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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Terrorist Attacks On Obama’s Watch: Two, And Counting

by Pen Johannson

The quantity of terrorist attacks occurring during the first 150 days of the Obama Administration has already exceeded that of the entire 8 years of the previous administration.

The liberal establishment desperately lusts to label the murder of abortionist, George Tiller, an act of terrorism. But, in order to do that, they must embrace the fact that Obama failed to prevent it.

This completely eviscerates the liberal justification for blaming the Bush Administration for promoting conditions in support of terrorism while exposing a telling truth that Obama may indeed be far less capable of protecting Americans than they blindly gave him credit for during the 2008 presidential campaign.

In the most significant indictment of political hypocrisy since Nancy Pelosi accused someone of lying, margin has called on Barack Obama to satisfy the same standards of his much self-heralded fantasy to uphold America's values at the expense of national security. A delusion that he criticizes the Bush Administration for failing to meet.

In concert with one of the most repeated laments of the liberal establishment against Bush's pre-911 responsiveness, it appears Obama also ignored warnings and FBI reports about possible domestic attacks from religionist terrorists. And, with the murderous attacks from two separate terrorists in the past week, Obama has officially failed in the very same ineptitude he, himself, pathetically labeled "Ineffective" anti-terrorism measures he so-called “inherited” from the previous administration. Obama's blame game is catching up with the deficiencies in his own experience with national security while exposing some ominous ideology favoring forces opposing vintage America.

Perhaps one might say he is being reminded about the "lest ye be judged" part of the proverbial biblical commission.

Even Obama's own biased media complex has acknowledged his failure to stop the terrorist attacks of the past week. On June 2, 2009, leftist degenerate, Keith Olbermann, of the state sponsored socialist media network, MSNBC, blathered, “Scott Roeder is the name of the suspected terrorist who was arrested yesterday for assassinating Dr. George Tiller.”

Caterwauling from his probamic entrenchment, Olbermann also concluded a June 1st segment by calling the murder of notorious abortionist, George Tiller, "an act of 'domestic terrorism.' " (MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”, June 1, 2009).

So, even the liberal establishment is calling Tiller’s murder an act of terrorism? Okay, fine.

Let's call Roeder a terrorist.

Therefore, when combining the murder of Tiller by "domestic terrorist", Scott Roeder, with the murder of Little Rock Army Recruiter, William Long, and wounding of Quinton Ezeagwula, by suspected muslim jihadist, Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad on June 1st, it brings the number of terrorist attacks during the Obama presidency to two............and counting.

That’s more than the number of attacks occurring during the previous administration.

And, while Obama’s attorney general, Eric Holder, ordered the U.S. Marshal's Protective Service to increase security at abortion clinics, after the murder of Tiller in a church nowhere near his clinic, he made no equal declaration for the protection of Christian establishments, churches or military recruitment offices after these terrorist attacks that actually occurred in these locations.

It appears Obama's politics have blinded him so much that his knee-jerk pander to the liberal establishment has completely overridden his intellectual ability to recognize the actual distinguishing realities of terrorism. In both cases, Christian, military and conservative political icons, three of the major defining characteristics of vintage America, the actual primary targets of terrorism, were ignored by Obama.

This is seen by vintage America as yet another indication of Obama's covert sympathy with radical Islam and his passive complicity with violence committed by fundamentalist muslims.

To add to this evidence, and the tragedy of the events during the past week, Barack Obama gave official statements on both attacks and was gushing with condolences for the Tiller family. Contrarily, however, as of June 3rd, his official statement about the Little Rock Army Recruiting office attack was absent of any condolences to the families of William Long and Quinton Ezeagwula.

The FBI says the attack on the Army Recruiting office was motivated by aversive, radical religious views and violent political ideology. But, then again, so was the attack on Tiller.

So, why is the Obama administration treating the two events so differently?

The longer Barack Obama remains president, the more right Dick Cheney becomes in his excoriation of Obama's complete ineptitude for protecting a nation. And, unfortunately, the more American lives become endangered.

America is less safe from acts of terrorism with Obama as president. Just ask the families of George Tiller, William Long and Quinton Ezeagwula.

Oh, and Keith Olbermann.

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