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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Winning the position of power means you actually have to be accountable for the decisions you make.

The democrats were completely caught of guard by the possibility that one frightening ramification of their attempt at solving the current economic problem might be accepting the full accountability for the failure of it, without the Republican's participation or support.

And, now, it would appear the Republicans are more needed than everyone thought. Imagine that.

Apparently, the possibility of the Democrat's solely caused destruction of America would simply not go well with all of the rapturous hope-mongering, foolish campaign promises and buck passing they used to mesmerize America's genial political middle, while heaping such heinously contrived negative scandal upon the Republican incumbent administration. After all, it does no good to tell voters how bad the other guy is when your potential failure might actually be worse.

So, now the Democrats seek bipartisanship when it is required to shoulder failure. They actually want the powerless republicans to share in the possible loss, even though it would truly be a no win situation for the Republican party if its members support the bill. If the republicans agree to support the bill and it fails to lift America out of this depression, both party's incumbents will be on the chopping block in 2010.

On the other hand, if Republicans support the bill and it succeeds, Obama and the democrats would retain more political credit further relegating the Republicans to an even more diminished position.

So, what's the incentive for the minorities in Congress?

The Republicans are correct to snub Democratic pandering for shared responsibility of this eventual legislative train wreck.

The most astonishing words yet came from Dick Durbin (D – Illinois) when, speaking about the stimulus bill debate, he said, “If we have the same result in the senate (with this bill), as we did in the house, with no Republican participation……..THIS ECONOMIC CRISIS WILL CONTINUE?”

Audacious, fear mongering vitriol, like Durbin's, is what is preventing solutions to this economic crisis, not lack of participation by a powerless, minority party whose votes have no consequence to the passage or rejection of any legislation, anyway. If Durbin and his cabal feel so confident this bill will work, then America's advice to the Democrat supermajority is, "Pass it. And, live with the consequences."

Or, did we just hear a lead democrat spokesperson on the hill for Obama come to the realization that America, in fact, has no confidence in this bill? If democrats had absolute confidence in their bill, given their total majority in all leadership positions, why do they need Republican cooperation to pass it, otherwise?

If Democrats don't have more confidence than that in their bill, then why should the American people support it?

Obviously Durbin and the rest of the Democrats do not understand what having a mandate means. Based on this rambling derisiveness toward the republican minority, one might wonder who actually won the election in 2008.

And, still the Democrats are pining hard for the support and cooperation of Republicans. Apparently, they have not yet grasped the concept that the American people have indeed given them what they wanted and elected them as the near supermajority party with power to pass legislation without the cooperation or support of any opposing political party. It appears they need to be reminded that they are the majority in power.

As the stakes have risen, the democrat’s dysfunctional codependency is showing through that thin layer of post-election bravado. They are beginning to realize the responsibility, and terror, that goes along with creating the most expensive bill in human history.

When the economy began to fail, the democrats were frothing at the idea of mounting their brutish steed, riding into the breech to save us all from the evil Bush horde. They had it all worked out that they would get to be the glorious authors of a new order garnished with grand implements of salvation and redemption.

However, they failed to imagine, until recently, just what a political risk it would be to take exclusive responsibility for 1 trillion dollars of our grandchildren’s livelihood. The political ramifications are catastrophic to the democrat party if this bill fails to lift the American economy.

In an amazing karmic bait and switch, Democrats are getting the lesson republicans received on September 11th, 2001. Despite the risk of political demise, a lasting, effective, comprehensive solution requires the responsibility for its certain criticism from outsiders, and the possibility that it might not work. And, what’s more, that this responsibility will have to be shouldered by them alone.

Even Barrack Obama is still campaigning. Does this man understand the difference between winning an election and the post-election governing process when given a mandate such as his?

Let’s be honest. The shiny new president is desperate and scared. And, we all know why. Even the charlatans of the left understand that the American people will demand blood if this colossal democrat-designed legislation fails.

And, yes, contrary to the liberal fanatic’s delusion, there are things in the democrat laboratory that are worse than the evil Dr. Bush. It is unacceptable for Obama and the democrats to justify such a burdensome fiscal oppression simply because of their constituent hatred of the previous president. Imposing a monstrous one trillion dollar pig just because you think anything you pass is better than what Bush did is simply a desecration, if not criminal. And, the republicans are correct to stay as far away from this Frankenstein as possible.

Obama’s pandering does not help reprimand conservative suspicion that he is nothing more than a highly promoted appliance installed in the wake of a brazen democrat campaign. For nearly a year prior to the election, America was aurally assaulted by liberal pundits and hatelusting media yap that waned between slobbering celebritism and teeth-gnashing, psychotic hatred for the incumbent.

And, now the liberal establishment wants to be taken seriously?

Speaking before fellow minions on February 5th, Obama employed his most notable statesmenlike quality, using sarcasm to convey that a massive, generation-burdening loan, disguised as legitimate legislation, would, by twisted liberal logic, instill confidence in the American public.

Obama has proceeded to excoriate republicans, of which by the way, he needs no help to gain passing votes for this bill, for their unwavering insistence that the economy needs less of Obama or Pelosi and more American industriousness.

The hypocrisy in Obama’s actions is that he, himself, promised broad tax cutting for “95%” of America during the campaign. But, now he is accusing Republicans of "bringing the same old tired arguments in support of tax cuts".

And, now he is the one talking about “catastrophic consequences” if we don’t agree with his brand of stimulation.

Look who's fear mongering now?

Enough. Let's just tell it like it is.

Obama and his cohorts in congress are simply too cowardice to invoke personal responsibility for their bill and the prerequisite unilateral authority to which they were elected. And, now they have become completely spineless when confronted with the accountability for passing this gargantuan bill. Therefore, they have engaged a desperate recovery campaign attempting to draw the republicans into the fray contriving a lascivious pre-salvage effort in the event all hell breaks loose.

The sick thing about this is that they are putting more credibility in their political reputation as a party than they are giving consideration for the well being of coming generations in America.

And, that is an indictable offense in the eyes of America.

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