From Conception...To Election

"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Unaffordable Future: The Baby-Boomer's Requiem

A Baby-Boomer’s Requiem

America is the greatest nation in human history. To be an American means that you are a member of advanced human citizenship. But, the baby-boomer generation has damaged America’s national identity and severely depleted the purpose intended by the founders of our great nation.

We should have learned our lesson by observing the condition they left the place in the wake Woodstock.

Desolate, wasted, ravaged and decimated.

When we present the idea of the “advanced human citizenship” of America, the world fails to counter it with facts or truth. In a world corrupted by political correctness and inductive ignorance, it’s easy to sway with the tide of progressive idiocy and blindly accept the false claims of prejudice in these three conjugate terms. Separately, each term is benign, lacking of insinuation. However, when read together, most baby-boomers might chortle, “Well, that is a racist statement.”

Racist? Nothing about those three words denotes anything about race. Except for the delusional, osmotic creations of the liberal imagination, the concept of “race” has nothing to do with any broad, rational definition of these three words.

Most liberals cannot even produce a sober thought about what defines a person’s race anyway. They usually struggle with confusion about what defines race between skin color, the geographic ancestral origin, maxillofacial characteristics, cultural behavior or a thousand other undefined, immeasurable examples.

Yet, baby-boomers, and their minions, throw the term “racism” about like a “get out of scrutiny free” card. As if parrotting the media rancor against all things demographically discerned, they will somehow legitimize their destruction of our grandparent's dreams.

Sorry. There is nothing about any of the three terms that objectively suggest a distinguishing of any subjective value judgment. The drug induced, selfish state of emotionalism is officially hereby declared obsolete.

Advanced is defined as 'being at a stage of development or progress that exceeds that of other similar people or things'. This denotes no reference to political affiliation, social class or race anymore than saying Kobe Bryant is a more “advanced” basketball player than Barack Obama.

Human is defined as being 'relating to, involving, or possessing characteristic of human beings'. As in, "not primitive or barbaric".

And, finally, Citizenship is defined as the legal status of being a citizen of a country while conducting the duties and responsibilities that come with being a member of a community. Please take special note and emphasis of the words "legal" and "responsibilities" in this Encarta definition.

America is distinguished as the place of advanced human citizenship. This is a characteristic reserved only for a place like America. You will not find it anywhere else. Not Europe. Not Asia. Not Australia. Not Canada. Not South America. Not Africa.

The people who created this nation possessed an understanding and the inspired vision required to engage the endeavor with piousness and hope for the future. They sought freedom from government oppression. They sought to define the rights of humanity and design a national community under laws and boundaries that promoted freedom and the pursuit of happiness and peace.

Let’s not forget why America is the greatest nation on earth, despite the baby-boomer's intentions to sell our children's future for their own personal fortunes. And, more so, let’s make sure the rest of the parasitic world understands this as they attempt to invade us.

Some want to come in peace with a hope for a better life. Some want to come and take from America its value and worth and transfer it to other places, other causes and other demographics. And, still others want to invade our borders, take advantage of our goodness and kill our people.

The idea of America is based on qualities found in the historical doctrines of Judeo-Christian values. America was not founded on religion, but neither was it conceived in a vacuum without the legitimate beliefs of its founders. This has never changed. History is not different just because we have a multitheosophical president, backed by a secular, christaphobic media complex.

Despite liberal hackery to the contrary, America was created on the good news brought through the testaments of the bible, and upon the life teachings and sacrificial character of Jesus Christ. We are not a Muslim nation. We are not a Buddhist nation. We are not a Catholic nation. We are principled nation built upon laws and boundaries defined through the Judeo-Christian values of human decency, sufficiency, accountability, sacrifice and compassion.

But, we are also defined by a rugged, intelligent design. We are merciful, gracious, accepting and powerful. But, we are also jealous, protective, and fierce. We are capacitated for extraordinary violence and destruction, yet we are forgiving, and we are the most generous nation in the history of mankind.

Tragically, the baby-boomer generation's inability to correctly arrange and manage our resources, based on these values, despite our best characteristics, is causing the unnecessary loss of our most valuable treasures. We are currently failing because we lack the fortitude to manage our resources based on the principles of rationality, true charity, grace and intelligence. And, until we insist on correctly managing ourselves again, based on healthy boundaries, discipline and standards of faith-based behavior, America will continue to decline at an alarming rate.

Invaders are near. The world's worst are coming from all corners of the planet, in all form and ill-manner of illegality, terrorism, progressivism, immigration, religionism, governmentalism, self interests, vagabonds, leaches, hatemongers, destroyers, sadists and killers.

The war over our soveriegnty and national legitimacy is at hand.

The baby-boomer's expenditure of our resources in support of a deteriorating, pointlessly violent world has brought us to the brink of fiscal, if not geopolitical, destruction. We find ourselves with the largest debt, and the most profound vulnerability, of any time in our history. We suffer from this loss, in large part, because of the previous generation's lack of honorable, decent national character. Our current reprobation is manifest by their passivity, progressivism, greed, selfishness, and gluttony.

But, in the end, we are the only nation in human history with the strength, thanks to the current generation and our grandparents, to support such folly and survive.

And, now, as the baby-boomer generation, finally, and mercifully, recedes, we are confronted with 60 years of their gluttonous purposelessness and selfish indebtedness.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Remembering My Friend, Shelley “Shelra” Beattie (1967 – 2008)

Certainly, as reasonable people, we all understand that superheroes are figments of a fantastic desire to believe in people with greater abilities than our own. They are, for lack of a better understanding, our projected hope for salvation and the embodiment of our trust for being saved in our time of need. For some of us, it might even be characterized as a desperate anticipation for redemption from past failure when we were perhaps defeated by a personal nemesis formed through insurmountable challenges.

And, when we are blessed to share portions of our existence exclusively with someone who embodies extraordinary character, we are all too often absorbed with the wonderful revelation that we were indeed, in super-heroic form, saved by them.

In the 1980’s, I began attending college in Monmouth, Oregon, where I was introduced to Shelley Beattie by a mutual friend. Being athletes, we found that we had much in common, and struck up what I consider one of the most influential relationships of my life. It was influential not only because of our shared interests in bodybuilding and athletics, but also, more effectually, because of our mutual discovery of faith and hope through youthful exuberance and our resonant, mutual struggle for understanding about the greater purpose for our lives. Shelley was a catalyst in many of my decisions during the early years of my adult life.

By the summer of 1987, Shelley and I had developed a friendship within which we shared a slew of intimate details about our lives. She was never shy to open her heart, nor was I with mine to her. We did all the things that friends do. She always seemed to have a higher wisdom with regard to life’s more difficult questions, and I found myself admiring her for more than her tremendous physical abilities. She had a keen sense of respectful encouragement and requisite dominance over the external implements of the human condition. And, more so, for me, she brought a sense of calm and peace to a very difficult chapter of my life. She blessed everyone with an example of independence, which, in turn, instilled in me an inspiration for my own future. And, she taught me sign language to aid my discussions with her in the company of her other deaf friends.

She was fiercely committed in her efforts to become better and better in her endeavor as a bodybuilder and an overall athlete, but more so, in her life’s purpose as a giver of truth and encouragement to the less advantaged. She possessed a soulful maturity and understood that such accomplishments in physical performance demanded the respect of our society, while helping the weaker and challenged was divine.

And, make no mistake. These definitions of Shelley are not contrived or forced. She was abundantly gifted to pursue success in them. Her commitment commanded my respect and stole my passions, while invigorating my own pursuit of excellence in my endeavor as an athlete, scholar and professional.

One of the most hilarious memories I have with Shelley was in 1992. We were training together as she was preparing for a competition, and I for minor league tryouts. And, as is the practice with natural bodybuilders and athletes, we were taking large amounts of amino supplements and protein powder shakes at the time. Well, as any serious athlete will attest, these dietary enhancements have a profound, and often……flatulent effect on the digestive system. To say the least.

Anyway, since we were forced to accept that it wouldn’t just go away quietly, or odorlessly, we turned the whole affair into a competition, and spent the next several days, while about our daily schedule, bursting forth in each other’s presence with some of the most offensive expulsions ever to emit from the human body. Laughing every time.

In one particularly brazened instance, Shelley sat on my pillow, farted and then proceeded to hold the pillow over my face while torrents of her laughter filled the apartment. I nearly threw up.

Shelley laughed harder during those few days than any other time in the years I knew her. It was profound because I was blessed to witness firsthand the transfiguration when this wonderful girl became a liberated, actualized woman of purpose and genuine intent. Right before my eyes, I saw Shelley Beattie attain victory over the wounds of her youth and become one of the most admired and highly regarded icons in her respective endeavor.

Those times were an inspiring contrast to some other less enjoyable revelations earlier in our relationship, however. In one instance, Shelley called me one afternoon in tears. I was at such a loss to console her, and could not convince her to discuss the reason for her sadness at the time. She struggled to calm herself and ended the conversation by thanking me for “being a friend to her”, but, I was reluctant to hang up because I sensed that the matter was far from resolution in her. I invited her over for a movie and we spent some couch time milling over the status of each of our lives and bad mouthing my lazy roommates. Shelley was a true motivator.

Later, in one of our late night discussions sometime in 1990, Shelley told me about her years in foster care and the difficulty she had with memories of abuse. When she began to cry, I found myself momentarily helpless, again. I just wanted to make things right for her. I wanted to fix the problem and get on with our friendship. But, I didn’t know how. Until that moment, at 22, I had never seen myself as the one to readily provide “good counsel” to her. That was always her job. She was always the superhero in difficulties like that.

So, remaining patient, having found another precious moment with her, we began to discuss things in terms of a higher power, and salvation. After a few hours, she was once again her effervescent self, teasing and laughing at my impressions of “Hans & Frans” from the Schwarzeneggeresque Saturday Night Live bit, showing me her muscles and putting me in my inferiorly masculine place.

At the time, neither of us had ever confessed a Christian faith. I guess we had always assumed that our lives were obviously the creation of something far more important than our own intentions and desires. But, on that night, Shelley told be something that remains seared in my memory, and will remain so for the rest of my life.

Now, I have read and heard many of the accolades and compliments conveyed upon Shelley. I wrote about her experiences as a bodybuilder and, later, as the first version of “Siren” on the 1990’s show, “American Gladiators” and used the exalting quotes of interviews with her family, friends and competitors. Her image is grand and beautiful and her dominant capacity as an athlete was witnessed and well known by many.

Now, please understand, it is not my intention to make this into some evangelical opportunity. But, one thing that many may not have known, or maybe they knew but never acknowledged, was that Shelley realized a need in herself for a better relationship and understanding with Jesus Christ. Not in some fake, religious sense. But, in a genuine, objective, though desperate inquiry, into the viability of possible salvation through the expressive hope from the loving father she lamented to have never had.

She said, “I need Jesus.”

It was significant for me, because she was the first person to ever present the issue of Christian faith to me, in that way. She simply conveyed an authentic moment that had a genuine and lifelong affect on me. And, I shall carry those words she shared with me forever. Not for their potentially oppressive armament, but because they were real, and honest.

I never had the impression, or heard from Shelley herself, that she was suffering from mental illness. I always knew she wrestled against internal conflict and physiological imbalance, but it was never manifest into something as clinically defined. I always considered her mild moodiness a product of her brutal training regimen. In normal times, I only recalled her reverence and zest for life, and hope for greater things.

Keeping in communication after college for several years, I gradually lost touch with Shelley in 1997, as friends sometimes do. It’s never intentional, or meant to abandon the loves of our past, but it just happens that we contently hold them in high regard through remembrance and joyful recollection. I was so lucky. For nearly 10 years after we met, despite decreasing contact, she remained a significant figure in my life and is still loved and honored as a life altering, apocalyptic friend.

Sadly, I learned earlier this year that Shelley passed away last February at age 40, succumbing to the ravages of a long battle with severe bipolar disorder.

And, after the tears and joyful stories, perhaps we should also take from it that often, the pitfall in being such a prolific, strong figure as Shelley was, it is sometimes very difficult for the rest of the common world to understand or believe that they might need help sometimes from us, as well.

“Shelra”, a name I gave her in reference to the He-Man superheroine companion, She-ra, carried more than her share of life’s burdens. Upon learning of her passing, I began to search the detailed memories I have of our past together for some insight, or “forensic” evidence, posthumously, that might lend comfort to my selfish, ignorant misunderstanding.

I guess a part of me always believed that Shelley and I might get to see each other again, and, perhaps share laughter and conversation about our years in perpetuity.

But, therein rests the final, most significant conveyance from "Shelra", the mortal. She used to tell me to not be afraid and to live life to the fullest without apprehension when I knew I was right.

And, she believed in me, even when I did not. Evident in the time when she abandoned me halfway through a 29 mile, excruciating, bike ride in order to force me to finish the torturous event on my own, without her help.

At the end, I was near collapsing and had to stop along the country road between Monmouth and Falls City to rest. As the sun began to set, I was content to lay there and die. But, she would have none of it.

Suddenly, on the horizon, at the far end of a long, hot stretch of road, Shelley appeared. She had made it home ahead of me and waited just long enough to see if I would make it on my own. When it became apparent that I was not going to make it, she jumped in her car and came to the rescue.

"I just wanted you to make it as far as you could on your own," she said, "I would never actually leave you out here all night. Good job."

I was sore for a week. But, Shelley saw me home safe.

And still, she remains my personal superhero. She made my life better than it would have been otherwise had I never known her. She improved the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of people, and made my experiences as a young, naïve, pretentious collegian, and young adult, not just survivable, but fully victorious.

I owe a lot of my current success, and peace, in life to the years I spent with Shelley Beattie. I regret missing the opportunity to express to her how significant she was to my life in those “lost” years. I know she knew it, innately though, based on our profound time together. But, like any loss of love, through our unavoidable mortality, we always seem to think we could have done more to make the one in passing understand and value the experiences of our shared commonality more.

But, we are never able to do so.

I can scarcely find the words to express the love and admiration I have for my friend. It will forever be her overflowing laugh, that glaring, cute curl-lipped smile, and her festive personality, through which she birthed upon an undeserving world her example of selfless purpose, personal tenacity and loving commitment. The memory of her reassuring embrace after our last conversation sometime in the mid 1990’s will be the framed icon of her life in my heart for the rest of mine.

She will forever be the Ambassador of my salvation.

Everyone should have the blessing and privilege of a “Shelley Beattie” in their life, as I did.
It just might save you, too.


Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Transparency Of An Opaque President

In the ongoing investigation into Barack Obama’s identity, Dr. Alan Keyes continues to courageously protest the authenticity of the newly installed president’s eligibility for public service. In the absence of fundamental and basic information about his identity, Obama remains unwilling to offer any answers to questions about his right to serve in, not only his currently assumed position as acting president of the United States, but in any American political office at all.

Evident from yet another of many liberal media misrepresentations of the issue, the defunct L.A. Times presented a load of factless blather about Mr. Keyes’ current sortie against the Obama fraud. Among several misconstruents, The Times parrots, with absurd insistence, that the Certificate Of Life Birth, previously presented as a scanned image on no less than three notoriously liberal websites, and since proven a forgery, remains sufficient for Obama to receive the approval stamp of eligibility of America.

Also, consistent with its conceptual deficiencies, the Times proceeded to disregard truth by misquoting the Constitution, attempting to shoot a pro-Obama plug under the radar as an acceptable comparison between Obama's claims of being an “American citizen” and the Constitution’s actual prescription that any president MUST be a “Natural Born Citizen”.

The L.A. Times, like many of its incestuously assembled, nepotistic cohorts in print media, would prefer these distinctions are not brought to light in order that they might perpetuate their gross deceptions that Obama’s current citizenship is sufficient to be the President, as though Obama’s status as an American citizen was the issue in play here. Though the liberal media may wish it so, his current citizenship status is not in question, his NATURAL BORN STATUS is.

The issue is, and will forever remain, whether or not the man was a born within the constitutionally defined clarifications, based on crucial and necessary protections of American sovereignty, and how that birthright affects his eligibility to be a U.S. president.

Obama’s current citizenship status is irrelevant to the questions of his eligibility to be president. Other questions about his eligibility to hold office as a state senator, on the other hand, might be prompted by the Times’ story, though. For example, the current governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is an American citizen. He is not a natural born citizen. He is not eligible to serve as president under current constitutional law.

The U.S. Constitution prescribes wonderful and enlightening guidance. But it does NOT only say "a president must be born an American citizen", as the L.A Times, and most pro-Obama media puppets exploit in their pathetic attempt to downplay the reality of Obama's ominous identity issues. But, most mainstream media establishments are far too market-drunk to discern these significant, maligned differences.

More correctly, the Constitution states that a president must be a "natural born citizen", not only an American citizen.

The founding fathers were as right then, as they are today. The standard bears upon the current invaders of our sovereign nation and confronts them with the truth about their fraudulent implements.

Therefore, in the wake of Obama’s intentional unwillingness to be transparent, Keyes’ indictments of his lack of disclosure are appropriate. Obama’s hollow biography is only the first of a slew of insurmountable suspicions that Americans have about this man of many obscurities, and his narrow, invasive ideology.

Whether intentional or passive, Liberal’s ignorance on the matter of constitutional eligibility is not surprising. The leftist horde was too politically orphaned and morally desolate to care about playing by the rules. And, as such, they were unable to find legitimate candidacy among advanced persons. Driven by their blind, hysterical support for anyone, foreign or domestic, who remotely resembles the liberal image of their beholding, it is plausible to consider they would have voted for a confirmed serial killer had he ran for office against the incumbent.

Obama’s failure to appoint several cabinet members because of criminal behavior should serve as diagnostics when evaluating his own integrity. Tax evasion, violations of constitutional eligibility law and bribery are only gateway offenses serving the intentions of the liberal establishment. And, now, the truly valid of our vintage nation suffer most from the misfortunate appointment of a man contrived in such blatant “otherness”.

Unfortunately, the ascendance of such an obscure, media promoted personality as Obama, is the best they could do to counter the manifest context of the previous administration. The rank motivation democrats cite as justification for installing the current usurper falls summarily between the lines of willful misinterpretation of black history and a psychotic lust for redemption for jilted liberals still full of blind, rabid hatelust for George Bush.

Whether or not Obama is a natural born citizen is yet to be clarified. And, this is the terrible dilemma.

What if he is not who even the liberals think he is? What does that mean for those of us in the "I told you so" know. If the inmates even know the warden is crooked, how do the rest of us justify the system?

Posthumously, Americans can assume that, until his eligibility is clarified by an official, non-partisan review of his historical, residential, immigration, education and voting records, Mr. Obama is merely a character participating in a pretend presidency on behalf of the liberal establishment, and the Democrat-ran Congress.

We all remember the commission of our fathers when they taught us that remaining silent when the truth is demanded is the same as lying.

But, then again, Obama never knew his father, or ours.

Dr. Keyes is only one of millions of Americans who have valid, justified and unanswered questions about the authenticity of Obama's identity. Failure to recognize this fact on the part of the liberal media, democrats and cowardice apologists, is one of the primary factors in the imminent decline in credibility of this so-called authentic, transparent man of change.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


In yet another of a series of contrived schemes to reengineer the social structure of America, the Obama administration is now attempting to underhandedly assume an unprecedented jurisdiction over the Census Bureau.

The exploitation of census data has massive economic, social and political implications which could potentially serve liberal entitlement and social justice ideologies by confiscating money from programs and communities that Obama and his droning Democrat's deem unfit for such support, and giving those tax funded resources to those who subscribe more to the liberal definition of "more deserving" based on historical justifications.

Abraham Lincoln may not be rolling over just yet. But, he is stirring.

And, while most Americans remain oblivious to Obama’s methods of implementing his redistributionist dominion, Obama, himself, understands that assuming control over the Census is the gateway through which his Trojan Horse, full of his entitlement doctrine warriors, may enter.

If it wasn't so evil, it would be genius. The end game being a complete and total obligation of the secular definitions of equality and social justice, based on psychotic neo-liberal romanticism, if not outright paranoid delusion.

Are you scared yet?

Demographic and population data harvested by the Census is used to determine the amount of federal money that is distributed to states and cities. This redistribution effort is based on a community's economic development, demographic and racial composition, protected class population, commercial development and property valuation. The census also serves as a primary data source to establish and revise the geographical boundaries of Congressional districts, which in turn determines the number of new seats states with increasing populations can assume, giving potential party majority advantages over states with populations that remain consistent or decrease.

As populations in rural areas, which have traditionally been conservative in their political composition, tend to grow slower compared to urban populations, they are subject to decreasing proportions of federal tax funding. Per capita, this diminishes federal support for everything from college grants to infrastructure and utility projects. Even though rural populations continue to grow, the municipal needs of these communities are unmet or deprived by a continuously decreasing percentage of federal funding dollars.

It’s no secret that democrats and liberals alike prefer that America's, and the world's, populations were more conveniently “accessible” to government intervention through urbanization. The systematic “herding” of the American people for the purpose of expanding dependency upon government is one of the apocalyptic impositions of Obama’s covert plan to draw upon the resources of our work force and exploit the vintage qualities of our rural, traditional and conservative heritages.

The most tragic result of this discrimination, however, is that it forces rural populations to migrate to urban centers where federal funding for services and infrastructure provide a “politically” preferred quality of life. The insidiousness of this human culling, is that it attempts to not only force the integration of unwilling demography, it creates an artificial economic ideology that completely relies on entitlement paradigms and municipal dependency while it rails against the commonly accepted laws and fundamentals of freedom and capitalistic development.

The danger in allowing Obama’s executive confiscation of the Census is that there is now real potential for under-representation of traditionally conservative districts while the populations of urban based democrat districts are potentially over-counted based on party loyalty rather than the actual economic and social characteristics of a particular community. Even when the population data is accurately accounted, census demographic data is not.

When economic and sociopolitical data is misinterpreted, the politicization of a community’s actual economic indicators is inevitable. For, this is the defining characteristic of liberalism: To define the masses based on their common dependency on communal resources, rather than by their potential for independent success and indivual achievement. The liberal doctrine is to maintain a chronic underachievement of people for the purpose of that people's continued support of liberal socialist expansion, government entitlements and welfare dependence.

Along with the monstrous $1 Trillion economic spending bill, the census bureau, under executive control, can be abused to provide political justification and deception for Obama’s redistribution of America’s wealth. Not to mention that the quantity of congressional representatives can give a decided enduring advantage to one political party over another, possibly for decades, with regard to the electoral college, as well as, congressional voting.

This episode of Obama’s plot confronts us with appalling questions about the future of this nation. What will we become of this nation if this conspirator is allowed to “remake America” in his image and remove from responsible, authentic citizens the right and power to govern over the implementation and value of their own personal and intercollective work? What happens to the best of America's advanced human citizenship when its populus is subjugated through the confiscation and systematic redistribution of its value?

When it talks like an advocate of the human condition while contemptuously exploiting a specific demographic for its economic and industrial resources, you call it what it is.


More sick than this, however, Obama's liberal constituency has another name for it. They call it "justice".

More accurately, we call it despicable.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

40 Acres And A Frisbee

Running in the shadow of Abraham Lincoln, Barrack Obama has made his first big move as a crisis resolver. And, it comes in the form of the largest money give away in American history.

Now that the Democrat led congress, and their manservant, have imposed the most oppressive, financially burdening economic reparations bill in human history, it can finally be said that the yolk of slavery, in the fiscal sense at least, has officially been piled on to vintage America. While this bill will most certainly reduce the value in worth of every American for decades, the essential citizens of this nation are now on the tax hook for nearly $20,000 of debt, for every man, woman and child, in the short term.

In what can be characterized as a bureaucratic amalgamation of FDR’s "New Deal", Lincoln’s "Emancipation Proclamation" and Marx’s "Communist Manfesto", Obama’s ARARA Bill, in essence, issued the modern version of Sherman’s “Special Field Orders, No. 15” award to so-called “bushed” liberals in the form of a 1 Trillion dollar confiscation stratagem disguised as legitimate legislation. The bill basically redistributes about 800 billion dollars of our grandchildren’s worth into a mix of government expenditures with a predominance of liberal pet projects and lobbyist pay outs.

So, just exactly what are we reinvesting in?

Frisbee golf courses, fish ladders and contraception.

The redistribution of America’s wealth is underway, and the liberals in control offer no apology for their brazened audacity at “Remaking America” in their image. House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi stood staunchly before reporters yesterday saying, “You cannot allow the perfect to be the enemy of the effective and of the necessary, and we will not.”

But, that is as humble as it gets for the scorned democrats. They are insistent and stubborn in their ideological interpretation of what's "effective", and what is "necessary". And, though facts be damned, they are making the hasty choice to shove it all through before any of us can get a handle on what’s happening.

Where is Andrew Johnson when you need him?

How can we sustain such reckless fiscal irresponsibility?

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Winning the position of power means you actually have to be accountable for the decisions you make.

The democrats were completely caught of guard by the possibility that one frightening ramification of their attempt at solving the current economic problem might be accepting the full accountability for the failure of it, without the Republican's participation or support.

And, now, it would appear the Republicans are more needed than everyone thought. Imagine that.

Apparently, the possibility of the Democrat's solely caused destruction of America would simply not go well with all of the rapturous hope-mongering, foolish campaign promises and buck passing they used to mesmerize America's genial political middle, while heaping such heinously contrived negative scandal upon the Republican incumbent administration. After all, it does no good to tell voters how bad the other guy is when your potential failure might actually be worse.

So, now the Democrats seek bipartisanship when it is required to shoulder failure. They actually want the powerless republicans to share in the possible loss, even though it would truly be a no win situation for the Republican party if its members support the bill. If the republicans agree to support the bill and it fails to lift America out of this depression, both party's incumbents will be on the chopping block in 2010.

On the other hand, if Republicans support the bill and it succeeds, Obama and the democrats would retain more political credit further relegating the Republicans to an even more diminished position.

So, what's the incentive for the minorities in Congress?

The Republicans are correct to snub Democratic pandering for shared responsibility of this eventual legislative train wreck.

The most astonishing words yet came from Dick Durbin (D – Illinois) when, speaking about the stimulus bill debate, he said, “If we have the same result in the senate (with this bill), as we did in the house, with no Republican participation……..THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS WILL CONTINUE?”

Audacious, fear mongering vitriol, like Durbin's, is what is preventing solutions to this economic crisis, not lack of participation by a powerless, minority party whose votes have no consequence to the passage or rejection of any legislation, anyway. If Durbin and his cabal feel so confident this bill will work, then America's advice to the Democrat supermajority is, "Pass it. And, live with the consequences."

Or, did we just hear a lead democrat spokesperson on the hill for Obama come to the realization that America, in fact, has no confidence in this bill? If democrats had absolute confidence in their bill, given their total majority in all leadership positions, why do they need Republican cooperation to pass it, otherwise?

If Democrats don't have more confidence than that in their bill, then why should the American people support it?

Obviously Durbin and the rest of the Democrats do not understand what having a mandate means. Based on this rambling derisiveness toward the republican minority, one might wonder who actually won the election in 2008.

And, still the Democrats are pining hard for the support and cooperation of Republicans. Apparently, they have not yet grasped the concept that the American people have indeed given them what they wanted and elected them as the near supermajority party with power to pass legislation without the cooperation or support of any opposing political party. It appears they need to be reminded that they are the majority in power.

As the stakes have risen, the democrat’s dysfunctional codependency is showing through that thin layer of post-election bravado. They are beginning to realize the responsibility, and terror, that goes along with creating the most expensive bill in human history.

When the economy began to fail, the democrats were frothing at the idea of mounting their brutish steed, riding into the breech to save us all from the evil Bush horde. They had it all worked out that they would get to be the glorious authors of a new order garnished with grand implements of salvation and redemption.

However, they failed to imagine, until recently, just what a political risk it would be to take exclusive responsibility for 1 trillion dollars of our grandchildren’s livelihood. The political ramifications are catastrophic to the democrat party if this bill fails to lift the American economy.

In an amazing karmic bait and switch, Democrats are getting the lesson republicans received on September 11th, 2001. Despite the risk of political demise, a lasting, effective, comprehensive solution requires the responsibility for its certain criticism from outsiders, and the possibility that it might not work. And, what’s more, that this responsibility will have to be shouldered by them alone.

Even Barrack Obama is still campaigning. Does this man understand the difference between winning an election and the post-election governing process when given a mandate such as his?

Let’s be honest. The shiny new president is desperate and scared. And, we all know why. Even the charlatans of the left understand that the American people will demand blood if this colossal democrat-designed legislation fails.

And, yes, contrary to the liberal fanatic’s delusion, there are things in the democrat laboratory that are worse than the evil Dr. Bush. It is unacceptable for Obama and the democrats to justify such a burdensome fiscal oppression simply because of their constituent hatred of the previous president. Imposing a monstrous one trillion dollar pig just because you think anything you pass is better than what Bush did is simply a desecration, if not criminal. And, the republicans are correct to stay as far away from this Frankenstein as possible.

Obama’s pandering does not help reprimand conservative suspicion that he is nothing more than a highly promoted appliance installed in the wake of a brazen democrat campaign. For nearly a year prior to the election, America was aurally assaulted by liberal pundits and hatelusting media yap that waned between slobbering celebritism and teeth-gnashing, psychotic hatred for the incumbent.

And, now the liberal establishment wants to be taken seriously?

Speaking before fellow minions on February 5th, Obama employed his most notable statesmenlike quality, using sarcasm to convey that a massive, generation-burdening loan, disguised as legitimate legislation, would, by twisted liberal logic, instill confidence in the American public.

Obama has proceeded to excoriate republicans, of which by the way, he needs no help to gain passing votes for this bill, for their unwavering insistence that the economy needs less of Obama or Pelosi and more American industriousness.

The hypocrisy in Obama’s actions is that he, himself, promised broad tax cutting for “95%” of America during the campaign. But, now he is accusing Republicans of "bringing the same old tired arguments in support of tax cuts".

And, now he is the one talking about “catastrophic consequences” if we don’t agree with his brand of stimulation.

Look who's fear mongering now?

Enough. Let's just tell it like it is.

Obama and his cohorts in congress are simply too cowardice to invoke personal responsibility for their bill and the prerequisite unilateral authority to which they were elected. And, now they have become completely spineless when confronted with the accountability for passing this gargantuan bill. Therefore, they have engaged a desperate recovery campaign attempting to draw the republicans into the fray contriving a lascivious pre-salvage effort in the event all hell breaks loose.

The sick thing about this is that they are putting more credibility in their political reputation as a party than they are giving consideration for the well being of coming generations in America.

And, that is an indictable offense in the eyes of America.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama Vetting Failures Raise Ominous Questions

The disqualification of three Obama nominees has triggered the belated awareness of a sleepy mainstream media and revitalized America's requisition for legitimate answers to some longstanding, potentially apocalyptic, and menacing questions about the indentities and origins of those who have taken control of the U.S. Government.

Obama may not be able to proceed with the business of "remaking America" before he puts to rest the concerns the nation, and perhaps the world, has about the current processes and standards used to confirm and disclose the identities of America's most important leaders.

Regardless whether or not eligibility for public service is affirmed or denied by any available information, it is the height of irresponsibility to allow anyone to govern over the resources of free people without first providing commensurate cause for their confidence and understanding of that leader’s identity and precipitance of origin.

The ascendance of invisible, anonymous officials cannot be tolerated in a democracy if that democracy is expected to survive. For, it is in the very moment that phantoms become rulers that the seeds of tyranny are sown.

Throughout the year prior to the 2008 election, questions about the eligibility of candidates, from both political parties, ambled along the internet’s video cavalcade and blogosphere community. Based on “Google” search data reports, nearly 500 million people world-wide have searched for “non-mainstream media” material involving the illegitimacy of Obama, and his departmental and cabinet nominees.

After the third of five suspect Obama nominees withdraws from the appointment process, the malfunction of the Democrat’s vetting standards has triggered legitimate nation wide debate about the eligibility and fidelity of Obama personnel now assuming control of our government.

Apparently, now under the pressure of a rampaging 1 trillion ton gorilla, the mainstream media finds the issue worth paying attention to. Well, good morning, sunshine!!! We thought you were going to sleep through the entire election cycle.

So, let’s get caught up on a few things before your “Morning Joe”.

Your recently elected gorilla is moving ahead with extreme legislative prejudice. And, unfortunately, three cage mates escaped.

Hillary Clinton proceeded unabated into the State Department’s head job despite Obama knowing that her appointment would violate constitutional statutes governing salary limitations. Tim Geitner was stealthily, and ironically, installed by Obama as the “Head of Taxes” despite failing to meet his own legal obligations to remit taxes himself. Not surprisingly, Google records also show that searches of Tim Geitner’s situation was summarily followed by the most massive use of the chat ellipsis, “WTF?” in internet history.

But, perhaps most egregiously, Barrack Obama, himself, was crowned president by the dysfunctional vigor of oblivious, hate-driven, electoral drones despite a fathomless abyss of questions about everything ranging from his constitutional eligibility, citizenship, natural born status, immigration records, legal name, racial origins to educational aid recipient records.

It is important that America understands that none of the questions about the aforementioned personnel currently serving in the U.S. government have ever been thoroughly addressed to the satisfaction of the American public or cleared by ANY publicly disclosed, federally standardized, vetting procedure. Not one.

Fortunately, it appears the damage of political impropriety, and its consequential threat to the honcho in charge, has taken precedence over the importance of simply following the basic principles of our Constitution in the first place. Some of the suspected degenerates were asked to step aside before their misconduct had destructive ramifications to bigger-wigs.

Bill Richardson withdrew from nomination to the Department of Commerce because of alleged contractural impropriety as governor of New Mexico. Learning a lesson from the Geitner fiasco, Tom Daschle and Nancy Killefer were asked to withdraw their names after their respective candidacies were disqualified when it was discovered they also failed the tax test.

As the dominoes begin to fall, it was also recently reported that Charlie Rangle, (D) New York, is being investigated for failing to correctly report nearly $239,000 in assets.

And, it goes on and on.

So, why is the media paying attention now? Why are these developments of governmental impropriety suddenly reportable while the prior cries for help by the American people were ignored as despots were given a pass?

Well, first of all, we obviously need a better reporting system. Until now, the media, amidst its own politically-driven moral desolation, has completely failed to acknowledge the legitimate discussion about these violations of eligibility standards and disregard for securities laws on the part of Obama’s administration. And, the entire media establishment should be ashamed of its blatant and despicable dereliction.

Of course, we all know the matter has been totally ignored by the liberal media broadcast organizations. This is expected. But, this “black out” is also due in large part to failure by what have traditionally been considered as balanced cable media outlets. Fox News, the “Fair And Balanced” network intentionally fumbled the Obama eligibility story out of a cowardly fear of being labeled by leftist fanatics as “loony” by association.

Apparently, the media’s angle secure, it now appears the appointment of ineligible high ranking officials is not only a possibility, it’s a fact based certainty. Now, despite the previous deafening silence from the media, the issue has suddenly galvanized into legitimate discourse throughout mainstream America.

But, now its too late. America prefers “You-Tube” and “The Daily Pen” over “The O’reilly Factor” and “The Wall Street Journal.”

So, now that the rest of the media complex has been slapped across their oblivious faces, we can finally all choose, collectively, to be aware of this malfeasance. And, in doing so we will ask the manifest questions commensurate to our revelations.

Just exactly what are the standards of eligibility for public service in the United States Government?

More importantly, do we even know if those with power over our worth as a tax paying nation currently meet the minimum requirements for a position to serve us?

Apparently, no one on planet earth is willing to say. Either they don't know, don't show or don't care about what's going on in this Godforsaken zoo.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The verdict is in. Democrats don't mind raising taxes on the rest of us because they simply don't pay them themselves.

Some Americans, on the other hand, understand that the relationship between character and paying taxes is sublimely latent. Remaining blameless requires accountability for one and responsible accounting at the other.

Democrat leaders appear to lack capacity for both.

In all fairness, however, where else should we expect to find contempt for paying taxes other than from those who are driven by a psychotic lust to assume jurisdiction over the productive value of others, in absence of their own, and redistribute it through the disingenuousness of entitlement-based social justice, to passive indigents……in exchange for votes?

CPAs will now need to explain to democrats that, contrary to their desolate political opinions, winning elections is indeed NOT a license to violate U.S. Tax law and that the lawful remittance of taxes is a sign of responsible stewardship, not patriotism.

The new benefactors of the liberal economic rapture need to understand that taxation was actually enforced long before Obama was enthroned AND that America was created by honored agents of real change acting in defiance of unjustifiable tyrannical taxation at the hands of, perhaps as even today, a foreign born ruler.

But, hey, welcome to the party. Better late than never.

As punishment for their tardiness, the newly installed beacons of America’s economic future should be required to write every word of the enigmatic U.S. tax code on a monstrous chalk board while the rest of us bang the erasers we use to reform it upside their Dunce-capped heads.

Then, we should call Rod Serling to conduct the rest of these ridiculous confirmation hearings.

So far......badly done, Democrats. Very badly done.

Hopes Daschled !!

Symptomatic of the Obama administration’s continuing disregard for all things pristinely lawful, Tom Daschle was the second vestibulating nominee from the ever increasingly ironic democrat party to be found delinquent in his duty to render that which is Caesar’s.

As we approach April 15th, that gasp you just heard was the sound of three million American tax accountants fainting at the prospect of having to explain to their clients why they indeed are not allowed to ignore nearly $ 400,000 in perks from their employers even though the highest appointed officials in our government seem to think its permissible.

Again, we must stress the substance of the characters involved here. Doing so will help curb astonishment.

When everyone regains consciousness, perhaps smelling salt should be handed out to Obama nominees during the vetting process. Then, a good face slapping and a cold shower should be required before we explain to the rest of upstanding America that even though the criminal act of tax evasion applies to the common man, it apparently is a “minor” mistake when committed by those tapped to actually lead the part of the government that enforces laws against it.

And, Rod Serling will lead the confirmation hearing.

Of course, we must realize that the relationship between behavior and taxability is sublimely latent in this case. One requires accountability, the other requires accounting. Both are lacking in the liberal mind.

Where else would one find a complete contempt for paying taxes other than from those who are driven by psychotic lust to horde the productive value of others and give it to the passive indigent in exchange for votes?

And, who else, other than a liberal politician, would we expect to mandate the oppression of taxation on the nation's best achievers, from whom hypocrites like Daschle draw their parasitic livelihood, while using those tax funds to implement social reengineering that diminishes the capacity of those very same achievers?

We all understand that Tom Daschle is a perennial member of the tax and spend liberal cabal. This is not news. But, it is, to paraphrase our newly installed helmster, “...the height of irresponsibility,” for any prospective departmental leader to have this kind of deficiency in conscientiousness or such lack of diligence. Quite frankly, it’s despicable.

Not only should Mr. Daschle not be allowed to serve in any leadership position governing over resources from the American tax payer, he should be formerly investigated for other possible wrongdoing or unethical violations.

And, Daschle was quoted in 1998 on the senate floor, saying, “…those who cheat in their duty to pay taxes hurt all of us….”


Someone should inform the new liberal hypocrisy in Washington they are not obligated to actually tie all this rope they are getting into nooses. They don't need to help their political rivals find methods for their demise. Republicans can handle that on their own.

At the risk of stating the obvious, they may, however, need to be reminded that America has an electoral chopping block every two years. And, from what we are seeing of this gang of suspects, they seem to be lining up and proceeding in droves, without leading, to the November gallows without so much as a jeer required out of the republican minority.

Honestly, can they make this any easier?