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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama’s Birth Questions Reinforced By An Unlikely Coincidence

Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle and Obama’s DHS Secretary, Napolitano, have been acquainted for some time. And, they both had personal access to Obama’s alleged 1961 attending Obstetrician, Dr. Rodney Thomas West before his passing in 2008.

by Pen Johannson

Conspiracy theories are supposed to lose momentum over time, right?

For those seeking understanding about Barack Obama’s origins, hoping to clarify his constitutional eligibility to be President, this is one that seems to be gaining traction the longer it goes on.

Despite the psychotic paroxysms from the left, questions about Obama’s personal demographic origins continue to be asked with renewed enthusiasm by concerned Americans. And, it seems, no matter how hard MSNBC's Chris Matthews tries to preserve his leg tingle for Obama by shouting down his guests for refusing to kiss Obama's garland, the questions will probably only get louder and more intense. Matthews can be found daily spitting all over himself in a desperate lobby for the validity of a Certification Of Live Birth, a document confirmed by the State Of Hawaii as a “secondary form of identification” and in no way representative of proof of natural born citizenship.

Birther persistence is, in part, inspired by panic-stricken Obama addicts like Matthew’s. Their ignorant caterwauling, and attention, only motivates deeper analysis of the constitutional eligibilty issue. Liberals are even going so far as to demand the firing of CNN's Lou Dobbs just for talking about it.

Now, with the recent announcement by representatives of intentions to support a Constitutional Eligibility bill requiring Presidential candidates to submit a birth certificate in future elections, the Obama Birth issue seems to be having tangible impact on the national consciousness.

But, truth seekers are not acting in a vacuum. They are getting help......from Obama.

With internet search engines full of requests for information about Obama’s family, doctors, friends, schoolmates, addresses, and personal records, there is one individual one might want to take a closer look at with regard to any effort that might have been taken to, well……..lets just say…..keep some of Obama’s records secret.


Given the roster of characters involved in such a thing, it’s easy to overlook potentially significant relationships that might otherwise indicate a cooperative element among the characters needed for conspiracy. One relationship that strikes a chord of interest is the one between the Governor of Hawaii, Linda Lingle and Obama’s Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

One of the odd developments in the saga about Obama’s birth certificate is the decision by Lingle to seal Obama’s birth records with the Hawaii Department of Health. Lingle, a republican, did this despite fervent testimony by Obama staffers and supporters that he is a Natural Born Citizen, and therefore eligible to be president. Lingle’s actions left many Americans suspicious and wondering why, if the documents would exonerate Obama’s Constitutional eligibility, they would need to be sealed from public access.

Now, given the history between Lingle and Napolitano, the decision by Lingle to protect Obama’s personal information may be a little easier to explain.

Napolitano was first elected Governor of Arizona in 2002, then re-elected in 2006, serving for two years before being appointed by Obama as DHS secretary on January 21, 2009. She served as the state’s Attorney General from 1999 to 2002.

Between 2002 and 2009, she traveled on several occasions to Hawaii to attend the USS ARIZONA MEMORIAL CEREMONY with Lingle. Photos of the two together are posted deep in the obscure pages of the Memorial’s website. They are also photographed chumming together at the National Governors Association meetings.

It might also be important to note that the Department of Homeland Security has a history of sending senior members to Hawaii to attend the Asian-Pacific Homeland Security Summit, basically an excuse for spending tax money for DHS personnel vacations.

In February 2006, Napolitano was named by The White House Project as one of eight female politicians who might possibly run for president. In January, 2008, Napolitano endorsed Obama as the Democratic nominee for president. On November 5, 2008, Napolitano was named to the advisory board of the Obama-Biden Transition Project and on December 1, 2008, Obama introduced Napolitano as his nominee for U.S. DHS Secretary.

None of that, however, is pragmatically more important than the effect these opaque issues have on Obama’s image in the clear conscience of history. The facts of his personal datum may never be known for certain and this ambiguity raises suspicion about not only his identity and origins, but his ideology, in the minds of everyone outside of his inner circles of power.

His behavior, coupled with the absence of basic information raises eyebrows of even the most innocent middle Americans. When a teacher in Colorado explained the issue of Obama’s personal records to her class, one third grader asked, “Doesn’t he (Obama), put his name on his papers?”

The teacher replied, “Sweetie, he doesn’t even turn in his papers.” Because of that, Barry gets an “F” on the self administered “Transparency” quiz. So, what does all of this mean?

Without accusations, let's just ask some questions.

Seeing an opportunity to capitalizing on their previous relationship, did Obama appoint Napolitano as the Secretary of Homeland Security, in part, to provide her with the channels to ensure the secrecy of his birth records while maintaining a “manipulatable” relationship with Lingle?

Given their previous relationship, is it possible that Obama might have rewarded Napolitano with the appointment for her efforts in orchestrating, as a part of Obama's overall grand scheme, a plan with Lingle to keep his birth documents concealed under Lingle’s watch?

Upon Obama’s announcement to run for President, did Hawaii Governor, Linda Lingle and now Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano ever discuss how to "fix" Obama’s birth certificate issue sometime after February, 2008?

And, by that relationship, was Napolitano able to “incentivize” Lingle’s cooperation with the Obama administration? The 2009 FY DHS Budget report indicates the State of Hawaii will receive the largest grant in the state’s history for its Department of Health from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

The dynamic here is strategically intelligent on the part of the Obama administration because the political right would be less inclined to investigate the acquiescence of a republican Governor in such a scenario.

And, in a somewhat strange twist of coincidence, both women had occasions to personally interact with Dr. Rodney West, M.D. prior to his passing in February, 2008. West is the Obstetrician who has been attributed by some Obama birth truth seekers as the alleged attending physician at Obama’s birth. West served as a volunteer greeter and presenter at the USS Arizona Memorial and was present at the Ceremonies attended by Lingle and Napolitano from 2002 to 2008.

Is it a stretch? Don’t ask us, were just right-wing wackos.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama's Words Reveal His Ominous Psychological Underworld

by Pen Johannson

Barack Obama is still suffering the consequences for “acting stupidly” by commenting on the arrest of black Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates, at the end of his primetime press conference on July 22nd.

The presser was scheduled, primarily, to address America’s concerns about the Obama administration’s vast Healthcare reform bill. But, instead, we learned some other interesting things about Barack Hussein Obama….America’s first bi-racial, internationalized, globalist president.

Choosing to conveniently ignore the fact that a disproportionate amount of crime is committed by African-American and/or Latinos in communities where they make up the highest percentage of the demographics, and which are communities which must be served by regionally assigned, rather than community based, police agencies, the president said that it is “just a fact" that African-Americans and Latinos are disproportionately stopped by police." And that this was "evidence that race remains a factor in our society."

Well...uh....yes. Perhaps, an analogy about rotten apples might be appropriate at this point.

This was simply an ignorant statement by Obama. His "cherry picking" of statistics on this matter, and his blind partiality for blacks and latinos when they are confronted by white police officers, is a direct consequence of his narrow experience in urban community activism. If he had spent as much time looking at crime statistics in rural areas and suburbs, he would have realized how stupid this statement was.

Aside from any opinions about the appropriateness of Barack Obama’s choice to comment on the benign matter about Gates, his inability to restrain his startling predisposition reveals an ominous underworld of internal substance and motivations regarding race. If it has no other effect, his prejudicial response should have alarmed Vintage America and shaken the foundations of confidence normal people have in the traditional, evenhanded image of the Office of The President.

Many watching the press conference might have concluded that the matter was completely irrelevant to the previous hour during which Obama spoke ineffectively in resolving significant questions about his cataclysmic healthcare reform measure. By his response to Chicago Sun-Times Bureau Chief, Lynn Sweet’s question about Gates’ arrest, Obama actually exposed the preeminent reason for his vigor to effect social change through healthcare reform.

In general, Barack Obama is angry at America. His actions abroad provide adequate insight into his perspective that apologies are required for what he believes are the mistakes of every previous generation of vintage American since America was established by Anglo-Europeans.

Interestingly, Obama seems quite at ease in his role as an apologizer for others when he believes they are at fault, but he seems somewhat impudent when the situation demands recourse from his own error. The Cambridge police department might benefit greatly from an apology by the best apologizer of all, Barack Obama.

In terms of healthcare reform, it should be apparent that Obama resents the quality of life enjoyed by vintage America, in part, as provided by the greatest, and most expensive, healthcare system in the world. Yes, it may be in desperate need of administrative improvement, but even in its current state, it is still the most demanded, best healthcare industry in the world. It employs the best doctors, the most advanced technology and the highest regarded institutions. Obama knows this. He is not stupid. He's simply indignant that some minorities in American society, unfortunately, are excluded for what he believes are reasons of racial demographics, when, in actuality it is because they are unqualified or fail to meet the minimum economic requirements to afford the advanced healthcare offered in the elite sectors of our society. It is the result of the monetization of America's health care industry.

Regardless of the realities of our economy, Obama is possessed by zealotry to redistribute all the components of vintage American life, through the entitlements of healthcare, education and economic preference, to those who he believes are disadvantaged, oppressed and victims of injustice. Victims, like his friend, Dr. Gates.

And, he will attempt to accomplish this by using his speciously endowed power, his ambiguous identity, his ostentatious charm and his secret psychological vendetta to remove monetary and political resources from vintage Americans and reinvest them into demographics he believes are more worthy of his image.

But, the most shortsighted aspect of Obama's ideology comes through his audacious sense of entitlement. He actually believes that affluent members of our society, and medical professionals, have an obligation to provide selective healthcare to minorities.

Obama is proceeding under the resolve that providers must subscribe to his version of entitlement-based healthcare. In the end, this will decimate the quality of the medical profession and utterly drive the best doctors from the industry. No doctor will want to practice medicine in an environment where they are constantly limited in their ability to develop, with their patients, the kind of relationships needed for effective healthcare decisions.

It has become frighteningly obvious that Obama’s agenda, if he succeeds in implementing it, will have apocalyptic ramifications for traditional Americans of vintage heritage.

Vintage America must realize that this man is not intent on changing America for the benefit of all of its citizens. Contrarily, Obama intends to do great harm to the longstanding establishments of traditional America. He is blinded by his personal experience and hatred for the advance citizenry of our nation because he thinks that Vintage America has unfairly assumed jurisdiction over the world's interests. But, what he refuses to accept is that the prosperity of the fittest is a universal truth without regard for his liberal social values.

It is fascinating that Obama has never attempted to conceal his ideology insofar as he has been able to carry out his agenda through traditional political channels and legal shelter. The political climate, and absurd hatred for the previous administration, made his coup that much easier to achieve. And, evidently, we have always had an uneasy suspicion that Obama was a monger of social and community issues related to race, poverty, minorities and entitlement politics to such a degree that the American way of life was at risk.

But, it is only in recent days that we are beginning to see that Obama’s much heralded, inflated personality is beginning to crack and reveal some seething character flaws and a blatantly discriminate mind.

His overt response to a single question about social values, following his mindless rambling around his derisive liberal economic policies, should have told America everything it needs to know about Obama’s authentic motives.

The Mombosan Son has been installed into his place of power. And, now he intends to gain control over the resources, minds and able bodies of the greatest people in human history. He intends to implement a vast policy of indentured servitude designed to evade the conspicuousness of its horror. Although he acts to appease the social values against our historical form of slavery, he is exploiting the shame of those with weakminded contrition and their ignorant hatred for America's societal prerequisites.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Liberal Media Hits Abort Button During Obama's Failed Presser

by Dan Crosby

Displaying his best poker face possible on Tuesday evening during a primetime television broadcast, Barack Obama squandered the better part of an hour-long press conference dancing around, but never actually engaging, every essential, specific question vintage American's have about his apocalyptic health care reform bill.

But, he sure hit a homerun with the proverbial race card at the end.

The evening ended with a question from Lynn Sweet, Bureau Chief of the Chicago Sun Times, which was, in itself, so strangely irrelevant to the previous hour of tribulation over health care reform, that it made the entire press conference seem satirical and meaningless.

But, perhaps distraction was the intention once the liberal media realized how much dumber everyone had become having witnessed Obama's rambling performance up to that point.

So, they hit the most overused liberal abort button ever. Race.

Sweet asked for Obama's perspective on the arrest of black Harvard Professor, Henry Louis Gates Jr., during a response by Cambridge Police to a 9-1-1 call at his residence. Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct after berating Sgt. James Crowley, a white veteran officer of the CPD with 21 years of exemplary service.

According to witnesses, Gates called Crowley a racist and confronted him with racially charged insuations, going so far as to use the term "yo momma" when asked to engage the conversation with officers outside his home during the incident on July 16th, 2009.

In responding to the question, while admitting he was not familiar with the facts, President Obama turned a locally benign incident into a national malignancy by audaciously propping Louis' side in the matter, saying the Cambridge police "acted stupidly" in arresting him at his home.

Living rooms across the nation exploded, "What the hell did he just say?"

But, more importantly, why did he say anything? Obama’s response has prompted millions of Americans to wonder if he suffers from some form of involuntary vocal compulsion.

In recent days, a glaring reality has emerged about America’s first biracial president. The strength of his flamboyant personality can no longer overcome the weakness of his ideologically consumed character.

Yesterday's press conference was a violent confirmation of this fact.

Never, in the history of press conferences, has the introduction of race been so inappropriate and the use of the response "No Comment" been so warranted.

However, even worse is that never in the history of the American presidency has a sitting Chief Executive acted so “stupidly” on a matter of such innocuousness compared to the prevailing subject matter of the evening.

Since Barack Obama became president, there may be debatably legitimate questions remaining about his personal demographics.

But, until now, no one has had an obvious reason to question his character.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Ma'am Boxer's Condescension Reveals Herself, Liberals As The Actual Racists Of Our Time

by Pen Johannson

One foot didn’t fill her big mouth. So, she just had to shove the other one in.

Over the past month, Barbara Boxer (D-CA) has acquired a taste for her own feet. She is one of those rare individuals who, after inserting one in the yammering hole in her face, blindly lusting so much for the appearance of a liberal’s version of diversity, fairness and equality, must shove the other one in as well.

Contrary to the arrogance she used to berate Brigadier General, Michael Walsh, last month, there are some things Boxer has not had to work hard to become. Some things just come easy for the "Ma’am" from California.

Being worthy of the title of “Senator” is not one of them.

Obviously, one of the things Barbara Boxer doesn’t have to work at is offending those who take time from their worthier functions, as members of America’s military and financial sectors, to appear before the meaningless Environment & Public Works committee, over which she presides. Ironically, Boxer tends to assault those who are invited to offer testimony about things she is completely unqualified to make decisions about.

The other thing Boxer is good at is running her mouth without passing the words through her brain first.

In the first instance, on June 16th, Boxer insisted that General Walsh refer to her as “Senator”, rather than the time-honored, militarily correct title of “Ma’am”.

First of all, Boxer revealed her distinct ignorance for the fact that military personnel, and most decent folks who were raised correctly, refer to women who they perceive as an authority as "ma'am". It is an obligatory term of respect, especially from a longstanding, respected military veteran like Walsh.

Secondly, the title of "Senator" was commissioned during the convening of the 7th congress as a way to address members during open debate, not in committee. Boxer needs to bone up on the history of her profession.

Otherwise, there is certainly at least one other gender-specific four-letter title, other than "ma'am", which more accurately resembles Boxer.............if she pleases.

But, the finale’ in Boxer’s foot feast came last week during a meeting with the Black Chamber of Commerce President, Mr. Harry Alford.

Attempting to shove the issue of race into a discussion about energy, Boxer offended Alford, an African American, by suggesting that his position on Cap & Trade was less legitimate on the basis that the NAACP and John Grant, leader of “100 Black Men Of Atlanta”, had different views than his. Obviously Boxer was using race, and more specifically, african american heritage as leverage against Alford's opposition to some of Boxer's liberal views on energy.

Deepening the crevice, Boxer was obstinate, “I am putting in the record a statement from the NAACP.”

And, Mr. Alford’s response was priceless and perfect.

“WHY?” he asked.

Therein lies the jewel.

Indeed. Do tell, Babsy……


What relavence does the NAACP have within a discussion about energy and Cap & Trade?

Apparently, according to Boxer, the National Association For The Advancement Of Colored People suddenly becomes a relevant expert on matters of energy when their views align with Boxer's, while opposing those of another black man who happens to be conservative.

When did the NAACP become an expert in energy? It can’t even function in a role worthy of its acronym, let alone how to find sources of energy.

When did John Grant and the “100 Black Men Of Atlanta” become experts on the issue of Cap & Trade? Why, in a meeting of the Environment And Public Works Committee, did chairma’am Boxer inject a memo, which she specifically attributed to the NAACP, into a discussion about energy with the President of the Black Chamber Of Commerce?

Did she have some noble relevance in defense of an oppressed minority group? Was she citing documents from the NAACP in honor of civil rights or opportunities for blacks?


Unfortunately, there is only one explanation for Boxer’s condescension of Mr. Alford. She was exploiting the demographics of race in order to pander for political support. She was letching skin color shared by members of the NAACP, John Grant and Mr. Alford to prop a liberal psychosis against Alford’s conservative views on energy.

And, she revealed something very ugly and insidious about liberals.

Boxer's condescension of Alford was as shocking as it was perverted. Her depth of arrogant presumption to exercise such thoughtless license, permitted to herself through political party affiliation, was abhorent and repugnant. Her deviance will go on record as the most inappropriate exploitation of the issue of race in congressional history. It was truly despicable.

The most tragic thing, however, is that Boxer has so long been a race mongering degenerate subservient to the politics of demography that she can't even remember when she lost her soul. She didn’t even understand what she had done.

On the contrary, she actually had the audacity to defend her gaff as an elevated attempt to show diversity......

.....about energy?

Barbara Boxer represents an epic debauchery which, at some point, blacks must face about liberalism and the Democrat party of condescension. Blacks must wake up and realize that they are only worth to democrats and liberals as much as their poverty, oppression, helplessness and dependence on entitlement policy allows for the liberal establishment to assume and retain power over their lives. Meeting for the cause of the poor black victim is the essence of liberal identity.

For, when a black man or black woman becomes independent, prosperous and successful they become a threat to the liberal establishment's ability to justify its purpose. Successful blacks are worthless to Boxer's liberal cabal.

Mr. Alford’s knockout punch to Boxer came in a final stanza of his response in which he accurately exposed the true, naked, racist character of Boxer and every liberal who has sold their soul to the god of race politics.

“Senator, we’ve been looking at energy policy since 1996. And, we are referring to the experts. Regardless of their color,” Alford continued, “And, for someone like you to tell me, an African American, college educated, veteran of the United States Army, that I must contend with some other black group, and put aside everything else in here……this has nothing to do with the NAACP, and really has nothing to do with the National Black Chamber of Congress. We are talking ‘energy’. And, that ‘road’ the Chair (Boxer) went down….I think is God awful.”

Alford subsequently appeared on the Dennis Miller radio show during which he summed up his exchange with Boxer, “I was there to talk about Cap & Trade and she wanted to go to ‘colored’ town.”

Finally, an African America speaks the absolute truth revealing the true racists of our time. A prominent, colorless member of American society finally recognizes the insidiousness of race mongering by liberals like Barbara Boxer.

In the end, by her own admission, “working hard” to have a title of “senator”, reveals the utter detestability of allowing a true racist like Boxer to become a leader of anything….let alone something like a congressional committee. In order for a menace like Boxer to have any authority, in the real world, she would have to either commit a crime or engage in immorality to achieve it. Because, no decent, sober person would ever pick someone like her in an election if they were actually afforded the opportunity to become familiar with her true nature.

In this case, she exposed the prevailing liberal view of blacks in America. That they are just one big, victimized black person who needs either pity, condescension or charity.

By this, Boxer has shown that she is a violator of every principle prescribed and recognized by far worthier Vintage Americans before her who have lived authentic lives in the customs of decency and genuine identity.

General Walsh and Harry Alford have seen it first hand. The confrontation with them revealed Boxer’s astonishing imperialistic arrogance…………….and ignorance about her own deficiencies.

Unlike Gen. Walsh and Mr. Alford, Boxer was ensconced into her delusional highness by default election results pandered through a liberal, west coast constituency of reprobates. Her position as a political deviant was achieved only because a deteriorating pool of more qualified humanity who, fearing putrification by association, bore enough wisdom to remain as far away from idiocy, like Boxer’s, as possible, and never serve anywhere near the gutter of Boxer's liberal political ranks. Gutter dwellers like Boxer generally fall into their position simply because better people refuse to take it.

But, the final nail in Boxer's credibility coffin was hammered when Alford referred to her as "ma'am" three times in 15 seconds.

Boxer never even noticed.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Newest Race-Mongering Androphobe At MSNBC

by Dan Crosby

For those of us who relish the self destruction liberals suffer from their beleaguered hatred for conservative white men, Rachel Maddow has emerged as a perfect accessory in the MSNBC tool shed.

When Maddow, the newest, though no less incestuously appreciated, misanglyst of the liberal hackwork, took the air last year, it was easy to overlook her ambiguous feminism. She was a rookie intent on merely doing her job.

Though somewhat mannish, despite her elegance upon the precipice of militancy, Maddow presented herself with agile, sometimes adorable, wordsmithery, while nightly draining herself of a mounting agitation against the melanically challenged.

Then, something happened.

Even though she skirts literalism with the best of them, somewhere along the line, Maddow decided to hate two distinct demographic sectors of American society. Whites and Men.

Watching Maddow now leaves one with an unsettling sense that she thinks her broadcast wedge should end each night praising penis haters everywhere. Unfortunately, Maddow has become yet another nail in the discredibility coffin of MSNBC’s nightly festival of hate against all things Vintage American.

In a recent exchange with Patrick Buchanan, a fellow MSNBC contributor appearing on her self titled happy hour, Maddow probed and prodded the evangelist with a series of blatantly race-oriented questions.

In one completely naked, but characteristic question, Maddow asked, “Why do you think it is that out of the 110 supreme court justices we’ve had in this country, 108of them have been white?”

First of all, only a race-mongering liberal would recognize the demographics of America's supreme court history.

In that moment, only an implement like Maddow could violate the contraceptive against corrupted thought to seek the political nugget of racism within the historical judicial service of vintage Americans over the past 250 years.......when America was anglo-europeans.......who happened to be from a region of the world where the sun shines upon the surface of the earth at a more shallow less duration.........than it does where people have developed a higher density of melanin in their a natural defense against ultraviolet their skin a dark complexion......

In liberal-speak, that means America was settled, created and developed by "evil white devils of non-african origin".

The fantasy response from Buchanan would have been to say, "Well, Rachel, its probably because the United States is overtly favorable to whites and rooted in the belief that light skinned people are just better than dark skinned people in every way. DUH!!"

But, he didn't. But, it would have been fun to hear it. And, this is the mantle for liberals for generations before Maddow was shamefully conceived into American generosity.

Instead, Buchanan’s response was poignant, honest, true, factual and real.

“…White men were 100% of the people who wrote the constitution…..and whites were 100% of the people who signed the declaration of independence….”

We will add the "Duh" for Mr. Buchanan.

Maddow looked like a dear in headlights. Running into Buchanan’s brick wall of logic, Maddow zigged with a follow up as her psychosis deepened.

“So, do you think that the reason there have been 108 out of 110 white justices is because they deserve it?”

Again, Buchanan could have answered with devastating logic by simply saying, “Yes.” But, instead he provided a more generous and thoughtful response.

“My argument would be get the finest minds you can get, get real scholars….”

Imagine that.

Choosing the best qualified individuals to serve in places where their decisions actually effect the lives of those they serve is better than choosing individual based on their race.

Maddow isn't even qualified to understand this concept. Her lust for race mongering and harvesting the treasures of the liberal establishment's hatred of white men drives her into an ever vast separation from reality and humanity.

Citing the two mantles of American history upon which our judicial system was constructed, Buchanan should be praised for remembering the essence of what America was intended to be, and for reminding Maddow about what she is causing it to become.

While Buchanan, a conservatively oriented former presidential candidate, presented a sober rendition of the liberal preoccupation with race in each of his answers, Maddow was hell bent on making his pro-anglo responses appear racially insensitive. However, Maddow only managed to confirm the epic suspicions decent Americans have about the corrupted mind of today’s racist liberal. The actual racists of our time.

His point was well made to those who matter. Buchanan was right. Only when America puts away the foolishness of race-based, minority-coddling idiocy in its municipal process will it find sanctuary from the edicts of racism. And, an end to the liberal dissemination of race based politics for its own benefit.

For, it is within the “good intentions” of liberalized measurement by which minorities are discounted, oppressed and forever relegated to a needful regard. Dregs like Maddow are the reason dark skinned people remain in their desolate place. After all, liberals have proven that blacks serve the liberal establishment better when they are victims and slaves than when they are accountable, independent and prosperous.

In reality, liberals, NOT conservatives, are the actual offense to blacks and minorities because only liberals have an self serving interest in keeping them dependent on entitlement and racial politics. Without the insidious sociopolitical value provided for liberals by the disseminations of demography and race, blacks actually have no purpose or value to the liberal establishment. The greatest enemy to a liberal politician is a prosperous, successful, educated, intelligent, decent black man.

Liberals like Maddow hate it when this truth pierces their bleeding heart. And, what’s more, they absolutely disdain it when it is presented to them by a white male, like Mr. Buchanan.

Afterall, white males are the "devils" of humanity. And, without the "evil"ization of white men in America, what do liberals have to propel their desolate ideology? How can they motivate their minions without the false doctrines promoting hate for white men?


Liberals hate the truth from men like Buchanan. They hate it not because they think it’s wrong. They hate it because it is so fundamentally rooted in the truth that it threatens the cognitive structures of dissonance they have strived for so long to erect in convincing themselves of their delusion. The fact that such a devastating testimony comes from a vintage patriarch makes it unbearable for Maddow, and those who have spent their entire lives cultivating a visceral hatred for their caucasian targets.

Maddow probably hates the fact that the emancipation proclamation was created under the administration of a white, republican male. As though slavery and discrimination never existed before America showed up.

Not only is that racist, it’s hateful of America.

Pat Buchanan was honest, thoughtful and correct about the dissonance of liberals and their exploitation of race in this country.

Maddow should be ashamed for allowing her once credible effort at a career descend into such hateful derision.

For all of her fading potential and wonderful naivety, she has become little more than Keith Obermann.....without the vagina of course.

But, then again……she does work at MSNBC.

Friday, July 10, 2009

As Palin Bids A Victorious Adieu, Liberals Continue To Stalk Her

by Dan Crosby

The maverick strikes again. But, what did you expect? Sarah Palin had to “turn her back” while she still remained a pristine political iconoclast. And, in doing so, she revealed the single most effective way to destroy liberals.

Abandon them.

Remove their food. Stop fighting them. Stop paying them. Stop engaging them. Stop making them the reason for your response. Stop driving toward opposition politics. Stop defending yourself against the indefensible degenerate faction of our society.

Just ignore them………………and they will stalk you.

Finally, a political leader made a refreshing decision based on common sense.

Finally, a politician actually stood on principle, other than a sleazy self interested desire to save their own disingenuous, politically motivated ass. Finally, a leader stood up for the interests of vintage Americans and made a statement about what is right and true.

It’s beautifully poetic that she sacrificed her leadership position to do it. And, in her sacrifice, she simultaneously made herself the new standard bearer for human leadership with integrity, while disconnecting herself from every hate-lust fetish the liberal media has for her.

As the pool of American leadership candidacy continues to depreciate to the left, continuously degraded by the incestuous malignancy of the liberal establishment, our society has been, once again, abandoned by another upstanding citizen.

The liberal stalking of Palin and her family continues even as she commits herself to the preservation of community, while at the very same time, giving hatefilled liberals exactly what they caterwauled for since August of last year. A deviant political culture without the contribution of a decent, honorable, attractive, strong, vintage American.

But, then again, that’s the way America is going. All the good ones are leaving while the liberal idiots flood in like blood thirsty parasites on the "road kill" that used to be a viable nation of advanced human citizenry. Sarah Palin’s departure is just another seal upon the liberal doctrine of destruction against Vintage America.

Let’s be clear. Sarah Palin’s decision to discontinue her duties as Governor of Alaska was not based on any lack in her ability as a leader or her opposition, as much as it was based on her own wonderfully soveriegn common sense. It was simple mathematics harmoniously combined with her love of family and authentic traditional community values.

Her rational assessment of the wasted resources required to defend her decency and normalcy against an aberrant society, being driven into destruction by a deranged liberal establishment, left her with a very easy, and simple decision. Sarah Palin was fed up with being the only decent, rationally minded person in the liberal media's macabre asylum.......and attacked for it.

The America liberal media is now slipping all over its own slobber for Obama trying to hyper-inject some corruption scenario about Palin's exit.

No. Sorry, freaks. It’s nothing that fantastic. It’s just a normal person making a normal decision to put the interests of her faith, her family, her country, and her fellow citizens before her own.

Of course it hurts liberals to realize that the person they’ve been attacking for the last 9 months actually exemplifies an exalted standard of humanity. Sarah Palin represents everything most liberals are forced to accept that which they will never be. Especially liberal women. Palin is loyal, educated, successful, intelligent, professionally and domestically skilled, motherly, athletic, courageous, monogomous, rich, decent, practical, traditional, strong, heterosexual and attractive.

Even if she possessed none of the other characteristics, the last two are enough to send liberals into a hissy.

Democrats are at a loss with Palin. But that is what happens when your delusion is imposed upon by a righteous standard after you've sold your soul to your false political gods. When Palin quit, she simply made a statement that most Americans find refreshing and justified.

Oh, and if Alaskans don’t like it, too bad. They should have gotten off their asses and defended her against the deranged liberal hordes when she was fighting for them.

Sarah Palin is so over-qualified to be a politician anywhere, let alone Alaska. When she began to understand the associative properties that rank with likes of degenerates like Al Franken or Barney Frank, one can easily sympathize with her decision to get away from the sewage.

Of course, she has made the right decision not to subject herself, her family and the decent people of vintage America to the horrors of America's desolate, purposeless liberal political consortium. And, specifically, she is right to not allow the use of tax money to continually defend herself against a perverted, liberal rape squad just so she can remain some obscure idea peddler. Applying for a job selling used cars would be a step up compared to the current opportunities afforded by American government. It would come with more honesty, appreciation and purpose.

America should be thanking Sarah Palin for her service and example while she was gracious enough to be here. Her departure is just another indication that all the wrong people are leaving or dying to preserve a failing nation being taken over by the worst of humanity willing to implement the worst of liberal atrocities.

It is important to remember that America was created when the best of humanity was courageous enough to make the right decision and secede from the tyranny of radical government.

Palin's "defection" is also the right choice.

Good for her.