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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


COMING OUT:  Obama’s sudden support of gay marriage, after publicly opposing it throughout his entire political career, may be prompted by a desperate attempt to prevent impending damage from an ongoing criminal investigation which has already produced explosive evidence about his fraudulent identity.  Now, based on his bizarre flip-flop, it is probable that irrefutable evidence has been discovered by the investigation…about his own homosexual past.

Commentary by Dan Crosby
of the DAILY PEN

NEW YORK, NY – Barack Obama has come to realize the American electorate can only handle so much bad behavior from an already illegitimately elected politician, especially when that politician’s alleged eligibility, illegally obtained through the criminal forgery and concealment of official government documents, has already been proven by a law enforcement investigation to be a product of the most prolific crime of identity fraud ever committed against the American people.
Evidence discovered by Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s investigation has already proven to Obama’s political enemies that he is an illegitimate president, undermining the mainstream liberal media's lies about his professional life.  However, imagine what will happen to Obama's political value when it is discovered that new evidence shows his personal life is an epic hypocrisy…to his liberal supporters.
Even an illegitimate office holder like Obama understands the impending personal damage which would be inflicted by a discovery of evidence which reveals that his public statements on gay marriage over the past 12 years are in diametric conflict with his own past behavior. 

Obama realized this week that such a revelation is politically fatal, so he betrayed the last vestige of his moral conscience in order to cover what's left of his credibility.  Prodded by the reality that Arpaio’s investigation is closing in on his lies, Obama capitulated.
"At a certain point, I've just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married," Obama told ABC News.

Engaging a salacious campaign to protect Obama’s fragile character from his nefarious past, the mainstream media has refused to report on evidence, including public testimony from witnesses, which indicates that Barack Obama has a long history of homosexual behavior throughout most of his adult life.
Now, following an ongoing investigation by a duly appointed, constitutionally empowered law enforcement agency, which has already exposed evidence that documents, in the form of an image of an alleged ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ posted to the internet in April 2011 and a copy of an alleged 1980 Selective Service registration card used to validate Obama’s eligibility, have all been forged, the ongoing criminal inquiry is about to reveal scandalous evidence and testimony which shows that Obama has not been honest with the public about his life-long sexual orientation.
Among the internet media community, especially those with common knowledge about Obama’s efforts to obscure his past, it has long been suspected that Obama is a ‘closet’ homosexual.
“We have a high level of moral certainty that that Obama was sexually victimized, in some way, by elder comrade of Obama’s grandfather, explicit black activist poet, Frank Marshall Davis in the 1970s,” says TDP editor Pen Johannson.

He continues, “This deviance may or may not have involved an actual physical relationship, but it certainly involved exposure to sexually explicit material and pornographic images which Davis admits to having possessed and which he most certainly exposed a young Obama to.  However, if you have a clinical understanding of the roots of sexual identity, considering Obama’s maternally dominated childhood without a father figure...and you read the things this self admitted rapist (Davis) wrote, it becomes clear that he had little restraint in selecting sexual victims.  The idea that Obama, during his close relationship with Davis, could have been caught in a sordid sexual affair is not far-fetched.”
Credible testimony about Obama’s impulsive sexual escapades with the likes of Larry Sinclair, a gay socialite with a criminal record, who provided corroborated evidence of a sexual encounter in Chicago in 1999 with then state Senator Obama, has also been unreported by the American mainstream media.

The failure by mainstream media to investigate documented reports of Obama’s ongoing homosexual relationships in Chicago since 1997, which may have resulted in the murder of Donald Young, a gay member of Obama’s church who may have possessed intimate knowledge of Obama’s secret homosexual life, has been widely published throughout the internet media community.
Johannson says, “The liberal American mainstream media has become an incubator for the social abscesses of our time.  Barack Obama can no longer hide from who he is, no thanks to these degenerates.  The biggest tragedy exposed by his sudden flip flop in favor of gay marriage is that he was forced to betray his moral conscience and traditional marriage.  His failed toil against honesty and the exposure of his homosexual past has forced him into further deterioration of character by defending the wrong side for political value.”

Johannson says the biggest lie told by “gay fascists” is that “everyone who is homosexual, or once had homosexual experiences, did not have a choice in their sexual orientation and that their homosexuality is a product of genetic obligation over which they do not have a choice.”

Therefore, if Obama had made the better decision by responding to this impending evidence about his homosexual past by saying that he indeed had homosexual experiences but that those experiences do not impact his current advocacy for traditional marriage because he realizes his marriage to Michelle is the result of him changing his mind about being homosexual, the deranged freaks in the gay establishment would riot against him for denouncing their lie.

Obama's irrelevant public endorsement of gay marriage was the first from any illegitimate, or legitimate, president, and a potentially inciting for his waning electoral approval. It comes as the gay community remains hypocritical on the issue of whether the government has a right to intrude on homosexual relationships at all.  Radical gays violently oppose any government intrusion on their sexuality when invoked upon by morality laws, yet they seek government intrusion when they want advocacy.

“A symptom of homosexual activism is a rank and pathetic hypocrisy when it comes to the government’s involvement.  They want government out when it doesn’t support them, but they want the government in when it does,” observes Johannson.
“For Obama, what’s good for the goose, is great for the pander.”


  1. Yeah, he's gay...but this could be the actual reason:

  2. Larry Sinclair's book has the ring of truth about it and Larry himself has been consistently honest about his criminal records and past activities - no dout including the homosexual encounters with Obama.

    For all of this Sinclair has paid a heavy toll due to the agressive attacks and attempts to destroy him by Obama's flacks.

    One measue of revenge that Larry did get, though, was when he sent a copy of his book to Michelle Obama for her birthday and sugested she read it. The book - in chapter 13 I believe - contained a detailed and explicit description of Barry's (or whatever his name is) genitalia. In other parts of the book he describes the sexual encounters in goodly detail to see that Obama was not merely "evolving" but was a full-blown faggot/drug addict.

    Wonder why that never came up at a Presedential press conference???

  3. Mr. Crosby, you write that in June 2008 "Obama’s credibility began to erode once again under the weight of lies about his legitimacy as citizen investigators began discovering vast inconsistencies in his eligibility claims."

    Over at Citizen Wells is a post dated yesterday in which Wells writes, "Under normal circumstances, that is, most of my life, the death of a TV journalist would have passed without special significance. However, when Tim Russert died at an early age, I could not help but raise the possibility that he was murdered. After all, anyone questioning Obama in 2008 was subject to verbal attacks and death threats. . . ."

    Well, Russert died of a heart attack on Friday, June 13, 2008.

    1. yeah well so did andrew brietbart supposedly. funny all those about to expose ovamit soon dissapear

  4. Accounts vary, but most agree Ø spent somewhere between $1.25M to $3 Million in lawyers and fees to court-seal thousands of documents, everything from school grades, school writings, travel-related documents, State Senator voting records, housing records, insurance and license records, loans...

    In perhaps what is most telling, the amount of money he spent hiding his past, would amount to almost every penny of his life earnings.

  5. Both the Conservative media and the Liberal media did everything they could to convince us that Herman Cain was a sexual pervert based upon allegations. Well applying the same rules to Barack Hussein Obama based upon the Larry Sinclair allegations and signed affidavit (plus lie detector test) that we elected our first White/Arab/African/Bi-Sexau/Crack Head/Usurper as President of the United States. Isn't America so pleasantly diversified??

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