From Conception...To Election

"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Now That Terry Lakin Has Done His Part, It’s Time For Congress To “Embarrass” Obama

by Penbrook Johannson
Editor of the Daily Pen

(Note: Please support Terry Lakin's family at

Baltimore, MD – I bet you didn’t know that Terry Lakin is a rapist? He abuses women and forces them to have sex with him. When he is not raping women, he commits cold-blooded murder as a serial killer. Oh, yeah. Didn’t you hear? He breaks into the houses of victims at night and kills them. When he is not committing murder, he is a thief. He has robbed numerous banks and stole untold amounts of property from his victims. When he is not stealing, he molests children. He even bombed a convent and once shot a dog for no reason.

Oh, and the worst offense of all, he is a liberal. It’s true. I read it on the internet.

All of these "embarrassing facts" about Terry Lakin can be found in the same place Barack Obama’s “official” birth certificate can be found. The internet. Right where Bobby Gibbs, Andy Cooper and Chris “leg tingle” Matthews said it was. Yep, the internet says that Terry Lakin is a stone-cold murdering, raping, robbing, child molesting, racist, God-hating degenerate who constantly burns toasts and leaves the toilet seat up…and that Barack Obama has provided standard, documented proof that he is a natural born citizen of the United States and is therefore eligibile to be President. Just go see it for yourself. The truth is all right there on the internet. The internet says so.

Ironically, the same internet being used to defame Dr. Lakin is the same internet that Obama's ignorant supporters complain is spreading lies about his eligibility to be President. Yet, still, they are so very eager to exalt that same internet as the only source of media where we can supposedly find the reliable, "authentic" birth record they laud as proof of Obama's legitimacy.

In fact, since July, 2008, the Obama regime has both indicted, and glorified, the internet as the single most cited source of the most reliable and, simultaneously, the most unreliable, information than any administration in American history. On one hand, Obama endorses "net neutrality", whatever that means, in which he accuses the internet of being a source of lies and factless accusations. On the other hand, Obama has called the internet a source of authenticity and truth regarding his Certification of Live Birth, which was posted by unknown sources without any factual source information attributing its origins, creators or chronology.

It would be helpful if the Obama shills would make up their mind about the legitimacy of the internet. Although, it is becoming more obvious the Obama administration has a difficult time establishing legitimacy about a lot of things.

Lets just take the safe, responsible action with all this, shall we? Instead of working so hard to prove and disprove claims of propriety using sourceless, baseless claims from the two-bit internet gallery, lets be responsibile adults and verify the truth using the existing, or absence of, evidence, needed.

I would bet my fortune that Dr. Lakin has never committed a crime in his life. I would be surprised if the man has ever received so much as a traffic citation. Likewise, I would bet that same fortune that Barack Obama is not who he claims to be.

This is the poetic, miraculous irony of Lakin’s endeavor to expose the facts concerning Obama’s eligibility, or lack thereof. Even while writing those horrible things about Terry, my mind had a difficult time even imagining them applying to anyone, let alone a decorated hero. I wrote these outrageous accusations against the massive tide of enduring truth that, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, Dr. Lakin has never committed any crime.

In this case, the reason there is no evidence of these crimes is because they never happened. No woman has ever been raped by Lakin. No bank has ever been robbed by Lakin. No one has ever been murdered by Lakin. No child has ever been harmed by Lakin.

No legitimate, original proof confirming Obama's eligibility to occupy the office of president has ever existed. Ever. Many claim the reason it has never existed is because he is not now, nor has he ever been a natural born citizen. Others claim that agents of his administration destroyed any documentation and proof contradicting his eligibility. Liars and abettors were paid by Obama, or promised gifts, long ago.

We cannot even claim that Dr. Lakin has remained inert in such sufferings of others. To the contrary, he has actually committed acts of compassion and exceptional medical skill to comfort victims of violence and illness. He has healed the wounds of selfless warriors on the fields of battle. He has consulted with leadership in the interest of their health and well being. He has a committed his life to a loving wife and family for whom he has remained a model husband and father for many years.

Now he is in Leavenworth military prison.
What's wrong with this picture?

There are letches in the deranged factions of liberal psychopathology who lust to find truth in any one of those blasphemous lies against Dr. Lakin, yet they are so consumed by their ideological lust for Obama that they want you to swallow jagged lies about him without resistence. Apparently, lying is okay to a liberal depending on who the lie favors. Or, have we forgotten the rabid, hate-filled shameful castigation of President Bush for eight years?

Unfortunately, however, there is a teeth-gnashing reality impeding on the liberal conciousness with a mind-crushing truth. Terry Lakin is a model (Natural-born) citizen with a life long history of unblemished, sacrificial service and he has exposed that Barack Obama is liar.

Members of Congress, on the other hand, would believe anything simply because they don’t have evidence to not believe the truth, and because they have exalted their political career above the value of that truth, even as the vast government structure they comprise is crumbling beneath their feet. They think that because Lakin would dare question the behavior of an ensconced god of the liberal establishment, that the criminal is the one raising questions, not Obama. In fact, the criminal is more likely the latter. This would seem reasonable simply based on comparing the biographies of both men.

Which man would you want standing by you in a fight?

Ideological degenerates would never know that the distance between reality and the lies of these accusations has never been as vast for anyone in American history than they are for Dr. Lakin. It's time that our esteemed representatives in Congress advanced the question forward. The risk of embarrassing Obama be damned.

Legitimacy Is Not The Same As Legality

Sometimes, confirmative evidence simply does not exist because it has never existed. Therefore, the crime we accuse an innocent person of simply did not occur. However, sometimes the absence of confirmative evidence is an indication that a crime has already occurred because guilt exists in that evidence, which brings us to the dilemma faced by Barack Obama.

So, how do we really know Dr. Lakin is not a violent psychopath. For the very same reason we do not know that Barack Obama is an eligible President. We make the educated assumption based on an absence of confirmative evidence.

Yet, many in this nation of liberal sycophants actually find it easier to hold an unblemished, honored patriot warrior in criminal contempt for his legally rightful challenge of a possible criminal act instead of merely investigating that potential crime because it was possibly committed by a man inhabiting an office which he may actually have no right to occupy. In the corrupt liberal mind it is easier to make a criminal of an innocent enemy than verify the innocence of a criminal friend. For those under Obama’s corruptive influence, it’s more convenient to imprison Lakin for Obama crimes.

Now, they’ve opened themselves to a righteously violent wrath. They are so lost in ideology and blinded by their own offended dissonance, they would rather crucify a truly righteous, honorable soldier than consider the criminal acts of an ambiguously identified, covertly endowed politician.

Obama’s presidential candidacy was never vetted by our government with any intention of enforcing compliance with the U.S. Constitution’s prescription for eligibility to occupy the office. Now, because of this dereliction to uphold this minimal standard, our legal system has been forced, without alternative recourse, to imprison the first obvious domestic, innocent political prisoner in American history. Of course, shame and discredit ultimately await Obama and his minions for this. This is not in doubt. Moreover, the apocalyptic consequences will belay our nation ahead for this gratuitously extralegal treatment of Dr. Lakin.

Now, through the courage of a highly regarded military officer, we are now also being forced to address the “Obama problem” by a diminishing process signified, first by administrative failure, now by judicial failure. God help us if the case against Obama is allowed to circumvent the remaining available civil and legal venues. Without the opportunity for open testimony or discourse, what remains is a bloody and violent course of resolution. One which history has proven will mete out the proper measure of complicity for such injustice.

First, the administrative process was exploited causing an endemic failure in providing accurate information and documentation. Second, the media conspired to embellish it’s coverage with favor for Obama in spite of obvious violations of administrative procedures. Third, the Obama regime tyrannized civil courts in an effort to eliminate credible legal challenges to Obama’s legitimacy. Now, the malignancy has infected the defense systems of America and its Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Let’s share a word of encouragement for all the Terry Lakin faithful in America. It is important that we not place too much weight on the consequences of this recent mistrial, and if you feel the consequences may be too much for Dr. Lakin, then stand at his side by contributing your value to him and his family in the form of monetary gifts.

Keep in mind, Terry pleaded guilty for two reasons, neither of which had anything to do with any wrong doing. Dr. Lakin is right. We all know this. Finding himself alone in the very jaws of the beast, he undertook his guilty plea in order to exploit the courts limitations on sentencing. Lakin and his defense team know that Lakin’s years of unblemished service cannot be disregarded by the jury or the judge. They will not risk of martyring Lakin outside the bounds of what is maximally acceptable by the powerful conservative sections of American society. O’Beirn, the lead prosecutor, may be on the wrong side of this issue, but he is not a fool.

Secondly, and most important, Lakin admitted to a legal definition of guilt, not a moral definition, knowing that his righteous cause against Obama would be heightened through his willingness to stand before his enemies, in their very presence, and take utter personal responsibility for his actions in complete juxtaposition to Obama’s failure to do the same. Lakin simply casted a searing light onto the dark character of Obama by physically demonstrating to all of us what Obama has not done. Lakin’s guilty plea is a brilliant tactic because it took place on a legal stage in a nationally exposed venue where he was able to maneuver his righteousness into a diametric opposition to the absence of honor, honesty and accountability found in Obama.

Lakin knows in his heart that he is not guilty to the highest authority in this matter. We all know that God smiled when Terry Lakin stood in front of that court and said, “I am guilty of violating your illegitimate rules”.

Most importantly, the military court knows he is not wrong. Admitting guilt was simply a tactical retreat to regain a better position and gain assets…and it worked. Rest assured. Terry Lakin will be taken care of…by God and by us. Obama may abandon honor, but we will not!

Yes, of course, this was a mistrial. Okay, okay…it was the mother of all mistrials. Don’t get me wrong. But, did you really think Dr. Lakin would be given a fair shake. Really? In a court room stacked with Obama’s puppets serving in a military under the influence of the very fraudulent command structure Lakin has exposed? Not a snowball’s chance in hell.

If, throughout history, the degenerate tyrants of humanity would venture so deep into their evil that they would cheat and murder the very Son of God for his righteousness, did you honestly believe these corrupt liberal creatures would think twice about imprisoning a highly regarded military hero, like Lakin, for challenging the champion of their liberal cartel? By refusing to be transparent with the American people, the Obama administration has left the military legal system with no recourse in its case against Lakin, and, when the legal system begins down the road of denying the right to one's own defense, that is a very dangerous and vulnerable time for justice. When the blindfold is removed and justice is conveyed with respect for the politics of persons rather than the legality of actions, we are truly in peril. Of course, we all know Lakin was convicted by the misused power of politics, not the objectivity of legal justice.

Ladies and gentlemen, we are off the reservation, now.

The questions about Obama’s eligibility to be president have been put to the American legal system in both civilian and, now, a military court. These questions have been ignored by these courts and therefore have laid the very precedent needed for Constitutional crisis to spear the heart of this issue. The court could not excuse Lakin. That would inspire a maelstrom of like-minded military personnel to engage the same tactic against Obama as Lakin. Then you have a massive breakdown in America's ability to defend itself from foreign enemies, not just a domestic one. However, we all know there is nothing more the military would like than to push this issue over on top of the Obama White House. You know it! They know it! Obama knows it!

However, on the other hand, neither could the court levy a punishment too severe against Lakin lest it risk making the military justice system appear like nothing more than a co-opted propaganda wing of an illegitimate Obama administration. Lakin is a man of faith with confidence in a higher law than the one he is currently sacrificing his career to. Lakin understands that his life's honor is more valuable than a retirement account from an illegitimate employer. Therefore, Lakin will serve his six months with honor and we will care for him and his family because Obama, his "commander in chief" has abandoned him. Yes, that's right, Obama will sacrifice the lives of honorable, brave, selfless Americans in order to protect the massive lies about his identity. He will defame them. He will silence them. He will imprison them and, yes, some with intimate ties with Obama have even died under suspicious circumstances.

Can you see the sickness in this yet? When men, like Lakin, are taken from our society, the country can no longer survive.

Remember the ultimate goal in all of this challenge to Obama's legitimacy. Don’t lose sight of that destination. Most importantly, don’t lose touch with the reasons why Dr. Lakin chose to challenge Obama’s eligibility by inviting his own court martial. Remember, always, that we are in a fight for as long as it takes to restore the original standard of presidential sovereignty desired by the composers of America's Constitution, and until we find out some representation of the truth about this strange and estranged man named Barry Obama-Soetoro.

Dr. Lakin, God bless his lovely heart, is but a seed bearer. His actions should inspire you, as a patriot, to cultivate his cause throughout the expanse of time doing all that is required to gain the objective result he, and we, seek. Remember, we seek to uphold the standard of divinely prescribed sovereignty in the identity of our leaders as we do in the identity of our nation. Without divine sovereignty, we lose our right to make alliances with God. Then, we lose our ability to claim “inalienable rights endowed from our Creator.” Suddenly, the issuance of rights is allowed to be circumvented by men of divergent plurality and corruption who usurp power illegally and do not act in the sovereign interest of Constitution.

Of course, we have compassion for Dr. Lakin and the way he was cheated out of his right to justice. His trial was a pathetic display, but, remember, with every eye-roll and personal disparagement toward American constitutionalists, the liberal establishment is storing up a special, particularly destructive, wrath for itself. Remember, also, we don’t have to settle for only delegitimizing Obama’s presidency, we can take each moment available to undermine, with luscious methodology, the liberal degeneracy occupying the American government at this time.

If your compassion so possesses your heart, please give the value of that compassion in monetary form to Terry Lakin, in any amount you deem appropriate. A penny or a dollar. It’s a simple act with the greatest value for and in support of the reasons he represents. For, when you are charitable to honor, honor will remember you. When you give with passion and hope, generosity is never strained. Every unit of value you send to Dr. Lakin is a dagger in the heart of this terrible and epic deception.


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