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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Liberal, Racist Coward Assaults Wife of GOP Leader

by Dan Crosby

The mask is coming off the liberal establishment one violent assault at a time, and there is nothing the radicals in the Obama administration can do to hide it anymore.

Guvinor Spencer, 58, of Greensboro, was arrested on charges of aggravated assault after punching Forsyth GOP Leader, Nathan Tabor, and shoving Tabor’s wife, at a Greensboro Tea Party rally. Spencer was characterized by Greensboro police as “local trouble maker” with a criminal record. Witnesses of the assault also said that Spencer shouted several racist epithets at various rally members before proceeding to threaten and assault Tabor’s wife as Tabor
video taped the event.
Racist and violent behavior by hate-mongers on liberal left is not a new occurrence. More than two hundred such crimes, ranging from aggravated assault to vandalism, have been committed against Tea Party members across the country since Obama’s election last November.
Violence by degenerates, like Spencer, is not surprising. He represents the true, and natural, character of the liberal establishment. What should be expected from an ideology which aligns itself in close proximity with terrorists?

Ironically, the liberal media continues to diminish criminal behavior on the part of radicals on the left, while attempting to paint peaceful Tea Party ralliers as violent and extreme. To date, there are no documented, confirmed instances of violence committed by any member of the Tea Party movement. Media dishonesty and propaganda in favor of Obama and the liberal establishment remains the primary reason vintage America has such little awareness of racist, violent extremists like Spencer.

Terry Lakin Support Increases, Showing Courage Under Fire

by Dan Crosby

Lt. Col. Terry Lakin is an American hero. His honor and decorated service serve as a light of real hope and much needed change in his righteous pursuit of truth about the covert natal identity and legitimacy of Barack Obama.

Lakin, unlike some renting America today, understands the value in upholding and protecting the sovereignty of the U.S. Constitution, to which he took an oath of loyalty forsaking all enemies, foreign...and domestic.

Despite being denied his legal right to obtain of a mountain of existing evidence and testimony which would exonerate him, Lakin has chosen to forego the preliminary hearing process prior to his court martial and proceed directly to trial. It is through this noble process which Lakin has placed the fate of his 20 year career in the military as a decorated medical officer with multiple tours in combat theatre. Acting with undaunted courage and honor, Lakin is taking up a fight against possible infiltrators at the highest levels of America's leadership hierarchy. Lakin understands, like many other vintage Americans, that if we fail to maintain the integrity of our natural-born legitimacy, as a nation and through our leadership, bearing upon the founder's commissions to remain unified in our Constitutional sovereignty as a hope for the world, we open ourselves to the failed pluralities of lesser governance intruding from all manner of remoteness and internationalism.

If it is ever said of Obama that he was treated unfairly, as a man of ambiguity or "otherness", let us never forget that these sentiments were brought upon him as products of his fault, alone. His lack of transparency, his lack of honesty and his lack of disclosure have worked to poison his legitimacy and undermine his patriotism. By these acts alone, Obama is guilty.

Vintage Americans seek the true, full identity of Obama driven not by opposition to his biracial demography, but rather by his lack of demonstrated character as a principled representative of America's independently conservative heritage. Vintage Americans are born with a genealogical predisposition against inauthenticity. They contain the blood of patriots, surging through the passions of a wrought conviction for freedom.

Terry Lakin is a direct descendant of that conviction. If his cause fails, America is truly in peril. Then again, perhaps this is what liars and usurpers deserve.

We pray for Lt. Col. Lakin, as we pray for all brave warriors in service of this nation. We will continue to support his battle against America's enemies in every way possible.

In response to recent misinformation broadcasted through primary media resources, we have composed the following letter to Bill O'reilly following his lackluster embrace of the facts in Lt. Col. Lakin's saga. The following was composed some weeks ago but it remains forever true:

Dear Mr. O'reilly,

Within the spectrum of today’s media resources there are many options encompassing all points of the ideological realm. We prefer your presentation because we have always believed that you are fair-minded and highly pragmatic. Your professionalism and manner of analysis has always inspired our confidence.

Writing this letter is difficult. My family and I have watched the O’Reilly Factor for the entire 12+ years you have been on Fox. We also enjoyed your radio show during its run.

Like you and your family, we are vintage Americans. For 9 generations, my family has produced more than 250 veterans. I am currently one of 235 living grandchildren descending from (est. Providence (Annapolis), Maryland in 1735). The blood ransomed sovereignty of the Constitution is no small matter to us.

Unfortunately, Bill, we are very disappointed in the manner by which you have chosen to address the matter of Lt. Col. Terry Lakin and his courageous stance against the ambiguity of Barack Obama’s Constitutional eligibility. While we understand the reasons you are not willing to present this controversial subject in a formal “on-air” format, it does great injustice to the choice of this honorable man to broadcast mere snippets of information about him which do not explore the deepest truths regarding this matter.

Case in point, we are certain you have received many correspondences in reaction to your claim that your acquisition of two birth announcements from Hawaii proves Obama was born there. In all the years of our patronage, we have never had a reason to question your credibility on any single issue. However, after 3 years of extensive research, and a subsequent 600 page report, we must take a contentious view with your misunderstanding of this matter, which is but one small fraction of the overall evidence continuing to mount against Obama. Unfortunately, you are simply wrong about the validity of the birth announcements in their capacity to prove birth location.

Based on this evidence it is our conclusion that there are two possible reasons supporting doubts about Obama's legitimacy. Hidden documents either contain aversive information about his geographic natal history, or they contain politically damaging information about his demographics (religion, parentage, race, given name at birth, etc.), which could lead to a cascade of consequences to his presidency.

Specifically, our research revealed several undeniable facts which directly contradict your conclusions about the announcements, however.

First, the announcements are published by the newspapers from information provided exclusively from the Hawaiian Office of Vital Statistics, not a private third party. The editors of both papers are quoted, on record with our staff, as stating that their information used for the publication of vital events is provided by the Hawaiian agency. This means that the information contained in the announcements is subject to the independent processes and formats of natal documentation approved within the confidential procedures of the municipality, unknown by the public.

Second, a comparison of all birth announcements in both papers throughout the month of August, 1961, shows they are all published in the same non-alphabetical order, in the same exact quantity, in the same context between the two papers. Despite the occurrence of 1040 illegitimate births in Hawaii in 1961, the newspapers show all parents as married and living at the same address. Also, the location of the birth is not published. Only the address of the parent's alleged residence is given. These facts undermine conclusions that the announcements provide reliable information about any birth.

Third, the order of publication is based on a “birth list” compiled by the agency. The order of births in this list is based on the registration location (see 1961 NVSD Report: Volume 1, Section 5), not the date of reception by the agency. The registration number also reflects this geographically-based registration locale. Notice that Obama's birth registration is out of sequence in comparison to other births allegedly occurring at the same time, in the same medical facility. Therefore, the fact that Obama’s alleged announcements appear in any newspaper is in no way proof of his birth location. It simply means that a registration for his birth was filed with the Hawaiian Department of Health some time after his birth, somewhere, and that information was conveyed to the Hawaiian Office of Vital Statistics which then created a birth list for the newspapers.

Fourth, a deeper analysis of this municipal agency reveals that the state of Hawaii issues “birth lists” based on birth registration records, not documentation of medically verified "live" birth events or their locations. The NVSD Report explicitly states that in order for a birth certificate to be authentic it must be signed by a licensed professional qualified to the determine the characteristics of a "live" birth. Obama's Hawaiian Certification of Live Birth contains no such affixation. This is why the NVSD produced the common document template specifically titled a "Certificate of Live Birth". It originates in 1915 when still births were falsly accounted with the new census creating artificial increases in migrant populations. Birth lists, however, are compiled from a registration docket, not original, official birth records forwarded by doctors, hospitals or birth attendants to the Department of Health.

Finally, a birth may occur anywhere and be registered within the state of Hawaii as long as the parents, or applicant for a birth certificate, provides evidence to the director of the department of Health that they were residents of Hawaii within a year of the birth, regardless of the birth’s location (See HRS 338-17.8, 338-5, 338-17.7). We know at least one of Obama’s parents were residents in Hawaii at any one time from the Summer of 1959 until September of 1961. This qualifies Obama to apply for and receive a Hawaiian approved Birth Certificate, by law, regardless of his actual birth place.

Unfortunately, none of these facts prove that Obama is Constitutionally eligible to serve as a President of the U.S. It is this foundation upon which Mr. Lakin seeks verification, and he is more than justified in doing so on behalf of the sacrifice made throughout the long history of my vintage American family. As far as we are concerned, Mr. Lakin has permission to address this matter in any way he feels is appropriate in order to justify the risk to his very life and well-being which he has been ordered to undertake as a member of our military. His responsibility is to the Constitution, not any individual. His refusal to follow orders on these grounds is his prerogative.

As Mr. Lakin begins the legal fight of his life, we choose to see him as the soldier on the front line of a war against the current administration’s obvious and proven desire to undermine, dismiss and overrule the U.S. Constitution. If George Bush’s eligibility had been in question, we would have supported the same action against him.

Barack Obama has proven his contempt for the U.S. Constitution with his Healthcare law, financial bailouts, executive order 13489, regulatory overreach into private business and a general assault against the rights of a free press and our independent, capitalist society. Terry Lakin is a man who should be supported in every way possible. He is a credible figure with 18 years of highly qualified professional, decorated service to the United States, and moral justification.

In the future, we would simply ask that you either make a full effort, worthy of your profound success, to present all of the facts of this story in your usual proficient manner, or that you avoid it all together. Disseminating false, or loosely corroborated information compromises the integrity of public opinion about Mr. Lakin and, it makes you look less than knowledgeable about the subject. We don’t want either consequences.

Editorially, it begs the question: To what degree of deviation from authenticity must Obama further demonstrate his lack of aptitude in order for the primary media resources (you) to recognize that something is amiss with this man's qualities, legitimacy and, possibly, eligibility as a leader?

The dismissal of this vital matter without a thorough and pressed analysis is quite astonishing, and, I fear, it is allowing untold damage to the integrity of this nation...and our respective family's legacy of vintage inheritance.

We will continue to watch the Factor, as always. We wish you great success.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"Ass-Kicker-In-Chief" Exonerates Bush's Cowboy Quips

by Pen Johannson

Five years ago, some of us delayed reacting to degenerates in the liberal establishment when they ran near-riot wild, gnashing their teeth over what they called George Bush’s “cowboy” personifications.

We knew this day would eventually come.

Exposing liberal democrats, as the hypocrites they are, is not only’s fun.

Spike Lee’s advice for Barack Obama to “go off” should have been accompanied with a public relations narrative advising Obama that “going off” must also be strategically and appropriately timed to match the development of the events you are “going off” about. Otherwise, you not only look like a desperate, vulnerable, big talking, cowboy, you also appear to be unqualified, or ineligible, to be President to begin with.

Lo’ and behold, Obama, “going off” five weeks too late, became that karmic liberal version of an inarticulate “cowboy” last Monday when he cracked that he's been talking to Gulf Coast experts on BP's catastrophic oil spill not for “academic reasons” but so he knows “whose ass to kick."

Meanwhile, sardonic laughter was heard echoing from a ranch in Crawford, Texas.

If Bush was an incompetent, trigger-happy cowboy, Obama just became a smack-talking, gang-bangin’-wannabe with no street cred. Bush may have been a self envisioned Old Western type, but at least he actually got off his ass and out of the friendly confines of his respectively-winged isography. Bush may have been articulately challenged, but he was still willing to pick up the bull horn and inspire America from ground zero. Obama has done nothing resembling Bush's initiative except the "bull" part.

It’s one thing to back your words with a full frontal, effective military attack against a rogue threat while rescuing 30 million lives from oppression, it’s another to relegate your greatest challenge to yapping about “ass kicking” when the only credibility you have with the subject comes from the experience of having the lips of liberals constantly kissing your own.

We all know Obama is a radical socialist seeking economic retribution for ambiguously documented minorities, but now he just looks like an erratic, uncertain punk when confronted with a real geographic problem that affects an American demographic he doesn’t care about. Comparatively, if Obama had made those comments in any orb other than the friendly confines of Immelt’s protection, the backlash would have rivaled a prison-type relationship in which he would be labeled by a five letter word beginning with the letter “B” and ending with what you remedy by scratching your ass, not kicking someone else's.

Case in point, Bush’s characterization of the late mass murderer, Saddam Hussein, as an “outlaw” as well as his reference to the “Wanted Dead or Alive” posters of the old West with regard to Osama Bin Laden, had uppity urbanites spitting all over themselves with ridicule. However, Bush’s quips were followed by an actual successful action against Saddam’s regime which was, perhaps, the most efficient, quickly achieved objective in American military history.

Whether or not you agree with the reasons for the U.S. military presence in the Middle East, the March, 2003 rescue of Iraq saw the American military move 50,000 troops, weaponry and equipment across 200 miles of barren desert in 48 hours, and completely take over a criminal government, liberating 30 million victims while, eventually, spurring the inception of democratic freedom in the middle of what can only be characterized as a sand-driven hell.

Perhaps, its high (noon) time for liberal and democrats, alike, to choke on the fact that the actual ass kicking already happened long before Obama-come-lately even showed up.

Meanwhile, liberal hacks comfortably perched in air conditioned accommodations, thousands of miles away from IEDs, bullets and suicide bombers, here and abroad, enjoying security provided by soldiers under Bush's command, gorged themselves on self-exalted derision against Obama’s predecessor. They levied accusations and lies while disseminating sympathy for a murderous dictator and the terrorist organizations he enabled, if not outright supported.

Many in the liberal media even decompensated to reverse mythology, in an attempt to synthetically conceal their amoral love for terrorists simply because they perceived suicide bombers as “underdogs” to the “evil American empire”. They said Bush actually failed the values inherited from America’s Old West heritage and therefore was not even qualified to be called a “cowboy” in the traditional sense while they happily exalted Islamic baby murderers as "freedom fighters" and "non-collaborators". One beady-eyed liberal actually said that Bush "did not have the restraint or dignity of the cowboy," even though he was the first to protest his own military leadership when they called for a use of nuclear weapons in Tora Bora in 2004.

As if the sentiment of liberals is even relevant opposite the mass murder of 3000 innocent human beings at the hands of terrorists funded by rich, Arab oil barrons who made their money because those same liberals hinder American energy independence with treasonous enviro-nazism. If Obama were serious about striking his foot upon backsides, he should start by removing one from his mouth and use it on the goebbels and environuts in his own party for legislation which forces energy companies, like BP, so far out into deep ocean water, that accidents become far more destructive than they should ever be.

The teeth gnashing lesson convicting Obama from the Gulf is that, sometimes, the immediate fight for your identity as a leader is about your true association with oceanic geography, not your self-righteous ideology. Sometimes, the most appropriate treatment of an ass requires that you actually get the hell off of it and go to the location of the problem with tools, weapons, machines, manpower and, yes...a bull horn, rather than sitting on it in Rockefeller Plaza imagining solar panel justice and wind farm utopias.

A lot of people want to compare Obama's Gulf disaster to Bush's Gulf disaster. However, if Obama continues to feign outrage, refusing to either admit his incompetency and get out of the way of more qualified leadership, or take the reins as a demonstration that he is actually a delegator of responsibility, this event will begin to appear less like Katrina and more like another more terrible event also occurring, coincidentally, during the first year of the previous administration.

Then again, a lack of ass kicking is why today's liberal establishment politicians turned into characterless radicals to begin with.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Ding Dong, The Witch Is...Forced To Retire

by Pen Johannson

In the immortal words of actress Billie Burke, playing Glinda the Good Witch in a timeless vintage American movie classic, “Only bad witches are ugly.”

Nothing could say more about 90-year-ol', liberal White House press antique, Helen Thomas... and we haven't even began to address her looks, yet.

America might have preferred a house-laden tornado, but "forced retirement" (code words for being fired for thinking your age and experience gives you permission to express public hate for an entire demographic) will have to be good enough for, Thomas. If only ridding liberal anti-Semitism from the world were as easy. In the absence of a heel-clicking Jewish heroine able to melt her with a strategically thrown bucket of water, we will just have to settle for the joy of watching the wicked witch of the liberal east wilt away under a torrent of disgrace and witless dementia.

If respect erodes for Thomas, it’s her own fault. In a recent gaffe loaded diatribe, the liberal hagosaurus revealed her true desire to see the 7+ million citizens of Israel dissolved and scattered, nationless, among the failing anonymity of the various European geographies from whence they sought sanctuary from holocaustic murder and persecution. In effect, Thomas sided with the rising hatred for God’s people in the same manner fomented by every Jew hater since the egyptian pharoah who enslaved them, from Ramesses to Hitler to radical islamists.

If this is too complex for fragile liberality, let's ponder it in reverse terms. What if a long standing conservative media voice has said, "I think all the blacks should get the hell out of the Lower 9th Ward and go back to Africa.."?

Kinda equalizes the Thomas ilk, eh?

When it comes to hating Jews, liberals are quite proficient. What is the difference between the views expressed recently by Thomas and the intent of those expressed by Iran's Ahmadinijad in his desire to defy the will of the living God and bring an end to the state of Israel? If Thomas wasn’t such a senile biddy, it might actually be tempting to take her militancy seriously. But, really…what is a prune going to do? Fortunately, her existence on earth is about as contemporaneous as her buddy, Mahmoud, can only fantasize Israel’s to be. Unfortunately, we don't have the option of relegating Ahmadinijad to some pristine raisin ranch. Unlike Thomas, we may actually have to drop something on his head from a different kind of Tornado...the GR4 type.

The liberal establishment’s denial of Israel’s right to exist is not surprising. They are, afterall, the actual racists of our time. Projecting their own hate by levying accusations of racism against their political opposition is a pathetic tactic often used by bratty little siblings and the immature left in a desperate lobby for acceptance for their moral deficiencies. However, what is disturbing is the truly evil dissemination of such publicly displayed anti-Semitic ideology among long established persona of the American media. Although, given the hypocrisy by Thomas, farting dust might be just as offensive.

Thomas’ career has taken the misfortunate road most traveled by liberal hacks. The “crash and burn”, "Dan Rather" decommissioning seems to be an irresistible force culling the liberal slag from America’s vintage media purity. To wit, this is not a disappointment, and we can only hope it continues. They deserve their disgrace. We only wish they had been eradicated before being allowed to encourage and embolden the evil, flying monkey Ahmadinijads of the world.

Fortunately, Thomas has since been forced out of her position, into a long overdue retirement. If only she could take the entire anti-jewish establishment, and its Godless, amoral degeneracy with her.

In the end, the vacant, front-row seat in the White House Press Briefing Room will finally be filled by someone far worthier, far less hypocritical and more racially tolerant. Then again, Maggie Hamilton's success may have simpy been the result of Helen Thomas missing the casting call in 1937.