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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Obama's "Birth Certificate" Response To Religious Question Reveals Hidden Birth Record

Liberals Berserk Over Unprovable Religious Beliefs, Which Are Not Present In Their Lauded Available Document, Yet, Ignore Provable Eligibility Issue

A Daily Pen Guest Editorial
by Dan Crosby

Look who the conspiracists are now!

No matter how many stories about the consequences of Obama’s executive fairy tale cross the headlines, it is fascinating to see how the liberal media complex deranges its priorities.

Ever since the Ground Zero mosque achieved 'Feature' status as a news story, the oft-spun myth about Barack Obama’s religious inclinations has taken the opening line in most follow-up stories over the past month. Yet, laughably disregarded by the inept media are the geo-chronological facts of Obama’s derelict Constitutional authority to even hold the office of the presidency to begin with.

In a strangely revealing response to a question regarding the public's doubts about his religious views in an interview with NBC's Brian Williams on Sunday, Obama answered oddly, "I can't spend all my time going around with my birth certificate plastered on my forehead...the facts are the facts...its not something I can spend all my time worrying about."

Obama and his liberal minions have a problem. That document does not contain information about his religion.

You remember?...the much exalted Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth" waggled all over MSNBC and CNN by Chris Matthews, Rick Sanchez, Anderson Cooper, Keith Olberman and Rachel Maddow as his authentic "birth certificate. You remember...the Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth" posted all over the internet on leftwing websites like Huffington Polssk, FactCheck and the Daily KKKos as his "real" birth certificate. You remember...the Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth" that White House Presswit, Robby Gibbs said on multiple occasions was his birth certificate available on the internet...Remember?

The Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth" is Obama's actual, real, authentic birth certificate, right, Chris? Right, Rob? Right, Andy? Right, Keith? Right, Ricky? Woops. Apparently Obama didn't get the memo. He still thinks there is a "birth certificate" out there which contains information about his religion.

Looking at the available document very closely, we don't find any information about Obama's religion on it anywhere. Wait, let's check one more time...Nope. Not a word.

Maybe Obama was confusing this document with another one that remains a secret. Hmm?

Obama made this oddly revealing statement even though the document his regime has pushed as an authentic "birth certificate" does not contain information about his religion. This leads us to conclude that Obama was thinking about another birth certificate he has which does contain information about his religion? Does anyone think, maybe this "other" birth certificate might contain other information too? NBC's Brian Williams didn't follow up on it (Surprise, surprise).

But, since Obama brought it up, we'll ask the question Williams should have. Someone has to be the adult journalist here.

Mr. Obama, which "birth certificate" are you referring to that would answer questions about your religion if you did 'go around with it plastered to your forehead'? You say, 'the facts are the facts', sir...but the 'facts' about your religious beliefs are not available on the Hawaiian birth document presented to America, therefore, is there another birth certificate somewhere we haven't seen that you do "spend all your time worrying about"?

If there is another, hidden birth certificate which contains information about Obama's religion at birth, we haven't seen that one. Rather than "plastering" it to his "forehead", perhaps simply submitting it as evidence to prove that his "facts are the facts" in all the lawsuits challenging his eligibility, in which he's paid 2 million dollars to hide from, would be easier.

Obama's unsolicited specificity implicating this missing birth record seems to expose an underlying consciousness that he indeed bears the massive weight of secrets as the validity of unanswered questions about his Constitutional legitimacy and his obscure natal demographics continues to mount.

This response is also particularly strange considering that an original birth certificate, in the form of the authentic, NVSD, federal long-form, 1961 "Certificate of Live Birth" signed by his attending physician, also might not necessarily provide up-dated information about the bearer's religion either. Anyone seriously doubting Obama's eligibilty knows this, and, most certainly, so does Obama. In fact, a very tiny fraction of people, if any, with questions about Obama's natal identity have ever actually requested "documented" proof of his religion in the form of his original, 1961 "Certificate of Live Birth" document.


So, why did he play the "birth certificate" card?

"Freudian slip. That was a bizarre, accidental response," says Marian Taylor, lead research analyst from Philadelphia based, PM Media Group, "considering the fact that an official birth certificate does not list the baby's religion, it only lists the parent's in some cases."

Taylor says, "Confirming his religious beliefs has never been a matter of verifying documented proof as would be case with his "Natural Born" status. You don't have to be Christian to be President. The fact that he brings the "birth certificate" up, unsolicited, reveals his deep, perhaps troubling, psychological awareness about the validity of questions about his legitimacy, and it makes me wonder why his thoughts are this prejudiced about it."

Taylor, a leading expert in the field of Social Science and Political Psychology, says that this kind of tangential specificity about a particular piece of evidence raises flags in her kind of work.

"He brought it up without prompting. It is so obvious what he is doing. To any professional in my field, that was a blatantly leading response rooted in pychological dissonance or dishonesty," she says.

"Volunteering unsolicited information is usually a sympton of a suspect trying to overcompensate to protect against further investigation of a possible lie or crime. We often see this when a speeder is stopped by police, then, while answering routine questions the speeder suddenly offers the police permission to search his vehicle without being asked. This immediately alerts the police to the fact that the speeder may be attempting to appear generous with the hope that the officer will think 'no, that's okay, if you were trying to hide something you would have never offered to let me search your car.'"

"Most criminals don't realize that investigators are trained to recognize this behavior as suspicious. In most cases, we soon learn the speeder is also a drug smuggler. Obama's answer to this question prompts elevated response from anyone trained in criminal investigative methodology. This behavior should prompt further investigation in my view. We might find out that Obama is not only a Muslim, he might indeed also not be eligible to be president."

Taylor went on to say that if NBC's Brian Williams were a diligent journalist, the follow-up question should have immediately been, "What does your birth certificate have to do with your religious beliefs...?', but we all know the derelict media has been trained by the Obama administration to not pursue issues about his Constitutional eligibility and his covert natal identity. This was a perfect example of that media's obedience. Williams is obviously one of Obama's 'good pets"."

However, for most of the advanced, rational citizenry anchored in the “know” regarding the ambiguity about all of Obama’s biographical metrics, not just his mysterious natal identity, it stands to logical and expected reason that his religion would, of course, be just one more thing that nobody can seem to get a handle on. Obama’s covertness has become legendary, if not outright laughable. At this point, the idea of actually clarifying his real identity in any facet of his demographic information is completely absurd.

However, the mainstream media hounds, including Fox News, and psychopathic liberals, just keep trying to latch themselves, daily, to something they desperately want the public to think is important about Obama.

A poll promoted by the media this month found that nearly one in five people, or 18 percent, said they thought Obama was Muslim, up from the 11 percent in March 2009. The proportion who believe he was Christian was 34 percent, down from 48 percent in March of last year.

However, a “Research 2000” poll released in 2009 said that nearly 42 percent of people were at least not certain that Obama was Constitutionally eligible to be president to begin with.

Can some dweeb in the liberal media please explain how 42% of the people doubting something that is an, as yet, undisclosed, legally documented fact about Obama are more crazy than the 18% of people questioning something that is a circumstantially undocumented suspicion professed only by the most adept liar in American political history about his own secret thoughts and personal observances? Seriously?

Calling liberals "crazy" just became an insult to crazy people.

The mathematics of such implications makes one wonder, of those believing Obama is Muslim, if not most are simply disregarding the religious question as irrelevant without having the answer to the eligibility question, first! These are the truly rational minds we need to hear from. Therefore, the proportion of people who actually think Obama leans away from Christianity is more like 60%. After all, an authentic Christian would never be so dishonest and deceptive.


The fact of the matter is that no one in the general media or public knows what faith-based doctrine Obama embraces. That is not the point which matters. It would be weird if they did. He could pray to Allah by morning, worship Buddha by day and read the Gospel at night...and no one would know the difference. Assuming specificity in his religious faith is to ignore the greater issue that Obama has proven himself to be a brazened liar with instances of this sin being too numerous to count. Therefore, in the absence of his requests for forgiveness, why should we not also assume he lies about his faith? By claiming certainty in the matter, the media is diminishing its own credibility in making light of other more pressing, less "conspiracal", more factual indictments.

Sadly, the media which has employed this strange logic to prop the issue of Obama’s non-legally, unverifiable religious beliefs is the same media that has completely failed in its investigative responsibility to promote the legal verifiability of his eligibility to even be president in the first place. We have officially entered into the twilight zone of the Obama darkness. Now, by lauding Obama's faith, the media has essentially resorted to looking at the "grassy knoll" of Obama’s demographic evidence in order to exonerate him. It's ridiculous. At least "birthers" have an authentic Header Title for the missing document evidence they seek.

Perhaps Hawaii should consider publishing yet another fake certification for Obama, this one for verifying his religion. Then, the slew of defamatory hacks over at MSNBC can wave that flag in front of their psychotic misinformants' salivating orifices for a while.
Chris Matthews spits all over himself so much since Obama was ensconsed, NBC not only carries ad space for the ShamWOW Guy, they hired him as a personal assistant.

Tragically, the significance of the issue of eligibility is firmly reconcilable through "trial by standards" clearly defined in the Constitution while pinning down the facts of an ill-elected official’s mythological beliefs is virtually impossible, from an “available legal records” standpoint. Religious beliefs can be verified through observable disseminations provided by the bible, but they are rarely documentable in any legal sense which would be consumable by the general and secular public.

Obama’s natal identity is a documented fact…set in stone in an official legal record…attested by somebody professionally qualified to be accountable for the evidence, somewhere, at a specific time. Within the domain of obviousness, Obama’s natal history actually exists.

His religious beliefs, however, are more difficult for the general public to define and his specific claims to Christianity are even more indefinite unless it is being evaluated by other “veteran” Christians who are unequivocal “experts” in biblical scripture outlining the traits of a true Christian.

Even Fox News, the current bastion of rationality in the American media, claims with odd certainty that Obama is a Christian. Woopty-friggen-doo! That's like a ring master saying the elephant likes doing tricks for the circus, "The animal is still here, so it must like it...right?"

First of all, how would Fox, or any media network for that matter, actually know someone’s religion without some documented proof? If we have resorted to relying on this media for determining the authenticity of a man's faith, armageddon has arrived. This media can’t even find a public birth record for a man violating the mandates for the most powerful seat in the world, how the hell are they going to find a private record of someone’s undocumented personal religious beliefs?

Secondly, America doesn’t believe Obama is a Christian because he doesn’t exhibit the commandeered characteristics of a Christian as they are defined in the Christian Bible…(the books of Acts, Romans, I Corinthians, Ephesians, Timothy, John and Revelation comes to mind).

Thirdly, Obama’s continual favoritism for Islam while speaking out unnecessarily on localized, transient issues is not helping his cause. One tell-tale sign is that most true Christians know when to shut up.

Finally…who cares? Perhaps the whirling liberal media dervishes could do America a solid and prop something that is actually verifiable about this guy. Sure, his internal substance is important in conveying his intentions for America, but, for God’s sake, it is more important to establish whether or not he even possesses the damn qualifications for the position in which we would even have cause to care about his religion to begin with.

When you in the media have something important to report about Obama, let us know. Until then, we're content to dig into the seeds of his illegality. It will also be fun to see what happens when Jesus returns for actual Christians, forcing liberals to hold their exploding heads while they try to reason how two "Messiahs" exist in the same place at the same time.

Now, that is going to be really funny.

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