From Conception...To Election

"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Silly Democrats....The Difference Is Clinton Lied About It

by Danny Crosby

When South Carolina Governor, Mark Sanford took the podium today, he knew he had some explaining to do. And, despite the pressure from historical examples by his liberal counterparts, under similar circumstances, to become an even worse reprobate by lying, Sanford explained with all the honesty and forthright disclosure that one should in his precarious situation.

Perhaps, he even gave us a little too much information. But, we understand why. Its better for him in the long run, and for his place in history, to be honest from the very start.

Given the hordes of perverted liberal stone casters poised at the city gate, Mark Sanford could have turned a personal mistake into a public catastrophe. Instead, he will suffer the private consequences of a lost marriage and, thankfully, only incoherent ridicule from the miscreant, sin-sniffing residue on the left.

The rest of us accept his apology and explanation for whatever responsibility he felt was necessary to own on our behalf.

But, more importantly, as the degenerates of the liberal media celebrate the destruction of Sanford and his family, pathetically using him as a microcosmic target for accusations of hypocrisy against the entire 60 million membership of the Republican Party, convenient dissonance rules the liberal festivities.

Seeking a license for their perversion and chronic lack of morality throughout human history, the liberal establishment is attacking Sanford because of his conservatism, not because of his mistake. Liberals love it when decent people make the occasional moral mistake. It actually makes them feel like valid members of society in spite of their perennial degeneracy. Conservatives may step in holes once in a while, but everone knows that liberals actually live in them.

Now that Sanford has come forth and confessed his mistake, the radical left is trying to draw righteous justification for their bad behavior out of the way Republicans treated the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal of the 1990's to expose Sanford and his party, as hypocrites.

However, liberals fail miserably to realize their sadistic fetish for the destruction of the "Good" political party when they conveniently deny the facts about the two cases. This divergence from reason has become a blueprint for most cases of infidelity and perversion by liberals.

If Democrat politicians spent half as much time solving problems as they did looking for faults in their political opponents, they might actually find themselves worthy of the current position to which they have been elected. Afterall, they love to justify their current endowment of power under the guise they must possess the criteria for the kind of change America wants. But, unfortunately, for the delusional left, the election of democrats was not an affirmation of what they are as much as it was an detraction from what they are not. Democrats were merely the only other option, not the actual solution.

Liberals have a very difficult time understanding that America needs change based on the principles of decency, righteousness, truth and justice...........not just change that comes from "not being George Bush". You actually have to make an affirmative difference to fulfill the credibility of winning an election. Otherwise you are merely a place holder until the right leadership returns home.

First of all, the problem America had with Clinton was not so much the idea of his sexual exploitation of a subordinate.......during business the offices of a municipally funded facility.....universally held as the symbol of American responsibility and leadership.....painted white by our founders for reasons only a liberal could possibly soil. The problem America had with Bill Clinton's adultery with Monica Lewinsky was that the idiot lied about it......multiple times.

Not only did Clinton lie about his affair with Lewinsky to the press, and the American people for 7 months, he carried that lie into the American legal system when he misled a grand jury about the nature of his relationship with Lewinsky.

Clinton was summarily impeached for obstructing justice and lying under oath.......not having an affair.

But, if gutter reasoning is justification for such comparisons, at least Sanford's mistress was attractive.

At least he cheated up.

Conservatives not only give the best, most authentic, confessions, they even make better mistakes that are far closer to "worth it". Not to mention, at least Sanford was decent enough to cheat with an anonymous foreigner on his own her place. Contrarily, liberal politicians can't seem to be perverts anywhere except in places, and during schedules, where American tax money provides them with cover......physically, politically and figuratively.

Yet, liberal idiocy loves to caterwaul about hypocrisy along political lines when a rare indescretion by a Republican raises an infrequent headline. They love to parrot the tired line about the personalized nature of a sexual affair, and how it is something that is no one else's business.

But, the funny thing about the liberal take on Clinton is that if they truly believe that sexual indescretion is harmless, and that it is a personal matter that the public has no right to criticize him for, then why can't they explain why he lied about it?

It was harmless, right? Then why lie about it? Why did Clinton, one of history's most renowned liberals, choose to lie about something that was harmless and nobody else's business?

Enter Mark Sanford.

Welcome to "Confessions By Government Officials 101." Biased members of the liberal media need to take notes, and please try to keep up.

1. Be humble

This requires character, so we can't expect too much from liberals. But, when Sanford stood in front of the American people today, he was humble when he confessed his indescretion. He did not lie about it. He did not posture like a requisite liberal tool would, in front of lights and microphones, with a wagging finger, excoriating the press and public for having the audacity to think he had actually done something wrong. As if we were the idiots.

And, because of this, Mark Sanford will be forgiven for his personal mistake, in the political world. Clinton will not.

2. Tell The Truth.....Duh!

Let's do a comparison, shall we?

We all remember the line that defines Bill Clinton's legacy:

"I did not have sexual relations with that woman.....Ms. Lewinsky."

Well........uh........actually, yes, he did have sexual relations with that woman. Now, let's look at Sanford's coming out with the media.

"I have been unfaithful to my wife....."

Now, which one is the truth?

Bill Clinton went from being merely an idiotic, perhaps more forgivable, adulterer to an evil, cowardly, contriving, condemned liar in the time it took him to vomit 10 pathological words.

Sanford made no such attempt to insult his witnesses. And, history has a short memory when politicians make the right choice to be honest under pressure. We eventually remember the courage it takes to tell the truth when circumstances tell us to lie.

Clinton was a coward. Sanford was not.

3. Don't Make Public Mountains Out Of Private Mole Hills

Bill Clinton forfeited his credibility when he allowed the Lewinsky affair to advance to the next level by lying about it in the public media realm. If he had been as open and truthful as Sanford, he would have never been called before a grand jury, where the stakes are raised and pressure increases to lie again.

The bigger the penalty, the harder it becomes to tell the truth. So, its better to tell the truth when the penalty is the smallest. And, traditionally, it seems conservatives, not liberals, are intelligent enough to know when the penalty for lying is greater than the penalty for their indescretion.

If Mark Sanford was supoened before a grand jury to give account, he would tell the truth because he understands the penalty for telling the truth now is less than the penalty for lying later. Bill Clinton was far too conceited, too liberal, too cowardly, and too stupid to understand this.

Exposed by far more instances of infidelity and illicit sexual behavior, liberals look desperate for justification when they attempt to justify the repulsive behavior of Democrats by pointing at the rare bad decisions of decent Republicans. Especially when they deny their conviction after turning the personal mole hill into a public mountain of legal ramifications because of their dishonesty.

Its not like they are never given the chance to tell the truth.

4. When Throwing Stones, At Least Hit The Correct Target For God's Sake

Its easy to mock Republicans for an occasional slip into the gutter when those heckling them live there. Besides, conservatives understand the human propensity for indescretion in times of passion. But, the difference they have with liberals is that they understand its more honorable to be accused of being a hypocrite by notorious degenerates than to have never been righteous in the first place.

Its easy for liberals to yelp, "Hypocrite!!" because they have never had the responsibility that goes with being decent to begin with.

Here endeth the lesson.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Revenge Of The Mombosan Son: Barack Obama’s Disturbing Liberal Agenda To Impose Covert Reparative Justice Upon Vintage America

by Pen Johannson

"The epic splendor has numbed the minds of the salivating hordes and caused a complete breakdown of reason among the common....."

Prior to the installment of Barack Obama to the office of the U.S. presidency, Vintage American men and women of the Greatest Generation, the courageous survivors of the Great Depression who died and shed blood for America during World Wars I & II, made a commitment to freedom through an understanding and reverence for the actual price of peace and human rights.

They are the authentic descendents of America's creators through whose spirit and courage the founders of our great nation convey the principles of liberty upon which their generational heirs now reside.

Outside of the liberal bastions of America, the children of honor and sacrifice wait patiently for the opportunity to show strength and resolve against the destroyers of their father's nation. The power still resides with them.

And, upon establishing this impenetrable geneological boundary of national identity, they made themselves dangerous to inferior characters, like Barack Obama.
And, by this inferiority, the liberal, angry orphans of American history are obstinately committed to the “remaking of America” in their liberal image, as Obama so stated in his Inaugural Address, through the destruction of its foundational values, the confiscation of its monetary power, and a reinterpretation of permissions to commit constitutionally distorted abjection.

For the first time since he was elected, a national media network actually asked the golden question about Obama's administration. It took 7 months, but on June 23rd, Bill O'reilly finally asked, "What is Obama's end game?"

What is the result of his liberal agenda and this massive expansion of government jurisdiction?

For Vintage America, the answer to this question is simple and plain.

Reparative Justice.

Reparative justice not just for racial oppression, but for many of the identified conditions liberal's have strapped to themselves as they prepare to walk into the crowded political square of America.

There are many "injustices" which Obama, and the liberal establishment seek to correct at that expense of Vintage America. Slavery and racial discrimination are their primary god, but economic classism, social revaluation, monetary redistribution, depreciation of ruralization, minority education, corporate depreciation, property confiscation, community reform, open immigration, and the internationalization of America all fall under the Obama agenda list for receiving his version of Reparative Justice.

And, make no mistake about it. Obama hates Vintage America. Its been 300 years and, by God, Obama and his liberal minions are going to fix America's "brokeness". And, they are going to confiscate the monetary value, subjugate the brilliant minds and enslave the able bodies of Vintage, affluent, decent Americans to fund and resource the brand of way or another.

And, if his agenda fails, he will detonate the rage of the world against America and attempt to destroy it. For, in his mind, if he can't win the world for his father's race, then why should anyone have it?


Just look at the obvious facts first.

Obama was born during a time of great social and economic conflict. His mother was a midwestern, white globalist with vintage American connections. His father was pure African with deep roots in muslim culture.

We have no publicly confirmed documentation about Obama's birthplace. Many say he was born in Hawaii. Still more say he was born in Mombosa, Kenya. But, the facts of this personal datum may never be known for sure. This ambiguity raises suspicion about Obama's identity.

Obama never served in America's interests abroad. He was never a member in any branch of our civil service ranks. And, because of this, one of the most notable problems Vintage America has with Barrack Obama is that there is nothing particularly honorable about the man.

What grand, selfless statement has Obama made in his life demonstrating appreciation for the privileges and opportunities blessed upon him since he was covertly deposited in America?

He possesses little more than education, which he was afforded by the provision of a welcoming society; a society vastly completed and sealed by far worthier path makers of Vintage American pioneerism, established long before Obama’s manifestation to take advantage of it.

His obvious capacity for reason and verbal delivery might serve him well if he were say, the son of Ronald Reagan, or Abraham Lincoln, rather than the socially illegitimate reproductive consequence of a dead-beat African descendent and an indescretionate nubile Anglo mother who, in her broken adolescence, was content to impose the role of primary care provider upon her parents.

But, because of his dark nature, ambiguous origins and black-ops approach in obtaining his current notoriety, we have more questions about Barack Hussein Obama than we have confidence in him.

When asked, vintage Americans say the most prominent characteristic defining Barack Obama is his foreboding “otherness”; An unexplainable consistency of murky intention bathed in the lavishness of cultish influence and overconfident, coercive charm. Many scholarly analysts note that his inflated presentation hides some concealed inadequacy found wandering within his tortured past as a rejected, fatherless, biracial boy in 1960’s America.

And, yet, we have still not answered the essential question about Barack Obama.

Who is he?


From the start, many Americans had, and still have, valid, unanswered questions about Obama’s constitutional eligibility to even hold an elected position in America let alone be president of the United States. But, because of the false perception obscuring America’s political climate, Democrats were able to mount a successful propogandized campaign for support from as many ignorant, racist minorities, pathetically ashamed whites and slews of psychotic, Bush-hating liberals needed to get Obama shoehorned in as the manservant of the liberal establishment.

And still, to date, no documents or accredited testimony has been provided for public consumption regarding Obama’s native born status or his status of immigration after residing in muslim Indonesia and traveling abroad.

Despite the filing of more than 20 lawsuits by viable, respected American citizens questioning Obama’s constitutional eligibility, hoping to determine the facts one way or the other, no challenge has been allowed to go forward by the lascivious liberal court system. All have been dismissed or turned away without so much as a review of the charges or a hearing to determine if the evidence presented is authentic. And, so the liberal empire is allowed to continue on a destructive rampage against Vintage America.

To Vintage Americans, this matter alone is grounds for Obama's disqualification. Perhaps political corruption permits such atrocity in the ranks, but the moral compass of middle America points true. Honesty and disclosure are rightly held as primary characteristics of a qualified leader. By the lack of evidence proving Obama’s full identity, this is obviously a standard the pandering liberal is unable to meet when called to consentual deception through political loyalty.


He may not have the support of humanity's advanced citizenship in America, but he has the support of the rest of the planet. Obama has been able to ride his biracial heritage right into the bowing concensus of an international political campaign. So much so that many forget that he is merely the president of just one of the 286 nations in the world. Many regard Obama as a world-class leader. And, the world has swallowed every single morsel of deception and justification for hating decent people he's dished out to them.

But what about the security and welfare of the actual place he was elected to lead? What about America?

Thankfully, the hard work was already completed in the previous 250 years before Obama cameth. And, more importantly, the most essential decisions made, and actions taken against the international hordes occured in the 8 previous years.

And, though the degenerates of a fawning left love to hold them in contempt, the fact remains that the challenge for national security and the fight against global terrorism remains delegated and ruled by the purveyors of America’s political right. Liberals will never have the privilege of being seen as the strong ones on national security because they simply do not value human life enough to convince anyone that they are actually interested in stopping the murder of Vintage Americans. Quite the opposite, in fact, many argue that Obama unconsciously desires the destruction of his domestic opponents at the hands of terrorists.


Deranged haters of George Bush are content to allow anything else with a pulse to be president, regardless of their character, origins or intent. The malignant sickness of their political fervor drives them to hysterical blindness when their anointed savior opposes those they hate.

This is no more evident than in the facts of Obama's psuedo-professional development. The only qualifying professional title affording Obama with credibility to hold any lower form of service or political office is his work as a community organizer. But, before this, we know very little about this man. And, his personal datum remains concealed like some mysterious secretive oracle, apparently, virginized documents unfit for mortal eyes.

Barack Obama is the embodiment of deception cloaked in a message of personal transparency. His opaque identity reveals little about his true intention while he implements the most aggressive liberal agenda in the history of America. Obama, and the modern liberal establishment are committed to the forcible and political confiscation of power and monetary control over Vintage America. They, themselves, are not even aware of the forces which prod and direct them. Yet, they have embarked on a quest to create the most expensive, most expansive, most intrusive nationalization of governmental control in the history of mankind, at a cost to the people of America, and the free world, of more than 15 Trillion dollars over 10 years.

Of course, Obama has international help against Vintage America. And
, he also has powerfully evil domestic allies.

The American liberal media complex has become the empire of misinformation that voices of conservative wisdom have warned us about for thousands of years. Now combining the theatrical elements of the entertainment industry with news broadcast networks, the liberal media is able to make news....not just report it. Now, the liberal media takes great artistic liberty in implementing its probamic propoganda.

ABC, NBC and CBS have committed themselves as Obama's personal media agencies, to report in the most contrived and favorable terms, anything that Obama does. We are now witnessing the complete ethical and moral breakdown of America's media infrastructure. Objective journalism is dead. And, it was murdered by the ideological interests of the liberal broadcast networks, driven by the financial interests of the liberal establishment.

Simply remaining silent about socialist government intrusion, or disparaging anyone with the courage to challenge the socialist views of their rogue manservant, the America liberal apparatus has helped Obama’s government create a one-way, edict of collectivism that works to restrict, and punitively oppress any point of view that disagrees with them. Especially points of view which promote independence from government and personal accountability.

Exploiting the media, obscuring true identity, character assassination and monetary confiscation through taxation are just some of the methods employed by the panderers of liberal slag to gain power over free people.

Saul Alinsky would be proud of today's democrat party.


Obama, and the strain of our society that supports him, hate Vintage America. They despise America's creators and the heirs of our history for their righteous audacity to create a nation for the people...not the government.

Obama and is minions hate descendents of anglo-european culture. He has contempt for them because he believes the malignment of his father's race throughout history was caused by white people. He secretly blames caucasian humanity for everything from poverty, to slavery, from disease to economic oppression. Obama is the constitute racist of our time.

The new Obama liberal is one who has taken vigorous pains to disguise the intended purpose of America's originators by mystifying their pristine message, mixing lies with half truths, while disseminating the darkest lie that the American Constitution, when held in the benefit of its creators, is a meaningless document haphazardly concocted by racists and expatriated, old white men seeking dominance over the rest of dark skinned humanity.

It cannot be stated to harshly that the liberal's offense upon the memory and honor of Vintage America in this matter, works to discount the priceless bloodshed of our ancestors who gave everything to see us through to peace and endowed to all of us the rights we now enjoy.

However, when the deranged liberal distorts the meaning of the Constitution in service of their destructive cause, then it conveniently becomes the lionized champion of human doctrine and heroism affording the government with power over Vintage America.

The liberal nature is to work toward a delusional end through hate-driven reneging of policy previously constructed on traditional Judeo-Christian principles and conservatism. They are simply motivated to act in accordance with their wretched politics for the benefit, attainment and maintenance of power over the people of Vintage America, who are the advanced citizenry of humanity. And, they seek to accomplish this by infiltrating the weakest points of American society and the exploitation of ignorance, helplessness and indigence.

When America fails, liberals thrive. Because liberals thrive on failure and seek to keep failure alive for their twisted purposes of maintaining poverty, dependence, illness and ignorance on a massive scale. Whether through the exploitation of the sick and impoverished to maintain their voter base, or through criminally minded hypocrisy, the modern liberal hates Vintage America because Vintage America is none of these things. Obama and the liberal establishment hate them because Vintage Americans possess the ransomed blessing endowed by the sacrifice made by others. Liberals hate vintage Americans because they are the possessors of authentic honor, courage, reason, purpose and right.

Vintage American's thrive in faith and divine purpose without the standards of perfection to determine their success. They are generous, loving, gracious, and hopeful of all things good. Liberals are chronically deficient and blameful possessing little tolerance and are quick to show rage and hate. Liberals are the vintage racists of humanity.

Vintage Americans believe in a power greater than themselves. Whether by epiphany or by spiritual affirmation, they understand that there truly is a God of love. And, they seek to know Him more through research of the attainable literature of biblical premise. Liberals hate the idea that anything is a greater power than them. They hate God. They hate his generosity, his selflessness, his intelligence and his mercy for the fallen.

Obama hates the prosperity of Vintage America. Having seen the poverty and debased economic existence of his father's culture, and the culture of his Indonesian schoolmates, the genesis of Obama's hatred for Anglo-american prosperity began when his belief that being poor was normal was destroyed by the reality of American affluence when he came here from abroad as boy.

When Obama witnessed the mansions, the RV's, the resort living, the country club lifestyle of American's, he heard the voices of his past calling to him. "We are poor because they are rich."

"We have nothing because the evil American has taken it from us."

Since then, Obama has fostered the delusion that a redistribution of wealth is a method of bringing about equality within humanity.

Unfortunately for Obama, he has never been confronted with the actual truth about the reasons why rich people are rich, and poor people are poor.

Prosperity is directly related to one's command of life and the humility to accept the failure of who they are. Prosperity is directly related to personal accountability and an embrace of the idea that independence from helplessness is not demographically predetermined.

Tragically, Barack Obama is unable to separate the causes of poverty from his malignant vestiges attributing it to demographic identities. He is deeply deceived. And, he is so deeply vested in the theory of the symbiotic relationship between race and affluence that will never see the truth that a man's worth is determined by what others are willing to pay for it, not what others are forced to pay for it.

And, that's why liberals hate Vintage American prosperity. Vintage America has mastered the truth of personal accountability and independence. And, in doing so, have made themselves valuable to humanity in ways that cause demand for them. Demand for their work. Demand for what they create. Demand for their service. Demand for their ideas. Demand for their innovation. Demand for their brilliance. Demand for their strength.

From the first moment we saw the newly embedded Barrack Hussein Obama, we knew he was trying to get away with something untoward. His elevated demeanor and extravagant language was contrived. His polished delivery was compensation for intrinsic deficiencies of character and a marked absence of honesty. In reality, Barack Obama is a liar, and only interested in preserving his dream of worldwide liberal indoctrination while playing the victim of the “evil” conservative horde.

Obama seeks epic reparative justice for a slew of hardships his father’s race has wallowed in for thousands of years. But, at the end of his historical failure, Obama, and the liberal establishment, will be exposed for the true motivating factor in all of their lusts.

Their grudgeful hate.

They will be forced to accept they will not be permitted to exploit vintage America. Otherwise, they will only be cast into political orphanry with the rest of history's moral indigents.


And, yet, still, against the sky line from Grant Park, as the cold Chicago wind began to freeze Oprah’s tear-ridden cheeks, Obama was frighteningly sincere in his expository glorification of the subject matter he was lying about.

And, after 150 days of the most liberal presidency in American history, in what can only be described as a sign that the apocalypse is upon us, there is little outrage that Obama is selling out America and taking our tax money away, like it was free, to rescue companies we created, and whose only reason for existing is to be rescuers and insurers of us.

In effect, our tax money is being used to pay claim on the loss of a company who has never paid a premium to the American tax payer.

The idea that a person is entitled to something based on their need is a quintessential liberal delusion.


Upon the evidence submitted by America's shortsighted elective consensus, if we are indeed going to establish something as shallow as his demographic profile as a justification for honoring extraordinary achievement and so-called honorability, as opposed to any other reason why we should all passively receive some other black man, we might be more intrigued by the lives of men like Michael Anderson or Dr. Ron McNair, Ph.D., than Barrack Obama.

McNair and Anderson are two black men who gave their lives in the course of service to our nation, as astronauts during the Columbia and Challenger NASA Shuttle missions, respectively. These heroic men serve America far better with their example of leadership, life application and selfless sacrifice than that of coat-tail riding politicians and idea peddlers.

On the disdainful question of race, ironically, and completely contrary to what the mainstream media lusts for you to believe, it remains a teeth-gnashing reality for pro-reparation punditry that Obama’s success is not the result of his black heritage, but rather the result of being rejected by it.

In this case, it seems, the absence of a father actually promoted Obama rather than hindered him.

This is a tough pill to swallow for the radical leftists because it remains the demographic qualities afforded by race that fuel their psychotic lust for weilding the race deck when preaching reparative justice, as well as fueling the 24 hour liberal news cycle.


With regard to the issue of Obama's vital records, containing information about his citizenship, natural born status, immigration status, education, voting records, we are all left stranded. But, what rights to privacy and protection do we have when we’ve been robbed of our eligible leaders, their candidacy tossed aside by the illegal defiance of absurd social engineering?

What right to privacy, through censorship of the public's rightful requests, permits the removal of fundamental power from the hands the American people and validates the ascendency of puppet candidates in the United States?

It is widely held that that the office of the president is greater than the individual who serves in it. Whereas this applies to anyone desiring to become more important than the position, it is, however, possible for an individual to diminish the effectiveness and credibility of the position. When the office is not sought for honorable reasons, and fulfilled as such, then it diminishes the honorability of the office. If a lawbreaker is elected while he conceals his criminality from those who elect him, the election process itself is not held in contempt. The man is. And if he assumes the position for which he was mis-elected, and is allowed to serve as president even after those who support him have knowledge of his wrongdoing, the ramifications of his offense will have tragic consequences to the identity and integrity of national public service policy. Not to mention the credibility of the office of the president is compromised, internationally.

And, so, we find ourselves amidst a leadership conglomeration of the politically and morally desolate. A desolation that has wrought itself so discriminately from the despotic left, that we scarcely recognize any characteristics of decency in their modern purpose. Their derelict offenses on vintage American society are the result of politically driven, hysterical blindness and ideological hate for anything or anyone contending their dissonant ignorance. Liberals in America today don’t have the first clue about how or what to prioritize as a matter of national interests and security. Their servitude to politics over common decency or the alleviation of real suffering will always take precedence upon the liberal docket.

Suddenly, we are imposed upon by their annointed deceiver. The only evidence of his existence and intentions come to us after it has been strained and contrived through a chain of possession and manipulators of interpretation. We only see the shiny, jewel-laden cloak, as the reprobation is subdued, and the vile cause is hastened that they might assume jurisdiction over the minds and bodies of a bowing consensus while destroying those who oppose them.

So, against decent people, Obama now stands as a requisite tool possessing the characteristics endowed to him by invisible forces, constructing doctrinal architecture with insidious justifications, lost in ideology, and implementing damnable, desolate politics which will eventually serve the destruction of everything our father's suffered to realize.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terrorist Attacks On Obama’s Watch: Two, And Counting

by Pen Johannson

The quantity of terrorist attacks occurring during the first 150 days of the Obama Administration has already exceeded that of the entire 8 years of the previous administration.

The liberal establishment desperately lusts to label the murder of abortionist, George Tiller, an act of terrorism. But, in order to do that, they must embrace the fact that Obama failed to prevent it.

This completely eviscerates the liberal justification for blaming the Bush Administration for promoting conditions in support of terrorism while exposing a telling truth that Obama may indeed be far less capable of protecting Americans than they blindly gave him credit for during the 2008 presidential campaign.

In the most significant indictment of political hypocrisy since Nancy Pelosi accused someone of lying, margin has called on Barack Obama to satisfy the same standards of his much self-heralded fantasy to uphold America's values at the expense of national security. A delusion that he criticizes the Bush Administration for failing to meet.

In concert with one of the most repeated laments of the liberal establishment against Bush's pre-911 responsiveness, it appears Obama also ignored warnings and FBI reports about possible domestic attacks from religionist terrorists. And, with the murderous attacks from two separate terrorists in the past week, Obama has officially failed in the very same ineptitude he, himself, pathetically labeled "Ineffective" anti-terrorism measures he so-called “inherited” from the previous administration. Obama's blame game is catching up with the deficiencies in his own experience with national security while exposing some ominous ideology favoring forces opposing vintage America.

Perhaps one might say he is being reminded about the "lest ye be judged" part of the proverbial biblical commission.

Even Obama's own biased media complex has acknowledged his failure to stop the terrorist attacks of the past week. On June 2, 2009, leftist degenerate, Keith Olbermann, of the state sponsored socialist media network, MSNBC, blathered, “Scott Roeder is the name of the suspected terrorist who was arrested yesterday for assassinating Dr. George Tiller.”

Caterwauling from his probamic entrenchment, Olbermann also concluded a June 1st segment by calling the murder of notorious abortionist, George Tiller, "an act of 'domestic terrorism.' " (MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”, June 1, 2009).

So, even the liberal establishment is calling Tiller’s murder an act of terrorism? Okay, fine.

Let's call Roeder a terrorist.

Therefore, when combining the murder of Tiller by "domestic terrorist", Scott Roeder, with the murder of Little Rock Army Recruiter, William Long, and wounding of Quinton Ezeagwula, by suspected muslim jihadist, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad on June 1st, it brings the number of terrorist attacks during the Obama presidency to two............and counting.

That’s more than the number of attacks occurring during the previous administration.

And, while Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, ordered the U.S. Marshal's Protective Service to increase security at abortion clinics, after the murder of Tiller in a church nowhere near his clinic, he made no equal declaration for the protection of Christian establishments, churches or military recruitment offices after these terrorist attacks that actually occurred in these locations.

It appears Obama's politics have blinded him so much that his knee-jerk pander to the liberal establishment has completely overridden his intellectual ability to recognize the actual distinguishing realities of terrorism. In both cases, Christian, military and conservative political icons, three of the major defining characteristics of vintage America, the actual primary targets of terrorism, were ignored by Obama.

This is seen by vintage America as yet another indication of Obama's covert sympathy with radical Islam and his passive complicity with violence committed by fundamentalist muslims.

To add to this evidence, and the tragedy of the events during the past week, Barack Obama gave official statements on both attacks and was gushing with condolences for the Tiller family. Contrarily, however, as of June 3rd, his official statement about the Little Rock Army Recruiting office attack was absent of any condolences to the families of William Long and Quinton Ezeagwula.

The FBI says the attack on the Army Recruiting office was motivated by aversive, radical religious views and violent political ideology. But, then again, so was the attack on Tiller.

So, why is the Obama administration treating the two events so differently?

The longer Barack Obama remains president, the more right Dick Cheney becomes in his excoriation of Obama's complete ineptitude for protecting a nation. And, unfortunately, the more American lives become endangered.

America is less safe from acts of terrorism with Obama as president. Just ask the families of George Tiller, William Long and Quinton Ezeagwula.

Oh, and Keith Olbermann.