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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Saturday, May 12, 2012


SLAPPIN’ A J-HO: Evident by conflicting accounts between ABC News and Washington Post columnist, Jason Horowitz, it is apparent the liberal media is willing to intentionally fabricate diametric lies about Mitt Romney’s alleged involvement in a high school incident a half century ago in an effort to smear his image while completely disregarding the truth about Obama’s fraudulent, illegitimate presidency.   
Commentary by Dan Crosby

NEW YORK, NY - One shutters at the impending punishment coming for the liberals serving the corrupt mainstream media for their abetment of Obama’s fraudulent presidency.  Now, it appears we can add the crime of defamation to their roster of offenses.  

Then again, reporters like Jason Horowitz of the Washington Post and those shoveling for Obama at ABC News might plea insanity when judgment comes.  It has become apparent the behavior of big media, as a result of eroding morality caused by their ongoing abetment of Obama’s lies and fraudulent presidency, has now metastasized from mere delusion into a full blown psychotic break from reality.
Considering the epic lies propagated over the past four years, by print media like the Washington Post and broadcast networks like ABC News, in a despicable effort to hide Barack Obama’s fraudulent identity and lack of constitutional eligibility to even hold the office the presidency, one would think a Post reporter, like J-Ho, would be able to come up with a better one than fabricating witness testimony in order to paint Mitt Romney as a homophobic bully when he was a teenager.  (Apparently, teenaged boys in the 1960s serve as the standard used by Horowitz to determine examples of acceptable social behavior today). Or, one might expect ABC News, a comrade-in-lies, would back him up on the smear piece.   
Unfortunately, for J-Ho and many liberal mainstreamers who continue to bend over for Obama, the deranged media finds itself in an ever accommodating position to shovel lies, in support of Obama and against his opponents, making it more difficult to cover each other’s…well, you get the picture.  For ABC News, it has apparently become impossible.   
Regardless, this recent pile of manure about Romney must be confronted.  Obama’s ravaging need to feed his lies grows heavier and deeper upon the media every day.  The strategy to protect his illegal presidency must be constantly serviced and changed in order to respond to mounting truth and crushing evidence against him, of which there is no shortage.  There is no law against the truth. 
However, the law of diminishing returns has condemned the abettors of Obama’s deception long before they ever told their first lie.  They are losing more and more ground the faster they shovel.  Obama is forced to move faster and faster from lie to lie in order to survive.  Eventually, the speed of truth will catch them all…and death of their reality will occur.  This is actually illustrated by a scientific application called the Marginal Value Theorem.
In the study of politics, the Marginal Value Theorem (MVT), typically applied in behavioral ecology, can also be used to describe the ability of a politician to “feed” plausible information, which is based within the acceptable boundaries of mutually acknowledged truth, which is the “food” of credibility, to his or her constituency, without being forced to migrate to another patch of lies in order to support waning credibility.  The more the progressively increasing need for information demanded by the public between “feedings”, the faster the politician’s credibility erodes at twice the rate of the ability of the magnitude of the lie needed to sustain it. 
Simply put, every moment Obama exerts effort to hide his illegitimacy, aided by his liberal media horde, political death approaches at an accelerating rate.
There is no shortage of defenders of Horowitz, however.  Tom McGeveran wrote a dissonant piece at in which he justifies Horowitz part in the lie by implying that ABC News is wrong, not Horowitz.  He writes: 

“There is of course the one thing, the question of whether Stu White was there. ABC News, in an article with multiple bylines and largely anonymous sources, interviewed him for a piece about how the Romney campaign was looking for people to help provide a counter narrative of his time at Cranbrook. White was one of the people they called.

The Post has changed a paragraph in which White claims to have "long been bothered" by the incident, but he told ABC News that he wasn't there for it, and the way ABC News presents it, didn't even know about the incident.

The discrepancy between the ABC report and the Post's is confused by the fact that the Post changed its language slightly since criticism emerged pointing out the discrepancy. It's not clear that ABC News has been asked to explain its end of the discrepancy.”

Recalling our school days, we can all agree that the class liar deserved to get beat up.  Perhaps Romney new something which liberals are afraid to investigate.
The fog of deception saturating the liberal media has rendered leftists like Horowitz and reporters at ABC News as the liars of our society deserving of being confronted.  Lest we forget bullies only pick on innocent victims, the liberal disease infecting the media is not innocent…nor are they victims, they are an enemy which must be dealt with. 
In Obama’s case, his value is not defined by a unanimous consensus about his legitimacy, but by the morbid fact that he was able to migrate from one lie to the next, with the help of degenerates like Horowitz and ABC News, convincing a majority of ignorant, delusional voters to believe his lies. 
For example, in response to valid questions by Hillary Clinton supporters challenging Obama’s eligibility as president during the democratic primary beginning in 2007, the Obama campaign struck a secret deal with Clinton in which she would accept the position of Secretary of State under Obama in exchange for not exposing his ineligibility. 
Testimony from credible witnesses confirming this scenario was recently revealed by WND’s Dr. Jerome Corsi in interviews with Clinton campaign workers and media executives close to the campaign in 2007 who recalled Clinton admitting that Obama was a fraud.  Horowitz was no where to be found when this story broke.    
When Clinton capitulated, many of her supporters betrayed the U.S. Constitution and unified under the Democrat Party banner in support of an ineligible Obama.  Questions about Obama’s eligibility remained unanswered but the “patch of food” fed the believability of the first migration for the next seven months until Obama was forced to migrate to the next lie.  Again, no Horowitz, no ABC News.     
Clinton’s endorsement of Obama’s fraudulent identity, with the help of a liberal mainstream media, prevented erosion of Obama’s image for about 7 months.  Then, in June, 2008, the marginal value of Obama’s credibility began to erode once again under the weight of lies about his legitimacy as citizen investigators began discovering vast inconsistencies in his eligibility claims.  It was discovered that Obama had refused to provide original documentation demonstrating his citizenship status to any state election commission.  Discovery of forgery in the filing of "Certification of Nomination" documents by Hawaii’s Democrat Party chair, Brian Schatz and the Democrat National Committee, headed by Nancy Pelosi, caused a firestorm of internet media inquiry...absent Horowitz and ABC News. 
This incurred demands for documented proof from the citizen journalism community of Obama’s natural born eligibility in the form of an original birth certificate.  At that point, Obama was forced to migrate, for a second time, to another lie because the old one, endorsed by Hillary Clinton and the corrupt media, was no longer sustainable.
Therefore, in August, 2008, radical leftists posted an image of an alleged “Certification of Live Birth” as proof of Obama’s birth in Hawaii.  No original document was ever provided to any investigative body or nonpartisan agency for corroboration.   Despite being altered with redactions, the image was intended by Obama’s letches to serve as “food” for the believability of the second patch of lies now feeding the public’s need to know if Obama was a legitimate president.   At this point, another large section of traitors betrayed the Constitution, including media mainstreamers like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews, and swallowed the image as the holy grail of Obama’s legitimacy.  Not suprisingly, both the Washington Post and ABC News were all too willing to endorse this lie, as well.  
The “Certification of Live Birth” temporarily satisfied its foul purpose in the minds of a delusional horde for more than two years, until April, 2011, when Obama was once again forced to migrate, for a third time, to another lie in order to prop his illegitimate presidency.  This time, the lie was not as simple.  
This time, real estate magnate, Donald Trump was involved in challenging Obama’s legitimacy, as was a suddenly repentant Matthews upon being forced to acknowledge that Obama had actually not provided original documented proof of is eligibility and that the previous "Certification of Live Birth" was nothing more than a surrogate document issued by Hawaii in lieu of an original birth certificate which failed to provide critical information like the name of a Hospital, the identity of a doctor, the names of witnesses and the information about parentage.   
Further increasing the weight of truth upon Obama’s lies was the impending release of Dr. Corsi’s number one best selling book “Where’s The Birth Certificate”, presenting irrefutable evidence of Obama’s lack of eligibility and the cover up by the American mainstream liberal media.  
These developments forced Obama to produce what was claimed to be an image of his original "Certificate of Live Birth".  This time, he endorsed the document image himself, increasing the weight of accountability once again.   
Then, in March of 2012, Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio conducted a press conferences following a six month constitutionally empowered law enforcement investigation which discovered evidence that the image of Obama's alleged 1961 "Certificate of Live Birth" was a forgery.  However, the weight of accountability was increased once again as Obama's alleged 1980 Selective Service registration card, a required document needed to serve as president, was also found to be a forgery.  
Both pieces of information have never been allowed by Obama or his abettors in government to be corroborated with their original document sources held within the Health Department of the State of Hawaii and the Selective Service.  The director of the Selective Service actually refused to cooperate with the investigation stating there was no reason, in the view of the Selective Service, to believe Obama's registration was a fraud even though federal investigators have never reviewed any evidence.       
Now we have learned that Arpaio will host yet another press conference in June, presenting even more damaging evidence against Obama's legitimacy.  One can only imagine Obama's reaction when he is forced to migrate for a fourth and fifth time. 

It must be becoming very painful for Obama, the media and the government to sustain this wretched and stinking lie.  How many times will Obama migrate until their is no more food to feed it?  Once all of the food is eaten, how will Obama and his abettors survive?  
They wont.   
When a politician contrives a lie, in order for that lie to be accepted as truth by as many people as possible, it must be anchored to elements of probability which give the liar the ability to exploit fear, confusion and unwillingness to form an autonomous, independent conclusion.   
McGeveran continues to spoon for Horowitz, “…given the choice between a hastily arranged us-too column on the ABC News site and a piece reported with multiple, named, on-the-record sources over three weeks, I think I know who I believe until Stu White explains himself to us directly.

Horowitz told me he doesn't really care what people make of the story and, knowing him as I do, I believe it.

"He might be the president of the United States," Horowitz said. "For people who don't find it relevant, that's a fine position to have. I don't have the luxury of deciding for people what is or isn't relevant about a candidate's biography. My job is to look everywhere."

The reporter's job is done, and well done. What everyone else does with it, in their blogs or websites or in their political campaigns or in their stump speeches or in the voting booth, is on their own consciences. And that's the way it's supposed to be.”

Welcome to the neo-liberal pile of crap.  Now a so-called journalist is suddenly concerned about the character of a presidential candidate.  Funny, we didn't see that same concern when Clinton first raised valid doubts about Obama's identity. 

Perhaps, we need to come up with evidence that Obama actually shoved a little girl on a playground in order to garner Horowitz attention.  One can find such evidence in Obama's own biography "Dreams From My Father" on page 61. 


Apparently, according to McGeveran and Horowitz, it is the responsibility of the public to determine whether or not the crap they shovel is truthful or not…and if the public fails to detect the lie and believe the crap…well…that is the public’s fault, not theirs.

Now we understand where bullies actually come from and why the strategy of punching them in the face just one time, as hard as you can, is enough to make them remember what a pathetic coward they truly are.    


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