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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth Issued by Hawaiian Health Agency, Not Hospital

Despite propaganda generated to convince American voters that Obama is a natural-born citizen, the recently released document lauded by handlers and information manipulators remains unvettable due to its municipal origins, vanquished by the absence of an original 1961, Hospital generated “Certificate of Live Birth” which all Natural born presidential candidates would possess…all except one.

by Dan Crosby
of The Daily Pen

It is hard to imagine the American media could be this stupid.

Four years have passed since Barack Obama announced his candidacy for the Presidency and during that time he has never provided an original, 1961, hospital generated, standard version of a NVSD “Certificate of Live Birth” containing the signature of the Deputy Registrar of the State of Hawaii (not a local Registrar), and the name of an attending birthing physician with accompanying information about medical metrics of the birth.

However, Obama sure seems to rely on that little municipal agency way out there in the Pacific Ocean to provide whatever document, containing whatever label they decide to put on it that day, to perpetuate his epic deception.

Despite questions about its authenticity, the recent document issued by the Obama regime is a well dressed copy of a form of birth documentation created, once again, by the Hawaiian Department of Health, not a hospital, which is the same record commonly triggered by Hawaiian vital records laws upon the registration of births in that state, regardless of the location of the birth.

Officially, births can be registered in the state of Hawaii regardless if they actually occurred there when a doctor is able verify and sign an administratively originated "Certificate of Live Birth" from the Department of Health. The doctor does not have to be the actual birthing doctor.

Official 1961 Certificate of Live Birth template created by the National Vital Statistics Division of the U.S. Department of Health. This form is declared by the Vital Statistics Report to be the "Standard Certificate" to be used by Hospitals in the United States. Notice the lower section pop-out which explicitly says "This section must be filled out". This section is used by hospitals to record the weight of the baby at birth, the duration of the pregnancy and if the birth is legitimate (occurring to married parents). It is also used by the local vital records office to record changes in the childs vital record status such as being adopted or a name change after birth. This section is not present on Obama's alleged long form Certificate of Live Birth because it was not issued by a hospital at the time of his birth. It was issued through an administrative process after a doctor examined him as a baby in the hospital named on the document.

Because of its historic indigenous population, "walk-in" registrations and permeable migratory culture, when a doctor examined the child in the 1960s and affirmed parentage and identity, that doctor became the attending physician of record in Hawaii, regardless if he or she was actually the birthing doctor. According to HRS 338 and 571, the term "attending physician" does not only mean one who attends the birth in Hawaii, it also applies to one with medical qualifications who examines and attests to the health of the child after birth.

According the Hawaii Revised Statute 338, the Department of Health was obligated to provide this very document to any applicant upon receiving evidence from the applicant that proved the birth parents to be residence of the state of Hawaii. HRS 338 also contains legal mandates which force the Director of Health in the state to issue “original birth certificates” to applicants under similar circumstances when the “adult or minor” applicant states that they do not have an original birth record from any other agency…regardless of the location of the birth.

A hospital has no such laws governing the way it issues a Certificate of Live Birth. This form of original birth certificate is issued under one condition. The baby being born in that hospital at the time and place indicated on the document.

The document image released on April 27th omits information from the lower region of the form which is available on a standard version of the 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth” describing amendments to the document, updates and birth metrics such as weight and length. This region is commonly used by the hospital identify any medical information pertaining to the parents as well as complications which may have arisen from the delivery. If the hospital does not use this section of the form for medical information, the state Department of Health will use it to record amendments, such as adoptions, name changes, parental identification and other notations related to the identity or status of the child.

However, the recent push to focus on the canards about Obama’s place of birth as stated in this wanton document image is yet another diversion from his failure to secure evidence proving he is eligible to hold the office of the presidency. While the liberal media desires to focus on Obama’s failures as a president, the American people continue to ask the most important preeminent question of all. Is Obama even eligible to be president in the first place? Perhaps the President would have never been a failure if it had never been Obama to begin with. That’s a lot to consider for the corrupted minds of the liberal establishment.

The most important document in this desolate saga is the 250-year-old blood-ransomed U.S. Constitution and, thus, the foundational doctrine of America’s vintage heritage, not some unverifiable, manufactured document from some stupid municipality way out in the ocean.
Vintage Americans should now understand by now, no matter what document Obama releases about his natal identity claiming to support his legitimacy as President, there are only two possible results which can ever occur. The document will either damage him politically or it will confirm that he is not eligible to be president.

First, Obama’s birthplace is irrelevant. His alleged father, as stated on the recently released “Certificate of Live Birth” registration, was never a U.S. citizen. Obama could have been born on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial and he would still not be eligible to be President.

On the other hand, if it turns out that Obama’s original parentage at conception is different than he has claimed it to be for the last three years, and the original document shows the previously un-amended version of his original “Certificate of Live Birth” confirming this, then he will be politically destroyed by his opponents for lying about his identity, rendering him un-electable.
However, let’s go ahead and discuss the “Certificate of Live Birth” document image posted on April 27th, 2011 to the internet, and confirmed as a long-form birth certificate by Obama himself.

It should be understood by all Americans that, regardless of its authenticity, the form document containing the recently released “Certificate of Live Birth” image, claimed by Obama to prove he was born in a Hawaiian hospital, was not provided by the originating source of his attested birthing witnesses from any hospital. Instead, the information and form of this particular publication were generated by the same agency which previously created the fraudulent, independently published Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” in 2008.

Recall in 2009, the mother of twins, Susan and Grethen Nordyke, requested and received two photostatic black copies of their original, August 5th 1961 “Certificates of Live Birth” which were produced and filed by personnel of Kapi’olani Hospital in Hawaii allegedly one day after Obama was born in that same facility. These copies contained five signatures, including the identities of four witnesses to the birth.

The Nordykes' births were then registered by the Department of Health in Honolulu and assigned numbers based on the geographic location of the regional branch of the Health department office the births were registered in. Birth registrations numbers are not issued based on chronological order. They are issued based on the order they are received from the local offices around the state of birth.

Yet, the fact that Obama would audaciously present yet another document created by the very same abetting agency which has notoriously concealed, corrupted and maligned every previous piece of information about Obama’s natal biography is, in a word…punishable.

Despite evidence strongly suggesting that the information provided in the recent image of a “Certificate of Live Birth” has been manipulated and, perhaps, forged, it is the fact that it even comes from the Hawaiian Department of Health is, in itself, the only reason needed to completely reject it as a counterfeit in its capacity to confirm Obama’s eligibility to be president.
Simply on its face, even if the document were assumed to be an authentic representation of Obama’s original, 1961 “Certificate of Live Birth”, the information contained within it was transcribed to the document image by the Department of Health, not the hospital named within it.

Unfortunately for Obama, the administrative procedures and Hawaiian vital records laws allows that state’s Health agency to create original birth certificates for births which do not occur in that state when the newborn child is examined post-delivery by a licensed Hawaiian physician and determined to be a child of parents who claimed Hawaii as their legal residence within a year of the birth, regardless of the location of the birth. The laws also allow the Hawaiian Health Department to name the hospital or facility where the examination takes place as the actual birthing location.

The Death of Bin Laden Does Not Transcend Obama’s Illegitimacy

The overdue end of the most notorious terrorist in human history was always a priority in defending the security of America since 2001, but as long as Obama remains in the White House, the liberal establishment will exploit every circumstance to defend their pernicious political moorings and Obama's fraudulent usurpation of power.

by Dan Crosby
of The Daily Pen

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

So the question is now, what, over the past 10 years since America became the first nation in human history to proactively engage a global war on terrorism, has this now deceased, cave-dwelling goatmate ever really accomplished? Notoriousness. Murder. The death of a man bearing such diminished value to humanity is of no significance to the righteousness which ended his foul existence. Of course, he is dead. What did you expect?

On the other hand, however, Barack Obama is alive, right now! His lie continues. In the last three years, this man has wreaked havoc throughout the political, social and economic spectrum of American culture as no one ever has before.

Obama would tell any lie to keep his power while concealing the facts about his covert biography from the American people. There is no behavior too excessive for this administration, which is driven by liberal psychosis to realize a globalist delusion while hiding their hypogaeum of deception and hatred for vintage American heritage. Even the death of a terrorist, like Osama Bin Laden, is well within the parameters of exploitable circumstances.

Though it bears unspeakable admiration for the American military and for the previous administration for establishing operations in the region 10 years ago, the timing of Bin Laden’s demise in a Pakistani compound is highly retrospective when weighed against recent events surrounding Obama’s ineligibility to be President.

The long overdue end of the most notorious terrorist in human history is now being exploited by the Obama administration as a political ploy to distract the American people from Obama’s increasingly apparent illegitimacy as president while he, himself, even attempts to take credit for the decade of hard work and sacrifice which had been undertaken by heroes on the ground in the Middle east long before he ever became a candidate for federal office.

Let’s make sure we give credit where credit is due. This is a victory for those who lost loved ones because of this murdering, hate-filled animal on 9-11, primarily, and for those who have sacrificed their blood and lives in this decade-long war on terror, and for the valiant missionists who have continued to engage against evil where evil lives with unwavering bravery and beautifully orchestrated, righteous violence.

Now, let’s get back to the most important business at hand, without which security for the American people could not exist; The Constitutional sovereignty of the American people and the current domestic threat against it residing in the White House.

Prior to the carefully calculated diversion of the killing of Osama Bin Laden by military forces built on the actionable intelligence and strategy originally deployed to the middle east during the Bush administration, the liberal media, along with Obama himself, lauded the release of a copied “Certificate of Live Birth” which was allegedly issued in scanned form by the Hawaiian Health Department on April 27th, 2011 and has since been found to have highly suspicious digital alterations and inconsistencies within it.

Though merely a document image, it was endowed by the White House staff, without verified sources, who said it proved Obama was born in Hawaii, intentionally ignoring the fact that the document image was in a long-form format deployed by the very same municipal agency which previously issued another format of other so-called “official” birth certificate images in Hawaii known as a short-form “Certification of Live Birth”.

Recall, the liberal media has, while casting accusations of racism upon anyone who questions it, dishonestly declared the "Certification of Live Birth" the only valid form of birth documentation issued by the State of Hawaii. That document, first released in October, 2008, was also in a digital image form which was shown to be altered and then, later, photographed in its paper form revealing it contained no original signatures or stamps to validate it.

Moreover, the document explicitly proves that Obama is not eligible to be president because it verifies, unequivocally, that Barack Obama’s father, Obama Sr. was named as his biological father and that the Kenyan-born British national was never a citizen of the United States.

Astonishingly, the claims about Obama’s plural parentage have never been denied by Obama or his defenders. As a matter of fact, advocates for Obama have brazenly declared with politically-correct, ideologically-driven pride that Obama’s paternal parentage is an indicator of their president’s “diverse heritage worthy of America’s multicultural history”. This ultra-left view completely denies the authority that the Constitution explicitly forbids foreign-born, multi-national and political plurality among the biographical metrics of Presidential candidates.

The eligibility clause was mandated by our founders, not because of racism, but in order that America’s sovereignty would be preserved by our President’s exclusive allegiance in every way, including politically, militarily, economically, socially and doctrinally, to the United States alone. We should be mindful that our founders were of a generation of revolutionaries who had seen generations of monarchal corruption brought by intermarriage, cross-breeding with enemies, treasonous alliances and indecent liaisons among their government. Their desire for natural-born eligibility was one solution to this generational problem of undermined sovereignty.

Astonishingly, as precedence for this judgment against Obama, the U.S. Senate formed a committee, on which Obama himself was a member, which investigated the “natural-born” status of 2008 republican presidential nominee, John McCain.

The committee declared and unanimously agreed in a formal and binding Senate Resolution (S.R. 511) that McCain was an eligible presidential candidate under Art. II of the U.S. Constitution because it found that McCain’s birthplace in the Panama Canal Zone was the result of his father being stationed as a U.S. Naval officer there in 1936 and, most importantly, it explicitly declared that McCain was eligible because he had been born to two U.S. citizen parents the resolution declared.

The senate refused to form such a committee on behalf of Obama’s eligibility because congressional leaders already know, though they will not publicly or legislatively acknowledge it, that Obama was an ineligible candidate and, now, is an illegitimate president based on the well established facts of his parentage.

Whereas, if a U.S. Senatorial committee, of which Obama was an approving member, had explicitly declared by resolution that John McCain’s eligibility was affirmatively proven by the very fact that both of his parents were indeed U.S. citizens, congress, in all of its rank cowardice cannot now reverse the ruling and declare that Obama is eligible by the same standard knowing that his alleged father, as so named in his “official” natal documentation, was not a U.S. citizen.

As justice calls upon the world, may Bin Laden’s hell be as a lost, teeth-gnashing soul among the vastness of the blessed Christian kingdom which stretches for eternity all around him, from which there is no escape, while his victims stand in the fullness of restored glorious judgment wherever he attempts to flee from God. May Bin Laden remain in his ever-dying form, suffering the same death of each human being he murdered, forever, in a universe created by the very same God in whose name he claimed justification for slaughtering innocents but Who now holds him in contempt with irreparable, burning disdain.

And, may Obama take note of the epic lie which brought Osama's end.