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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Vintage America's Vital Mission: Reject Obama's Reparative Social Agenda

by Dan Crosby

Vintage America would do well to remember the frightening words of Shakespeare, conveyed through the phantom of Hamlet’s father king, as he gives premise to the patriarch's haunting end. Appearing to his heartbroken son in Act 1, in a moment of desperate conveyance, the spirit of the murdered king gives a requiem to his tragic story. In one part, he says,

“If thou didst ever thy dear father love………Now, Hamlet, hear! A serpent stung me; so the whole ear of our nation is, by a forged process of my death, rankly abused; but know, thou noble youth, the serpent that did sting thy father’s life now wears his crown.”

These words, though eloquent and dated, hold relevance for our current time. The question now confronting vintage America resides blatant and derisive upon our minds in a similar manner.

By what “forged process” is Barack Obama attempting to bring about the death of vintage America?

And, now that he has stung the lives of our founding father’s, diminishing their essence and smearing their identity, “so the whole ear of our nation is rankly abused” with the evil lies of his sinister reparative agenda, he now enthrones himself as a victor over the murdered spirits of our founding fathers, and crowns himself a begotten leader among the kingdom built by 43 others far worthier before him.

Obama now benefits from what far better men have built for him. The forerunners of American history are scarred with sacrifice and bear the wounds of injustice wrought with struggle for a higher dimension of liberty.

Ironically, the words of reprobate liberal, Jeanine Garafolo, have come around to more significance than previously credited. This is indeed about a black man in a White House.

And, yes, it is about racism. Racism in reverse.

This is about a black man hating white, vintage America. Rejected by his black heritage, this is about the generational malignancy of resentment held deep in the heart of a bi-racial alien for the 43 uniracial patriarchs who came before him.

And, it is about Obama's covert stratagem for reparative social justice against the very society that relegated him to 43 places later than what he believes should have been his place in American history. This is about a social indigent whose life might well have been recluded to that of a third world existence had it never been for the generosity of his maternal, white grandparents.

This is about a man who believes he has an entitled birthright to delineate, and force upon others, his subjective boundaries of fairness for the citizens of the greatest nation in human history.

And, as the spirit of our murdered father’s depart, their final words shake their descendants to their core, “Adieu………Adieu……….Adieu……remember me.”

Vintage America must remember itself again. It must realize that the purpose for which it was born lies in the directive of our founding fathers and that this has never changed. For, it is this very thing that makes it right, strong and blessed by God. By this, the citizens of vintage America must stand resolute, unified in remembrance, and agreement, of who they are, and from where they were hewn.

Unwavering and destructive upon this pretender, many voices are rising against the surrender of our worth. In remembering the true identity of vintage America, the refusal to remit monetary worth into the hands of a reprobate government is the foundation of the establishment of our free nation. We should remember this cause.

This most valuable vane of American demography, empatriated by generational inheritance, has forgotten that it is the very essence of America and the essential representation of the human species. Vintage America is the advanced citizenry of humanity.

Like Shakespeare’s tragic protagonist, the spirit and honor of Vintage America is motivated directly by the courage of our expatriated founders. The echo of their sacrifice rings sardonically within our reason, conveyed perfectly upon the visceral understanding that we are here because of their vision and bravery. Vintage Americans understand that they are the direct descendents of those origins.

Long ago, America was an idea. That idea became manifest within the minds and spirits of a select few. Throughout the course of 15 generations, those chosen few became the ascendency of preeminence.

Barack Obama is not a member of this generational jurisdiction. His power is assumed by the "forged processes" of political deception and brazened hatred for those he sees as oppressors of his heritage. His "otherness" stings the lives of our vintage pioneers with injustice and criminal exploitation.

Yes, vintage America is under assault. Are there any Hamlets left to avenge the murder of their founding father leaders?

Or, has the incestuous assailant rooted himself so deep in the belief of his lies, that we, ourselves, are persuaded in kind to forget our dying kings?

To be, or not to be? That is the question for Vintage America.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Mancow Waterboarded: Says Anything To Get Liberals To Stop

by Danny Crosby

It took 6 agonizing seconds, but he finally broke.

That’s right. According to the prevailing degeneracy at MSNBC, waterboarding was discovered to be torture when a radio talk show host associated with its competitor, Fox News, was "captured" and subjected to an experimental session of waterboarding until he confessed that it was indeed torture.

The rendition of Enhanced Insinuation Technique used on this hardened lover of torture, has finally proven that even the most stubborn detainee associated with conservatism by liberals, no matter how remotely, will confess to being tortured if you tell him to say it is torture while waterboarding him.

Isn't waterboarding supposed to be ineffective?

Continuing to define itself as the ugly, weird, mean liberal kid in the class of cable news networks, MSNBC, with the help of its angriest reprobate and perpetual ratings subordinate, Keith Olbermann, has made an unprecedented discovery yielded through the use of waterboarding.

Finally, after an endless journey through the nonissues of how best to save America from destruction, Jeff Zucker, President of NBC Universal, (parent company of MSNBC), is able to end his desperate search for exoneration by pinning the credibility of his theory that waterboarding is torture on the authority of, as close as possible to, a pseudo-masochistic, torture lusting neocon he can find.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the newest, undebatable authority on America's Clandestine Services:


Not facing certain death, (except for a runny nose), not gasping for air, (aside from some off-air flatulence), and not begging for mercy in the delusional minds of liberals everywhere, Mancow broke under pressure and was willing to say anything MSNBC wanted to hear in order to make the torture stop.

It was absolutely time-killing to watch this brazened attack on the nobility of American values. As the interrogator poured a pitcher of warm water onto the face of this innocent man, liberals everywhere felt the pain of America's founding ancestors.

And, after the 6 seconds during which Mancow was courageously unbound on a conference room table, eyes voluntarily covered, with his friends and a pizza delivery guy working part-time to pay for training as an Emergency Medical Technician attending, it finally did stop.

It was truly the most irrelevant 6 seconds in cable news media history. And, the experiment worked. He confessed.

Imagine that.

Immediately after his narrow escape from a hellish, near death experience, Mancow sat up, unassisted, from the plush oaken in-studio table, which served as the makeshift board upon whence he was tortured, and said he had indeed been tortured.

Then, after a few moments of laughter, all was found to be well with the victim. He was found to be out of danger, completely safe from drowning, and ready for a pastrami sandwich.

And, then he was asked a series of two questions by a trained interrogator doubling as an unidentified man with a microphone, “Do you want medical help?”

Risking another round of torturous water in his sinuses by not answering the way liberals wanted, he replied in an almost questioning, fearful manner, "No, I'm fine?"

And, “We’re you, or were you not, just tortured?”

Sycophants at NBC hallucinated Mancow's desperate reaction as: "Yes, it was torture. I confess. It was torture. Please make it stop. Please."

It was quite a coup. The high value of the information gained from Mancow will help the liberal establishment create policy in the interest of benefitting itself for debates to come. And, Jeff Immelt can close up his incestuous G.E. hack shop and resign comfortably knowing that the greatest question facing mankind has been answered and the evidence to prove it is finally undeniable.

But, then again, Mancow may have confessed that waterboarding is torture because he was waterboarded until he said anything to make it stop, without actually knowing that waterboarding was indeed torture.

But wait. On the other hand, Mancow may have confessed that waterboarding is torture because he actually has knowledge about what its like to be a waterboarded terrorist.

Perhaps they should have waterboarded him one more time to be sure.

Or maybe Jeff Zucker and Jeff Immelt are just a couple of idiots with no experience in modern crisis intelligence gathering methods.

Proclaiming himself an expert on how not to respond to terrorism, Obama, along with his liberal minions in the media, remain completely void of any capacity to prevent it. Throwing adjectives at Islamofascist murderers until they run out of bullets and suicide bombers is an unacceptable strategy in protecting America.

Waterboarding some disc jockey without the weight of an impending mass murder on his mind and then saying it was torture because he says so only proves one thing:

With a freakshow like MSNBC still on the air, it is obvious that the wrong people are dying for America.

And, we might be waterboarding the wrong one's too.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Cheney Decimates Obama's Delusional Blame Game

by Dan Crosby

Obscuring his absence of answers to America’s vital national security questions, Barack Obama plebed through another pessimistic dissemination of partisan liberal moralizing and desolate political condemnation in what amounted to little more than a hatefilled lament of Bush era phantasms.

Unfortunately, for those hoping that Obama would suddenly become a seasoned veteran of leadership in matters of national security, the teleprompted speech presented him as a naive, corrosive antecedent to even more unresolved complexity and dissolution.

Poised in the National Archives, under the watchful portrait of America's founding fathers, Obama exhibited the distinct characteristics of an inexperienced amateur while conducting little more than another episode of his redundant, serial blaming of the ghosts of policies past. Throughout the duration of the speech, Obama struggled to make himself appear more of an authority on protecting America from terrorists than he actually is.

Contrasted against the poignant, dagger-laden rebuttal of former Vice President, Dick Cheney, one is forced into compassion for the rookie, Obama. He just doesn’t have a chance in a debate on this matter, yet. But, who can hold fault in Obama? Cheney has resounding home field advantage here.

With all of his wordsmithing mastery, Obama withers, out-gunned and out-manned, against the overbearing substance of reality conveyed by those who have already walked the hard line of implementing successful national security policy before him. It does no good to hate history for dictating this order of elected rule.

Not since his announcement to run as our first bi-racial president nearly 2 years ago has Barack Obama looked so green. And, his color has nothing to do with conveying the clean energy message of his public relations director at G.E. or promoting liberal environmental policy.

Following today’s exchange, one fact emerged. If the Obama administration, and his liberal minions, spent half as much time going after radical Islamic terrorists as they do caterwauling blame at Dick Cheney and George W. Bush for the sins of man, they might actually garner the skill and ability demonstrated by the former administration to make America more secure. And, more importantly, Obama might actually gain consensus from the advanced citizenry of vintage America.

Astonishingly, however, even in the shadow of an 8-year absence of terrorist attacks in America, he remains obstinate in his criticism of the previous administration’s anti-terrorism interrogation methods without providing the valuable content of the information resulting from them or a new approach at crisis intelligence gathering. While Obama is preoccupied with his factless opinions that our methods of self preservation create enemies, he is dangerously ignorant to the fact that they, more importantly, have killed, detained and extracted valuable information from even more of them.

Under the same circumstance faced by the Bush Administration in September of 2001, Obama has yet to offer any distinguishable, coherent alternative describing what he would have done, or, more frighteningly, what he will do in the event of another attack. Yet, to his credit, based on this week’s earlier oscillations about prison abuse photos, he may be slowly embracing the reality that vintage America utterly rejects the ACLU’s semblance of authority on militarized national security issues. indication of sanity.

Obama, and the liberal establishment, are possessed by a delusion that our first obligation is to protect the hallucinated rights of foreign hordes to not be offended by us. For a man with such renowned intelligence and education as Obama has been promoted, he presents himself as very inept at understanding this.

An apparent master of sowing solutions by imposing complicit omission, Obama is very willing at excoriating vintage America about what is not permitted in its struggle against the murderous masses. However, he has no rendition for what actions are permitted in protecting ourselves. Obama’s lack of commitment to merely caterwaul about and apologize for what he thinks are the mistakes of others, without having a proactive and aggressive alternative stratagem, abandons middle America in their need to trust his leadership.

Liberal letches, lost in their extremely narrow view of vintage America’s contention against closing Gitmo, love to ignorantly presume the concern with an in-country alternative to the Guantanamo facility is all about the conservative fear of escaped terrorists. The lack of intelligence in this is shameful and aligns respectively with the idea that muslims have the right to cut off the heads of innocent Americans as an expression of their religious freedom.

Americans reject the closing of Gitmo not because they fear a potential physical threat of terrorists running through their yard. They reject it because they refuse to allow the opportunity for the evil of this twisted culture to spread throughout the minds of indigenous criminals currently held in America’s prison systems.

Only vintage Americans have the pragmatic capacity to understand this.

The promotion of religionist murder, framed within the psychosis of radical Islam, is a disease most easily spread through the demographics and purposelessness suffered by criminal and indigent cultures. After all, the terrorists in Guantanamo Bay were not born terrorists. They had to learn that the murder and hate of others unlike them was justifiable from someone more evil than them. They had to be convinced by someone that suicidal martyrdom was a duty of their existence and generational obligation.

Vintage America is abandoning the debate about American values because they are beginning to realize they are the home team in that contest. And, more distinctly, they are beginning to realize that Obama is actually losing credibility by chosing to blame rather than provide substantive actions to their resounding, desperate national security requirements.

Obama's suggestion that opening America's borders to deranged Islamofascists and storing them among conventional criminals, in view of our citizens, is not instilling confidence. The whole point of Gitmo is that it is a distant refuse depot for human garbage. It was constructed with this very purpose in mind.

Obama must be forced to understand that America's essential citizens have a simple answer to the questions of torture.

“Of course waterboarding is torture. That’s why it worked. It made bad people confess their evil intentions to kill us.”

And, they are thankful someone had the fortitude to make a decision during a crisis and risk being wrong, doing the unpleasant, unpopular, necessary thing when it mattered, rather than surrendering to the possibility of unpopularity while watching the destruction of our wonderful nation.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gitmo Too Big To Fail

by Pen Johannson

In a setback of the Obama Administration’s campaign promise to close the detention facility in Guantanamo Bay, the Senate majority Democrats wrecked a funding request from the White House by a lopsided, partisan-like, 90 to six “no” vote.

As the realities of pre-election candidacy morph into the actual responsibility of protecting a nation, congress correctly yielded to the onslaught of unfavorable American sentiment. Closing Gitmo without a sound terrorist relocation and detention plan is simply unnacceptable to vintage America and the right thinking members of our government acted appropriately by telling Obama no.

And, while our newly ensconced members of government lust for “change we can believe in”, America is questioning the haste and irresponsibility shown by Obama in his promise of revenge for the Bush years. Obama is now finding his function requires more than just speeches and teleprompted aversion planted by his ever-angry alter ego, Rahm “Mother F****r” Emmanuel.

Elections have consequences. They certainly do.

And, Mr. Obama is realizing that his campaign commitments have the biggest consequences of all. They actually require real and actual risk management decisions which respect the life or death vulnerability of innocent millions not just divisive rhetoric. And, painfully for all on the left, he is realizing that true leaders are often required to work in concert, not oppositionally, with the national security policies implemented by their predecessors, especially when they were as successful as President Bush’s.

Vintage America will not stand for anything less than full consideration for their safety, first. No American worth anything wants psychotic religionist murderers held anywhere near their families or communities. The very presence of Islamic terrorists is a threat to those near them. Not necessarily because of direct threat from the detainees themselves, but because of the attention paid to such a location by our sworn enemies.

America's government has the primary responsibility of effectively protecting Americans, not providing suitable storage for human garbage. Too many of their countrymen and women were murdered or died fighting this very cause. And, closing Gitmo without providing a truly effective plan for an acceptable alternative is an insult to victim's families and our military.

And, this is a teeth-gnasher for the liberal horde. Their hatred and envy for Bush consumes their mind so much that their aversion to terrorism actually pales to their lust to put the former president on trial for “war crimes” which, coincidentally, kept them safe with policies they didn’t think of first.

Mr. Obama is suffering the blunt force trauma that comes when the political honeymoon of electoral victory is over and the unsavory reality of being a leader of a nation in a time of global terrorism takes hold. And, what is the result of this?

He will abandon many of his liberal political supporters in order to save their life. And, he should get a medal for doing so.

Welcome to being George W. Bush, Mr. President. Leading is different than pining for votes, isn’t it?

And, Obama’s traveling capitulatory theater is in its encore performance. Ironically, his new Act will demonstrate the humiliating necessity of reversing his previous decisions, now supporting the very policies he ran against and for which he recently apologized, abroad. He comes to this under the unmerciful pressure that comes with being the leader of a nation of freedom in a world of oppression wrought with murderous, religionist hate.

Lets be patient. Our newly installed, fairer-minded, darker-skinned helmster seems to be struggling with the reality that apologizing for what he thinks are the mistakes of others is indeed far less remedial compared to the task of having to apology for his own mistakes now. But, confidence remains, in spite of the jagged pill that comes with admitting the policies put in place by those you hate were actually necessary, no matter how much you despise them, politically, or personally.

So, Gitmo remains open for now.

Not surprisingly, every member of our government who has actually went down to Guantanamo Bay to tour the prison has returned to Washington with a new found respect and admiration for the effectiveness of this facility.

And, ignorantly opinionated liberals hate the fact that their own representatives tell them that Gitmo is a perfect location for captured terrorists. It is a modernly furnished facility with infrastructure and amenities for both detainees and detainers. Its geographic location provides one of the most escape proof regions of any prison in the world, and, most importantly……… is not on U.S. soil near our communities and our children.

No other place is feasible, reasonable or acceptable to the American people. Obama needs to pay attention.

So, once he is forced to accept that closing the premier maximum security terrorist detention facility is not reasonable, the logical conclusion that Obama must embrace is that his only compromise may be to simply change its name. Perhaps, "Club Obama" would reside better with his supporters and our critics abroad. As a wordsmithing, smooth talking genius, Obama would certainly be happy to consider this, right?

But, that is as near to closing Gitmo as he will be allowed to come.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pelosi Now Torturing Democrats

by Pen Johannson

Nancy Pelosi apparently approved of torture so much, she decided to use it on herself. Her surreal performance, accusing the CIA of lying, now has America speculating about her state of mind and the future of her political career.

The situation has become so dire for the Democrats, the Obama Administration has issued the political equivilent of a gag order through a letter from current Obama appointed CIA Director, Leon Panetta. The letter, defending the official policy governing the CIA's relationship with congress diametrically opposes Pelosi's contention that she was lied to by the agency.

So, what's next? Pelosi may soon accuse the IRS of tax fraud or, worse for Democrats, reveal Secret Service records that George W. Bush is actually the martyred genius the liberal establishment secretly fears he is.

The more Pelosi speaks, the more right Bush becomes. And this simply cannot stand because the argument against waterboarding was supposed to hurt republicans. Right? So, why is the Obama-led CIA now targeting Democrats?

Obviously, Pelosi, and Democrats alike, are learning some very hard lessons about priorities in leadership. And, they appear very confused by it.

First of all, obtaining and maintaining self serving political power is not more important than America's security. Pelosi's absurd sense of purpose that her primary job is to win elections rather than protect Americans only reveals everything vintage Americans despise about liberals.

Democrats hate the fact that Bush not only understood this, he was successful in protecting America from terrorism for the entire remainder of his terms in office after 9-11. Most liberals hate the fact that another terror attack did not occur for the rest of Bush's time in office. This reveals the depth of their psychotic lust for vengeance against the ghosts of politics past while disregarding domestic suffering and the threats of terrorist enemies to American lives.

Supporting this argument, with brazened audacity, Pelosi stated her primary purpose, ahead of national security and the safety of Americans, was to seek political leverage over her opponents in congress and get a Democrat president elected…….not protect Americans.

Secondly, you don't accuse the keepers of "truth" of lying. Politicians can NEVER win this fight. That's like Charles Manson accusing the judge of shoplifting during his own trial. If you are a politician and the CIA leaks a report that you are an alien from another planet, you need to learn martian culture...pronto. For someone previously serving as a ranking member on a Congressional Intelligence oversight committee, Pelosi's ignorance about this is utterly breathtaking.

However, trumping it all, the primary mistake Pelosi made is thinking her narrow sense of political righteousness gave her universal jurisdiction over "truth". Her mind is so consumed by a fetish for vengeance against the previous administration, it has short circuited her capacity to understand common preeminence and the preservation of humanity. This is nothing more than a reverberating indictment that Pelosi, and many liberals in Washington like her, have been overcome by a visceral, primal political corruption.

The liberal establishment would have right thinking Americans believe that there is no possible circumstance for which any form of aggressive interrogation of suspected terrorists would be justified. Not even the eminent destruction of America. This fits well with the progressive culture of death.

In fact, the only result of this comedy of errors is that she is the one exposed as a liar. And, Pelosi herself, to the demise of her party's anti-Bush fantasies, is only helping prove that the previous administration implemented a successful national security policy through methods she supported then, but now wants to pretend to oppose to serve her politics.

But more critically, with her political career in certain peril, Pelosi's fumbling effort to salvage facts from her serial delusion are beginning to expose Democrats for what everyone has always known about them; Their calloused and careless lust for political vengeance against those who consistently defeat them on national security issues they are completely ignorant about.

This is a teeth-gnashing reality to the weaker half our two party system because even they know that all of their pet issues and social extravagances are unimportant without national security. For, what value is a strong economy, engineered demography, and social entitlements, when the cities in which these were meant to thrive are in ashes or destroyed?

This is why the right side of our political system remains the dominant of the pair, even in its minority status. As the right-of-center leadership are enjoying a much needed vacation from its effective duties of defending our nation from mass destruction, they remain ever-ready to take over again when the liberal establishment inevitably fails to put the protection of American citizens as the priority.

Democrats, and the liberal left, can never be leaders of humanity because they are unable to do what is necessary to act effectively in a national security crisis. They are far too focused on political opponents, past and present, who threaten their efforts to satiate an addiction to power. This addiction overrides their principled obligation to enforce national security and prevent the destruction of America.

Among the thematic exposition from Pro-Pelosi Bush-haters, Obama’s decision to rebut the ACLU’s request for gratuitous anti-American propaganda seems admirable on its face. But, it dove tails incredulously with Pelosi’s saga.


Real Americans, military families, and vintage America fully expect the photos, and a certain classified CIA briefing transcript with Pelosi's name in it, to be conveniently “leaked” within the next month. They have been preparing for it since Obama stood on the White House lawn last week and publicly dissed the ACLU.

Slithering among the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune, Obama has positioned himself to declare full immunity when the photos miraculously appear in the New York Times in the coming weeks, and Pelosi has become his pet goat to slaughter for undermining his efforts to punish the ghosts of policies past. It all fits well with the anti-American theme flowing from the White House because who better to deny responsibility for the destruction of America than those who enable it indirectly?

Burying themselves alive just to prove they can use a shovel, Democrats are proving their montra-du-jour in true form. Torture is indeed painful. Especially when you inflict it upon yourself. And, as they lay themselves prone beneath the flow of interrogation, they are proving that waterboarding, and other forms of public torture, are absolutely effective in drawing truth from those subjected to it.

For vintage Americans, it only proves that interrogation techniques which cause pain are necessary, in some cases, to purge the lies and to yield the truth.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Torture Saved America

by Danny Crosby

Despite Obama’s attempt to diminish the power of vintage America, stealing its worth under a sinister plan for Reparative Social Justice for what he feels are crimes against his heritage and demography, America remains indwelt by the populous of advanced human citizenry still drawing the desperate world to its salvation.

The question unanswered by the influent masses is, "Who is America?"


And, as Obama continues to seek to remake America in his image, there are some hard realities that he is intentionally ignoring about the historical policies that have made America strong, safe and the greatest nation in human history. Fundamental policies that, if he does not acknowledge, will bring about his own abysmal failure.

For all of Obama’s declarations of what he thinks America is, and what it is not, the fact remains that America does, and always has been willing to do what is necessary to maintain the American ideal for which all of humanity aspires. Our Creator blessed us with this wisdom. And, the liberal establishment needs to be taught a hard lesson that it is America’s willingness to put this upon its enemies that has saved it from destruction and afforded them with the very freedom to be hypocrites and degenerates.

Hating those who have given you the right to be hateful is no longer acceptable.

Liberal’s attempt to politicize the issue of torture is ridiculous. No civilization in then entire expanse of human history has evolved without causing pain and loss of others. It is a sad consequence of human advancement and prosperity that strongest, smartest and the fittest will proceed. But, America is the ONLY place where the losers are allowed to survive. Other nations put the losers to death.

And, America need not apologize for using torture to save Americans and our way of life. Our priority is for our own when the murderous hordes mount attacks against us. We do not apologize because it was the very people who created America who were subject to the most horrific torture of all.

While Obama grows his government in the American underworld, the best and brightest of our nation are fleeing in droves. And, they are taking the value of America with them.

Obama’s disincentivization of American citizenship will only drag the lesser of our indigenous population into perpetual demotion while the best leave for the environments and conditions which actually allow prosperity, creative entrepreneuring and freedom.

The only way Barack Obama will succeed is if he can somehow gain the support and empathy of the sacrosanct empire of vintage America.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Pelosi's Clintonian Moment

by Dan Crosby

On April 23, 2009, Speaker Of The House, Nancy Pelosi (D) stood before America and said that she had never been informed about the use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques following the 9-11 attacks while she served as the Senior Democrat Chair on the House Intelligence Committee.

"In that or any other briefing…we were not, and I repeat, were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation techniques were used," Pelosi stated, while emphasizing her deniability with a clintonesque finger wag.

Now, however, Intelligence Committee meeting records show that Nancy Pelosi was present and was fully briefed on the methods of interrogation used by the CIA in 2002. At that time, Pelosi held the democrat's chair position on the committee and had classified access to CIA information about how and when interrogation techniques were being used on suspected terrorists caught by the American military. The information she received was more than adequate to afford her every opportunity to express opposition or concern about the application and severity of the methods.

There are two possible explanations for why Pelosi decided to lie about having knowledge of the use of EIT's after 9-11. The first is that she did not believe the EIT's were wrong within the post-911 political climate. The second is that she is incompetent and does not have the mental capacity to understand the information she was given by the CIA.

Either way, Pelosi has a credibility problem.

Now, as the political climate has changed and America's security has been improved by the previous Administration, Pelosi is groping through a political delusion of remissive errors.

Now that she has the convenient political advocacy by which to manufacture false perceptions of the wrongness of America's action during the crisis 7 years ago, her patheticism is mixed with a visceral fetish for hating the ghosts of policies past, which she supported, and her blind adherence to the caterwaul of a loathsome liberal establishment.

And, in her lack of accountabililty, Pelosi has managed to blather herself into a political box while exposing herself as one of the most incompetent, and perhaps, most dishonest, members of an Intelligence oversight committee in American history.

Pelosi’s behavior reinforces contention by Conservatives that Liberals believe it is more equitable to lie about their previous behavior when current political circumstance favors behavior opposing their previous position. Rather than take personal responsibility for their humanity and the possibility that extraordinary circumstances sometimes apply in their decisions, they will compound their abjection by attempting to mislead everyone about their initial actions.

No other strain of our society is more reprobate than liberal Democrats when threatened by the loss of their precious political favor. Despite the fact that liberals are alive to choose to be hypocrites, as a direct result of the improved security provided to them by those they hate, their self serving political instinct is so strong that they are willing to dismiss moral absolutes that even the most virtuously indigent people of our society would be reluctant to abandon. These are people who have no other god than the one which allows them to justify their mistakes with an intention of escaping their due penalty.

In the years following Clinton's indescretion with an intern, his critics were excoriated by apologists under the guise that his perverted behavior amounted to little more than an inappropriate sexual relationship. They soiled themselves to find a pardon for him in the public's regard. But, what the Clinton pile simply did not have the substance of character to permit was that the protest, and his subsequent impeachment, was not about penalizing him for his adultery.
The derision against Clinton, and now, Pelosi, is because they lied about their behavior after they were caught.

America can absorb an abundance of character flaws in our leaders. It can forgive acts of indescretion and mistakes made in the most human of situations. But, America has a difficult time forgiving the act of intentionally lying for selfish reasons. Especially when the liar was afforded the opportunity to bear honesty and humility, and still chooses to serve their selfish interests.

Demonstrating the familiar dishonesty America has come to expect from liberals, Pelosi has also managed to hedge herself between her politically convenient desire to be ignorant about the use of torture immediately following the 911 terror attacks, now fully contradicted by CIA records of the actual Intelligence Committee briefings Pelosi received, and having to admit her apparent incapacity to function within even the most basic requirements of her position as a member of such a committee.

Either way, Pelosi has proven that she is neither competent enough nor honest enough to serve in any ranking position assigned to oversee or receive information from any branch of America’s intelligence apparatus.

Reminiscent of Clintonian pathology, Nancy Pelosi demonstrated her liberal lust for political expedience, as well as her aforementioned lack of brilliance, by claiming she did not have an inappropriate relationship with the "evil Bush horde" when she, in fact, did approve of the interrogation methods used. Methods which contributed to the successful prevention of another terror attack over the last 8 years.

Postured at her podium, she even used the index finger like Clinton to assert her deniability. It was classic.

Everyone understands that Pelosi was as complicit with the necessary intelligence gathering methods after 911 as any other member of our government. This complicity is not extraordinary given the circumstances and most Americans believe it was far better to error on the side of "too much" rather than "not enough" after watching 3000 innocent people slaughtered in our streets.
Yet, like Clinton, Pelosi prostrated herself before the false, irrational fear of being caught in what her liberal gods had convinced her is the unforgivable sin. In her case, the sin of approving of torture. And, in doing so, she committed another sin more grievous. Like Clinton, she lied about her role in it.

The unnecessary tragedy in Pelosi’s dishonesty is that if America so easily understands that committing adultery with an intern is the most human of errors worthy of forgiveness of a president, why in God’s name wouldn’t a subordinate like Pelosi be able to conceive that that same America would be understanding of her willingness to approve, by bipartisan consensus, of necessary intelligence gathering techniques in a time of war against global, genocidal terrorism, in order to prevent our destruction.

For most, this indicates a frightening incapacity, on Pelosi's part, to make hard decisions, and take responsibility for them, in difficult times. It demonstrates the lack of fortitude to do the unsavory work that comes with the responsibility of protecting one’s nation from a despicable enemy.

But, instead, Nancy Pelosi chose to be led by stupidity. She could have explained that while serving as a senior member of the Intelligence committee inheriting the 9-11 crisis, she was, in fact, fully aware of the use of waterboarding as one of many Enhanced Interrogation Techniques available to our intelligence gathering efforts. She could have easily coupled this with the fact that the content of the briefings she received were in accordance with the extraordinary circumstances demanding upon her, and every member of our government, a desperate need to respond to a crisis that could have never been adequately planned for. And, every American would have sympathized with her and that would have been the end of the story. But, instead she chose to be a coward.

Pelosi would rather sacrifice her credibility and her character at the alter of desolate liberal politics. And, as she is handed over to her reprobate mind, released by the order of decency to work that which is unseemly, she squirms within the epitome of foolishness. And, as such, falling victim to her reckless hatred for some political opponent long forgotten, Nancy Pelosi now finds herself caught between the options of political rejection and having to admit to her disturbing incompetence.

If Nancy Pelosi would have simply admitted that she was human like the rest of us; If she would have taken a moment to close her mouth, turn off MSNBC, take leave from her indigenous San Francisco mentality…..there would have been no cause for this current aversive recourse.

Perhaps Ms. Pelosi can ponder that as she explains why she approved of torture to protect America when it was popular but now lies about approving it because its effectiveness is not as necessary at the current lull.

Nancy Pelosi needs a firm lesson in vintage American values. When you are given the opportunity upon the honorable forums of American mercy to admit the bearing of false witness before your neighbor; Mercy which, by the way, has been paid for in blood and death of those more worthy than you, and you look them in the eye and lie again, you get what you deserve.

In light of Pelosi's wretched pandering, it appears George Bush's defense of America was far more effective than his political opponents might like to admit. While peddlers, like Pelosi, seek selfish popularity, it remains a teeth-gnashing reality for Bush-hating liberals that America is actually served better by a "Decider" who was wrong on occasion than a limp noodle unwilling to decide anything at all when there is a possibility that they will be forced to take personal responsibility if it fails.

Based on common principle, George W. Bush was willing to risk being wrong in his successful efforts to protect America. And, in being so wrong, as liberals claim he was, no terrorist attack occurred in America for the remaining 7 years of his presidency.

Liberals choose to ignore this fact. But, most importantly, history and vintage America will not.