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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Fox Finally Sees The Light With Those Questioning Obama Legitimacy

by Dan Crosby & Pen Johannson

Fox's Glenn Beck and Bill O'Reilly are finally coming around. Welcome to the party, guys.

Following the debacle surrounding former USDA regional administrator, Shirley Sherrod, and her racially contextualized speech in March, 2010, Fox News finally began to admit, for the first time, that the ineptitude of the Obama presidency is a probable symptom that Obama should not have ever been allowed to be president to begin with.

After an exerpt of Sherrod's speech surfaced in which she appeared to say that she once withheld assistance from an individual because of race, the NAACP and the USDA immediately overreacted by calling for Sherrod's firing as did many in the media, including some at Fox News.
However, once it was assessed that the content of Sherrod's speech, in its entirety, was a teachable requiem about the need to renounce racism, all bets were off and everybody retreated back to their default, hate-filled ideology. In fact, the liberal establishment, including the NAACP, immediately blamed Fox for "snookering" them into firing an innocent person. Never mind that it was the NAACP who Sherrod was speaking to in the controversial video!

That's right America, the NAACP denounced Sherrod's exerpted statements as racist even though they were presented to the NAACP at the original speech, five months ago! Did they not recognize Sherrod on the video? According the NAACP and the Obama administration, apparently its okay to be a black racist as long Fox News doesn't get a hold of the video tape. It makes one wonder why the organization suddenly went race crazy. Could it be that being exposed as a degenerate, racist hypocrite organization had something to do with it. If the video of Sherrod had never been publicly exposed, the NAACP never would have said a word about it.

Therefore, the teeth-gnashing message for the NAACP is that race doesn't matter, and therefore, neither do they. The message for the media and the federal government under Obama is: Race is not a choice. Behavior and character are!

Then, the liberal slew tried to blame Glenn Beck for Sherrod's firing. What a surprise it must have been for the idiots at MSNBC to realize that Beck had actually defended Sherrod and said that she should not be fired so hastily, until her speech was analyzed in its entirety.

Bill O'Reilly studiously admitted to jumping the gun a day before and cordially apologized for his snap judgment calling for Sherrod's firing. O'Reilly said, "I made a mistake and I apologize to Ms. Sherrod. I should have investigated this further before making my conclusions and I am sorry."

As a result, Beck and O'Reilly are finally taking a harder look at the legitimacy of the Obama administration.


Rest easy America. Dry those tears for poor Ms. Sherrod. She is doing just fine. She is living happily, surviving on a meager $13 million dollar settlement she and her husband won through litigation against the USDA...which then turned around and hired her as an administrator...then fired her...then hired her back...and will probably soon find itself in another lawsuit against Sherrod...paying her more money for pain and suffering for firing her without cause in the first place!

Yes, America, Ms. Sherrod is all good. If she keeps this disfuntional, abuse-cycle, relationship with the USDA, she stands a good chance of being appointed President in 2012.

Therefore, it lies within this reason that if we are forbidden from passing judgment on one another based on the involuntary characteristics of race, then we are also forbidden from issuing justice based on race. For justice first requires a judgment, and race is not a consequence of something that is chosen by us. So, therefore, we are bound by the inescapable truth that justice is found as a result of how we choose to behave and the character we choose to exhibit.

The liberal creature has a terrible dilemma. If we are to embrace hollow "progressive" ideology that we should issue justice based on race, then what incentive should we seek to accept judgment based on character or behavior? If justice, which is the issuance of punishment or reward based on judgment based on a standard rule, in this case - race, then why should anyone choose to be decent, loving, compassionate or generous if there is no justice for these chosen characteristics?

Or, does the liberal establishment in America today actually hold so absurdly to its deranged lust for race-based reward that it advocates the myth of a "just reward" for ALL blacks, at the expense of whites, regardless of the choices we make in our behavior and character?

This is how liberals are destroying America, and therefore the world. They are making decency, sympathy and compassion insignificant in lieu of rewarding involuntary racial characteristics. Does anyone doubt that if the current social "rule-de-jour" demanded rewards based on racial characterstics that everyone would not want to choose to have those racial characteristics? However, we are not given the option to have certain racial characteristics, are we? In the liberal world, if you are not black or dark skinned, you are disqualified from justice...therefore, why should a white person be decent? There is no incentive to be so.

So, let's end the nonsense about racial justice and the media’s blatant, racially-oriented bias for Obama as a first "black" president. The truth starts here...with the inalienability of rights established by our Creator.

God did not establish the path to justice on earth based on disseminations of the involuntary characteristics found in race, He established justice based on the disseminations in the content of individual character and as the consequence of choices human beings make in the way they behave. Justice is issued based on character and behavior, not skin color! Failure to understand this will result in terrible consequences for those who believe in, and practice, ideology to the contrary.


This truth is an all consuming fire which ends the debate about the validity of “racially charged” events occurring since Obama became president, and we must finally recognize Fox News' Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly for their diplomacy on this matter, which they shared during their respective broadcasts on July 20th and 21st, 2010.

Fox News surpasses all of the other cable news ratings...combined! In fact, the re-runs of Glenn Beck, O'Reilly's "The Factor" and Hannity rate higher than any other network's programs. The re-runs!

Decent, honest Americans are disgusted by the liberal smear tactics by MSNBC and the left leaning bias of CBS, ABC and CNN.

O'Reilly's comments illustrate perfectly what vintage America has been saying for the past 5 years about our government, and more recently, the past 3 ½ years about Obama, the liberal media and the degenerates working in this administration.

During an interview with liberal New York Post columnist, Kirsten Powers, O’Reilly finally had the essential epiphany which liberal America and Big Media has long since abandoned for the lesser gods of entitlement ideology, controversy and socioecomomic justice.

During his discussion with Powers, O’Reilly seemed to have the same moment of clarity the rest of vintage America has been caterwauling about. He suddenly realized how slews of liberal, mainstream media hacks have protected Obama by simply disregarding obvious newsworthy stories exposing Obama's racially motivated audacity, his covert identity and his ambiguous claim to American political legitimacy.

Glenn Beck actually defended Shirley Sherrod and said that he did not believe she should be fired without a deeper investigation. Beck said this before it was discovered that Sherrod's racially oriented comments were taken out of context. This can be attributed to Beck's attuned instincts in matters of character and behavior, along with his rejection of liberal racialism as a standard for implementing justice. Beck said it would be an injustice to expel Sherrod without taking a deeper look into her March, 2010 speech. Beck seems to have a highly sensitive radar for detecting degeneracy, dishonesty and hate in others.


Here are a few examples. Over the past 4 years, the liberal media has ignored the following dirty secrets about the Obama Administration by refusing to report them:

1. Obama's "covert" relationships with criminal degenerates like terrorist, Bill Ayers, slumlord, Tony Rezco, racist anti-Semite, Rasheed Khalidi, drug dealer, Larry Sinclair and America hater, Reverend Jerry Wright, just to name a few.

2. The appointment of communist convict, “9-11 Truther”, and former “Green Jobs” Czar, Van Jones.

3. Obama’s prejudiced, ignorant response to the arrest of his friend, a black Harvard professor, Henry Louis Gates, by white Cambridge police officers, who Obama said "acted stupidly" even though he did not even know the circumstances of the incident.

4. The Obama Department of Justice’s refusal to prosecute clear, blatant cases of voter intimidation by club wielding, racist members of the New Black Panther Party against white voters in Philadelphia. Allegations of racism within the Civil Law Section surfaced as a former lawyer with the DOJ resigned under claims that he was told by supervisors loyal to Obama that cases of voter rights violations would not be pursued when the victim was white and the suspect was black.

5. Valid evidence about Obama’s covert natal identity and his possible violation of Constitutional mandates requiring him to be a verified “natural born citizen” to hold the office of President.

6. The exoneration of former Klan member, Democrat racist, Robert Byrd, after his death, by multiple liberal politicians and news networks. Many on the left excused Byrd's racism as a symptom of the 93 year old's age and outdated social upbringing even though Byrd was caught using the word "nigger" on national television only 6 years ago.

7. The secret appointment of a self-admitted redistributionist, Donald Berwick, as head of Medicare, while Congress was out on recess.

8. The NAACP’s President, Ben Jealous' racist hypocrisy against the conservative Tea Party movement calling for the Tea Party to “expel the bigots in its ranks”, while ignoring the Black Panther Party’s hateful incitements for blacks to “kill crackers” and murder their “white babies”. NBP head racist, King Shabazz also called for the murder of police officers as a legitimate means of ending "police brutality".

9. Obama's possible violation of international law barring America's elected officials from participating in or influencing foreign political campaigns and foreign elections. Video of Obama campaigning and giving speeches on behalf of his "cousin", Kenya's Orange Communist Party candidate, Raila Odinga surfaced during his 2006 trip to Africa while Obama was an Illinois state senator. Obama's conduct was a clear violation of the Logan Act. Prior to the election, Odinga signed an agreement in exchange for support from the Islamic Council in which he agreed to implement discriminatory policies based on Islamic doctrine. The election resulted in rioting instigated by Odinga loyalists after Odinga lost the election. During the ensuing violence, hundreds, possibly thousands of innocent Christians were slaughtered and dozens of churches were burned.

10. Now, the recent debacle regarding former Georgian USDA administrator, Shirley Sherrod, in which the Obama administration outright “assassinated” the professional career of Sherrod by firing her without even investigating the context of her racially oriented story during an NAACP rally in March of 2010 when she said she once made a mistake in withholding the "full force" her help because the person she was helping was white.


In response the failure of the liberal, mainstream media to cover these failures of Obama, O’Reilly was heard saying, “The American people have a right to know who is serving them and who these people are!”

If only Fox News and O’Reilly would have just admitted this when Obama, and his band of degenerates, first appeared in the mainstream American media as far back as 2006 at the Democratic National Convention.

O’Reilly continued, “What we are looking at here is a complete news blackout of these stories and that is the biggest journalistic scandal in the history of the republic.”

Bill O'Reilly has never been more right. Finally! Congratulations, Mr. O’Reilly! You made it to the party! Welcome! It only took three years, but we are so glad to see you come to the same understanding we have been raving about since Obama announced his ineligible candidacy for the presidency in February of 2007.

Yes, Bill, we have a right to know who these people are!

We have a right to know because it is upon the value of our lives and the worth of our work by which they operate. Our taxes pay for their institutions. Our work pays for the policies created by their ideological beliefs.

We have a right to know who they are!

We have the right to know that our president is Constitutionally eligible to serve us and that he was properly vetted by those we pay to do the job of verifying his eligibility with full disclosure, without being victimized by legal tactics and derisive commentary simply for inquiring about the matter. We have a right to know this so that we may live with confidence in the sovereign identity of our leadership, without the suspicion of possible plurality made vulnerable among world interests and threats against our nation.

We have a right to know that the individuals appointed by an eligible president, who serve our citizens at any level, have the interests of ALL of the American people in mind, not just those who share ideology and skin color with sympatetic factions of the elected officials in control of our government.

We have a right to know that the individuals appointed to oversee the enforcement of our laws are not allowing violent, hate filled radicals to intimidate, harass and kill us based on our skin color, and that they have the well-being of ALL of our citizens in mind, regardless of the color of our babies’ skin. Right?

We have a right to know that the individuals hired within our municipal service divisions of our government are not making freelance choices on who to help and who not to help based on racial bias.

Aside from a blatant lack of managerial expertise, the Obama administration is, unequivocally, the most racist, most liberally biased presidency in the history of America.

This is what happens when a society panders to the exploitation of race as a reason for justice. Militants are exposed as hateful criminals, government workers are forced to resign for saying stupid things out of context, standards of media and public information become a farce, leaders of well intended “advancement” organizations are exposed as hypocrites, community activists become hindrances to progress, and Presidents are forced to alienate their shallow ideology in order to make decisions based on universal truth, not racial bias.

This message is about individual accountability.

Blacks in America must embrace the fact that race is not a behavior and that being a black person does not entitle you to justice. Likewise, whites in America must embrace that justice is not just for the affluent and powerful and when you act like a hateful idiot, justice will set itself against you, as an individual, and those you take for granted because of their pale skin, will disqualify you from salvation and the freedom that is America.

Therefore, justice may only manifest when a society submits to the truth that people do not receive preeminent justice from God on the basis of the color of their skin, but on the basis of the equal standards based on content of character and decency of behavior, as they are defined by the tenets of God.

Jesus established two commandments based on the choice to love, not the involuntary characteristics of race.

Race is not a choice. Therefore, it is not permissible for mankind to hold those who have done no wrong today responsible for those who have done wrong in the past, based on the fact that they are both merely the same skin color. The content of character is not based on the amount of melanin in one’s skin. This is where America has gone astray. Militancy and derangement has taken the place of individual accountability and likeminded decency.

When we exploit the involuntary characteristics of race as criteria for the implementation of justice, innocent people become vulnerable to accusations of bad character, and those who think they have a right to hate are exposed as the actual problem.

Being an American is not a racial entitlement. Being American is the best possible effort of stewardship toward advanced human citizenry based on the like mindedness and decent behavior of a people of superior character, and skin color has nothing to do with being an American.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Obama Running Scared From Patriot Lakin Case

by Penbrook Johannson

Washington D.C. - Desperate to prevent exposure of Obama’s true identity, military commanders upholding the appearance of loyalty to the administration have taken unprecedented, and possibly, unfounded actions in an attempt to prevent Lt. Col. Terry Lakin from his day in court. The Army appears to be exploiting administrative tactics through the Officer Performance Evaluation process in order to prevent Lakin from exercising his right to a fair trial where he can demand hard evidence of Obama’s covert identity proving his plausible violation of the Constitutional eligibility clause to hold the office of the President.

As of July 16, 2010, Dr. Lakin is being charged under uniform military justice code for his dutiful refusal to obey orders under the principled justification supported by military chain of command protocols encouraging subordinates to question suspected illegal orders. Lakin is challenging his deployment and assignment orders under the suspicion that they have been issued by a chain of command headed by a President who may be ineligible to hold his office under the prescribed mandates of Article II of the United States Constitution.

However, the "touchstones of transparency" are being thrown at Lakin from the glass house of the Obama administration in order to silence the decorated military hero. Lakin's opportunity to have his day in court may be denied if Obama-loyal brass have anything to say about it. Obama's military legal advisors are currently contriving an underhanded way to kick Lakin out of the Army rather than allow him to enter onto the publicly accessible arena of a formal court martial. They are attempting to paint Lakin as “unfit for duty” and thereby make up false reasons to have Lakin removed from the military before a court martial can be held.

Ironically, Lakin is refusing to obey orders which also require him to present a valid, original and medically verified birth certificate in order to be identified for active duty change. Apparently, confirming the identity of a decorated, career-level, combat veteran for deployment to active military duty in a war zone is more of a concern for the federal government than confirming the ambiguous, hidden identity of an untested, rookie president to be that same military's commander. Such nonsense continues to make Obama look more and more of a ridiculous liar as time passes.

As reported by the American Patriot Foundation, in the most recent volley of action, Dr. Lakin submitted a formal rebuttal of the Army's revised version of the OER which blatantly and unjustifiably reverses the previous favourable OER which was finally submitted for approval only after Lakin was forced to waive his right to a pre-trial hearing when a judge denied Lakin access to blatant evidence supporting his defense. Lakin simply requested access to Obama's birth records currently held by the state of Hawaii, and testimony from officials working at the Hawaiian Department of Health, where Obama's vital records were created and stored. However, following the judge's incorrect decision, Lakin's choice to immediately proceed to trial sent Obama's legal staff into a frenzy as they tried to employ contraventions meant to preempt Lakin's trial which affords him with undisclosed rights of discovery.

Further complicating Obama's defense, the contents of Lakin's original OER laud him as one of the "best officers" in the Medical Division of the Army. Then, suddenly, the highly irregular revision of the initial evaluation appears to disparage Lakin without providing any appropriate examples or formal greivances reasons for the altered “re-review”. The revision simply states that Lakin is found to be unfit for promotional considerations, which is extremely odd since his reviewing commanders exalt his performance as being in the top 10% of the active duty roster. Thus, it can only be assumed, Lakin's conscientious refusal to deploy on rightful and principled grounds was the reason for his Revised OER.

Cowards In The Ranks

"Lt. Col. Lakin's actions are heroic. The man serves his country and the U.S. Constitution with honor, fidelity and generosity and has a right to serve under a qualified chain of command which also exhibits integrity, honesty, and authenticated legitimacy. His superiors need to stop acting like cowards and get behind him." says another employee serving at Walter Reed Medical Center.

The most appalling circumstance surrounding the issuance of the revised OER is that the original facts of the original OER appear to have been intentionally falsified without any detailed evidence supporting the revisions. Also, even though the OER is dated as being created for a review period from June of 2009 to April 12, 2010, before scheduling of the Court martial date, the OER revision was not officially provided to Lakin until two weeks after Lakin waived his right to pre-trial hearings in order to go directly to a court martial where he could file discovery demands for evidence.

Lakin's original OER shows an attestment date of March 25, 2010, signed by Col. Dale K. Block of the Pentagon's DiLorenzo TriCare Clinic, four days prior to the appearance of Lt. Col. Lakin's video on the internet. At some time later, the original OER was submitted for finalization and then signed and dated April 12, 2010 by a Colonel Norvell V. Coots, commander of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, without any detractions or revisions. The orginal OER was signed, finalized and filed nearly two weeks after Lakin's objections were made known to his superiors and the video had circulated the internet and appeared on several T.V. news shows.

The review period of the revised OER is also conveniently stated as being thru April 12, leaving no gap of time between his duty change and leave of absence during which Lakin might have an opportunity to address the reason for the retraction of the favourable performance review one day earlier.

A possible motive in revising Lakin's evaluation is to blemish his stellar performance and label him as unfit because of his stance on Obama's possible ineligibility. An unfavourable review against Lakin's performance would make it easier for Obama-friendly military brass, commanded by an illegal president, to dismiss Lakin from service without allowing a trial and, therefore, prevent evidence of Obama's fraudulence from being exposed on the record.

Lakin states in his formal rebuttal of the Revised OER, in item 1, that he was not provided with the April 12th Revised OER for approval until June 29. He then states in item 5 that the original OER was completed for the thru date of April 11, 2010, allegedly just ONE DAY before the revision. Lakin demands that, "This (April 11) version of the OER is accurate regarding my performance and should be submitted to DA as my OER of record."

Why is there an apparent 2 ½ month delay between the OER, its revision and its final submittal for approval to Dr. Lakin? This discrepancy between the creation, revision and submittal dates of the OER makes the timing and reasons for the alteration of Lakin’s original OER appear very suspect and contrived. It may even indicate that the Revised OER was not actually created until after it was discovered that Lakin would have access to evidence which would undermine attempts to keep Obama’s natal history and natural born status a secret. The revision may have actually been pre-dated to make it look like a motive between the unfavourable review of Lakin and the timing of the court martial could be obscured by military higher-ups and denied by Obama while providing a formal means to dismiss Lakin from the military.

“It looks sleazy. This (revision to a certified OER) does not make sense at this level of military command, among individuals with this man’s (Lakin’s) level of specialty, expertise and record of service,” says retired Lt. Col. Neil O’Connelly, “In 20 years, I have never seen a stellar review countermanded to such extremes. It’s ridiculous. It should raise flags about the motives behind the retractions rather than be any indication of failure on the part of the officer under review.”

In his rebuttal draft dated June 17, 2010, Lakin states:

"This change in dates (between the original and revise OER) clearly has been altered from the previous version. The OER was completed for a change in Duty Station/TCS orders. I had completed all requirements to 'clear' my duty station and unit and was on leave status prior to April 12, 2010."

This statement by Lakin indicates that the original facts of the original OER may have been intentionally altered to present false logistics which would favor an interuption of Lakin's legal proceedings. Simply stated, the original OER was falsified in order to protect Obama.

The disparaging, revised report was obviously filed as a means of justifying Lakin’s possible dismissal from military service in lieu of allowing a court martial process to continue, which, as Obama knows, would trigger Lakin’s right to evidentiary discovery within the legal process which would expose documents, testimony and information revealing plausible criminality on the part of Obama and members of his administration. Much to the consternation of the Obama legal team, the UCMJ does not maintain the same protections against the discovery of available evidence as the civil court system.

The “Officer Evaluation Report,” or “OER,” issued on March 25th, 2010, originally praised LTC Lakin as one of the top 10% of all Army medical department officers and recommended him both for promotion to full Colonel and for command of Army medical clinic operations. A few days later it was redrafted and altered to say that Dr. Lakin was suddenly unfit for continued military service and that only one unspecified event had intervened.

Lakin's reviewer stated the following about Dr. Lakin in his original report:

“LTC Lakin is in the top 10% of AMEDD officers I’ve served with and was the best Chief of Primary Care in my last 15 years of command. LTC Lakin is a mission-oriented, strong and skillful leader who is staunchly
dedicated to improving standards of medical care and patient satisfaction within the clinic. LTC Lakin’s patient skills are unsurpassed, his osteopathic manipulation and acupuncture training has made a major impact on the health of Pentagon personnel. Patient satisfaction scores for the clinic have increased more than 6%; DTHC now averages 96% on the Army Provider Level Satisfaction Scores. LTC Lakin continued to serve as a consultant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Health Affairs) as the IT Functional Proponent for Army Occupational Medicine; he presented three medical presentations on this topic at the Annual Force Health Protection Conference. He personally managed a patient panel of 800 aviators to include the Army Air Operations Group and the US Army Priority Air Transportation Units. LTC Lakin established approved CME credit for provider educational activities, which will provide DTHC providers with 40 of Category I CME hours.

Dr. Lakin is an extremely talented, highly knowledgeable senior Army clinician with significant field and consultant experience, he can always be counted on to provide me with expert advice.”

The substance of the original review raises questions as to why the Army now feels it necessary to dismiss such a highly qualified, honorable veteran like Lt. Col Lakin without allowing him the opportunity for due process in a court of military law. If Lakin is as proficient and talented as his evaluater says he is, then he should be given the complete benefit of doubt to pursue a case toward exoneration with the full and willing cooperation of the Department of the Army and the Division of Military Justice. Otherwise, such extreme measures to prevent the legal process continues to diminish Obama politically while making him appear cowardice.

The Obama administration's continuing obstruction of the legal process regarding his ambiguous, unresolved eligibility saga reveals with even more defined certainty and increasing probability that Barack Obama is indeed engaged in a willful circumvention of the U.S. Constitution by assuming the powers of the U.S. Presidency without actually being legally eligible to do so. In fact, the Lakin case reveals that there must be something far more destructive to Obama if he would otherwise allow a patriot hero like Lakin to be thrown out of a military he commands and is made better with Lakin's presence in it. When analyzing this, it shows what Obama is willing to violate Constitutional law in order to continue to perpetuate a lie about himself. What happens to a nation in which a suspect leader creates conditions which make his command unsuitable for the advanced, decorated, honorable, brave warriors like LTC Lakin? The answer is terrifying. It means the nation will lose its ability to defend itself from its enemies.

“That original officer evaluation will make any adverse action against Lakin a very difficult proposition for a prosecuter in court,” advises O’Connelly, “His rating as an exception serviceman with highly specialized skill and meritorious service kills the government's case before Lakin even takes the stand. Unless he is being charged with murder or treason, his record is a real problem for Obama."

Secretly, many military officers speaking off the record agree that the Obama Administration is terrified of Lakin's case for two reasons. First, since Obama lacks standing and leadership with the military, Lakin's appearance in court would push a precedence for a flood of like-minded military commanders currently waiting to see how Lakin's case proceeds. The Army must maintain the appearance of adherence to a civilian-led chain of command for posterity, but if a crack appears in the Obama facade and opportunity to bring a case before an actual military ranking occurs, they feel they could then launch a collective assault on this issue. This is why many in the military believe that Obama's Chief of Staff personnel had a direct influence on the decision to revise Lakin's performance review.

Second, its obvious Lakin is real threat to the administration's efforts to keep Obama's personal identity a secret. There is no doubt, now, that the Lakin case has revealed a very weak flank in the Obama Administration's ongoing campaign to conceal Obama's covert natal history and his ambiguous qualifications for American political legitimacy. Lakin's original OER supports this, unequivocally.

"He's (Lakin) got more than just the “eligibility challenge” leg to stand on, now," adds O'Connelly, "He has the written confirmation of more than one superior that his judgement and performance are above standard for more than the most recent five of his 18 years of military service, not just satisfactory. His record of promotion and decorated service displays a complete absence of any notable dock against his record of performance. In addition to a stellar service review, the fact that he was also recommended for promotion to “full bird” (Colonel), and that he was recommended, unequivocally, to an active field command of a fully involved military medical installation with more than a battalion of staff under his supervision, without hesitation or reservation, makes this sudden reversal in the message conveyed by his previous evaluation highly suspect and possibly discredited on its face.”

The original review of Lakin concluded with the following glowing comments:

“He (Lakin) was the best Chief of Primary Care in my command. He has superb clinical skills, rapport with patients and staff, he prioritizes goals and objectives, and encourages creativity and productivity in those he leads. Terry is the best choice for tough assignments in Familiy Medicine, Aviation Medicine, Occupational Medicine or Medical Policy within the AMEDD or the Joint/DoD community. An all-around performer who just completed a Secondary Skill Identifier in Clinical Informatics. Select for MEL 4 constructive credit and select for senior service school in residence.”

Lakin was also selected by the rating officer in the original OER as a “Best Qualified” candidate under AMEDD command for promotion as full Colonel from his current rank of Lieutenant Colonel. The revised OER retracts this recommendation and goes another step to call for Lakin’s dismissal from military service based not on official litigation but on allegations.

“Well, that would be nice and tidy for Obama, now wouldn’t it?” says O'Connelly, “Painting the guy (Lakin) as a subversive, and having him kicked out would allow Obama’s protectors to avoid the ramifications of discovery in court. Pretty “weasely” if you ask me.”

It also appears that Lakin’s superiors violated military commendation and performance review standards by including allegations in the revised OER, rather than adhering to the blatantly clear requirement that only legal verdicts, not charges, or convictions, not allegations, may be considered in any formal evaluation process. Lakin’s reviewer appears to have included information about the allegations against Lakin and his stance on the eligibility challenges against Obama in the annulment of the original OER. This is a blatant violation of military commendation evaluation process as Lakin so notes in his rebuttal.

Lakin submitted a formal rebuttal to the unorthodox countermand of his original OER. In it, he states:

“All derogatory remarks in this OER originate from Uniform Code of Military Justice charges that are still under investigation and for which I have yet to be arraigned or found guilty. Thus, per AR 623-3 para 3-23 and 3-24 alleged actions shall not be included in the OERs. I do not agree with my OER containing derogatory information based upon my stance of upholding my Oath of Office, to protect and defend the Constitution, and refusal to obey orders until the legitimacy of he Commander in Chief is proven. I attempted to question the legitimacy over 1 ½ year ago through the only official process I knew how, and I was not offered any command or legal assistance to resolve the
issue, despite asking."

Dr. Lakin is a board certified Family Medical Doctor with extensive experience as a Flight Surgeon and Primary Military Care Provision. He has nearly 20 years of military service experience and has served two tours of duty as a decorated combat veteran.

Another military commander who preferred to remain anonymous, added, “The irony comes from comparing Lakin’s military standing to Obama’s political legitimacy. When you do that, Obama loses in the court of public opinion, and it makes the command structure of the military look flimsy and weak, which is, of course, the very result Lakin is attempting to expose by questioning his fitness as Commander-in-Chief. It appears Lakin may be accomplishing exactly what he wants through a back door. He may not get to the documented facts, and he may be dismissed from service, but he may achieve the greatest accomplishment of his military career and reveal the truth about Obama by way of facilitating a disgraceful violation of the military protocol and procedures which, ironically, are under Obama’s command. It’s very interesting.”

On March 30, 2010, the American Patriot Foundation posted a YouTube video (which has now been viewed more than 200,000 times) of LTC Lakin stating: “I am today compelled to make the distasteful choice to invite my own court martial, in pursuit of the truth about the president's eligibility under the Constitution to hold office.” LTC Lakin then refused to deploy to Afghanistan as he had been ordered, until the issue of the President's eligibility has been resolved.

The revised OER also failed to note Lakin’s reasons for his objectional and failed to indicate that all soldiers are trained that they must disobey illegal orders. Lakin has appealed the Army's pejorative and unfair OER that now recommends he in effect be thrown out of the Army, as the Army could do even if the Court Martial proceeding were dropped. Images of the draft OER, the final OER and the appeal can be found on the website of the American Patriot Foundation,

Obama’s Foolish Myth: Racial Equality Through Economic Justice

by Daniel Crosby

Inferior members of humanity desperately cling to the myth of racial equality because it is only within the disseminations of such involuntary exclusivity where the liberal degenerate finds justification for creating political doctrine. Their agenda is contrived to promote shame for the purpose of confiscating of the monetary resources of others. Liberal indigents have such a poor quality of life, they must be able to accuse others of racism in order to merely sustain their very existence within the limits of our species, without being held accountable for their own criminality and personal deficiencies.

Since race is not a chosen characteristic of any individual, it is easily and conveniently exploited by the debauched, shallow liberal mind in order to conjure a self-serving ideology. Unlike the choice to exhibit various behaviors, no individual may opt out of exhibiting their race. The race mongering liberal simply extorts this obligatory mandate as a means of disassociating themselves with the guilt of being a racist themselves.

Throughout history, the slag of the human species, from Rome’s Diocletianus and Nero, to Hitler; From the Third Reich’s persecution of Jews to modern America’s “progressive” misotheistic bigotry toward Christians; From the vile, overt racists of the Black Panther Party and the KKK to the passive racists of the Wilson and Obama Administrations, the institutionalization of accusatory race-mongering has served the radical as a convenient form of justification for promoting their insidious culture of death.

Racism is not a choice. A narrowly defined bias for one’s own physical, psychological and cultural characteristics is a necessary mechanism inherent in all life meant by our Creator for preserving genealogical homogeny. There is no natural law against overcoming this mechanism across racial boundaries when the relationships within and between races reproduces results which preserve the welfare of the species. Racism is benign. However, the error in our understanding of racial homogeny is the disregard of hatred as the corruptive component of the dynamic in our society. Hatred is different than racism.

Based on this, is it any wonder why today’s liberal exploits the issue of race? Hatred is the result of selfish interests unfulfilled. Is there any creature more unfulfilled than the liberal? Hatred is a blue plate special, and the Black Panther racist serves the same old, tired dish, day after day, year after year and yet, the black community continues to languish and struggle. Perhaps someday in the future, once the Black Panther Party as killed enough white babies, black people will assume a level of self respect and accountability enabling the improvement of their existence, right? Such public sentiments prove that the militant liberal is a depraved creature unfit for promoting the welfare of the human species. Espousing murder is one of the disqualifications for participation in the human species.

The liberal lacks confidence in things untouched and unseen while yoking its existence to the gratification they believe they are entitled to receive at the expense of others without permission. This generation of liberalism is based solely on a sense of entitlement to have access to the resources of others without accountability for its own failure as an equally qualified life form. In today’s America, a liberal accusing someone of racism is like a porn queen calling a housewife a whore or like a convicted rapist accusing someone of fornication because they once had consensual premarital sex with the person who eventually became their spouse. Liberals today call on accusations of racism to save them when their own lack of character and mindless derangement brings painful consequences upon themselves. By diminishing the character of others in their own mind, they don’t look that bad in the mirror.

With a populous full of ashamed white liberal cowards, and violent, radical black tools and christaphobic God haters, Obama’s bowing, slobbering consensus has endowed itself with permission, under the vast delusion of socioeconomic justice, in blaming white conservatives by calling them racists, for their own deficiencies as liberal degenerates. The modern liberal establishment must bind itself to an injustice caused by someone else as the subject of blame for its own abysmal failure to affect humanity with anything good, honorable and right. Specifically, it must assign the myth of racism upon its opposition because it has no honesty or humility to own its idiocy. Therefore, the natural disseminations of race serve as an easily attainable crutch for explaining away their lack of accountability for a depraved character. The logic of a liberal is that Obama is not a failure as leader lacking political legitimacy and executive experience, no. The liberal rather beholds that those who expose Obama’s factual deficiencies, his covert natal identity, his lack of transparency, his inclination toward socioeconomic collectivism without individual accountability, his corrupt relationships with criminals and terrorists, his lack of disclosure about his identity, his racial bias, his lack of warmth and compassion for all Americans…well, they are just racists. Racism? Really? That’s all you’ve got? It’s laughable and it exposes the shallow liberal mind for what it truly is.

The insidiousness of the American liberal race monger is that they exploit race as a tactic without caring about the actual status of real racism in places like the Middle East, East Africa and Eurasia. As long as the issue of race serves their selfish, death-ridden agenda, they are content to allow racism to occur when it comes from them. A strain of radicals actually believe its okay to hate white people because they are obligated by their perceptions of recent history to do so. Thus, the error of liberal race ideology exists in its lack of imagination, its lack of depth and its lack of knowledge. In their dishonestly and hatred, liberal race-mongers have failed to apply the appropriate measurement of worthiness when observing the nature of humanity.

Unfortunately, there is a moment during every conflict when a decision to fight or fly must be made. In today’s polarized America, the greatest ideological fight raging in our society is defined along racial lines. No matter what conservatives do or say, the degenerates of the liberal sewer will always need to hold them as racists. In fact, if a conservative monopoly consulted the liberal establishment and asked it, “What should we do in order to not be a racist in your eyes? What specific actions can we take in order for you not to see us as racist?”

The answer would be silence. The liberal cannot afford the prospect of seeing the conservative as being the superior character. The reality that liberals are the actual racists of our time completely eviscerates the liberal cause for political legitimacy and undermines the campaign of fear of being labeled a racist. Therefore, it has become necessary to shift paradigms for those accused of racism by the liberal zealot.

Now, it has become necessary for conservatives to simply embrace the racist label and admit to being racist while being strengthened by the truth that since they are being called a racist by a liberal degenerate of the Obama genus, they must being doing everything right!

Relish the liberal accusation of racism. Let is serve as the indication that your effort is righteous, because if your endeavor were errant, it would not threaten belligerence. If your character were hateful, it would not be rejected by the Godless. When a liberal calls you a racist, you can rest assured you have achieved a moment of victory for the greater cause of humanity. Let the liberal lavish you with the compliment of racism and wear the jewel-laden crown signifying that your endeavor as a conservative has achieved success.

Embrace accusations of racism from the radical liberal. Humbly absorb the hatred of a liberal without justifying it. Expose liberals in their inferiority and dominate the cause of real hope and real salvation with approval from our Creator and our nation’s founders. When a liberal calls you a racist, it means nothing in the domain of fact, yet it resounds as a teeth-gnashing conviction against the accuser that they, indeed, have reached the smallish limits of their intellectual capacity and they are left helpless resorting only to unfounded, unsupported lies and hatred. Embracing the false accuser brings with it a conviction and an inescapable sentence condemning them as the the whore, the rapist, the child molester, the thief…the actual racists of humanity they can only wish they were not.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Blood-Ransomed America Has No Place For Either Shabazz

by Dan Crosby

For more than 40 years in America, the radical, liberal race-monger has exploited the blood-ransomed First Amendment freedom provided by worthier members of our society in order to evoke a bigoted perspective that all Anglo-Americans are evil. However, fact borne in the domain of higher consciousness proves that liberals, and more specifically, black liberals in America, are predisposed as the actual violent racists of humanity.

Whether its first name is Malik, or King, vintage America has no place for the degeneracy and racist hatred of any Shabazz.

From the first moment in our history when an American president, Barack Obama, stood in front of the diverse population of this nation, and took sides based on his narrow minded, ignorant bias for the black race, the exposure of the emerging black Anglophobe became more distinct than ever in America history. Despite the election of America’s first bi-racial president, (with the help of 40 million ashamed white, liberal Americans), ideological extremists like New Black Panther Party leader, Paris Lewis (more commonly known as Malik Zulu Shabazz), and his yappy, club-wielding electron, King Shabazz, maintain an archaic degeneracy intended to foment racial division, not unity, and fuel hatred within our socially fragile republic.

Shabazz, whether Malik or King (take your pick...there is no difference between them), is nothing more than a black version of Nathan Forrest. His very existence should compel vigilance among vintage America in the same manner of awareness we have toward all ideologically driven terrorists. Like the Klan’s first Grand Wizard, Shabazz should be violently exiled from our society and condemned by history as a deficiency, not an asset, to the effort of the whole of humanity to realize Constitutional equality along demographic disseminations in America.

"If you want justice, you have to kill some crackers," spewed Shabazz, "You have to kill their white cracker babies..."

Shabazz, a militant Black Nationalist is an unabashed racist who admits to a rabid disdain for the Anglo race. Devices like Shabazz, and their associations, have no place in decent American society and should be removed from the sanctuary of tolerance, immediately, covertly and brutally, if necessary, in order to defend and maintain the righteousness of unified diversity found only in the world's advanced citizenry of America. They should be stripped of any right to incite their brand of racial violence and silenced by a crushing rejection. Allowing Shabazz and his dark horde to continue to seed prejudice only delays positive changes toward a better world and endows the white supremacist with legitimacy and exoneration.

A primitively minded inciter of viciousness, Shabazz assumes a theocratic position built solely upon the currency of abhorrence for a specific, narrow demographic in his own species, in the same manner and under the same auspices of Hitler’s final solution for the Jewish race. Would anyone doubt that if Shabazz were afforded the opportunity, he would not “facilitate” the white race toward a concentrated destruction? His recent praise of the terrorist, Osama Bin Laden, reveals a celebratory lust for the mass murder of Anglo descendants. Upon this platform, Shabazz has accomplished little more than generating a virulent campaign pandering to ignorant, ineffectual, religionist blacks who have removed from acceptance their cause by ingesting, and then vomiting, Shabazz’ message of racially oriented extremism and domestic unaccountability.

Dr. Martin Luther King gave his life to rid American society of dregs like Shabazz. In fact, research of his life’s work reveals that Dr. King was ashamed of the Black Panther Party because Dr. King understood that such immoral criminality and derisiveness from provocateurs, like Shabazz, only supports argumentation against the establishment of social equality. In his August, 1963 presentation, Dr. King spoke against malcontents like Shabazz saying that criminality only diminishes justice along demographic disseminations.

As a self proclaimed representative of black interests, Shabazz draws no support from those possessing the implements of empathy and fairness, including superior members of his own race. Therefore, the actual causes of racial division and hatred will one day come to rest upon the debris of failed, power-hungry shadows, like Shabazz and his Black Panther Party. When historians of the post-plurality era evaluate the Shabazzes of the “old world”, they will vanquish them as a peace murdering genus absent of the qualities supportive of a truly sustainable existence. As humanity evolves into a more sovereign species, it will breed away the likes of Shabazz and replace him with more decent myoliths of philosophy and advanced reasoning. Any record of his existence will come to a whimpering end, lost in the irrelevance of errant progressivity, having never espoused anything positive or right for humanity.

Clearly, the only reality qualified to fuel Shabazz’ brand of justice is the constant threat of destruction of the black race by the white race. Racists like Shabazz need to feed their psychosis by perpetuating a scenerio that they are, and always will be, a victim of their targeted oppressor. In this case, Shabazz must desperately hold to his fragile reality in which he is under constant attack by phantasms dressed in white sheets chanting the N word by the light of a burning cross. Without this hallucination, Shabazz has nothing to live for. Therefore, he must promote an idea of a constant threat against blacks in order to validate a purpose for himself. Or, does anyone actually believe blacks can find enough justice for Shabazz to stop hating white people? What does that world look like?

Even as a perceived threat, white institutions serve a necessary purpose toward the existence of black racists. Like rotting, dead fruit that falls to the earth, the Shabazzes of the world have their purpose in enriching the ground from which more healthy trees can grow. The worst possible result for racists like Shabazz is the end of the white race in America. A whiteless world is void of those trees from which he would even have the choice to be a violent, self-justified, dying, black racist. Moreover, Shabazz' rotten carcass should be a welcomed result to the ground of our society, serving the value of his life's work as a source of fertilizer for a better future for those he hates. No level of accomplishment or prosperity forged by the black race in America will ever appease the poisonous hostility and vengeful desires of black militants in life. Therefore, in order for destroyers like Shabazz to have a justifiable existence in the world, blacks must remain indigent, angry, intellectually oppressed, threatened, and more specifically, they must remain this way as a direct consequence of injustices imposed by Shabazz' delusion of some laughing, superior white enemy.

The error in Shabazz’ divisiveness is a common occurrence which should not surprise or confound. Racism is a human characteristic shared by all. It is driven by a shallow, cave-dwelling intellect which thinks justice is a locality anchored in the qualitative assessment of involuntary human characteristics, like skin color. Shabazz believes that social justice should be rendered benignly to black people along the transient present, loosely attaching its facilitation to violent means embraced by Shabazz, himself. Is there any mind more degenerate than this?

Shabazz, like Nathan Forest, succumbs to a moment of perceptibility he is conveniently consumed by, whether it is the post-Confederacy era or the post-Civil Rights Activism era. With this truth firmly held in the militant's delusion, hatred is an expected and accommodated occurrence at any given time in human history for whatever reason the hater determines necessary to justify it. Electing black presidents, even those with a favorable "melanically oriented", racial bias, like Obama, will never appease Shabazz, nor will the facilitation of success in the black community provide compensation for their perceived displacement.

Hell has a place for a creature like Shabazz where the truth about the long history of black atrocities against prehistoric civilizations reaches so deep into the corridors of eternity, prior to Shabazz' strain on this vapor that is America, that any whisper of slavery first refers to the epic chains forged by black ancestory in dank horrors far from any white republican's emancipation proclamation. Shabazz may find himself a reluctant agent of white supremacy proclaiming, poetically, that white-on-black slavery was first halted, as a matter of national legislation, by a superior, predominantly white society, led by an honorable white leader whose conservative, ideological affiliation is opposed only by the bannished sons of geneological inferiority. True justice is watching Shabazz realize that modern black oppression is merely the beginning of a million years of actual justice long since lost in the liberal entitlement psychosis.

Like the brazened street vendor desperatly pandering garbage everybody already has enough of, Shabazz' only customers will be the 600,000 white, civil war martyrs who died over the question of equality between all races. They will pass by, dismissively, forcing a teeth-gnashing truth upon Shabazz' that his misconceived perception of oppression of blacks during his insignificant, microscopic sliver of idealism may actually be a reciprocated warrant justly issued from a distant verdict, from an ancient time long since forgotten. Perhaps America is simply the subsequent ebb of an epic atrocity seeking karmic balance across the expanse of human history, and perhaps no man, black or white, is worthy of its justice, not one.

Tragically, in the wake of murdered, authentic liberators like Dr. King, the juvenile amateurism of Shabazz’ message resounds isolated and requitivily among the fringes of sedition, among traitorous, lesser minds, as a means for justifying nothing more than racially driven hatred for small, global minority of white people who make up less than 3% of the inhabitants of a vastly predominant, dark-skinned earth.

This proportional reality makes Shabazz' life a very, very painful existence, indeed.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Gulf Bleeds As Obama Self Destructs

by Pen Johannson

History has proven that the best way to bring sobriety to the radical ideologue is to impose a geographically oriented, real world consequence upon them which forces them into a conflict between their ideology and their need for survival. Natural disasters, military confrontation, disease, famine and manmade catastrophes have a wonderful way of clutching the unwilling zealot by the throat and forcing a decision which directly contradicts their very radical essence. These circumstances demand rational decisions and practicality, not idealism. Such pressures test the character of an ideologue and force the radical mind to reevaluate the priority of its delusions with repulsive consequences for inaction. To a politician, this means accountability for failure and failure to hold power.

Today, 80 days since the beginning of the worst enviro-economic disaster in human history, who can disregard that the Gulf oil spill as not taken such liberty with Barack Obama? This event has exposed a massive disability in Obama's capacity to apply practicality and rationalism over ideology. Once heralded as the great-black-hope by his slobbering media dregs, Obama finds himself quivering on the precipice of political destruction. Moreover, ultimately, his failure as a leader can never be allowed to be accounted to previous administrations by his supporters. Allowing the empowerment of Obama's opponents by blaming them for conditions which cannot be overcome by their hero would only solidify Obama's failure as a self-endowed bearer of change and hope. If you are going to blame someone else for what you claim are bad circumstances, you better well be able to resolve those circumstances, yourself. Otherwise, pointing the finger at your opponents while you fail to meet their conditions only makes you look like you are actually too weak and deficient to prove they were wrong, and perhaps it only proves you should have never been allowed to be in the game to begin with.

The teeth gnashing reality for Obots is that accounting Obama's troubles to his white predecessor only imposes the long standing, ever-present stigma plaguing blacks within the racially driven differences polarizing our society. Today, we refer to it as the “blind side” syndrome, a condition resulting from the seemingly uncanny ability of rich, generous white people to offend blacks by simply applying brilliance and practical means in overcoming life’s challenges. Whether this has anything to do with racial demographics is unknown, but what is certain is that the Obama Administration seeks to impose a neo-socialist "economic justice" based on racial disseminations, not by decreasing the poverty rate, but by decreasing the prosperity rate thereby bringing affluent Americans monetarily closer to the languishing hordes. Obama confirmed this when he said, “I do believe there comes a time where you have made enough money…”

Spoken like a true, angry, black, over-educated lawyer.

The depth of Obama's dissonance regarding the roots of American capitalism, the value of American industrialism, and their manifestation out of global history (not just American history), is breath-taking. It's hard to imagine Obama even qualified for an Ivy League education.

The tragedy in Obama's vast mental deficiencies as a leader is that he fails to grasp the universal truth that indigence is not the result of a lack of money, it is the result of a failure to exercise the basic human characteristics of ingenuity, responsibility, intelligence, physical effort and decency in relationships, all of which form the very foundation of the value of monetary worth in any society. What Obama must come to embrace before it is too late for him is that America is what happens when the world's brightest people assemble in the same place. If America, as the expression of human exceptionalism fails, the rest of humanity is truly in peril.

The atrocity in Obama's actions is that he actually believes he can legislate and redistribute personal independence and human brilliance simply by taking money from people who have it and giving that money to people who don't have it, and he thinks he can do this without ever addressing the root causes of why poor people are poor to begin with. Does Obama ever consider that poor people are poor not because they lack money, but, perhaps, instead, they actually lack those characteristics which endow worth to monetary currency? Without addressing this deeply genetic reality, Obama is just peddling worthless paper to the poor.

In his statement, Obama’s ideological “blind side” exposed his mental incapacity to understand that America’s economic standing in the world is a direct reflection of its ability to overcome challenges exactly like those presented by the Gulf oil spill. Challenges of a geographic, physical, real-world nature. His fallow statement also reveals that he has failed to understand that the earning of money is not what makes people rich, but rather it is what they invest money into and the purposes for which they transact their money, that makes them wealthy. Affluence is built on a network of transactable, reciprocating value. The static possession of money and spending on dead-end causes makes it worthless to everybody. Besides, how much money is “enough” in Obama’s mind? What makes him more of an authority to determine the metrics of economic satiation than you?

Obama has an uncontrollable desire to remain passively ideological while disseminating an underwhelming response to the real economic and geographic challenges facing America. The economy is only a symptom of the lack of confidence Americans have in Obama's socialist agenda. The gulf oil disaster and illegal immigration are the quintessential geographic perplexities that liberals hate to be confronted with because liberals want to apply a self righteous, ideological answer to them rather than respect the sovereign authority of Constitutional law and boundaries.

Not to mention, Obama is especially resistant to hard choices and commitment when it comes to facilitating reparative benefits for a region of America which he has a particular cultural and ideological hatred for. From its history in slavery to its opposition to illegal immigration, the southern United States is especially offensive to Obama. Therefore, its easy to understand his misguided and racially biased aversion to help residents of the region. The irony is that Obama thinks the American south owes reparations to "his America", not the other way around. Regardless, seeing a rich, Anglaic oil company giving massive amounts of authenticated money to other rich white people living in the south must absolutely nauseate Obama, but that's the karmic price liberals must pay for their stupidity.

Without apologizing for any previous administration, there are simply degrees of failure and disgraceful performance that conditions inherited from any predecessor cannot even cause, and Barack Obama has long since been corralled and flopped upon this actual moment of accountability, no matter how much “hmming and hawing” his witless minions use to excuse his deficiencies. Obama is the worst leader in American history, end of story.

The patheticism of liberals reaches so deep and so far into their own dissonant psychopathology, they believe that if Obama fails, it is the fault of others. However, if he succeeds he is the true savior of their world. However, prevailing winds of unfavorable publicity are proving that Obama's failure as a leader is his own doing...and any success he takes credit for was indeed initiated and enabled by the far more important prerequisites of national security and sovereignty successfully enforced by the Bush administration for 8 years after 9-11-01. Contrarily, since Obama's election, America has suffered four terrorist attacks. Despite deranged hatred for Bush, the simple fact of the matter is that his presidency strengthened and empowered those who matter most in the epic fight to protect America and keep it a haven for the world. Anyone disputing this has never lost their beloved or blood for America and therefore, should be disregarded when declarations of authority are made.

The horror facing the mindless Obot is that it requires more political contortion and devious lies than even they can conjure in order to convince anyone who actually matters that Obama is in charge while, at the very same time, desperately attempting to prevent the empowerment of those they hate by endowing them with the responsibility for the conditions Obama is too weak to overcome. In essence, everytime Obama, or one of his gaggling hacks, blames the Bush administration, it makes Obama look weaker than Bush because it makes Obama look like he is subjugated by the dominant choices implemented by the Bush's Administration. When Obama liberals blame Bush for something Obama can't resolve, it only makes Bush appear stronger and more indominable than Obama's capacity to change what Bush accomplished. Besides, the convenience of plausible deniability will never hide the fact that Bush is vigorously defended by the vast majority of the most affluent, most powerful people in the world and that 80 percent of Obama's votes during the 2008 election came from people who earn less than the average yearly salary in his home country of Kenya.

The oil spill is just another final straw in what has become as massive roster of nation-killing circumstances, several of which were manifest from Obama’s very own hand. The ingredients of this destruction include a massive debt made monumentally worse by Obama’s government mandated Healthcare intrusion upon a free capitalist society. The cracks in our sovereignty and our national security are compounded by his failed stimulus spending; his punitive legislation against American business; A lack of transparency regarding his personal and historical associations with hatemongering degenerates; his oppressive over-regulatory legislation against the banking industry; his pervasive racial bias against white people; his appointment of deranged communists into the once pristine visage of America’s governing stanchions; And, now, a disaster of epic proportions whose consequences rest squarely upon the fault of Obama’s lack of response to it...rather than the causes of it.

Now, we must watch the office of the American presidency decline in value under this liberal otherman, as the physical realities of America's wounds assume an ultimate authority over Obama's stupid ideological fantasies. The terrafactual demands upon Obama's attention and, yes, the abysmal response of his administration, who would remain merely noisy and righteous in their own mind, confined within the luxuries of a political sanctuary blood-ransomed by worthier patriots, choosing to only exalt their own hatefilled, liberal hallucinations supporting their impotent and shrewish conduct.

The Gulf oil spill is not only a rendition of our bleeding nation, it is a carefully orchestrated syncronization of manmade destruction and natural forces conveying the symphonic death of epic, generational nonsense found in a liberal ideology represented by Obama. It is the covert extortion of America's political power for the purpose of invoking international pathological degeneracy using ideological justifications, all of which have manifested in the assumption of power by an absolute living, breathing device of anti-Americanism called Barack Hussein Obama. Sadly, our reality dictates that lowly Obama may have been all we had left to throw at this pervasive, generational assault against American exceptionalism. If that is the case, we are truly in peril.

In the end, Obama liberals may have to face the truth that the only deficiency worth noting in Obama's entire presidency is that the circumference of his over-educated, ivy league head is so much smaller than the inside of the oil spewing pipe that he truly was found to be, not only ideologically worthless, but physiologically worthless, as well, in solving this, or any of Americas problems. America will be destroyed and millions of the most advanced citizens in humanity will die, but, hey, a black man was able to live in the White House before it all turned to smoke and ashes.