From Conception...To Election

"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Democrat Party: Where Useless Politicians Go To Die

by Pen Johannson

The Democrats take great pride in their self-righteous “green” ideology.

Now, they are recycling politicians.

40 years ago, Arlen Specter changed parties in order to win an election. 40 years later, he has "jumped the shark" again hoping not to lose one. And, lost somewhere along his road to vanity is his once noble honor for the authentic purpose of civil leadership and patriotism. At the end of one's political life, what better hole for him to fall into than the current party of perpetual demotion?

Specter’s past due exit from the Republican Party is yet another indication of an improving Conservative identity being achieved through a culling of its marginal, ambiguous content. In this case, getting rid of unwanted baggage has as much benefit as maintaining the power to carry it. And, until now, the unspoken reality is that Specter, former Democrat, former Republican, now a Democrat again, has been a drag on the renewed effort to establish a new conservative identity in the Republican party, and that his banishment is a welcome, long awaited, decision by vintage Americans.

Specter was kicked out of the Republican Party by the inevitable loss of his seat to a better opponent. He did not leave for some grander pursuit of social justice. He was not consumed by an elevated sense of ideological righteousness, (no matter what MSNBC spins at you). Nor, was he heeding some higher calling to a more garrulous role as a purposed helmster.

Simply confronted by an incapacity to meet a rising standard of prominence, Specter is looking for suitable entombment. He bailed out of his party because his party rightly rejected the premise of the bail-out. And, he simply cannot conceive the reasons for animus justifiably expressed by vintage America for rewarding failure. So, he went to the place where they do.

Specter, like other uber-senior members of American government, has worn out his welcome, if not his once noble image. At 79, he was simply removed by the exaction of natural order found in an American society that stands by its penalty levied upon those who find no other purpose but that which comes by the last contingency offered in career politics. And, he was retained in disingenuousness by Democrats because they are the only ones equipped to assume custody of such obsolete professional debris.

As a result, the emerging revelation out of our nation’s capital is that this current flash of Democrat rule is a fragile state, nothing more than an interim assignment given to them, for lack of a better qualified candidate, until authentic leadership has time to rejuvenate, redefine and implement the final stratagem, which is rooted in America's founding principles.

Lifelong, career politicians like Specter are the downfall of American government. Their grainy, calloused, unattractive manner, and blind loyalty to desolate politics for the sake of their own career, maroons real Americans and leaves the best and brightest to the much needed grass roots development like those seen in the recent “Tea Party” demonstrations.

When burnouts, like Specter, come to the point in their career where they realize they can no longer compete for a position against better talent, they have one of two choices. They can retain nobility with a highly respected end to their career through retirement, or they can prolong their personal futility as a member of a less prestigious organization. In this case, Specter has successfully pandered for the embrace of indigents ever-willing to exploit the political opportunity of his uselessness. Because, that's what liberals do.

As Specter enters the twilight of an otherwise respectable career, it is sad that he has chosen to liquidate his political assets by slumming with the democrats. Devaluing his charm, he is accomplishing little more than titillating a liberal fetish to see the failure of American conservatism.

The liberal establishment has ignorantly, though not surprisingly, failed to see the truth that Specter’s desperation to save his degenerate political skin is the actual reason for his pachydermal booty call. His defection was never motivated by an appreciation for liberalism. And, in poetically justified fashion, there is no better destination into which one of this kind should be deposited.

Specter's future in politics is in peril either way. Pennsylvania Primary Poll numbers reveal that he is trailing his GOP opponent by more than 20 points. And, now, by betraying his constituent GOP fund raisers, he paints himself into a very unforgiving corner among genuine Pennsylvanians unwilling to confirm such dissonant behavior.......regardless of their party affiliation. Now he finds himself on the under card as a Democrat in the same the most covertly conservative state in America.

Figuratively, as the new Republican Party becomes what God wants it be, it is also important to remember the banishment of Lucifer from Heaven had as much to do with his character as it did with his voting record. And, as the welcome wagon arrives on queue, dispatched directly from the Oval Office, the minions all gather to applaud Specter’s arrival in the regions below. He presents himself, a disappointment to government integrity, as the poster child of political exploitation.

After all is said and done, the new Republican Party is overjoyed to be rid of him. And, moreso, they are ecstatic to also pawn him off to political rivals bathing in a delusion of uncorroborated indemnity. For, Arlen Specter embodies the necessary lack of character which core conservatives hope will consume the modern progressive movement. And, its even more encouraging when, in order to achieve this, they merely need only throw their garbage out the back door.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama To Secure Influent Border...When Infected Pigs Fly

by Danny Crosby

As America fights the war against a cavalcade of various foreign-born evils, the effectiveness of Obama's government to respond to pathologies, like the current Mexican Swine Flu outbreak, is an important indication of how it will deal with the threat of possible bio-terror attacks in the future. And, our Islamofascist enemies are watching......with baited interest.

What is the deciding factor in whether or not the liberal Obama administration would put aside its politically driven, minority voting interests and actually perform it's primary job of protecting legal American citizens from threats of illegal migratory threats?

Rather than merely attempting to avoid the imagined political impact of what the hysterical liberal establishment views as its version of a Katrina, perhaps Obama should actually apply some of that ivy leagueish intelligence and embrace the sour truth about his futile intentions to internationalize America. Perhaps, then, he will be forced to finally react accordingly when the loss of his political power, and tax-based economic resources, resulting from disease-ridden illegal aliens outweighs the cost to his administration's liberal vision of allowing them to invade and fortify the democrat voting base.

Even someone as consumed by liberal ideology as Obama understands that sick Americans don't work.........and, thus nigh do they render that which is Caesar's.

Or, maybe the spur for Obama will be when the cost of a pandemic health crisis to his administration exceeds what our economy saves by exploiting illegal mexicans for their cheap labor. Or, maybe it will be with the economic impact of Obama's coveted "international" community's refusal to do business with America's commodities markets.

Any foreign state afraid of catching a cold from an undercooked steak, yet unwilling to prevent rotting body parts of murder victims to consistently be splayed over its city streets doesn't deserve our business anyway. America will heed their criticism when they begin disposing of suicidal, murdering terrorists with the same vigor they refuse to buy our veal.

As if Obama actually needed yet another reason to increase border security and slow the tide of illegal immigration, it is not a coincidence that disease from the country, which happens to share the border in question, would be the final straw prompting the new apologizer-in-chief, and liberal minions of congress, to act responsibly. The only other advanced prod available to dead-brained liberals would be Osama Bin Laden, himself, meandering up the White House steps and sneezing in the oval office. But, even that may come too late.

On the other hand, it is not out of the realm of plausibility that Obama may indeed apologize to Mexico, and the rest of the world, for America's advanced hygienics and our audacious, arrogant unwillingness to be sick with the rest of the world. Afterall, how dare we remain healthy and disease free while the rest of the world is relegated to pig farming and fiscal underdevelopment.

Apparently, terrorism, narco wars, violent crime, labor exploitation, illegal immigration, grisly healthcare costs and burdens on our national social services have not been sufficient to bring the problem of America’s dysfunctional lack of self-proclaimed sovereignty to the forefront of our esteemed leader’s agenda. So, let’s add one more digression in Obama’s case for internationalism. What else is left but disease? America obviously doesn’t want to listen to the other reasons.

It is sad that it takes something like this. But, liberal America has had so many chances. And, with regard to upholding our intended national identity, the current trenders have refused to act responsibly in concert with the basic principles of protective responsibility and national security.

So, as the real threat of pandemic becomes reality, the urbane letches of our liberal American society now find themselves hemmed, vomit deep in a conflict between a desire to hold to their desolate communicable politics and their visceral need to avoid communicable disease-ridden aliens.

Throughout human history, the propagation of disease is the manifest result of a society’s failure to heed the warnings within of unfettered cross-demographication, without first securing the appropriate service and provision for such social expansion.

So, when will America's leaders respond effectively in the interest of protecting Americans?

Perhaps when infected Mexican pigs learn to fly.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

MSNBC, Liberal Media Losing Viewership...And Decency

by Pen Johannson

Decent American people understand it. But, like a growing tumor, the malignant stupidity of the liberal media continues to spread aggressively throughout the fallow reality of its declining significance.

If Harvard residue, Jeff Zucker, was previously unable to comprehend the reasons why his NBC News networks are being defeated in the ratings game by more credible broadcast organizations, like Fox News, he must either be dead or unconscious not to know why now.

Given the depth of depravity and verbal perversion of the liberal media in America, it is never surprising to hear a reprobate reporter from NBC, ABC, or CNN disparaging patriots for exercising their Constitutional right to speak freely against Barack Obama. Even after 8 years of their own verbal desecrations against the previous president, the liberal establishment now adorns their garland of hypocrisy attacking the same freedoms they laid claim to while vomiting their hate for anyone disagreeing with them during the Bush Administration.

This infantile degeneracy is no more evident than in the manner which liberal news hack shops like MSNBC and CNN, along with a multitude of left wingnut websites, characterized patriotic Americans peacefully demonstrating at "Tea Party" gatherings nationwide on April 15, 2009. Supporting a family friendly intention by demonstrators, many of the approximately 500,000 upstanding citizens attending the "Tea Parties" were accompanied by children.

But, if one had only seen the demonstrations throught the eyes of CNN or MSNBC, it might have been concluded by less intelligent viewers that the protestors were raising lawless havoc in our cities, vandalizing their way down police-lined streets, fullfilling liberal lust to see right wing nuts behaving how they projected they would.

But, it never happened.

Yet, as the demonstrators maintained their decorum, the liberal mainstream media then discounted the legitimacy of the first amendment exercise. Liberal media cynics apparently are unable to conceive the idea of truly peaceful protest. Apparently, Tea Party-goers didn't destroy enough property, break enough windows, overturn enough vehicles, commit enough arson, or assault any innocent bystanders by which their assembly could otherwise be considered a "legitimate protest" by the immorally indigent slags of the leftwing psychosis.

With all of the dismissiveness and discounting of the Tea Party demonstrations by the liberal establishment, perhaps this well-behaved, honorable cross-section of decent American society should have regressed into animals protesting with more violence and destruction like the deranged liberal anarchists have throughout history. Doing so might have then garnered the requisite respect and recognition of legitimacy. Perhaps the restrain of the crowd, their maintenance of purpose and genuine discretion could have given way to the destruction of NBC's studio or GE's corporate headquarters.

But, alas, these acts of otherwise criminal elements never occurred and the transfer of the jurisdiction over right and wrong is advanced once again.

Tea Party organizers apologize for not conducting themselves in dank, liberal newsworthy form. But, then again, they are stoic and confidently anchored in a generational understanding that the very creators of America were also bold, courageous minorities, unwilling to engage violence, yet able to if attacked, acting within a similar, divinely purposed substance of individualism and for a cause of representational liberty.

But, lets not unfairly burden our liberal invalids with such complex, traditional conceptions.

In the studio, however, the atrocious display of despicable speech, used by hacks from MSNBC and CNN to describe those attending Tea Party gatherings on April 15, reached the lowest standard of amateurism ever witnessed in the history of American media.

The language used by Obama sycophant, David Shuster of MSNBC, might warrant an FCC investigation for violations of decency standards. His description of Tea Party participants as "teabaggers", an underworld term used to describe the sexually illicit act of placing one's testicles in the mouth or face of a prone victim, can only stem from the unseemly nature and felonious character ruling the culture of this disturbed, hateful media organization.

Shuster, a pure sample of the destitution within the liberal media simplex, proceeded with his pornographic rant by unnecessarily repeating the name of conservative political organizer, Dick Army, while overtly emphasizing his first name repetitively. Sounding like some perverted third grader given orative license by his teacher to say a naughty word as it appeared in the day's class reading, Shuster seemed to take joy and gleeful pleasure in his own iterative intonation of the word "Dick".

America, however, thought it was profane......and, well, to paraphrase the MSNBC idiot, "Dick-less".

Never before has a media organization, once considered by itself as a legitimate outlet of broadcast journalism, been so debased and utterly degenerate in its portrayal of other human beings. Never before has any organization championing itself on its own mantras against social injustice, anti-humanism, racism, classism and other non-progressive standards of decency been so racist, so classless, so inhumane, so indecent… anti-American.

Ironically, however, congratulations are in order to all left-wing hacks at MSNBC in their abject failure to objectively cover the gatherings all over America yesterday. In less than two hours of loathesome disgrace, both CNN and MSNBC managed to completely confirm to the entire human species why they are being destroyed from within, indicated by depleting viewership ratings, reinforcing the accuracy of our media rating system.

By casting unfair disparagement on decent, averagely perceived Americans, MSNBC and CNN solidified their derelict identity as two of the most vile, desolate and narrowly minded representatives of anti-Americanism in the entire 260+ year history of media in this country. Symptomatic of the reasons newspapers are failing and idiotic wastes of time, like Air America, have been tilled under by better opinions and superior intellect, Zucker, the president of NBC Universal, remains obstinate to the difference between the universally embraced standards of right and wrong. And, NBC's depraved viewership is proof. Shuster's despicable use of the sexually derogatory term “teabaggers” is just another example of the overwhelming evidence.

Ratings reveal that MSNBC gets crushed on a daily basis by more than 4 to 1, by Fox News, among viewers of cable news. Amusingly, the daily re-run of Fox's "The O'Reilly Factor" has never been rated lower than the highest ranked show on MSNBC, CNN, CNBC or Turner's Headline News.

The re-run!

Fox News has 13 cable news shows in the Neilsen top 20, including ALL of the top seven. "The O'reilly Factor", hosted by pithy broadcast stalwart, Bill O'reilly has been the number one cable news program for more than 8 years straight. And, the program consistently gets more viewers, in its respective time slot, than MSNBC, CNN, HLN and CNBC..........combined!

This is the adult world equivalent of getting beat up on the play ground for being the class jerk. Liberals are once again becoming the very reason they were rightfully bullied in grade school as children. They brought it on themselves.

And, this is a sign that every individual working for GE’s Jeffrey Immelt, not suprisingly also a Harvard drone, (GE owns 80% of NBC), and Zucker, is being removed from their figurative places of corporate residence and remanded to the authority of the decent Americans they insult on a daily basis, which is the real meaning of their failed viewership.

Banishing itself deeper into the desolate territory of tabloid journalism, MSNBC’s ratings continue to plummet under the escalating prominence of more fair, logical and balanced broadcast media.

MSNBC’s Shuster should be forcibly dragged, bloody and beaten if necessary, from his hole by the FCC and jailed for using sexually explicit, family unfriendly language during a prime time broadcast. He is a disgusting creature working for an even more disgusting organization which should be decimated at the soonest possible convenience.

Shuster, and his comrades-in-perversity, Keith Obermann, “Butch” Maddow and Chris Mouthews are mere examples of why the wrong people are dying for American freedom in the world today.

These ill-craven, debauched creatures spew the revilement of their bosses, while lacing their meaningless, ever insulting, diatribes with decanters of witless, slobberish pander. If lipless dregs like Mathews are allowed to continue to spit all over himself under the guise of equated legitimacy, Zucker will need to hire the Shamwow guy as a regular guest. Shamwow would be better than the nuts Mathews, Maddow and the ever-angry, jilted-fat-girl-on-prom-night, Obermann, have on their respective three nose ring circuses.

If only our military could choose who they wanted to fight for, and who they would turn over to the enemies of America. Afterall, most of the people attending the “Tea Party” gatherings only happen to be the very patriots who either fought, or lost family in the fight, for every liberal’s right to actually be alive and choose to hate decent, lawful, truly loving, blessed people as much as liberals do.

On the other hand, based on a recently released “intelligence report”, the military should simply wait for their formal honorable discharge. Janet Napolitano, and the Department of Homeland Security, will then consider them right wing extremists posing a terrorist threat to Obama, and the fight will be brought to them.

Meanwhile, the "pirates" working for Zucker, holding the clueless in America hostage under the façade covered dingy, can then wonder when the end will come for them as they poke their beany heads aft to veiw the stewardship they’ve hijacked as it sinks into the ratings abyss.

Then, we can only hope that beat-tramp, D-listers like Shuster will have a 50 caliber response to their profane rendition of our military's purpose. And, the great thing about it, never having known military service, or sacrifice for anything he now has, he is too stupid to even know what that means.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama’s First 50 Lies In His First 100 Days

By Danny Crosby

As Barack Obama closes his first 100 days as the newly installed liberal appliance, TDP has compiled, in no particular order, a list of his first 50 lies and misrepresentations disseminated on his behalf.

1. His Anointment. Looking through a secularized, morally desolate, liberal perspective, getting to be a socially illegitimate reproductive consequence of a deadbeat northern-african descendent and an indiscretionary pubescent mother is the only thing Obama shares with Jesus. But, the similarities end there. Sorry, Oprah.

2. “I won”. Obama was elected by racist blacks, pathetically ashamed whites and rabidly psychotic, Bush-hating liberals. Not exactly the pride of our society. But, apparently there were enough illegal aliens available in America to pass off the fraudulent election. Anyone ensconced into a position by such indecency deserves to lead those who select him. In the words of America’s game show icons, “Congratulations.......Tell him what he’s won, Bob!”

3. ACORN. The proverbial adage about not falling far from the tree is true after all. In this case, the largest contingency of black racists on the planet formed a community activist organization and committed themselves to shoe-horning any dark skinned person into a White House. They succeeded in their scheme by using tactics of blatant voter fraud, intimidation and probable violations of campaign finance laws. Congress may finally be taking notice.

4. A Lack Of Fiscal Regulations. The failure of Wall Street is not the result of a lack of federal regulations. It is the result of incompetence and misregulation of the wrong things on the part of politicians like Barack Obama, Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi. Any prosperous, successful American became so because Government had not yet figured out what they were doing to become successful. Government involvement in human prosperity is the destruction of human prosperity. Financial success occurs during the lag between grand ideas and government’s realization that there are taxes to be confiscated from those ideas. Obama is the first global manifestation of that realization in the 250 year history of America. And we are becoming slaves to the rest of the world.

5. Stimulus Package. Nancy Pelosi’s destruction of prosperity also known as "Irreparable Indebtedness". An idea birthed in the depths of liberal, baby-boomer pathology attempting to claim legitimacy by stealing from the kind of people they can never be.

6. “Overseas Contingency Operations”. In stigmatic form, the perpetual propaganda apparatus of the liberal Obama administration has reached the heights of absurdity in its attempts to throw adjectives at terrorists until they run out of bullets and suicide bombers. This is war against terror and against those who use the muslim religion to inflict fear, pain and death. America should take the lead in killing them all. It is not just overseas. It is not a contingency. And, it is not an operation. It is a fight for existence and the conflict that will eventually define humanity.

7. “Manmade Disasterists”. Perhaps Obama’s command of language is not as adept as first thought. The world has called them “terrorists” for longer than Obama has been alive, so naturally, now he has taken up duties as their PR manager overhauling their image into lovable fuzz balls. Obama, the community activist, hard at work promoting the worst of humanity completely forgetting the murder of 3000 Americans at the hand of his beloved "Disasterists."

8. The End Of Earmarks. He will go line by line..........And, the American budget will not provide special interest groups and pet projects with tax money from the American people.......except for the first 9,000 earmarks Obama supports, of course.

9. Alternative Energy. Mostly, hot wind… copious amounts. The government makes way too much money from the oil industry. And, even Obama’s liberal mind understands that no one drills for sunshine.

10. Green Technology. Any implement which draws us backward to prehistoric times does not qualify as “technology”.

11. Tim Geithner, Head Tax Cheater. Liberals don’t mind raising your taxes……..because they don’t pay them themselves.

12. Lobbyists At Work. Obama said he would not appoint special interest lobbyists to work in his administration. Then, he hired several of them to work in his administration.

13. Gitmo. No, closing the asylum will not magically cause the criminals within to suddenly become sane……….or disappear.

14. Transparency. Obama’s opacity is not unexpected. Try to remember where he comes from.

15. Obama’s Intelligence. He is educated and talks well when teleprompted, but is he intelligent? Einstein once said that intelligence is a reflection of a man’s humility.

16. Inflation. Obama thought that meant putting more air in your tires, not destroying the value of America’s monetary system.

17. Teleprompteritis. Maybe one day, the American people might get to hear something from Obama.

18. Global Warming Legislation. Pipe dreams funded by billions in tax money from Exxon, GM and the American Coal Industry.

19. Budgetary Consignments. Fancy words for monetizing our economy in an attempt to convince the world that Obama’s liberal budget is a good thing. Meanwhile he is killing our worth and selling your children to the Chinese on a 50 year margin.

20. Tax Cuts For 95% of Americans. 50% of which never actually pay any taxes from which cuts might be made in the first place. So, actually, its tax cuts for Obama supporters and cake for the rest.

21. Bill Ayers. Just an attempted murderer, living in Obama's neighborhood.....visiting frequently.

22. Reverend Wrong. Never in the history of religion has a man professing service to God been so in contempt of Him.

23. Rezco. The real beginning of the housing crisis.

24. Fannie and Freddie. The legacy of Barney Frank, America’s poster child for fiscal greed and stupidity.

25. Joe Biden. He was the best Obama could find? At least Ted Kennedy, obligated to oncological appointments, would have made fewer stupid comments. Biden missed the vice president training seminar. But, so did every other liberal Obama considered as a mate.

26. After-ghanistan. Just because you create a war across the street doesn’t mean you get to put your address on it. Redeployment across a border does nothing to diminish the necessity of deposing tyrants and liberating the people they tortured, regardless of any reason anyone told the rest of the world we were doing it. When killing satan is the objective, only God knows why.

27. Black Listing. Rush Limbaugh is just one of thousands of conservatives who can rest knowing they are doing everything right when they get that much attention from Obama’s government. Limbaugh rightly considers it a badge of honor to be hated so much by liberals.

28. Everybody’s President. Has Obama ever been to the state of Oklahoma? EVER? Has he ever set foot west of Chicago? No, you are not president in some places of America.

29. Con-census. By bringing the U.S. census bureau under the jurisdiction of the White House, Obama is attempting to redistribute America’s wealth with the lie of padded demographics.

30. Illegal Immigration. Two words. Aunt Obama. Does anyone really think Obama would uphold the laws of America at the cost of liberal electoral power in Washington?

31. Heath Care Fixation. Because of liberals, it has become too expensive to die in America. The mortality rate among humanity hovers around 100% and insurance is never going to change that. And, when Hillary Clinton begins her pander to convince medical professionals willing to accept less pay for being a federally subsidized doctor, Cuba will be overrun by sick Americans. The problem is not the industry……it’s people in our government looking in the wrong places to try to make a purpose for their own desolate lives.

32. Barry Soetoro. When did Obama actually become a U.S. citizen? Or, has he ever actually done so?

33. "Too Big To Fail". When failure becomes impossible, we can never succeed. When those who exist for the very purpose of preventing loss become the loss, the apocalypse is upon us. Nothing created is bigger than its creator. AIG was created to serve those who made it, and it failed to do so. Let it die.

34. Chicago Corruption. A man is defined by his origins and those with whom he kept company.

35. Obama’s Economic War. Bush had his. Obama has his. But, Bush's cost less. Never let a good crisis go to waste, right?

36. Reparative Justice. The Emancipation Proclamation obviously did not apply to entrepreneurial Americans. We’ve traded cotton for fiscal confiscation. Slavery is alive and well, and it is being reimplemented by the Obama administration in the form of tax plantations.

37. The Age Of Oil. As much as Obama would lust for alternative energy, the dinosaurs went extinct at the right time, and for the right reasons.

38. NBC. A slew of defamatory political media hacks with no purpose. Clinton had is own liberal dank media rep. Let’s not deprive Obama of his.

39. Bailout. For who?

40. "Certificate Of Live B.S." Obama’s origins remain obscure and covered in secrecy. When liberal hack shops like, The DailyKos, The Huffington Post and Obama's own Annenburg Foundation are confirming your constitutional eligibility, illegitimacy is a foregone conclusion. The medical professional attending Obama’s birth could have been the man on the grassy knoll as far as we know.

41. Inherited Crisis. So, what does Obama do? He makes it 10 times worse and tries to blame that on others too.

42. Border Security. Obama traded votes for his permission for Mexicans to invade America. Mexicans think they still have jurisdiction over constitutional law in Texas and Arizona. And, considering the numbers moving there illegally, they must. But, Obama doesn’t know about it yet. Maybe someone should tell him that we are being invaded.

43. The Myth Of 9/11. Most Obama supporters have forgotten it. They are so dissonant and morally vacant, they equate the murder of 3000 innocent people with the interrogation of captured terrorists. Liberals only remind us why, if death was necessary, the wrong people died on that terrible September day in 2001. The victims should have been others less worthy of remembrance and respect, now living in absence of appreciation for their own freedom hating those who provide it.

44. The Decline of America. The only indication this is occurring is the fact that a man like Barack Obama could actually assume the façade of leadership in the greatest assembly of advanced human citizenship in history.

45. Redistribution. Another Barackism used to soften the reality of his socialist politics and pander to liberals his desire to implement communism in America.

46. Fairness. As it is only defined by the liberal politician, and only the liberal politician. The reason there are people on earth less successful than Americans is because they lack the character, intelligence, courage and fortitude to make themselves.

47. Please Like Us. The world DOES NOT have the right to NOT be offended by America. By blaming America, Obama hopes to install a new world order governed through internationalism. The end of America is at hand.

48. Global Partnerships. Why would any real American partner with losers?

49. Accountability. As it applies to those Obama believes have acted irresponsibility. But, it will never apply to himself.

50. World Community. When America has failed to be the legally acquired destination of the rest of the world, the rest of the world is dead.