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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


SLAPPIN’ A J-HO: Evident by conflicting accounts between ABC News and Washington Post columnist, Jason Horowitz, it is apparent the liberal media is willing to intentionally fabricate diametric lies about Mitt Romney’s alleged involvement in a high school incident a half century ago in an effort to smear his image while completely disregarding the truth about Obama’s fraudulent, illegitimate presidency.   
Commentary by Dan Crosby

NEW YORK, NY - One shutters at the impending punishment coming for the liberals serving the corrupt mainstream media for their abetment of Obama’s fraudulent presidency.  Now, it appears we can add the crime of defamation to their roster of offenses.  

Then again, reporters like Jason Horowitz of the Washington Post and those shoveling for Obama at ABC News might plea insanity when judgment comes.  It has become apparent the behavior of big media, as a result of eroding morality caused by their ongoing abetment of Obama’s lies and fraudulent presidency, has now metastasized from mere delusion into a full blown psychotic break from reality.
Considering the epic lies propagated over the past four years, by print media like the Washington Post and broadcast networks like ABC News, in a despicable effort to hide Barack Obama’s fraudulent identity and lack of constitutional eligibility to even hold the office the presidency, one would think a Post reporter, like J-Ho, would be able to come up with a better one than fabricating witness testimony in order to paint Mitt Romney as a homophobic bully when he was a teenager.  (Apparently, teenaged boys in the 1960s serve as the standard used by Horowitz to determine examples of acceptable social behavior today). Or, one might expect ABC News, a comrade-in-lies, would back him up on the smear piece.   
Unfortunately, for J-Ho and many liberal mainstreamers who continue to bend over for Obama, the deranged media finds itself in an ever accommodating position to shovel lies, in support of Obama and against his opponents, making it more difficult to cover each other’s…well, you get the picture.  For ABC News, it has apparently become impossible.   
Regardless, this recent pile of manure about Romney must be confronted.  Obama’s ravaging need to feed his lies grows heavier and deeper upon the media every day.  The strategy to protect his illegal presidency must be constantly serviced and changed in order to respond to mounting truth and crushing evidence against him, of which there is no shortage.  There is no law against the truth. 
However, the law of diminishing returns has condemned the abettors of Obama’s deception long before they ever told their first lie.  They are losing more and more ground the faster they shovel.  Obama is forced to move faster and faster from lie to lie in order to survive.  Eventually, the speed of truth will catch them all…and death of their reality will occur.  This is actually illustrated by a scientific application called the Marginal Value Theorem.
In the study of politics, the Marginal Value Theorem (MVT), typically applied in behavioral ecology, can also be used to describe the ability of a politician to “feed” plausible information, which is based within the acceptable boundaries of mutually acknowledged truth, which is the “food” of credibility, to his or her constituency, without being forced to migrate to another patch of lies in order to support waning credibility.  The more the progressively increasing need for information demanded by the public between “feedings”, the faster the politician’s credibility erodes at twice the rate of the ability of the magnitude of the lie needed to sustain it. 
Simply put, every moment Obama exerts effort to hide his illegitimacy, aided by his liberal media horde, political death approaches at an accelerating rate.
There is no shortage of defenders of Horowitz, however.  Tom McGeveran wrote a dissonant piece at in which he justifies Horowitz part in the lie by implying that ABC News is wrong, not Horowitz.  He writes: 

“There is of course the one thing, the question of whether Stu White was there. ABC News, in an article with multiple bylines and largely anonymous sources, interviewed him for a piece about how the Romney campaign was looking for people to help provide a counter narrative of his time at Cranbrook. White was one of the people they called.

The Post has changed a paragraph in which White claims to have "long been bothered" by the incident, but he told ABC News that he wasn't there for it, and the way ABC News presents it, didn't even know about the incident.

The discrepancy between the ABC report and the Post's is confused by the fact that the Post changed its language slightly since criticism emerged pointing out the discrepancy. It's not clear that ABC News has been asked to explain its end of the discrepancy.”

Recalling our school days, we can all agree that the class liar deserved to get beat up.  Perhaps Romney new something which liberals are afraid to investigate.
The fog of deception saturating the liberal media has rendered leftists like Horowitz and reporters at ABC News as the liars of our society deserving of being confronted.  Lest we forget bullies only pick on innocent victims, the liberal disease infecting the media is not innocent…nor are they victims, they are an enemy which must be dealt with. 
In Obama’s case, his value is not defined by a unanimous consensus about his legitimacy, but by the morbid fact that he was able to migrate from one lie to the next, with the help of degenerates like Horowitz and ABC News, convincing a majority of ignorant, delusional voters to believe his lies. 
For example, in response to valid questions by Hillary Clinton supporters challenging Obama’s eligibility as president during the democratic primary beginning in 2007, the Obama campaign struck a secret deal with Clinton in which she would accept the position of Secretary of State under Obama in exchange for not exposing his ineligibility. 
Testimony from credible witnesses confirming this scenario was recently revealed by WND’s Dr. Jerome Corsi in interviews with Clinton campaign workers and media executives close to the campaign in 2007 who recalled Clinton admitting that Obama was a fraud.  Horowitz was no where to be found when this story broke.    
When Clinton capitulated, many of her supporters betrayed the U.S. Constitution and unified under the Democrat Party banner in support of an ineligible Obama.  Questions about Obama’s eligibility remained unanswered but the “patch of food” fed the believability of the first migration for the next seven months until Obama was forced to migrate to the next lie.  Again, no Horowitz, no ABC News.     
Clinton’s endorsement of Obama’s fraudulent identity, with the help of a liberal mainstream media, prevented erosion of Obama’s image for about 7 months.  Then, in June, 2008, the marginal value of Obama’s credibility began to erode once again under the weight of lies about his legitimacy as citizen investigators began discovering vast inconsistencies in his eligibility claims.  It was discovered that Obama had refused to provide original documentation demonstrating his citizenship status to any state election commission.  Discovery of forgery in the filing of "Certification of Nomination" documents by Hawaii’s Democrat Party chair, Brian Schatz and the Democrat National Committee, headed by Nancy Pelosi, caused a firestorm of internet media inquiry...absent Horowitz and ABC News. 
This incurred demands for documented proof from the citizen journalism community of Obama’s natural born eligibility in the form of an original birth certificate.  At that point, Obama was forced to migrate, for a second time, to another lie because the old one, endorsed by Hillary Clinton and the corrupt media, was no longer sustainable.
Therefore, in August, 2008, radical leftists posted an image of an alleged “Certification of Live Birth” as proof of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.  No original document was ever provided to any investigative body or nonpartisan agency for corroboration.   Despite being altered with redactions, the image was intended by Obama’s letches to serve as “food” for the believability of the second patch of lies now feeding the public’s need to know if Obama was a legitimate president.   At this point, another large section of traitors betrayed the Constitution, including media mainstreamers like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, and swallowed the image as the holy grail of Obama’s legitimacy.  Not suprisingly, both the Washington Post and ABC News were all too willing to endorse this lie, as well.  
The “Certification of Live Birth” temporarily satisfied its foul purpose in the minds of a delusional horde for more than two years, until April, 2011, when Obama was once again forced to migrate, for a third time, to another lie in order to prop his illegitimate presidency.  This time, the lie was not as simple.  
This time, real estate magnate, Donald Trump was involved in challenging Obama’s legitimacy, as was a suddenly repentant Matthews upon being forced to acknowledge that Obama had actually not provided original documented proof of is eligibility and that the previous "Certification of Live Birth" was nothing more than a surrogate document issued by Hawaii in lieu of an original birth certificate which failed to provide critical information like the name of a Hospital, the identity of a doctor, the names of witnesses and the information about parentage.   
Further increasing the weight of truth upon Obama’s lies was the impending release of Dr. Corsi’s number one best selling book “Where’s The Birth Certificate”, presenting irrefutable evidence of Obama’s lack of eligibility and the cover up by the American mainstream liberal media.  
These developments forced Obama to produce what was claimed to be an image of his original "Certificate of Live Birth".  This time, he endorsed the document image himself, increasing the weight of accountability once again.   
Then, in March of 2012, Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio conducted a press conferences following a six month constitutionally empowered law enforcement investigation which discovered evidence that the image of Obama's alleged 1961 "Certificate of Live Birth" was a forgery.  However, the weight of accountability was increased once again as Obama's alleged 1980 Selective Service registration card, a required document needed to serve as president, was also found to be a forgery.  
Both pieces of information have never been allowed by Obama or his abettors in government to be corroborated with their original document sources held within the Health Department of the State of Hawaii and the Selective Service.  The director of the Selective Service actually refused to cooperate with the investigation stating there was no reason, in the view of the Selective Service, to believe Obama's registration was a fraud even though federal investigators have never reviewed any evidence.       
Now we have learned that Arpaio will host yet another press conference in June, presenting even more damaging evidence against Obama's legitimacy.  One can only imagine Obama's reaction when he is forced to migrate for a fourth and fifth time. 

It must be becoming very painful for Obama, the media and the government to sustain this wretched and stinking lie.  How many times will Obama migrate until their is no more food to feed it?  Once all of the food is eaten, how will Obama and his abettors survive?  
They wont.   
When a politician contrives a lie, in order for that lie to be accepted as truth by as many people as possible, it must be anchored to elements of probability which give the liar the ability to exploit fear, confusion and unwillingness to form an autonomous, independent conclusion.   
McGeveran continues to spoon for Horowitz, “…given the choice between a hastily arranged us-too column on the ABC News site and a piece reported with multiple, named, on-the-record sources over three weeks, I think I know who I believe until Stu White explains himself to us directly.

Horowitz told me he doesn't really care what people make of the story and, knowing him as I do, I believe it.

"He might be the president of the United States," Horowitz said. "For people who don't find it relevant, that's a fine position to have. I don't have the luxury of deciding for people what is or isn't relevant about a candidate's biography. My job is to look everywhere."

The reporter's job is done, and well done. What everyone else does with it, in their blogs or websites or in their political campaigns or in their stump speeches or in the voting booth, is on their own consciences. And that's the way it's supposed to be.”

Welcome to the neo-liberal pile of crap.  Now a so-called journalist is suddenly concerned about the character of a presidential candidate.  Funny, we didn't see that same concern when Clinton first raised valid doubts about Obama's identity. 

Perhaps, we need to come up with evidence that Obama actually shoved a little girl on a playground in order to garner Horowitz attention.  One can find such evidence in Obama's own biography "Dreams From My Father" on page 61. 


Apparently, according to McGeveran and Horowitz, it is the responsibility of the public to determine whether or not the crap they shovel is truthful or not…and if the public fails to detect the lie and believe the crap…well…that is the public’s fault, not theirs.

Now we understand where bullies actually come from and why the strategy of punching them in the face just one time, as hard as you can, is enough to make them remember what a pathetic coward they truly are.    

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


COMING OUT:  Obama’s sudden support of gay marriage, after publicly opposing it throughout his entire political career, may be prompted by a desperate attempt to prevent impending damage from an ongoing criminal investigation which has already produced explosive evidence about his fraudulent identity.  Now, based on his bizarre flip-flop, it is probable that irrefutable evidence has been discovered by the investigation…about his own homosexual past.

Commentary by Dan Crosby
of the DAILY PEN

NEW YORK, NY – Barack Obama has come to realize the American electorate can only handle so much bad behavior from an already illegitimately elected politician, especially when that politician’s alleged eligibility, illegally obtained through the criminal forgery and concealment of official government documents, has already been proven by a law enforcement investigation to be a product of the most prolific crime of identity fraud ever committed against the American people.
Evidence discovered by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation has already proven to Obama’s political enemies that he is an illegitimate president, undermining the mainstream liberal media's lies about his professional life.  However, imagine what will happen to Obama's political value when it is discovered that new evidence shows his personal life is an epic hypocrisy…to his liberal supporters.
Even an illegitimate office holder like Obama understands the impending personal damage which would be inflicted by a discovery of evidence which reveals that his public statements on gay marriage over the past 12 years are in diametric conflict with his own past behavior. 

Obama realized this week that such a revelation is politically fatal, so he betrayed the last vestige of his moral conscience in order to cover what's left of his credibility.  Prodded by the reality that Arpaio’s investigation is closing in on his lies, Obama capitulated.
"At a certain point, I've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," Obama told ABC News.

Engaging a salacious campaign to protect Obama’s fragile character from his nefarious past, the mainstream media has refused to report on evidence, including public testimony from witnesses, which indicates that Barack Obama has a long history of homosexual behavior throughout most of his adult life.
Now, following an ongoing investigation by a duly appointed, constitutionally empowered law enforcement agency, which has already exposed evidence that documents, in the form of an image of an alleged ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ posted to the internet in April 2011 and a copy of an alleged 1980 Selective Service registration card used to validate Obama’s eligibility, have all been forged, the ongoing criminal inquiry is about to reveal scandalous evidence and testimony which shows that Obama has not been honest with the public about his life-long sexual orientation.
Among the internet media community, especially those with common knowledge about Obama’s efforts to obscure his past, it has long been suspected that Obama is a ‘closet’ homosexual.
“We have a high level of moral certainty that that Obama was sexually victimized, in some way, by elder comrade of Obama’s grandfather, explicit black activist poet, Frank Marshall Davis in the 1970s,” says TDP editor Pen Johannson.

He continues, “This deviance may or may not have involved an actual physical relationship, but it certainly involved exposure to sexually explicit material and pornographic images which Davis admits to having possessed and which he most certainly exposed a young Obama to.  However, if you have a clinical understanding of the roots of sexual identity, considering Obama’s maternally dominated childhood without a father figure...and you read the things this self admitted rapist (Davis) wrote, it becomes clear that he had little restraint in selecting sexual victims.  The idea that Obama, during his close relationship with Davis, could have been caught in a sordid sexual affair is not far-fetched.”
Credible testimony about Obama’s impulsive sexual escapades with the likes of Larry Sinclair, a gay socialite with a criminal record, who provided corroborated evidence of a sexual encounter in Chicago in 1999 with then state Senator Obama, has also been unreported by the American mainstream media.

The failure by mainstream media to investigate documented reports of Obama’s ongoing homosexual relationships in Chicago since 1997, which may have resulted in the murder of Donald Young, a gay member of Obama’s church who may have possessed intimate knowledge of Obama’s secret homosexual life, has been widely published throughout the internet media community.
Johannson says, “The liberal American mainstream media has become an incubator for the social abscesses of our time.  Barack Obama can no longer hide from who he is, no thanks to these degenerates.  The biggest tragedy exposed by his sudden flip flop in favor of gay marriage is that he was forced to betray his moral conscience and traditional marriage.  His failed toil against honesty and the exposure of his homosexual past has forced him into further deterioration of character by defending the wrong side for political value.”

Johannson says the biggest lie told by “gay fascists” is that “everyone who is homosexual, or once had homosexual experiences, did not have a choice in their sexual orientation and that their homosexuality is a product of genetic obligation over which they do not have a choice.”

Therefore, if Obama had made the better decision by responding to this impending evidence about his homosexual past by saying that he indeed had homosexual experiences but that those experiences do not impact his current advocacy for traditional marriage because he realizes his marriage to Michelle is the result of him changing his mind about being homosexual, the deranged freaks in the gay establishment would riot against him for denouncing their lie.

Obama's irrelevant public endorsement of gay marriage was the first from any illegitimate, or legitimate, president, and a potentially inciting for his waning electoral approval. It comes as the gay community remains hypocritical on the issue of whether the government has a right to intrude on homosexual relationships at all.  Radical gays violently oppose any government intrusion on their sexuality when invoked upon by morality laws, yet they seek government intrusion when they want advocacy.

“A symptom of homosexual activism is a rank and pathetic hypocrisy when it comes to the government’s involvement.  They want government out when it doesn’t support them, but they want the government in when it does,” observes Johannson.
“For Obama, what’s good for the goose, is great for the pander.”

Monday, May 7, 2012


CONGRATULATIONS PRESIDENT RON PAUL? – If likely GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney selects Marco Rubio as his VP running mate millions of likely GOP voters posting on the internet have stated they will not vote for him because Rubio is not Constitutionally eligible for the seat.  They command that the 2012 election be represented only by Constitutionally eligible, Natural born candidates, therefore, presenting a shocking opportunity for Libertarian candidate, Ron Paul. 
by Dan Crosby
of the DAILY PEN

NEW YORK, NY - Recent research of internet media content reveals that as many as 15 million eligible voters in the United States will refuse to vote for any presidential or vice presidential candidate who has not confirmed their Constitutional eligibility for the office of president by publicly submitting original, historical, authenticated, common documentation showing they are, indeed, a Natural born citizen of the United States. 
Moreover, this same vintage American voting block specifically defines a ‘Natural born’ citizen as one born on U.S. soil to two U.S. citizen parents without any renouncement of that status from birth to election.
Given these facts, without any proactive revision to the Constitutional eligibility mandate to date, vintage American voters, most of which are Republican, have issued a stern warning to the likely GOP presidential nominee, Mitt Romney, “Do not select Marco Rubio as your running mate.  If you do, you will not win the 2012 Presidential election because we will not vote for you.” 
Marco Rubio is not eligible to be vice president because he was not born to two U.S. citizen parents.
The Daily Pen has received thousands of email responses to our previous story entitled “Eligibility And Justice Are Blind For Obama…And Rubio” with an overwhelming number of those respondents  unequivocally agreeing with the constitution’s ban on presidential and vice presidential candidates who  are not ‘natural born’ citizens. 
Because of the Obama eligibility fraud, and the abetment aftermath by media and government, over the past four years, many vintage American hardliners have taken the eligibility mandate a step further by stipulating they will never again support the election of any individual who does not submit original, authentic, historical and standard identity documentation which provides, beyond a shadow of doubt, to their personal satisfaction, that the candidate possesses a full “life cycle” of documented eligibility metrics.  This documentation not only includes one’s original version of a birth certificate, but also original medical and natal records, parentage records including any adoption records, social security application, passport applications, school registration documentation, residence history, academic records including transcripts, financial aid information and all other records which connect the individual to their claims of natural born eligibility.
Many express little regard for a candidate's claims that such demands are unreasonable saying they "don't care what a candidate thinks...they are not entitled to our vote, nor the office they seek", says one respondent writing under the name 'HonortheConstitution'.

Several respondents have even said they will not even vote for a natural born candidate who has ever lived outside of the U.S. or, shockingly, was ever adopted by a foreign-born parent after a verified birth in the U.S. to two citizen parents.
“These are the most offended of Constitutionalist 'vintage American' voters,” says TDP editor, Pen Johannson, “These are those who's fathers and grandfathers shed blood and gave their lives for American sovereignty.  They are wounded by Obama and have already evacuated the process and will never trust anything our government says about itself.  After Obama’s criminal presidency, can we really blame them?” 
Several Obama supporters have also expressed agreement that Rubio is not eligible with some stating they are remorseful for Obama, who is not a legitimate president, as well.
Theoretically, Romney’s camp is contemplating exchanging risk of Rubio’s lack of legal eligibility in the eyes of vintage American voters for his political popularity with Hispanic voters.  A tactic which Johannson says should greatly offend all Hispanic Americans.   
“Basically, if he (Romney) selects Rubio, it means the GOP is assuming Hispanic voters are too stupid and uninformed to appreciate the presidential eligibility law.  They are gambling that they can gain more ignorant Hispanic votes than those they would lose with the GOP eligibility hardliner votes,” says Johannson.
“The problem, however, is that Romney is, at that point, no better than Obama.  He is just another liar politician, breaking the law like Obama!  It also means the loss of the 2012 election for the Republican party because those who honor the Constitution and, thus, the eligibility mandate, will not vote for him. Obama and his subhuman letches have already shown their contempt for the Constitution as a whole, over the past four years.  They would not honor the eligibility law anyway.  Their vote is motivated by a hatred for others, not love for America.” 
Johannson says that Obama’s fraudulent presidency has poisoned the electorate’s understanding of the Constitutional eligibility law with a four year criminal deception and document forgery which was contrived specifically to take advantage of three types of inferiorly minded voters.  He describes them as, “Those who are ignorant about the Constitutional eligibility mandate; Those who were conned into feeling ashamed of themselves based on a media-driven, false sense of racial inequality which forced them to fear guilt and persecution for not voting for someone they were told was entitled to be the first ‘black’ president, and;  Those who continue to have what he refers to as a dissonant mental illness built upon “Bush” derangement syndrome which is an irrational hatred for anyone who questions Obama’s righteousness.
“The biggest problem for anyone who would vote or Obama or a Romney/Rubio ticket, is that they are forgetting who their opposition is,” warns Johannson, “They are forgetting that ‘eligibility’ Constitutionalists are the vintage descendants of the greatest revolutionary army in human history.  These are the offspring of a divinely deployed warrior class who defeated the greatest military force on earth in the 1700’s and who liberated an entire continent from the most evil regime in history in the 1940’s.  Obama can’t threaten them and Romney can’t win against them.  The vane of God’s truth points right through their heart.”
Some more shocking points of view indicate that many Americans will “write off” America as a lost society if Romney is allowed to run with Rubio as a running mate.  Having suffered the atrocity of Obama’s fraudulent presidency for four years, they have began evacuating to a psychological paradigm which is described by biblical prophecy as an ‘end times’ egression.
“That is the point where God’s people, vintage Americans included, have been brought to a universal mindset and realize this world, under the corrupt government of evil men, is in its final death throes before the apocalypse of Christ’s authority is revealed,” says Johannson.
“At that point, we stop caring about who the president is because, whoever he or she is, they are doomed to perish with their abettors under God’s crushing judgment anyway.”
But, Johannson says it is not too late. 
“We can still change the tide, but, we must return to truth and repentance to God.  We must not allow the rule of illegitimate politics of fraudulent leaders and the transient social lusts of a deranged populous to steal our hearts and minds like those who are possessed by Obama are,” he says.
“If we will pray with due passion for God’s love and mercy, he will redeem us.  He will hear us.  He will not abandon us.  He will intervene on our behalf.  The price he paid was too heavy to allow us to perish if we seek his salvation.”
“Then again, maybe the default election of Ron Paul would solve all of our problems.  What other option do we have at that point…abstinence?” 
Rubio continues to fend off those who are pushing for his nomination saying, "I can only tell you how I am qualified to be a senator from Florida.  That is my job right now."                  

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Fox News correspondent, Bret Baier, joins an increasing roster of errant-minded media mainstreamers who have assigned an incorrect and biased definition of Natural Born citizenship in a desperate attempt to uphold transient political values and profiteering for a few over constitutional sovereignty and legal protection for many. 

By Dan Crosby
of the DAILY PEN

NEW YORK, NY – Fox News’ Bret Baier is the latest pundit to miss the presidential eligibility mark when writing in his Fox website blog, The Daily Bret, he attempted to incorrectly equate a “citizen by birth” with a “natural born citizen”.   
Baier writes, “Many legal analysts and scholars agree with this take-- and until the Supreme Court weighs in.. this is how the law is interpreted: The Constitution requires that the president be a "natural born citizen," but does not define the term. That job is left to federal law, in 8 U.S. Code, Section 1401. All the law requires is that the mother be an American citizen who has lived in the U.S. for five years or more, at least two of those years after the age of 14. If the mother fits those criteria, the child is a U.S. citizen at birth, regardless of the father's nationality.
The law lists several categories of people who are considered American citizens at birth. There are the people born inside the United States; no question there. There are the people who are born outside the United States to parents who are both citizens, provided one of them has lived in the U.S. for any period of time. There are the people who are born outside the United States to one parent who is a U.S. citizen and the other who is a U.S. national (that is, from an outlying possession of the U.S.), provided the citizen parent has lived in the United States or its possessions for at least one year prior to the birth of the child. And then there are the people who are born outside the United States to one parent who is a U.S. citizen and the other who is an alien, provided the citizen parent lived in the United States or its possessions for at least five years, two of them after the age of 14.
They're all natural born U.S. citizens…”
Unfortunately, Baier is wrong and misguided.  Those he defines here are not Natural born citizens.  A natural born U.S. citizen is one born in the United States, specifically defined as a geographic location held under the constitutional protection of the U.S., to two U.S. citizen parents, conditions which are well defined by the tenets of natural law and national identity. 
“Again, this is another example of a politically-minded individual desperately seeking an extralegal mooring upon which to anchor their opinion about Obama’s eligibility.  Unfortunately for Baier, that mooring is not found there,” says TDP Editor, Pen Johannson.
The commonly understood meaning of the terms in effect within the societies adjacent to the writing of the U.S. Constitution, which were understood by the framers of the Constitution to be facts of natural law, assigned natural born U.S. citizenship status based on laws of nature, not laws of man.  Therefore, Baier’s attribution that Natural Born citizenship can be conferred by such a law is simply wrong.  Natural born citizenship cannot be endowed by a law of man, it can only be agreed with or rejected with consequences.
It appears Baier is rejecting the constitution, not agreeing with it.       
Baier’s maligned attempts to erroneously equate a “U.S. Citizen at birth” with a “Natural Born citizen” as the requirement to be president are flagrant and stunning given his network’s silence on the issue over the past 5 years.  However, it appears the possibility of Florida Republican senator, Marco Rubio being considered as likely Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s Vice Presidential pick has suddenly invigorated Fox’s interest in the eligibility issue. 
Marco Rubio, like Obama, is not eligible to serve as the Vice President or President, despite Baier’s efforts to prop up Rubio’s and Obama’s failed eligibility status. 
Also playing havoc behind the mainstream media blackout is that if Rubio is picked as Romney’s running mate, it will most likely seal a victory in the 2012 election for Barack Obama because a full 15 percent of the Republican electorate, those who have vehemently held that Obama is not eligible, will not vote for a Romney/Rubio ticket for the same reasons. 
Rubio, like Obama, was not born to two U.S. citizen parents, which is one of the conditions of being afforded Natural citizenship status and, therefore, presidential eligibility.  Neither Obama nor Rubio are eligible to hold the office of President or Vice President.   
Unfortunately, when Baier says, “…Many legal analysts and scholars agree…” he fails to indentify these mysterious individuals.
However, the opposite is true.  Legal analysts with a liberal bent do not agree with constitutional law experts that a natural born U.S. citizen is an individual born in the U.S. to two U.S. citizen parents, as defined in fact by the unassailable tenets of natural law commonly understood by the founders because it would mean that Obama is, indeed, not eligible.  Now that Rubio must be measured under the same metrics, the Obotic horde is suddenly interested in the traditional definition. 
 “Unfortunately, aside from the mysterious identity of these so-called legal analysts and scholars, Baier in is error, as are many who serve the rank value of empty political debate in today’s media,” says Johannson.   
“Whereas Fox News has assumed what many might characterize as a diametric opposition to those who support the political substance and ideology of Barack Obama, it has become obvious that the network has become nothing more than a foul side of the same ineligibility abetment coin,” he continued.
“Regardless of either side of that coin you might prefer, Republican or Democrat, the coin is still counterfeit.  Flip it all you want, Baier is only validating what we already suspect about Fox. Failure to question Obama’s fraudulent presidency is the same as abetting his crimes of forgery of evidence to support the lie.”  
Fox News is owned by shareholders which include Saudi Prince, Alwaleed bin Talal, as well the Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp group, all of whom are heavily invested in viewership drawn on political debate and investments in political power related to Obama’s policies. 
The value of Fox News has long since been defined upon a default premise that Obama’s presidency and, therefore, his policies are assumed legitimate despite mountains of evidence to the contrary. Fox correspondents, including Baier, are persistently reminded not to undermine the political value of Obama’s presidency, even though the evidence offered to support the legitimacy of that presidency has been shown by law enforcement investigations to be forged and contextually deficient.
Baier writes, “The brouhaha over President Obama's birth certificate -- has revealed a widespread ignorance of some of the basics of American citizenship. The Constitution, of course, requires that a president be a "natural born citizen," but the Founding Fathers did not define the term, and it appears few people know what it means.
 “Baier has been brainwashed by Fox’s need to serve its viewers’ pervasive lust for political conflict and, therefore, he upholds a dissonant tenet which commands that in order for their media content to hold the attention that ignorant audience and, therefore, the profitability of the Fox business model, Fox News must uphold the appearance of “not questioning” Obama’s eligibility while simultaneously supporting its viewers’ reality.” says Johannson.
“It’s about maintaining a balanced conflict with its competitors for Fox.  That cannot be done if Obama is allowed to be legally convicted as a fraud in the eyes of Fox viewers.  Fox simply does not have the infrastructure and mechanisms to deal with such an apocalyptic revelation after everything it has invested in its own representation and endorsement of a legitimate political process under Obama.”    
Johannson explains that admitting Obama is a fraud removes Fox’s daily line up of scholarly political opinions and lauded guests who serve as counter-fodder to MSNBC and CNN.  An Obama eligibility void threatens the solvency of their viewership because the economic and political destruction wrought by the truth of Obama’s illegitimacy in the domain of media consciousness is simply not survivable to a scripted mill-run like Fox.    
“If they allow Obama to be proven to be the ineligible fraud that he actually is, it means that no political opinion is worthy because legal justice destroys the ability to opine.  What kind of programs will Fox broadcast on election night if Obama is declared ineligible?  Think about it.  The numbers would mean nothing.  The Electoral College is rendered meaningless.  If Obama is ineligible to Fox News, Baier has nothing to talk about because Obama’s politics and policies are no longer relevant versus his opponents at that point.  They are void.  He is void…and so is the mainstream media dynamic built on conflict and division.” 
As evidence that Fox News has actively promoted a media blackout of the eligibility issue with regard to Obama, Fox News has never aired any full length report or segment fully addressing the scope of Obama’s presidential ineligibility.  Moreover, the so-called, “Fair and Balanced” network has failed in its duty to even question the evidence of forgery and fraud discovered by a constitutionally empowered law enforcement investigation undertaken by Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio.    
However, it now appears Fox is taking notice.  Baier wrote:  
“I posted this quickly as a response to all of the emails I was receiving about Senator Marco Rubio and whether he is a "Natural Born Citizen (the same emails comment about Gov. Bobby Jindal). I noted in the blog- there is a lot of dispute about the legal term and what the Founding Fathers truly meant...Bottom line... this is obviously getting a lot of attention.. so, we think we should do a full piece on the show about it.. and maybe have a panel of constitutional scholars... and legal experts to discuss this. There is obviously a lot of confusion.. uncertainty and misinformation out there about this topic. And as I wrote in the blog.. there is vigorous legal debate about the term... so we need to talk about it... and we'll continue to report all sides.
Unfortunately for Mr. Baier, the actual “bottom line” is this:  Marco Rubio is not eligible to hold the office of Vice President or President.  There is nothing to debate.  If he participates in an election as candidate for either office, he is in violation of the law. 
Baier continues:   
“That also includes people who are born in Puerto Rico and people who were born in states before they became states. Born in Hawaii in 1950, a decade before statehood? You're a natural born U.S. citizen.”
Wrong again. Baier fails to uphold the maximum requirements demanded by the Constitution. Unless those born in Hawaii are born under the jurisdiction of the laws of the U.S. to two U.S. parents, they are not natural born citizens no matter when they are born.
Baier then erroneously declares, “That is how legal experts interpret the "natural born" requirement.. and how you get that status is actually pretty open. Until the Supreme Court weighs in on this issue (and there are no plans that we know of that that will happen)... -- to your emails... Senator Marco Rubio and Governor Bobby Jindal are both eligible to run and become Vice President or President.”
 “Again, like so many misled people on this subject, Baier is desperately holding to a minimalist’s standard when assigning Obama’s citizenship qualifications to be president.  Natural born citizenship is the fundamentally exceptional requirement to be president.  Failure to acknowledge this is aversive to the founders’ intentions and collusive with eligibility fraudulence in our government,” Johannson responded.   
“In doing so, Baier reveals that he fails to understand that American citizens of the 1700s did not provide a remedial definition of the term ‘natural born citizen’ for us here in 2012 because they could not even consider it possible that the society they created under the divine providence of natural law, could have declined to such a debased state of intellectual and moral ineptitude, as we have, that we might actually be confused about what a natural born citizen is,” says Johannson,
“For the founders, providing such a definition would have been like defining the rules of long division for Albert Einstein.  They would have seen it as a waste of ink and paper space to define a Natural born citizen because everyone already knows what a natural born citizen is!”     
Johannson says that there exists a clear definition of what it is to be a Natural born citizen. 
“Baier, like his media colleagues just refuse to look at the source because that source convicts their shallow standards, which are rejected wholly by our founders.  Baier has proven that willful dissonance on this subject is more easily accepted than the psychological pain of admitting he is simply wrong and that he has been deceived by Obama.”
He says, “…the law requires is that the mother be an American citizen who has lived in the U.S. for five years or more, at least two of those years after the age of 14. If the mother fits those criteria, the child is a U.S. citizen at birth, regardless of the father's nationality.
The law cited by Baier does not address natural born citizenship nor does it address the citizenship requirement as it applies to Article II.
 “The law cited by Baier is explicitly intended and created for the assignment of citizenship status of individuals not born under the natural laws of national identity.  In this case, slaves had previously been forbidden to become citizens because of their African roots.  This law remedied this new class of citizenry with a provision of citizenship after the Emancipation Proclamation.  The idea that this law, which was added the Constitution more than 100 years after its ratification, presents a definition of the citizenship requirements to become President of the U.S. is absolutely ridiculous.”