaugh.

"That's like a martial artist challenging a ping pong player to a fight," says media research staffer, Michael Yeda, "Obama is just enough of a coward to know how far to stay away from the guy while paddling little plastic balls at him. Meanwhile, Limbaugh is arming himself with medieval weaponry."

Finally, Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer. But, he is also a potent truth merchant. And, what's most frightening to inferior characters like Obama, is that Limbaugh is an ingenious inciter of American inquisition. His ability to prod America into asking questions that liberals hate to answer, about the substance and motives of our politicians, is unmatched. Not to mention, his broadcast aptitude is reinforced by a strong research staff, and production personnel, at the EIB Network.

Voices like Limbaugh present a very effective docket for rejecting, not only the policies of liberals, but also the character of Obama. Limbaugh is able to present Obama as a commoner lacking the decency, and mentality, to appreciate the most important principles of American society, and the foundations upon which it was built. And, fair-minded individuals listen, in agreement, to much of what Limbaugh says.

Overall, the perspective presented by conservative media, in general, directly confronts the Obama Administration with some truthful indictments. The ramifications of a bankrupt American government, or a massive terror attack on American soil, would certainly bury Obama in abysmal failure with his liberal minions in congress, forever, while obliterating the credibility of the democrat party for decades, if not generations.

How quickly the pendulum swings.

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