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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Monday, March 2, 2009

The Mombosan Son: Obama's Sinister Game

“The bigger the lie, the more people will believe it.”

Prior to the installment of Obama, good men and women of the greatest generation, those of the Depression Era who fought during World War II, made a commitment to freedom through an understanding and reverence for the actual price of peace. And, in doing so, made themselves dangerous to inferior characters, like Barack Obama, who are obstinately committed to the “remaking of America”, as he so stated in his Inaugural Address, through the destruction of its true ideals and reinterpreted permissions for constitutionally distorted abjection.

Of course, Obama has help. The American media complex has become the juggernaut of misinformation that we all feared it might. Simply remaining silent about 800,000 pound gorillas, or disparaging anyone with the courage to challenge the socialist views of their rogue manservant, are just a few of the methods of torture used by the panderers of liberal slag.

We should mourn the end of our grand old age. The new liberal is one who has taken pains to disguise the intended purpose of our republic’s originators by mystifying their pristine message, mixing lies with half truths, while repackaging the American Constitution as a meaningless document haphazardly concocted by racists and expatriated, old white men.

Their default nature is to work toward this end through hate-driven reneging of policy previously constructed on traditional Judeo-Christian principles, or conservatism. They are simply motivated to act in accordance with their wretched politics for the benefit, attainment and maintenance of power over the people of America, who are the advanced citizenry of humanity.

From the first moment we saw the newly embedded Barrack Hussein Obama, we knew he was trying to get away with something untoward. His elevated demeanor and extravagant language was contrived. His polished delivery was compensation for intrinsic deficiencies of character and a marked absence of honesty.

And, yet, still, against the sky line from Grant Park, as the cold Chicago wind began to freeze Oprah’s tear-ridden cheeks, Obama was frighteningly sincere in his expository glorification of subject matter he was lying about.

The most significant thing that bothers decent people about Barrack Obama is that there is nothing particularly honorable about the man. What grand, selfless statement has he made in his life demonstrating appreciation for the privileges and opportunities blessed upon him since he was deposited in America?

He possesses little more than education, which he came by with the provision of a welcoming society, vastly completed and sealed by our worthier path makers, long before his manifestation to take advantage of it.

His obvious capacity for language and verbal delivery might serve him well if he were say, the son of Ronald Reagan, or Abe Lincoln, rather than the socially illegitimate reproductive consequence of a dead-beat African descendent and an indescretionate pubescent mother, less embroiled in controversy over his personal datum.

But, because of his covert nature and black-ops approach in obtaining his current notoriety, we have more questions about him than confidence in him.

Upon the evidence submitted by America's shortsighted elective consensus, if we are indeed going to establish something as shallow as his demographic profile as a justification for honoring extraordinary achievement and so-called honorability, as opposed to any reason why we should all passively receive some other man, we might be more intrigued by the lives of men like Michael Anderson or Dr. Ron McNair, Ph.D., than Barrack Obama. McNair and Anderson are two black men who gave their lives in the course of service to our nation, as astronauts during the Columbia and Challenger NASA Shuttle missions, respectively.

These heroic men serve America far better with their example of leadership, life application and selfless sacrifice than that of coat-tail riding politicians and idea peddlers.

On the disdainful question of race, ironically, and completely contrary to what the mainstream media lusts for you to believe, it remains a teeth-gnashing reality for pro-reparation punditry that Obama’s success is not the result of his black heritage, but rather the result of being rejected by it. In this case, it seems, the absence of a father actually promoted Obama rather than hindered him.

This is a tough pill to swallow for the radical leftists because it remains the demographic qualities afforded by race that fuel their delusion of reparative justice.

With regard to the issue of Obama's vital records, containing information about his citizenship, natural born status, immigration status, education, voting records, we are all left stranded in the dark. But, what rights to privacy and protection do we have when we’ve been robbed of our eligible leaders, their candidacy tossed aside by the illegal defiance of absurd social engineering?

What right to privacy, through censorship of the public's rightful requests, permits the removal of fundamental power from the hands the American people and validates the ascendency of puppet candidates in the United States?

It is widely held that that the office of the president is greater than the individual who serves in it. Whereas this applies to anyone desiring to become more important than the position, it is, however, possible for an individual to diminish the effectiveness and credibility of the position.

When the office is not sought for honorable reasons, and fulfilled as such, then it diminishes the honorability of the office. If a lawbreaker is elected while he conceals his criminality from those who elect him, the election process itself is not held in contempt. The man is. And if he assumes the position for which he was mis-elected, and is allowed to serve as president even after those who support him have knowledge of his wrongdoing, the ramifications of his offense will have tragic consequences to the identity and integrity of national public service policy. Not to mention the credibility of the office of the president is compromised, internationally.

And, so, we find ourselves amidst a leadership conglomeration of the politically and morally desolate. A desolation that has wrought itself so discriminately from the despotic left, that we scarcely recognize any characteristics of decency in their modern purpose.

Their derelict offenses on American society are the result of politically driven, hysterical blindness and ideological hate for anything or anyone contending their dissonant ignorance.

Liberals in America today don’t have the first clue about how or what to prioritize as a matter of national interests and security. Their servitude to politics over common decency or the alleviation of real suffering will always take precedence upon the liberal docket.

Suddenly, we are imposed upon by their annointed deceiver. The only evidence of his existence and intentions come to us after it has been strained and contrived through a chain of possession and manipulators of interpretation. We only see the shiny, jewel-laden cloak, as the reprobation is subdued, and the vile cause is hastened that they might assume jurisdiction over the minds and bodies of a bowing consensus.

Against decent people, he now stands as a requisite tool possessing the characteristics endowed to him by invisible forces, constructing doctrinal architecture with insidious justifications, lost in ideology, and implementing damnable, desolate politics which will eventually serve the destruction of everything our father's suffered to realize.

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