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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fox News' Viewership Declines Sharply After Abandoning Lakin and Eligibility Stories

Dissonance, ignorance and blatant disregard for paramount “rip current” stories, on the part of Fox News executives, have swept away its core viewership leaving a wake of progressively declining ratings

An Editorial by Dan Crosby,
of The Daily Pen

Most people who have been to the beach understand the deadly risk associated with rip currents. They know its what you can't see that can kill you and that denying the existence of rip currents just because they can't be seen is very dangerous. No matter how much we desire to surf above the torrential flow, we cannot deny that this powerful and destructive force exists just inches below the surface. We all know, if we continue to play in the ocean, we might have to face the challenge of surviving the tidal grip some day because we understand that everyone has to fall...eventually.

Fox News has a problem...and it all started with the way its competition chose to deal with Obama's eligibility rip current. Fox has been pretending that the rip current does not exist, and it just fell off its surf board.

The left-wing freak show that used to be the MSNBC network could not be saved. Like a corporate media version of Carlos Estevez, MSNBC executives proclaimed they were “winning” by treading directly into the opposing force against Obama's lies and deception, while Fox gave them brutal ratings beat-downs by simply sitting on the surface and watching them drown as waves passed by. (Bilingual liberals might recognize the more politically-correct, less offensive, multicultural version of Mr. Sheen’s name). Pathetically, as the shore line of reality grows wider and more distant, MSNBC continues to drown in a tidal abyss of radical, mind altering, lap dogging, pro-liberal propaganda abuse, it actually believes that everyone else has the problem.

Duh, winning!

There is a lesson to be learned here, right? Aside from the foremost fact that Barack Obama is a liar and, quite probably, a criminal usurper, we can be confident that Fox News, the most reliable network we have, has heeded a valuable teachable moment from MSNBC’s degeneracy, right?

Unfortunately, obliviousness seems to be contagious in network media. Updated ratings and viewership metrics show that Fox News has lost approximately 25% of its core viewership since December of 2010. Such a sharp decline has grabbed the attention of media appraisers and prompted some actions to understand why. Naturally, a critical observation of the chronology of such a decline reveals the reasons.

A February, 2011 poll of cable news subscribers reveals that, of the 71% who said they normally watched Fox News for more than 15 minutes at least two days a week in 2010, nearly 200 of respondents said they had lost interests in Fox’s brand of media for two primary reasons in the past six months.

The first reason cited was that Fox refused to cover the Obama eligibility scandal which, many respondents said translated in their mind to Fox’s disregard for the importance of the Constitutional foundations of American life. Nearly 91% of Fox viewers said the Obama eligibility saga should be covered like every other news story based on the objective presentation of evidence and investigation of information without respect for ramifications against, or for, any political affiliation.

“Regardless of whether or not Fox, MSNBC or anyone else in media thinks that Obama’s eligibility is important to investigate or report on, the American people have a ‘first sense’ about the reality of these things,” says media and public relations expert, Marian Taylor.

“The Constitution is the reason we are here," she continued, "It is a document which vintage Americans understand is written in blood sacrificed for their freedom. While every other news agency in the world has disseminated outright lies, Fox has done no less damage to America’s confidence by failing in its duty to objectively and responsibly report on this matter. People just want an honest investigation. Fox acts like doing their job would be some kind of an assassination attempt or something. Its ridiculous and pathetic."

Fox has failed to grasp the meaning of such a precedent on our future. Taylor explained why the American people are turning away from those in media choosing to ignore the problem.

Truly qualified Americans see it as an insult to the historical cost of our blood-ransomed freedom to allow anyone to assume political power without being authenticated with original, traditional and authoritative documented sources which we all possess. This is not unreasonable. They are also fearful about the precedent it sets for future presidents who might have even more radical bents than Obama. How can they be stopped by the Constitution then if we won't honor the Constitution now? How can we defend against a malignancy later if we allow a benign tumor now?

The second most popular reason given was Fox’s obstinate disregard of the plight of Dr. Terry Lakin, a former active Army medical doctor and veteran commanding officer with an unblemished 18-year service record who was jailed last December following a disgraceful pro-Obama laden trial. Lakin had refused to follow deployment orders as a formal challenge against the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s legal authority over the U.S. military. Lakin continues to serve a six month sentence at Leavenworth prison and has become the preeminent martyr of Obama’s tyranny.

“The Lakin affair is just the tragic manifestation of the original problem with Obama’s covert identity,” continued Taylor, “Lakin is just the living form taken by the spirit of prevailing opposition to Obama’s obvious lack of legitimacy.”

A third most popular reason for Fox’s viewership decline was that viewers thought Fox was no different than MSNBC in its one-sided use of propaganda.

On several occasions since the election of 2008, when the controversy surrounding Obama’s ambiguous legitimacy entered America’s domain of consciousness, Fox News has refused to provide any form of responsible investigation or objective reporting on the matter. Instead, the network has included a smattering of weakly collaborated briefings which have left viewers with more questions than answers. In many cases, Fox has actually engaged the subject with the same malformed accusations as their liberal counterparts that anyone with the audacity to question Obama’s enthroned preeminence is a lunatic or, worse, a racist.

Fox News has been on the air for almost 15 years. Founded by Rupert Murdoch and associates, Fox has been successful in their attempt to overthrow the monopoly held at the time by CNN and the broadcast networks of CBS, ABC and NBC bringing a more independent and “fair and balanced” substance to America’s big liberal media complex. In 2009, the network boasted viewership in 102 million households with another 100 million viewers world-wide. Fox news remains the leading, most watched cable news network in the world and the second most viewed cable broadcast network overall behind USA Network. However, based on recent sentiment, it appears the idea of fair and balanced means countering the message of opposition rather than simply supporting viewership demands by reporting the truth.

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  1. I am deeply troubled by the fact that all of the major conservative media - Fox, Limbaugh, Hannity, etc., refuse to cover the eligibility issue. Other than passing, brief references to BHO having no birth certificate (but failing to explain why this is important). I do not understand this.

    My gut feel is that they are afraid that if this issue is pursued, some kind of riot would break out. Though economic and other events may end up disgusting Obama supporters and turning them toward more conservative government anyway. They may be simply biding their time and waiting to see if the eligiblity situation becomes moot as BHO gets run out of town or impeached even on other things.

    I am also watching to see which Democrat/liberal finally has enough and is worried enough about his or her own re-election chances to begin championing the cause. I also think Hillary (the original birther) is NOT out of it; she may just be waiting to sweep in at the last miniute especially if the next election cycle is as long and drawn out as 2008.