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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, July 28, 2011


BUTTERFLY EFFECT OR RADICAL LEGACY?: The official document's image posted on the internet by the White House on April 27th, 2011 was personally endorsed by Barack Obama and propped by his fawning media as authentic. However, artifacts discovered in the document image suggest it was intentionally constructed and altered by counterfeiters with definitive, but cryptic, symbology holding simultaneous significance to Obama's identity...ideologically, politically and, perhaps, biologically.

by Dan Crosby
with commentary by Penbrook Johannson
of the The Daily Pen

New York, NY - After Barack Obama posted to the internet a digital image of a document alleged by him, his administration and the American media complex, to be his original, 1961 Standard U.S. "Certificate of Live Birth" on April 27th, 2011, experts soon demonstrated the image to be a forgery. Their conclusions are based on evidence found in both the digital structure and visual appearance of the document image which irrefutably proves the image was assembled using multiple document sources and digital manipulations.

Professional analysis has also proven the document image was produced with a premeditated "multi-level" digital graphic assembly method, often used in engineering drawings and computer aided drafting, in which image remnants and different components of digital graphics were stored as separate sets of data prior to inclusion in the assembly and posting of the image.

Recall, if Obama's real "Certificate of Live Birth" actually exists in its original form, the original paper document would have simply been removed from the 1961 vault file at the Hawaiian Department of Health, where we were told this one originated in this exact form in 1961, then officials would have copied it, not scanned it with a digital imager, then authenticated the copy with an official seal and signatures. It then could have been copied and disseminated to the media and the public. The process is very simple and straight forward.

But, that is not how this document image was produced.

This document image was forged. It was contrived. It was crafted. It was deceptively created. Then it was personally and publicly endorsed by Obama making him politically, criminally and personally liable, ironically, for its lack of legitimacy and deceptive content...much like the man himself.

The analysis has also commanded experts in every related industry, including computer graphics, software engineering, digital imagry and typesetting, to conclude that the document image is in no way a representation of the authentic, original document manually created by the Hawaiian Health Department or any hospital in 1961.

Also found within the image are a series of what initially appeared to be benign artifacts, errors, misspellings, graphic remnants and extraneous markings which have given rise to a range of questions about their intended meaning and purpose with regard to Barack Obama.

Now, however, The Daily Pen has researched powerful evidence suggesting that the document image was intentionally constructed or altered with cryptic symbology and graphic remnants associated with Obama’s past and to, perhaps, either insinuate a theme about the "butterfly effect" of his historical significance or poke fun at the entire 'Birth Certificate' controversy. These symbols are rooted in historical references to African diaspora (disbursement of African races by the Atlantic slave trade), Black Nationalism of the 1960s as well as the CIA.

Along with those mentioned above, these specific anomalies include the layered form of the image rather than a flat image; the presence of what appear to be incorrect spellings, extraneous drawings and words conspicuously hidden in the official Health Department stamp; erroneous hand written numbers and letters within the body of the image; the poorly concealed folding at the left margin and, most recently, the detection of what appear to be remnants of a screened newspaper photo image at the upper margin which appear as a random pattern of white dots.


On December 16, 1964, a man gave a speech before a capacity crowd at the Harvard Law School Forum. In that speech, he said, "When you let yourself be influenced by images created by others, you’ll find that oftentimes the one who creates those images can use them to mislead you and misuse you."

That man's name was Malcolm X.

There is evidence suggesting the misspelling of the word “TXE” in the offical Hawaii Department of Health stamp found on Obama's Certificate of Live Birth is intentional. When compared to other examples of the stamp used by the Hawaiian Department of Health on thousands of other Hawaiian birth documents, this anomaly is not found on any of them. Not one. It is only found on Obama's. Are we to believe that a municipal agency would allow such an error in its official document authentication process?

"In 25 years of working with hundreds of thousands of official documents processed and authenticated by state, county and city agencies, I have never seen a spelling mistake in a pre-molded rubber press (stamp)," says Johannson, "They are checked and rechecked...and then rechecked again, by multiple individuals from the vendor, the agency, the document recipients and the stamp owner. The idea that this is an innocent mistake by the DOH is absolutely ridiculous."

In context, the association of "X" symbology with Barack Obama suggests that the forger is making a general reference that Obama's birth and presidency is an 'abstract' of radical ideology. Whether the association is political, ideological or biological is a matter for debate. The fact that the symbol is even present on such a document is most troubling, however.

In terms of the use of the symbol "X" in reference to Obama's biography, it is important to remember that Obama is the product of radicalism and, thus, that such symbology is not necessarily an indication of linkage to any one individual.

The "X" moniker was an identifier taken by black activist members of the Nation of Islam in the mid 1950s through the 1960s. Many of them changed their birth-given surnames to "X". Such re-identification by members of the radical black liberation movement was an expression of protest against what they believed was the geneological stripping of their rightful "African" names when their enslaved ancestors were forced to take the names of their white slave masters for proprietary purposes.

Malcolm X, as he was later known, was born Malcolm Little in 1925. He was a radical Black Nationalist and Nation of Islam member from the early 1950's until his death in 1965, who, after serving prison time, joined the NOI as one of its most influencial ministers. He changed his surname to "X", after being released from prison, as an expression of his life long hatred for white society which, as he believed, forced his enslaved ancestors to take the illegitimate names of their white slave masters.

In a March 17, 1963 interview on Chicago's "City Desk" television program, Malcolm X said, "...if it doesn't look proper for person who is Chinese to be walking around named Murphy, or Jones or Johnson or Butch or Powell, I think it would be just as improper for a black person, or a so-called negro in this country, as we are taught by the honorable Elijah Muhammed, to walk around with these names. Therefore, he (Muhammed) teaches us that during slavery, the same slave master who owned us put his last name on us to denote that we were his property..."

Since Obama entered public life at the national level, he has often been compared in appearance and ideology to Malcolm X with some conspiracists actually believing Obama is biologically related to him, and that this is the core of Obama's secretive biography that he wants hidden by concealing his records.

To date, no forensic evidence has been presented demonstrating a biological connection between Malcolm X and Barack Obama. However, the two men share a wide range of political philosophies regarding social justice.

With regard to the Certificate, however, Johannson says, “It could just be a case of some overbending wise-guy in the Obama administration paying tribute for Obama. Debates over its meaning really don't matter. The fact that it is present at all is the problem. The only thing we need to understand is that this forger and the people he conspired with are criminals. This is an image of a document meant to represent an official government record in the minds of the American people. The message the forgery conveys is subsequential to any investigation of its authenticity, foremost."

According to an FBI report released in 1983 on Malcolm X and the NOI, X was the subject of surveillance during many of his fiery speeches about Black Nationalism and the rise of Black Islamic faith. He often spoke of African diaspora and mentioned on more than one occasion the concept of the black man's metamorphasis into white society, which was a idea he greatly despised. His rhetoric was so extreme, and his power within the NOI so influencial, it prompted federal authorities to classify his case under a threat of national security.

"The 'X' symbol in the Obama certificate image could mean something much more significant. There is no real way of knowing without confronting Obama, the forger and his horde." says Johannson, "However, is it really far-fetched that a forger would put this symbol in there after all we have come to know and suspect about Obama? One of the definitions of the word abstract is: ‘To extract or select’. It also is synonymous with the words ‘seeded’ and ‘to spawn’."

However, if it is determined that Obama has been lying about his life narrative over the past many years to the American people, the consequences will be dire. Especially, after all that the American people were told about Obama's eligibility and how he met all the requirements to be president, Obama has failed to meet far greater standards than any eligibility mandate. He has failed to meet the standards of authenticity and presidential character. He is not an actual man.

Moreover, if it is finally disclosed that he does indeed have a secret association, in any way, with a radical, like Malcolm X, and he actively schemed to hide this fact for political reasons, this would be an offense far worse than only violating the Constitution. This would be an offense of such magnitude that it would undermine confidence in the political system of world government. This would mean that an elected leader and commander of the most powerful military on the planet hid his secret, ideological, and perhaps biological, allegiance with an individual who fomented the most extreme form of violent, radical, Islamic antagonism. The very scenerio our founder sought to prevent by enacting the eligibility clause of Article 2 of the Constitution.

“Whether these remnants alone indicate a real relationship between Obama and Malcolm X is another story,” says Johannson, “I am simply extricating artifacts and running them through the processes of deduction based on information we have about Obama, factual and theoretical. However, I find it intellectually impossible to imagine that the throng of criminal geniuses who have been working so diligently with this alleged messiah occupying the White House, to protect information about his nefarious origins, would now, suddenly make random and dumb mistakes within a document which they have been able to plan the content of since long before 2008. It’s ridiculous. These are not mistakes.”

Puccini's three-act opera "Madame Butterfly", based on the original short story of the same name written by American writer, John Luther Long, presses on five themes related to Obama's covert life narrative. Nationalism, natal biracialism, colonialization, betrayal and authenticity of identity.

In the story we learn of a twisted and painful tale of interracial love lost to the conflict between cultural ideology and responsibility to duty to one's country while the consequences of bearing a biracial child amid the tempest of these clashing forces results in macrocosmic illegitimacy.

Recall, on Monday, July 25th, World Net Daily published a story indicating that a graphic expert had found what appeared to be extraneous “dots” on the document image of Barack Obama’s Certificate of Live Birth. Please read the story at

However, investigation of the graphic artifacts in association with historical information about Obama reveals they may have been intentionally placed on the image as a covert message about Obama's secretive political, ideological and, perhaps, biological identity.

"First of all," says Johannson, "people should first be concerned with the fact that these anomalies are even present at all, let alone be concerned with any symbolic meaning. Again, this image was disseminated by a man seen by many people, however misguided and deceived they may be, as a confirmation of his legitimacy to be President and an affirmation of their choice to trust him. The guy went on Oprah for god's sake and endorsed this thing...he told the world, 'its all okay, you can trust me'. Now, it turns out that Joe Wilson was the rightest guy in Washington when he called Obama liar during the state of the Union speach. Obama is not just a liar, he is a criminal deceiver."

Johannson continued, "The first question we should have before attempting any interpretation of symbols or secret graphic messages is 'why the hell are they even present in this document to begin with'?"

It is notable that experts have long been convinced the document image is a forgery simply on the merits of the existence of these anomalies. Tying them to significant points of corroboration with facts related to Obama has been less of a concern than simply attempting to authenticate the factual information the Certificate image contains. The bottom line, throughout the entire body of this saga, Obama has been completely uncooperative and outright secretive about his biography for 25 years.

"However," adds Johannson, a software systems engineer, “The ‘dots’, like everything else this covert administration has demonstrated through exploitation of various media are not an accident or a mistake. In fact, they, as well as all the other incongruencies with this document image, are included as an intentional, calculated attempt to send an epic message about the true identity and agenda of Barack Obama while at the same time appeasing his bowing consensus with a shallow pacification.

Obama's most vehement supporters actually hope he is an unconstitutional president. They see the Constitution as the illegitimate entity, not Obama. After all, they see the Constitution as an illegitimate document written by a bunch of white, racist, plantation owning slave masters. The very core culture against which the radical "X" movement of the 60s railed, and preached violent hatred for.

"Why the hell would anyone think they would seek to uphold mandates from such an authority?" asks Johannson, "Obama, like all of his radical influences of the 1960s, hates vintage American culture!"

"I believe the artifacts in this document image are intentional to the extent that even Barack Obama, an offspring of that very 1960s Black Nationalist, anti-White, anti-Christian, diasporic "X"ological culture himself, is aware of their presence, content and methods employed to create them.”

Johannson continued, “When I first saw the ‘dots’ it reminded me of screened images used to print photos in newspapers in the 1960s. If you look at it with ‘lazy eyes’, it resembles the outline of a butterfly in flight its body below and the wings extending above."

Johannson believes there exists a screen image somewhere on the internet which corroborates these white 'dots', which the document creator used as a template. He also believes it probably has some direct reference, or that it was taken from a photo which accompanies a story about someone, or something, connected to Obama's biography for the following reasons:


Staff at the Daily Pen then did a cross reference of the terms "butterfly" and "Malcolm X" and discovered that, in 1996, a children's book author, Ken Sims, produced a coloring book called "Malcolm X The Butterfly". A graphic from the website and information about the book on is shown here:

"Obviously, someone is having fun with this whole birth certificate thing," says Johannson, "the connections between the "X"s placed throughout this document image, these white dots in the shape of a butterfly outline, Obama's birth certificate controversy and now, this book confirming a pre-existing reference to Malcolm X should prompt someone in the media to look into the validity of the information in this image."

Also, shortly after Obama's inauguration in January, 2009, there was posted to a video called "Obama Inauguration Black Butterfly" which is a montage of images of the inauguration accompanied by the song, "Black Butterfly" by Denise Williams. The video can be seen at Also, in December 2009, the TPM Web site published an image of a statue of a young Obama with a butterfly landing on his hand. The piece includes a short story called Obama's Magic Butterfly (see below).

It is clear the reference of a butterfly can be attributed to both Obama, historically. However, Johannson is not convinced the forgers of the document image have any specific association with just one concept, Mr. Sims, the video producers, or any specific media associated with such a reference. However, he believes the combination of symbology is intended to be a message by the forger of the image of some sort of connection either political, ideological or personal.

"It could just be a political message not an indication of some personal relationship between them." says Johannson. "However, forgers will often leave a remnant in their work. Sometimes they leave a 'signature' which only they can identify, or they encrypt a symbol which if discovered might be understood by only a few people but which would have shocking ramifications about the identity of the forger if investigated fully. The problem with the Malcolm X/Obama narrative is that we have theorized about this connection already. Besides, everyone knows Obama looks like Malcolm X so much that he could pass for his son, but how do you prove his parentage without authentic records?"

Another reference to Malcolm X and a butterfly is found in the book "Malcolm X: A Revolutionary Voice", in which Beatrice Gormley quotes X as saying after his viewing of the movie, Gone With The Wind', "I was the only Negro in the theater. When Butterfly McQueen went into her act, I felt like crawling under a rug."

Another source of graphic artifacts may have been used from a popular 1960s news publication, "Muhammed Speaks", which was an NOI newspaper frequently covering stories about Malcolm X and Elijah Muhammed during the height of the Black Nationalist Muslim movement. Archives of the paper are available online.

Another source to review is archives of the Amsterdam News which covered the Black Nationalist movement at the time of Malcolm X's rise to power in the Islamic organization.


On July 20, 2008, writing for ABC's 'Political Punch', Jake Tapper wrote:

"There is a term in chaos theory describing the how infinitesmal variations of the initial condition of a dynamical system may produce large variations in the long term behavior of the system.

Most of us are more familiar with the more common name for it: the butterfly effect.

The butterfly effect was introduced in Ray Bradbury's 1952 short story "A Sound of Thunder," when time travelers change the world beyond measure by accidentally killing a butterfly in prehistoric times.

Similarly, international diplomacy can be impacted by careless or glibly-chosen words. (Cue President Bush's "crusade" remarks.)

Some Democratic allies of Obama's are -- off the record -- concerned that the senator too often doesn't consider the potential butterfly effect of his diction."


Then, on February 24, 2009, Newsweek published a story called 'The Butterfly Brief'.
The story states:

"At the request of top Obama administration officials, the CIA today began producing a daily secret briefing paper on the international economic crisis. At a meeting with reporters at CIA headquarters, the agency's newly confirmed director, Leon Panetta said that the classified daily bulletin, to be called the Economic Intelligence Brief, will report on economic developments in foreign countries that could affect U.S. foreign policy. He said the agency's move to begin producing such a daily briefing—which would parallel other secret daily summaries the U.S. intelligence agencies produce, such as the President's Daily Brief (PDB), which covers international threats and foreign-policy issues—was based on growing concern about how the worldwide economic crisis could produce internal developments in foreign countries, which in turn could have an impact on U.S. foreign-policy decisions."The briefing became known as The Butterfly Brief because of the effect of economic problems in small countries could severly affect the global economy.

"X"s AND "O"s

A search for historical connections between Obama and Malcolm X reveals some interesting associations.

In 1959, founders of the African-American Students Foundation created a scholarship program to enable east Africans to attend universities in the United States. Barack Obama Sr. was one such student who benefitted from the program, which, coincidentally, was created immediately following Kenyan African National Union party representative and Minister of Planning and Development, Tom Mboya's, trip to the United States in April, 1959. Tom Mboya and Barack Obama Sr. were said to be career-long friends until an alleged disagreement on economic policy strained their relationship irreconciliably until Mboya's assassination in 1969.

Serving on the AASF Council, instrumental in Organizing what was known as the "Kenyan Student Air-Lift" in September, 1959, were a host of educators and administrators, one of which was the wife of Dr. Ralph Bunche. Ralphe Bunche was a diplomat and member of the United Nations policy advisement council in the 1950's. He received the Nobel Peace prize in 1950 for his mediation work in Palestine after 1947 and, later, was a major mediation figure in the civil rights activism movement of the 1960's.

Malcolm X and Ralph Bunche are said to have had a long-running, but often contentious, relationship built upon the frame work of the two men's work in civil rights and political activism. In fall of 1963, Bunche, his wife and the entire AASF council were on hand at Harvard University to honor the organization's efforts to "proliferate educational opportunities beyond the confines of colonialized Africa." Both Malcolm X and Barack Obama Sr. were present at this convention. Malcolm X was later a featured speaker at the Harvard Law School forum in December, an event which Obama Sr., according to his memoirs to Mboya, also attended.

Travel accounts and dating of events around Mboya, Obama Sr. and Malcolm X shows there to be obvious opportunities for the three men to know one another and provide assistance in the interest of their respective causes at the time. X travelled to Africa in 1959, prior to the birth of Obama Jr., before Obama Sr. moved to Hawaii to attend school there. Mboya, using his political influence and involvement with the AASF council could have easily arranged for Obama Sr. to be in Hawaii.

Intriguing to the investigation, FBI reports show that Malcolm X also travelled to Seattle, Washington, allegedly to recruit for the Nation of Islam, sometime between January 6 and February 27, of 1959 where he spoke at a church frequented by none other than Obama's grandparents, the Dunhams, and mother-to-be, Ann Dunham. Malcolm X later returned to Seattle sometime in 1960 to establish NOI temple No. 67.

Then, there is the seemingly extraneous, handwritten "X - X" in box number 3 titled by "THIS BIRTH" on the Certificate. This scribble in pencil has been examined and, for the most part, disregarded by the general media as some kind of procedural accounting mark on the Certificate by the Health Department. However, in the context of referring to current symbols, they take on a whole new signifance.

"Well sure," says Johannson, "if a forger or Obama operative wanted to emphasize that the radical "X" ideology had influence with Obama, this would be one obscure, but obvious way of saying it. There are three 'X's in this box! I guess they really want us to know that 'X' has something to do with THIS BIRTH? Just asking the question. Just putting it out there."


Large media organizations have made the mistake of identifying Obama as Malcolm X as well. In late April, as reported by the New York Times on May 10, 2010, the Washington Post Web site published the headline, "Obama Touts Wind Energy in Iowa." Under the headline the, editor published a photo of Malcolm X instead of Obama, claiming it was impossible to tell the difference between the two men.

Also, in August of 1959, Time magazine printed a story about the first Governor of Hawaii, William Quinn, covering among other news the rise of communism and Black Supremacy. Specifically, a story called "Races: The Black Supremacy Movement", which is featured on Columbia University's "Malcolm X Project" website. It contained biograhical information about Malcolm X, and was curiously juxtaposed to the Hawaii Governor's story on page 25.

Johannson continued, “What we are seeing in the fraudulent presidency of Barack Obama is one of a series of capstones to a 60-year chapter of liberal activism and a brazened continuance of evil communist proclivity, under the growing religious tenancy in Islamic fundamentalism. The endgame is to simply undermine the sovereignty of free and prosperous people of western society. What better way to do this than ensconce as your leader, through any means necessary, an individual who now has the power to implement economic justice, through taxation and manipulation of the global monetary system, ruling from a stolen throne, and who is a genealogical representative of the most radical activist in American history, Malcolm X?”

Reading the history of Malcolm X we find it irrefutable that he was enveloped in a deep seated hatred for white society. He was a fanatical racist, like so many of his enemies who opposed him. His entire life was quantified by his life’s early tribulations with racial violence and then, later, his failed attempts to unite America’s black society with messages of violent retribution, reverse segregation and the Islamic faith.

“The guy is quoted to have said, ‘Christianity took me to prison, Islam got me out’,” says Johannson. “X’s father may have been murdered by members of the Klan. If that happened to you, what would your message be to your offspring? Moreover, if you found out that you were one of his offspring…what cause would you take up as your life’s purpose? Let’s just say it would not be to join a country club or a Wall Street bank. Rather, it would more likely be to carry on the legacy of your slain father-leader by becoming an activist, which Obama did, and then assume the pristine throne over your 'white enemy'. Think about it. What greater victory could Malcolm X achieve but to have his own son become president of a society against which he sought justice and reparation for what he perceived to be crimes of the white man against Allah’s black children? The racial hatred exhibited by this strain of individuals is breathtaking."

Johannson believes this is the reason Obama has concealed this information from the public for so long. His campaign would have known that a larger majority of white American society would not have voted for him if they knew of his association with someone like Malcolm X.

"This document image contains the cryptic but archetypical code one would expect to be used by Obama operatives. They are over-educated shills with a blind loyalty to Obama much in the same way Malcolm X described black allegiance to Elijah Muhammed and himself when X was a minister with FOI. For decades, these radical descedents have sought for decades to dilute the truth about their lack of social decency and fallow moral aptitude. Obama’s history, as we know it to be, is infested with radicalism and suspicious associations. Why would it be a shock if we discovered the Malcolm X was a part of that history? For me, I expect to find these things as if they are simply common facts about Obama.”

“In reviewing this document image,” says Johannson, “we must see this entire chapter of American history including Obama's fraudulent presidency, as the epic birth of an agenda of a fanatical establishment and their attempt to implement a radical, if not outright violent, form of economic justice against vintage America. This epic agenda began more than 50 years ago, with the defeat of the Axis powers of Europe and the subsequent and steady rise of communism and radical Muslim influence in the world. Our own prisons have become the reluctant Mosques wherein the defeated and criminal deviant find unity and acceptance among the brotherhood of radical religionists…a religion, unlike any other, which actually advocates the use of violence as a dutiful expression of its faith and outright lies in order to gain advantage of power over those they see as 'infidels'. Everything we now see that Obama's place in American history is based on is about being the capstone of this movement.”

Please note: We are continuing to research this and fill gaps in our information. Thank you for taking time to visit The Daily Pen. If you have any questions leave them in the comments and Dan will get back to you ASAP.

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