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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Army Judge In Lakin Case Joins Civilian Cowards In Protecting Obama’s Lie

Ruling Against Lt. Col. Terry Lakin's Right To Evidence Supporting His Own Defense, Colonel Denise R. Lind Obstructs Justice And Undermines The Sovereignty Of America

by Penbrook Johannson

Fort Meade, Maryland – U.S. Army military judge, Col. Denise R. Lind, presiding over a hearing in the prosecution of Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin, joined the slew of legal obstructionists today when she ruled that her military court would not serve as a stage to evaluate the Constitutional eligibility of Barack Obama.

In the wake of Lind’s decision, calls began flooding the media and internet in support of military personnel to act in accordance with Lakin’s example and disobey all orders until such time Mr. Obama provides documentation proving he is eligible to be the military's commander-in-chief.

Millions of respondents seeking to preserve the honor of America’s military and protect the sovereignty of America, spoke out to remind military personnel that their honor will always be upheld in the eyes of those who matter, and their courage will be recognized in their righteous, conscientious objection of this fraudulent contravention of our founder's blood ransomed nation. Many wanted to simply encourage active military service members to be brave, refuse orders, and let the course of legal and political forces reach a critical mass forcing authority against Obama.

One astonishing outpouring from thousands of veterans was the proclamation that they would find more honor in duty to America by opposing Obama's illegal command and be found guilty in military court rather than fulfill their military service within Obama's fraudulent chain of command. Many said they would rather serve prison time under a sentence of hard labor than serve with "fake honor" under Obama.

"A dishonorable discharge from a military hijacked by a dishonorable command is an honorable thing," said one veteran, "Lakin is the epitome of honor and justice."

Another agreed, "At least you go out knowing you stood right for protecting America, the constitution and for your brothers in arms by attempting to expose a suspected invader. You can't even say Obama is a traitor. A traitor has to be on your side to start with, then betray you. But, what do you call someone who assaults you first? You call them the enemy."

He continued, "Anyone going to prison for opposing this liar is considered a prisoner-of-war in my book and should get formal commendations once he is released. I would rather be a legitimate inmate than dishonorably ranked."

Those responding to Lind's decision seemed to understand that honorability and integrity begins at the top of the command structure.

Following more than 4 years of obscurity and lies, it has become obvious that a vast majority of Americans now support the forced exposure of Obama’s records containing any and all information about his natal history and identity.

During the hearing, Lind ruled that Lakin’s defense team would not be allowed to have access to any of Obama's records as well as any testimony from Hawaiian officials who have access to the records.

Lind’s unqualified decision falls lock-step in line with a horde of shockingly obtuse federal judges dismissing civil lawsuits challenging Obama’s eligibility or which demand verification of his natal documentation proving he meets the Natural Born citizen requirement of the Constitution to hold the office of the presidency. Every judge in each case has denied the plaintiffs' access to any requested documentation regarding the president's eligibility.

As reported by World Net Daily, Lind incorrectly concluded that it was "not relevant" for the military to be considering claims against Obama’s eligibility, and that the laws allegedly violated by Lakin were legitimate on their face and that the chain of command led only as far as unnamed Pentagon officials which Lind did not identify, yet she said that should have been sufficient for Lakin to obey deployment orders.

Paul Rolf Jensen, Lakin's civilian attorney, said the courts now have denied his client the opportunity to present his defense despite according to U.S.C. Rule 46, a defendant put on court martial has the right to call any and all witnesses and obtain any evidence in his or her defense.


Evidence clarifying Obama's authority over Lakin would include an original, 1961, federal NVSD "Certificate of Live Birth" signed by an attending physician if, as Obama has said, he was indeed born in a hospital in the U.S. The 1961 U.S. Report on Vital Statistics, Volume 1: Natality dictates the "Certificate of Live Birth" as the 'standard certificate' to be used by state health agencies in recording births in the U.S. The Certificate of Live Birth originated in America 50 years before Hawaii became a state, and 52 years before Obama was born.

To date, Obama has provided no such federally issued, official documentation verifying his natural born citizenship, thereby proving he is eligible to be president. Instead, the Obama administration has co-opted abettors of the state of Hawaii municipal government to produce an independently published cover document designed to conceal and protect natal identity, not disclose it.

The Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth" has been widely disseminated by Obama propagandists as a legitimate birth certificate endowing Obama with federal approval. However, at the time of Obama's election the Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth" was not even unanimously accepted by all agencies in that state. The Department of Hawaiian Homelands rejects the "Certification of Live Birth" as adequate identification for its services. Also, there is longstanding legal precedence showing that federal documentation supercedes the inferior authority of state-level documentation when a candidate is seeking eligibility to run for federal office. The presidency is obviously a federal office, not a state-level office.

The governor of the state of Hawaii, Linda Lingle, the director of the Hawaiian Department of Health, Chiyome Fukino along with Hawaiian Registrar, Alvin Onaka, are key witnesses to Obama's records in that state. In Hawaii, state-level legalisms and administrative rules, which diametrically conflict with federal eligibility laws of the Constitution, are being exploited by these municipal deceivers in order to allow them to "justify" their lack of cooperation.

The two Hawaiian statutes which are being exploited to unlawfully shelter and enable Obama's criminality are HRS 338-17.8 and HRS 338-18, along with Administrative Rule 91. The first statute says that the Hawaiian Department of Health is obligated to issue a Hawaiian birth certificate for births to parents who claim Hawaii as their residence within a year of the birth, regardless of the location of the birth. A.R. 91 puts the authority for determining the validity of the information submitted by the applicant for such certificate solely in the hands of the Hawaiian Health Director, Chiyome Fukino.

HRS 338-18 conveniently allows municipal employees to refuse to disclose information in vital records to the public.

Judge Lind understands that sworn testimony from these individuals would prove that Obama possesses documentation which has not been revealed and possibly does not possess natural born citizenship and is therefore not qualified to be president.

It has since been learned that Lingle has strong economic and political ties to Obama's adoptive father, Lolo Soetoro's, home country of Indonesia, a "Pacific rim" commerce partner with both Hawaii and Japan. Obama lived in Indonesia as a boy in the late 1960's and many believe that he still has citizenry and interests there. Given her's and Obama's mutual political and economic affiliations with the Pacific rim, Muslim nation, Lingle has a clear motive to protect Obama's presidency. Lingle is also a close friend of Obama's Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano.

In an hour-long apologetic dissertation, judge Lind proclaimed that opening up such evidence could be an "embarrassment" to the "president", even though no proof exists that Obama is actually the president, and it's up to Congress to call for impeachment of a sitting president. In her shortsighted reasoning, Lind failed to grasp the legal reality that Obama, by way of his unproven eligibility, has never been and cannot be confirmed as a legally recognized "sitting president" and therefore is not subject to Lind's judicial compassion to protect him from "embarassment".

Lind also wrongly presumes that Obama is automatically a legitimate president simply because he was voted for by a majority of voters. Lind needs to be scolded and reminded that the Constitutional mandates governing eligibilty circumvent the result of any popularity contest.

Lind made her irresponsible conclusions while disregarding the vast and mounting evidence against Obama. The evidence irrefutably shows that Obama was never properly vetted or biographically analyzed as a candidate and, therefore, is only able to usurp the authority of the position without having the ability to hold its power.


The power of a legitimate presidency is timeless. This means that a legitimate president is able to invoke legally upheld executive power while in office which later must either be judicially and legislatively enforced after his departure from office, or which can only be changed or repealed by the Constitutional processes moving forward.

However, if a president is found to be illegimate after trespassing the office, the Constitution has no power to address or uphold the implements of usurped power. Therefore, all laws, vetoes, executive orders, military commands, international treaties, pardons, agreements and records created during the fraudulent office holder's criminal residence are contravened by a rescinding outside of the jurisdiction of our legal system. This means that if Obama is ever found to be ineligible as a president, at anytime in American history, it must be decreed by a Constitutional Amendment process that America was without executive leadership for the time of the usurpation. All references of Obama as a president would be legally removed from historical records and the power of the U.S. presidency during that time would be declared void. Foreign nations could assert their "right" to claim concessions lost during that time. Pardoned inmates would have to be re-arrested and perhaps, in cases of capital punishment, be put to death without appeal. Treaties signed by he usurper would immediately be void allowing hostilities to resume. International economic contracts would be cancelled.

The consequences threatening America because of Obama's actions are potentially cataclysmic to the very existence of the nation.

Lind, like many wrong-headed judges, fails to grasp that Obama's ineligibility has no statute of limitation. At any point in the future, his presidency can be nullified thereby creating a Constitutional crisis of irreparable proportions. The fact that Obama was never confirmed as an eligible candidate automatically disqualifies him from any legitimacy regardless of the result of any electoral process. An election carried out under false pretenses is void in all cases. Essentially, Lind failed in her judicial duty to uphold the authority of the Constitution over the electoral process. Instead, she audaciously and harmfully declared the electoral process, even one which invokes a usurper, as the authority over the Constitution, which was written specifically to prevent individuals like Obama from taking power in America.

Also, Lind upheld protective cessation for Obama even though her failure to uphold the merits of Lakin’s valid case only works to undermine the credibility of Obama as an individual. Her actions did more to "embarrass" Obama than any legal action demanding that truth set him free. By disallowing a vintage American hero's rightful request to verify the qualifications of his superior, before agreeing to obey mortally threatening orders to deploy during active combat, Lind has essentially rejected that which is honorable and enabled criminal behavior at the highest level of command. In essence, she has approved the violation of the legal jurisdiction of the Constitution while permitting an ongoing deception to bring shame upon, not only Obama as an individual, but the office of the U.S. Presidency in the future.

Lind's decision came just days after retired U.S. Air Force, Lt. Gen. Thomas G. McInerney, who commanded nuclear armed forces, filed an affidavit saying that the disclosure of Obama's documentation is not just critical to Lakin's defense, but to the preservation of the nation itself.

"There can be no question that it is absolutely essential to good order and discipline in the military that there be no break in the unified chain of command, from the lowliest E-1 up to and including the commander in chief who is under the Constitution, the president of the United States. As military officers, we owe our ultimate loyalty not to superior officers or even to the president, but rather, to the Constitution," stated McInerney.

He explained, "good order and discipline requires not blind obedience to all orders but instead requires officers to judge – sometimes under great adversity – whether an order is illegal."

Lind also failed to understand that each and every time a judge dismisses a case or prejudges an law abiding citizen or military service member, it only ratchets up the political ante, expands media awareness and increases the pressure on successive case holders to establish Obama’s authenticity and legitimate authority.

Unfortunately, the Obama regime has proven itself to be the most dishonest, opaque band of anti-Americans in history. For every true patriot who suffers injustice at the hands of those protecting Obama’s lie, it only undermines the security of America more.

Perhaps when all this is said and done, Lt. Colonel Terry Lakin should run for President. After all, we know he has a legitimate birth certificate.