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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Obama Is Creating Black Lists As America Burns

Using obvious tactics to distract the American people from Obama’s deteriorating economic apocalypse, the propaganda cabal of Rahm Emanuel, David Plouffe, Paul Begala and James Carville has conspired with other liberals to roster a list of individuals they deem enemies to the Obama Administration.

One subsequent surprise in this “black listing” is the liberal’s effort to associate conservative media icon, Rush Limbaugh, with a leadership role in the Republican Party.

In a strange development, Limbaugh, often confined in the minds of Democrats to the realm of entertainment, has broken down their deniability of his legitimate impact on Obama. He is now commanding attention from White House senior staff as a viable political threat.

Despite favoring Republican political values, in general, Limbaugh has never exclusively identitfied himself with the Republican Party as much as he has carried a longstanding, consistent alliance with conservatism. Earning his share of criticism from the left, he offers no apologies for his contention with the liberal establishment, or the current White House tenancy. Limbaugh is widely considered the most successful talk radio broadcast host in American history and has been in the profession since the early 1980's.

.....The delusion of a Limbaugh-lead GOP is an obvious liberal manifestation intended to drive an unseemly fetish that Republicans have, somehow, fallen so far they need to be further degraded by what liberals believe is an association with conservative media “extremism”......

Intertwining suggestions that congressional Democrats seek to revive a modernized form of the Fairness Doctrine, Emanuel, the White House Chief of Staff, hopes to exploit the left's unfavorable opinion of Limbaugh to undermine the image of a changing Republican Party. However, the demise of Emanuel’s smear team might come in realizing the GOP is far from disintegration as it currently upgrades itself during this well deserved rest from its normal position as the majority.

Emanuel may also be called to answer questions why the Obama administration is suddenly considering a media personality, previously marginalized by Obama's PR apparatus as an "entertainer", as a legitmate obstacle to Democrat legislation. Afterall, the Democrats are a near supermajority.

“Mr. Limbaugh is an obvious success at what he does,” observed Dr. Marian Veinara, professor at the National Center for Media Studies, “but, he is not a factor in the formation of legislation."
Obama's propogandists have tried to capitalize on what they perceive as a rift between Limbaugh and Republican party leadership. However, both sides deny any such contention. Democrats misinterpreted a conversation that Michael Steele, the newly appointed RNC Chairman, was having with NBC pundits in which he stated that Limbaugh's comments are "incendiary", after Limbaugh stated that he would like to see the policies of Obama fail.
Democrats attempted, but failed, to find a chink the patriotic armor of Limbaugh, who comfortably laughed off the ploy, characterizing it as typical reprobate behavior on the part of liberals.
"Obama needs to be careful," warns Veinara, "the last time an autocrat blamed bystanders for his destructive rule, a city-state was burned and the victims became the largest human genographic in history."

Given the felonious economic policies implemented by this administration thus far, any additional scheme to hyper-inject a media figure into the legitimate leadership structure of a political party, may not only be viewed as unnecessary but, in the light of such dire conditions, extravagant. Many Americans feel the efforts of Obama's executive staff, regardless of their level of legitimacy, would be better spent working on America’s economic situation, rather then engaging in futile political games with the minority party.

The delusion of a Limbaugh-lead GOP is an obvious liberal manifestation intended to drive an unseemly fetish that Republicans have somehow fallen so far that they need to be further degraded by what liberals believe is an association with conservative media “extremism”. But, is this a dangerous game the Democrats are playing?

“Winning elections is pointless unless you actually lead for those who voted you in,” Veinara sniggered, “Taking a difficult economic situation, as the White House has, and turning it into a catastrophe, is one thing. But, then to nit-pick the associations of a talk show host with an entire political party is just dumb. It does little to qualify you as a real problem solver, and it erodes your political clout to blame the current circumstances on the previous administration.”

The Battle For Minds In The Middle

Limbaugh is nothing short of a garish warrior wielding a slew of aural weaponry which, when used through his oratory brilliance, usually results in a massive galvanization of America's best. Most notably, Limbaugh is an opportunist, exploiting vintage America’s revilement of liberal gaudiness. He does this by presenting a sober, common-sense perspective on the destructive potential of liberal doctrine.

But, what about those who reside near the political center?

Obama is beginning to realize that he has already fanned the flames with his economic stimulus bill, following weeks of prerequisite fear mongering. It seems utterly masochistic, if not reckless, to antagonize an already agitated conservative media opposition. As if Obama's life wasn't hard enough, he now seeks to compromise his status as a congenial statesmen with the American middle by lifting the status of one particular media host. It appears disproportionate to our more vital national priorities at this time.

Limbaugh, on the other hand, is resting comfortably, preparing to watch the train wreck. And, to make the situation more inviting, astonishingly, Obama is serving him appetizers. Obama is helping Limbaugh's message that he took a troublesome situation and turned it into a disaster by destroying the confidence of the only demographic in America who can fix it, namely the small business minded, the economically viable, and the affluent employer.

Interestingly, some believe that America’s current economic challenges were premeditated by the retiring generation of the Republican party in order to occupy the Democrats with overwhelming conditions while the new, young generation of Republicans reload the Party’s stratagem. This suggests that the democrat party is merely the American political stand-in for when the Republicans need a periodic rest in their commonly accepted endeavor of building a strong, durable national identity.

The “Ditto Heads”, Limbaugh’s pet name for his most enduring supporters, are made up of some of America’s most educated, affluent, socially dominant proponents of the conservative movement. Their protective affection for Limbaugh, along with his intense media savvy give Obama all he can handle, motivating the creation of an Enemy List with Limbaugh's name on it.

In Obama's weakness, he needs to demonize Republicans because he seeks a political safety net for absorbing the inevitable public outrage when he is found standing alone on the smoldering heap of rubble that used to be America. Concocting some fictional relationship between the leadership of the Republican party and the "big bad conservative wolf" is one way Obama plans to encrust his blame-free defense.

Also, by holstering an image of Republicans with Limbaugh, Obama is seeking to convert moderate Republicans to his side. He wants to win favor with the right-of-center by creating the appearance of an equalization of his party's extremism, within the Republican Party. In essence, Obama is using a single message to pander for the favor of the middle while demonizing the devout Republican base in the eyes of his liberal constituency.
Basically, Americans are suffering economic starvation while Obama is burning the crops to catch a jack-rabbit.

Unfortunately for Obama, however, his prescribed level of hysteria simply does not exist within the Republican party. Restrained, thoughtful vigor is a defining characteristic of being Republican. For, if one exhibited such mindless liberal insanity, as found in Obama's camp, they are not called conservative, or Republican, by innate definition. Rather, they are called liberal, and Democrat.

.....If the advanced citizens of America remain conservatively oriented and economically viable, it poses a real threat to Obama’s political investment in a 2 trillion dollar redistribution and entitlement expansion strategy.....

True conservatives are just not that interested in political rewards as much as they are about what is truth, right and decent, no matter how much Obama lusts for the GOP to be associated with his dishonest projections about Rush Limbaugh.

Fortunately, vintage America is far too intelligent to fall for it. And, they are too fond of Limbaugh’s personal story to legitimize anything Obama might have to say about him.

The biggest threat to Obama’s administration is an independent, personally accountable America. If the advanced citizens of America remain conservatively oriented and economically viable, it poses a real threat to Obama’s political investment in a 2 trillion dollar redistribution and entitlment expansion strategy. If Limbaugh's message is allow to motivate people to be conservative, it abolishes Obama’s redistributionist ideology.

A stark blemish in the liberal ploy, however, is that Limbaugh has inspired millions of independently driven Americans to pursue entrepreneurial success and economic accountability while passionately rejecting liberal doctrines of redistributionism, entitlements and dependence on government.

Limbaugh is a self made millionaire of unprecedented achievement in broadcast media lauding the most successful, nationally syndicated, radio program in American history, with an audience of more than 30 million listeners per week. His broadcast empire is, arguably, the stanchion model upon which subsequent conservative radio talk personalities have been built, many of which adorn him with credit for their endeavor.

Limbaugh is also the highest paid individual in the history of radio.

Obama, and liberals everywhere, should take a moment and consider the potential destruction of their own future before they try to excoriate the qualities of their opposition in the distant reaches of conservative American society. Rush Limbaugh is just one example of millions of successful conservative Americans who have made themselves dangerous to the existence of liberalism.

When conservatives choose “private world” figureheads, whether they are social, military, community or business leaders, they tend to choose people who have ascended to their positions because they possess extraordinary qualifications and honorable character that politicians like Obama, and his liberal hatcheteers, simply lack. Conservative leadership tends to be people who have overcome liberalism and achieved an evolved state of maturity and personal accountability.
Basically, Conservatives became conservative when they realized the failure that came with trying to be a human being as a liberal.
Liberals have already been measured by, and, unfortunately, been found void of basic characteristics that make individuals like Limbaugh successful. And, this drives liberals, like Obama, to a jealous aggression against advanced people, like conservatives.
Of course, this also explains every reason we need to know why they failed in real life, where Limbaugh has succeeded, and became illegitimate liberal politicians to begin with.

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