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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Obama’s Parentage Disqualifies His Presidency…Regardless of His Birthplace

Donald Trump is right...but he is not as right as he could be with a few more facts.

Commentary by Penbrook Johannson
Editor of The Daily Pen

Yes, I know. Donald Trump keeps using the term “Certificate of Live Birth” to describe the fraudulent Hawaiian document which has been ambiguously attributed to Obama’s covert natal history by abettors at that state's public health agency. My email was full with comments this week asking that I call Donald and have a talk with him.

I left a message with his delightful executive assistant and told him to continue the investigation and not give up on exposing Obama's lies. I told him never to lose sight of the most important thing of all. That Barry Soetoro-Obama is hiding the truth about his past and he is lying about his real identity.

We all know Trump's righteous intention to draw a correct distinction between the failure of Obama’s fraudulent Hawaiian “CertificaTION of Live Birth”, wielded by municipal dregs and Obots since 2008 to obscure his actual natural-born citizenship status, and a medically authenticated, original, 1961, federal NVSD document template, which is actually titled per guidelines issued by the National Conference on Vital Records and Statistics, called a “CertifiCATE of Live Birth” since 1915. This document is signed by a medical doctor, an informant and an administrator, and exists for all natural-born citizens of the U.S.

To confuse the matter even more, the ever-opaque Hawaiian municipality weaseled in a "cover-Obama's-ass" revision to the 2008 version of “Certification of Live Birth” template sometime in August, 2009 which changed its header title guessed it, “Certificate of Live Birth”, like the federal version. This was intentionally done by Hawaiian administrators, after Obama’s alleged record was forged, in order to quell the flood of inquiry about Obama's birth records.

Those of us who requested Obama's original 1961 "Certificate of Live Birth" as early as May of 2008 were told simply that Hawaii was not legally able to release that document. Now, however, the significance of such a title change has the affect of confusing a waking public by causing rookie truth seekers to incorrectly associate the appropriate document with it's historical authority. Now, when anyone uses the term "Certificate of Live Birth", the little weasels at the State of Hawaii can say that document title is what they issue as an official birth certificate, like the federal government's document template is titled. They now just refer to the image of the Certification of Live Birth and tell the requester that it is now titled like the original one. Cute, huh? That's why it's important to tell powerful people like Donald Trump how important it is to investigate the details and cut deeper into Obama's epic deception. Even the title of documents have been corrupted with the intention of deceiving. Evil, pure evil.

Few people know, however, two very damning facts against the State of Hawaii's vital records irregularities. First, it is the only state in America which, throughout its history at successive times, has issued and revised a "Certification of Live Birth", a "Certificate of Hawaiian Birth" and, now, a municipal document with no historical federal authority entitled "Certificate of Live Birth" to foreign-born children.

Second, the state of Hawaii has been notified by the U.S. Department of Health that their document format and content does not meet the federal provisions for an official, standard birth certificate in that it must be attested by a medical professional qualified to determine the mortal characteristics of a “live birth” as opposed to a “still birth”, each of which require separate administrative procedures and documentation to record data for the National Vital Statistics Division of the U.S. If a baby is born with even the faintest signs of life then dies, that child must be recorded and reported as a "Live Birth" then, obviously, reported as a natal fatality with an attested Death Certificate. However, if a child is still-born, live birth statistics are not reported.

“The Donald’s” intentions are good, but just slightly confused. We can't blame him though. Obama's regime and covert teams have had almost six years to corrupt the information, con the public, create a virtual reality and disseminate b.s. propaganda. Let’s give Trump a little time to get up to speed with the correct association of terms and related entities. He’s only been in the fight for a month, unlike the rest of us who have been in it for more than three years.

If you are reading this, Mr. Trump, may God bless you. You are headed in the right direction. The fraudulent document you are correctly associating with Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Obama a.k.a Barry Obama a.k.a. Barry Subarkah, is called a Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth”. An official, original, federally approved, medically verified birth record is titled as “CertifiCATE of Live Birth”. You are correct, however…Obama’s document is not an official birth certificate, no matter what you call it.


All this talk about Obama’s birthplace and birth certificates has caused everyone to lose sight of the single, undeniable fact that renders Obama an illegitimate president. One of his parents was not a U.S. citizen when he was born and he very likely lost his natural-born citizenship status in 1967 or 1968 when he moved to Indonesia and was adopted by his mother's Indonesian husband, Lolo Soetoro.

On many occasions, since Obama was ensconced, he and his defenders have tried to promote a lie, without original, eye-witnessed, medically attested documented evidence, which would exist if he were a natural born citizen, that he was born in the U.S. However, they ignorantly fail to realize that Obama’s geographic birth only matters with regard to his legitimacy as President if the other metrics of natural born citizenship are met. Those being his biological origins and his continuity of natural-born status from birth to election.

It’s not the fault of Republicans, Tea Partiers or so-called ‘birthers’ that Obama’s father was not a U.S. citizen at the time Obama was born. It's not their fault that Obama's mother married an Indonesian and allowed him to adopt Barry as an Indonesian citizen son. Nor is it their fault that the founding fathers of America wrote, 230 years ago, that only a candidate born of U.S. citizen parents and born in a geographic location under the legal protection of the U.S. Constitution could be President.

Many of Obama’s overbenders desperately deny that the “natural-born” citizen requirement of the Constitution requires a President to be born of two U.S. citizen (naturalized or natural-born) parents, despite historical records affirming this definition, because, well, that means they have to admit that their overlord is actually an illegitimate pretender. Which he is. They are pathetic minimalists seeking to embrace the minimal standard for the benefit of one man rather than uphold the maximum standard for an entire nation. That makes them traitorous. They argue that such a demanding stipulation would limit the candidate pool to only a select few and therefore create unfairness in American politics. They actually think that anyone in the world has a right the American Presidency.

Imagine that! To think that we, the defenders of world freedom, would actually uphold standards which are highly selective and challenging of those seeking the vast power of elected American leadership.

Liberals are wrong in just about everything they think, do and say. This multiculturalist, globalist derangement is no exception. However, the World Census Report of the CIA estimates that less than 4.9% of the world's population is Constitutinally qualified to be president of the U.S. Think about it for a moment. Given Obama's ambiguously defined, multi-culturalistic identity and detached migratory background, this puts an even more remote quantification on his foul legitimacy.

I have to laugh at Obama supporters. They are so psychotic, they can only parrot delusional accusations of racism against anyone who questions Obama's past. It is hilarious to realize such a large section of a society, claiming to be the bastion of intelligence and tolerance to the world, fail so miserably to understand that by promoting an illegitimate candidate simply because of his demography only tarnishes humanity's view of their character and moral standard. The world is laughing at Obama's minions because they were so blind in their ideology and obsessive hate for vintage American culture, they actually went slumming in Chicago of all places, to pick an illegitimate pretender with African ancestory, simply on the basis that he had darker skin than his predecessor. And, they call us racists?

The punch-line of the "President Obama" joke is, now that he has been enthroned by his racist liberal subjects, he is now faced with the diametric horror of being a usurper of the most hated position in human history. He must actually present himself as a legitimate executive leader of an entire nation of people who hate him for being an illegitimate liar. So, you wanna be President, do ya? Liberals need to learn there are just some things you shouldn't fight for. You just might get them.

Many American citizens were not born here. They can never legitimately be president. Many citizens in America were born here but also have at least one foreign, non-U.S. citizen parent. They cannot be president either. Natural born citizens, on the other hand, fulfill a prerequisite intended by our founders to provide the best possible chances by birth-right allowing for a candidate to the sovereign position of President of the United States.

Our response to this pathetic, liberal minimization of the standard is, "..Well, yes, exactly!"

If the candidate fails to provide original documented proof of his or her birth in U.S. to two citizen parents, then they can’t be president.

The burden is upon the individual, not the standard. This means that Obama must be held solely accountable for his failure to gain the confidence of the American people, not that the Constitution must be held in contempt to make opportunity for Obama. Diminishing the standard is exactly what the bowing liberal consensus in America has done for Obama. In essence they have lowered the bar for him only to see him fall on it. The law remains valid. Obama does not. The standard still applies. Obama has failed to meet it. Isn’t it more important to require the most of our leadership rather than minimal qualifications? Isn’t that the basis by which we should be able to honor our president.

We should uphold the ideal that the individual who becomes President became so because they are exceptional in many ways, none more importantly than in their foundational establishments of national sovereignty through adherence to highest spirit and aspirations of Constitutional intent.

Rather than willfully discounting the Constitution, which Obama has done throughout his entire existence, as some old doctrine of negative restrictions written by racist old white men, perhaps we should lift higher the idea that the Constitution is a generous provision of preemptive protections against the enemies of God’s love for vintage American heritage. Instead, the liberal media in America today actually seek to portray the founding fathers, whose descendents are now leading members of advanced human citizenry, conspired centuries ago to prevent Obama’s dad from becoming a U.S. citizen before Obama was born so that, in the off chance the guy happened to impregnate a wayward teenage white girl from middle America with offspring that might become president someday, the kid would be Constitutionally disqualified.

The natural circumstances of Obama’s birth which define his lack of constitutional qualifications to hold the office of the president are what they are. It’s no one’s fault that Obama is not eligible to be president. It’s just the facts of the present circumstance in which Obama resides. However, it becomes criminal behavior when anyone that knowingly allowed him to usurp power did so while hiding the documented facts of his illegitimacy.

Obama likes to promote the undocumented lie that he was born in Hawaii. Unfortunately for him, that is not the only circumstance which disqualifies him. Ironically, the very circumstance of his documented biography, which everyone in America agrees has been widely accepted and affirmatively reported, which disqualifies Obama from being president. His foreign parentage.

The Constitution mandates that a presidential candidate be a natural born citizen. This means that the candidate must be born under “natural” circumstances which make it impossible for he or she to possess plural loyalties, biologically, geographically or politically, to any foreign government or foreign influence.

On its face, Obama has failed at this since he was born. He has never been able to understand his own identity. So, he made one up. The fact that Obama’s birthplace has never been confirmed with official, original, attested documentation is well established and undeniable. Let’s not forget that his birth to a foreigner is also as equally damning to his legal legitimacy to be president.

Donald Trump understands that Obama is a liar and fraud and that is all that matters. Regardless of the actual words on any document.


  1. For the Obots arguing that the unity of citizenship and sole allegiance at birth restricts the pool of people eligible to serve as President and CinC to a small elite group is total B.S. Natural born Citizens of the United States make up the vast overwhelming majority of U.S. Citizens. It is likely around 95% of all U.S. Citizens. It is from that pool of U.S. Citizens, those born with sole allegiance to the USA from whom we are to choose our Presidents.

  2. Excellent write-up Pen!!

    Actually some of Donald Trump's children are not natural born Citizens ... and some are.

    If Donald understands the real definition of nbC he will certainly grasp that fact, but it alters nothing and does not make ANY of those children any more or less in life than they otherwise are - nor will he love them less. It merely means they cannot be President.

    The liberal loonies have it exactly bass-ackwards when they nmake the specious claim that the two newspaper ads proclaiming, supposedly, a birth in HI in 1961 is one supposedly (in the libs derision-laced nonsense) placed there to prove in '61 that the man was eligible to hold the Oval Office demonstrating what they decry as lunacy since that would obviously not be rational but merely a way to impugn those they love to castigate in an attempt to silence the truth.

    In fact, of course, they've got it completely wrong!!! It was the Founders of this country who emplaced not the 1961 birth notice in a HI paper but a statement of qualifications as part of the Constitution. They OBVIOUSLY knew that a criminal fraud such as Obama would attempt what he (almost) has gotten away with - and they even discussed it variously among themselves and in their writings. Fortunately there is still time to right the wrong and realign our collective error with the Constitution since in reality the Founders were the original "birthers". ... but don't tell the looney left that since they seem unable to read for themselves.

  3. Great article! Thank you, I shall pass this on.

    What's becoming apparent to me is the massive amount of people in our media and White House who have sold us out.

    The Goons from Chicago that have their Master Plan will eventually fall and hard. My feeling is Trump will be their worst nightmare, along with many good and fine patriotic Americans.


  4. Curious- Can trump be president with a mother who was born in Scotland? Why was McCain allowed to run since he was not born in the United States. Most importantly can a canidate's offspring ever run for president if the canidate was not eligible?

  5. duck52, Good questions. These are my understandings.

    Donald Trump's mother was born in Scotland but became a naturalized citizen prior to The Donald's birth in 1946. Therefore, based on the historical definition of a "natural-born" born citizen which says a.) a candidate must be born in a geographic location under the protection of the U.S. Constitution, b.) born to two citizen parents (either naturalized or natural-born) and c.) candidate must maintain continuity of natural-born status from birth to election without interuption by renouncement, expatriation, adoption or repatriation.
    McCain was born in the Panama Canal zone in 1936 which came under a treaty with the U.S. before his birth. Also, the U.S. Senate passed Resolution 511 declaring McCain a natural-born citizen (Which Obama voted for and for which the senate did not do!!! WHY?)
    Yes, an ineligible candidate's offspring can run if the the ineligible candidate becomes a naturalized citizen, and conceives the child with another U.S. citizen, prior to the birth of the offspring. Thanks for the post. Pen.

  6. What do you say now?

    BTW, did you know that by your definition, 7 previous Presidents would be ineligible? Look it up.

  7. All these facts concerning Barry Soetoro-Obama and his ineligibility to be President were “well” thought out by the Elite who selected him to be President. More then just proof that they have the power to do it, his ineligibility serves to discredit and corrupt the Constitutional Government they seek to destroy from within.

    Barry is in his first year at Occidental Collage, when it has been reported by those who attended school with him, meets (is contacted by) some interesting and influential people. Barry decides to launch “An Exploratory Committee” to seek the Presidency of the United States. Imagine that, a boy from nowhere who wants to be President. Barry Soetoro, a boy born a Muslim, raised a Muslim, taught in Indonesia in a Muslim Country, in a Muslim school, whose “entire” family is Muslim, suddenly decides to attend Rev. Wright’s church and become a Christian. This single action, totally suspicious on the face of it, appears deceitful when you understand “he knows” he is being “groomed” (handled by wealthy, “powerful” people) to be President of the United States. He and “they” also understand he could “NEVER” be elected to that office as a “MUSLIM.”

    Finally, like all well hand picked, future prospects, they must "Always” have a mechanism, a control aspect to their choice. As World Leaders their choices tend to think from time to time that “they” have the power and not the Elite who pull their strings. Barry “well knows” and “understands” he can be charged in violation of the United States Constitution for “TREASON” as a Traitor, for knowingly gaining the Office of the Presidency through the criminal actions of himself and others. He fully understands what can be done to him if he steps out of line and stops taking orders.

    I believe this is “THE PERFECT” scenario the founding fathers had in mind when they thought out the reasons to “Qualify” the terms to hold the office of the President. Proof that even something as great as our Constitution can and ”will” be corrupted by evil men. TD Princeton NJ

  8. Correction: six previous presidents (Obama is the seventh).

  9. Would you please provide some specific documentation, Constitutional or otherwise, which states that his citizenship is based on BOTH parents? Although it is reasonable to presume a dual allegiance, especially when coupled with chairing the U.N. case law simply determines natural citizenship if the person is born in the United States, and although the word parent is plural on occasion, it does not specify two parents. Your chart stating that two parents is a requirement really appears to discredit what would otherwise be an article worth mentioning. The lesson I have learned from this debate is merit must rule, not blood line.