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"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Terry Lakin's Conviction Forces America To Choose Sovereignty or Protection of a Liar

Verdict Intended To Deter Further Military Insurrection Backfires: Circus Military Court Convicts Innocent Military Officer, As Expected, While Further Exposing Obama’s Covert Identity To Widening Scrutiny By Higher Ranking Officials

by Penbrook V. Johannson
Editor, The Daily Pen

(Editor’s Note: Please pray for Dr. Lakin and his family this Christmas. As a result of the recent verdict against Dr. Lakin, the Daily Pen is asking all Americans to send a financial gift directly to Dr. Lakin and his family at the American Patriot Foundation at If you believe Dr. Lakin has sacrificed for your freedom, what are you willing to give to help him keep his? Thank you to everyone for your generous response to our stories. May God bless and keep you all, in Christ.)

The most potent message of a man is conveyed not through conjured, empty words, but through the choices and observable actions of his life. Leading into the defining moment of that life, a man’s authentic identity is proven by the documentable history of authenticity prior to that challenge, and by his willingness to offer that proof without reservation or hesitation.

In Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin’s life, before he was subjected to the most disgraceful court martial in American military history, he spent the previous two decades gaining authentic qualifications to, not only challenge Barack Obama’s dark deception, but also to endure the injustice that has victimized him because of it. The man has never hidden his identity from anyone, nor has he ever been reprimanded in any significant way, for willful misbehavior of any kind. Lakin has only ever submitted to his duty as a career soldier and physician in service of America and its sovereignty.

America’s faithful, like Lakin, know that our loving Creator gives the highest honor to the worthiest of his children. By his sacrifice and service, Lakin has now become the worthiest of our military veterans and, ironically, the standard bearer for vintage American heritage now impassioned by his crucible to expose the truth about the covert identity of an ambiguously vetted liar now taking residence in the White House. Not only has Lakin selflessly engaged the physical battle of war abroad during the previous 18 years of his decorated career, he has assumed the point position in a covert war of ideological attrition against infidelity and illegitimacy of a strangely appointed conspirator.

Comparing men like Lakin with men like Obama leaves an irreparable deficit accountable to the latter. Where Terry Lakin establishes the standard of sacrifice for American citizenry, Obama has only been a parasite upon it. Where Lakin has given of himself in his physical risk fighting enemies of his country, Obama has only rejected America’s right to defend itself while seeking to change it into his own selfish realm of internationalized social justice. Where Lakin has conducted his life with transparency and honor, Obama has acted covertly and dishonorably. Where Lakin bears the fruit of his core values, Obama has been shown to have served criminals and radicals. Where Lakin fulfills America’s hopes and dreams, Obama destroys them.

The media is a disgrace. As Lakin expectedly pleaded guilty to charges stemming from his sovereign, and legal, right to defy deployment orders he believes are illegal, the media reporting on the case continues to lie about the facts and omit the truth about this astonishing matter. In line with Lakin’s own expectations, not surprising to most Americans, he was found guilty by a military jury on four of five counts based on fraudulently imposed limitations of evidence by military judge and Obama advocate, Denise Lind.

The only thing more absurd than the verdict by this kangaroo junket, is that the Obama administration and the prosecution, including Lind, actually believe their judgment against Lakin will serve as a deterrent to future service members contemplating similar challenges to Obama’s legitimacy. The reality is that the decision has only ignited a nationwide maelstrom of support for Lakin and a renewed sentiment that all military veterans and active service members should immediately refuse their orders under Obama until he is properly measured and Lakin is afforded the opportunity to present his case on the merits of evidence, not the weak-minded sentimentality of a horrifyingly misguided judge seeking to protect a potential criminal from “embarrassment”.

Once again, however, abettors like Anderson Cooper of CNN and the defamatory hacks at MSNBC have promoted Obama’s epic deception while hideously smearing Lakin without cause. Therefore, once again, we present some facts in support of LTC Lakin.

1. Contrary to CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s unparalleled, breathtaking ignorance advocating the myth that Obama’s “birth certificate” has been publicly provided, all Americans need to understand that the Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” is not the original 1961 document issued by a registered medical professional authorized to determine a “live birth” event under federal, U.S. Department of Health rules and National Vital Statistics & Records law. In fact, the Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” was exploited by Obama’s handlers exactly because of its facilitation of ambiguity, not its capacity for clarification of identity. Under the guise of identity protection, the “Certification of Live Birth” was designed to conceal identity, not reveal it. Yet, dregs, like Cooper, lust to make it an official birth record attesting to the authenticity of natural born citizenry even though it is not signed by a licensed medical professional and witnesses to the “live” birth. Because of his willful deception, at this point, Anderson Cooper is hereby declared a liar and should be formally rejected as a journalist. His dereliction of duty to present the full roster of facts extracted through research, which have long since been provided to him, regarding the document which he continues to defend, is a disgrace. He is intentionally dishonest and a pro-Obama, radical propagandist with undisclosed financial interests in protecting Obama.

2. The office of the presidency is a federal office, not a state-level office. It falls under the jurisdiction of the U.S. Constitution. However, the Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth” is an independently published cover document issued under the authority of state-level municipality, (not federal authority), which is governed by a Hawaiian Revised Statute (HRS 338-17.8) which provides “surrogate” Hawaiian-native birth documentation for children born anywhere in the world if the parents of the child, or the adult birth subject at some later date, is able to show evidence acceptable to the autonomous requirements set only by the Director of the Hawaiian Health Department, alone, that they were residents of Hawaii within one year of the child’s birth. Also, for example, this means that if the Health Department director tells Obama that he only needs to provide verbal testimony of his parents residence in Hawaii, without any documentation to prove it, then that “evidence” qualifies under the Administrative Rule 91 of Hawaii law for issuing Obama a Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth”, and the accompanying “original birth records in accordance with Hawaiian revised statutes and procedures”, as we were so deceived by Hawaiian Director of Health, and Obama abettor, Chiyome Fukino. Anderson Cooper and Keith Olbermann also know about this law and they understand the full weight of its ramifications against Obama, and themselves. So does Obama and his minion agents. Yet, they all exploit the privilege of their media power and influence to conceal this truth and hide the corruption used to exploit the state of Hawaii in order to covertly assist Obama's illegitimate ascendancy.

3. The “1961 U.S. Vital Statistics Report: Volume 1, Natality”, issued by National Vital Statistic Division of the federal U.S. Department of Health, (the alleged year of Obama’s birth), presents, in stark clarity, the acceptable format, processes and federal authority, (not Hawaiian authority), in creating birth documentation. It also demonstrates the reasons for revisions, content and attesting by legal authorities for the purpose of authenticating census and immigration data. The report also verifies the necessity of the federal, U.S. “Certificate of Live Birth”, not a Hawaiian “Certification of Live Birth”, in determining natural born citizenry. The U.S. “Certificate of Live Birth” was first issued to natural-born children in the early 1900’s, approximately a half century before Obama existed and before the state of Hawaii even created a municipal government under U.S. jurisdiction.

4. The authenticity of the contents of the actual “Certification of Live Birth” document is never addressed by the media because a.) they refuse to research it and b.) it reveals irregularities in the relationship between Hawaii and the federal requirements of birth documentation. First, as stated in the "1961 U.S. Vital Statistics Report", the registration number on a birth certificate is assigned by the regional vital statistics office in which the birth was registered. The number represents the date, birth sequence, and geographic location of the regional Vital Statistics office in which the birth was registered. In Obama’s case, this number is out of sequence in relationship to at least two other births, the Nordyke twins, which occurred after his at the same hospital he was allegedly born in. Obama's non-sequential number is the result of his birth being originally assigned a number at a vital statistics office somewhere away from the hospital in which he claims to have been born along with his Kapi’olani Medical Center birthmates, the Nordyke twins. The question is, why was it registered in a different location? According to the number assigned, Obama would have been born after the twins, not before, as his records falsely allege.

5. Based on U.S. vital statistics reporting protocols described in the "1961 U.S. Vital Statistics Report", Obama's registration number would have allowed his vital statistics and demographic information to remain unreported by the Hawaiian Department of Health, further protecting his natal history. His information would have remained concealed because the U.S. Department of Health only required that data from even-numbered certificates be reported for births between 1955 and 1961. Obama’s registration was a conveniently non-sequential, odd number.

These facts are immutable and documented proof of violations by Obama. They are important because they directly support LTC Terry Lakin’s case against Obama’s eligibility while destroying claims of pro-Obama, liberal media propagandists that Obama’s Hawaiian birth documentation is legitimate. The lone document provided to the public has never been verified or examined by any legal authority, nor has it ever been researched to determine the contents of the chain of information leading to its creation. It is not even signed by a licensed medical professional present as a witness of the birth, nor does it contain the name and location of the facility in which the birth allegedly occurred. Simply stated, without controvertible evidence, this document and its creators are liars and abettors of a criminal act.

However, this is the chosen path of the radical socialists and ideologically blinded. They have hijacked a momentary torch of American history and dropped it into the sewage of degenerates and cowards purveying over facets of their failing society and, in doing so, have denied access to the honorable, the dutiful, the truthful and the loyal. In defending Obama with blind hypocrisy, many liberals have made themselves into eternally convicted liars.

Politicians speak with conviction, as though the fraudulent legislation of this administration, over which they fight, is actually legitimate. They engage their debates without ever realizing the bills they receive from the Obama administration are possibly not even legal because of his lack of Constitutional eligibility to even be president to begin with. There debates are disgraceful theatrics rendered by meaningless shillery.

Lakin, on the other hand, has taken the one action his military and legislative colleagues are too cowardice to embrace. Those sitting in court martial against him, namely Judge Denise Lind and the JAG prosecutors lusting for his demise, are the worst of our military and symptomatic of a declining identity, thus equal to those providing Obama with his stage for deception. Make no mistake in your assessment of this matter, they hate Lakin. They hate him because his presence among them, like Christ among the hypocrites, exposes their degeneracy and dereliction.

Lakin’s standard of service and full dedication to his oath to defend our Constitution, forsaking even his superiors if necessary, make them look like mindless morons among the pedagogues of God. Without so much as an acknowledgement of Lakin’s right to present evidence in his defense, the Obama shills have exalted lies and myths…and, in the twisted lattice of their corrupted minds, deep in that private place where honor would otherwise reside, those lies have now taken permanent root and…they know it!

If Obama is indeed a documented natural-born citizen as he has professed, then why would he not come to the rescue of an honorable serviceman like Lakin by providing documentation of his legitimacy? In doing so, he would only stop future military challenges to his identity while proving himself an honorable man, as well. However, Lakin was abandoned by his alleged Commander-in-Chief because that commander is a rank coward of unparalleled impropriety.

What world will manifest by us if we deny the pleas and prayers of the innocent and the cheated? What hell have we become when we accept the imprisonment of the venerated without even questioning the authority of a secret jailer? America has truly fallen if men, like Lieutenant Colonel, Dr. Terry Lakin, in seeking truth, are forsaken by those endowed with the responsibility and influence of authority to uphold that truth, honor and righteousness of our sovereign identity.

Have all good men taken leave from our ranks? Where are the heroes bearing before them the honor in their action to leave no man behind? Where are the other warriors of renowned, like Lakin?

Lakin would never say this, himself, because he is an honorable man. However, we will challenge those serving in the U.S. military with sound conscience. To what are you now loyal and owing of your honorable service? Are you suddenly cowards amid the absence of bloody war? Have mere words and myth consumed your mind with fear such that you will not even draw breath to defend your brother, yet you will lift your weapon and fire on an enemy afield to defend someone you don't know? The military’s relationship with Obama has become little more than a theater for the impish rendition of humanity’s envious hordes. The worst now take shelter among warriors seeking to steal and clone their honor. The preeminent warrior has been prevented from casting them out.

Lakin’s opposers comprise the dissonant, the degenerates, the ill-minded and, sadly, the illegitimate. By failing to uphold the integrity of identity within their ranks, they have sacrificed the reason for their purpose. By failing to verify the legitimacy of their command, they have become the puppets of that illegitimacy and have diminished the value of their very service and, thereby, their lives. By failing to support LTC Terry Lakin, they have failed in their mission to uphold the pillars of their faith in duty against enemies of freedom, foreign or domestic. They have failed in their blood ransomed oath to protect the Constitutional fragility of this fleeting nation. Shame becomes them. Now they will reside there, as the innocent masses of their protectorates once prayed for them to act.

How can we believe in you in battle for our rights, if you will not even speak in support for the rights of your very own? How can you say you are brave and honorable in battle for those of us you don’t even know, yet you are a coward to defend the very honor of your own brother in arms? May God have mercy on you for your lack of action.

Shortly after Barry Soetoro-Obama moved into the White House, he gave a speech in which he lauded the need for transparency in our government. He used such eloquent language attempting to exonerate his covert identity and legitimize his radical ideology. Now, however, Obama seems to be the most secretive official in American history. His promotion of transparency has long since been discredited, but it has taken a new loss of significance since Lakin was allowed to be convicted by the oft proclaimed natural born Obama.

America got what it voted for. Obama brought change, as he said he would. How do you like that change, my brother’s and sister’s in arms? Your honorable brother has been wounded by your “president’s” lies. Now, what are we fighting for? How worthless will you allow this usurper to make your blood, and your lives? When did the sovereignty of the Constitution stop defining your cause, and when did protecting the secrets of a darkly concealed imposter steal your heart?

Lieutenant Colonel Terry Lakin deserves better advocacy than this current military hierarchy provides. He deserves to be a part of a more honorable cause, more deserving of his sacrifice. Perhaps, therefore, his dismissal from this façade will allow him to remain the honorable warrior he will always be in the eyes of those who actually matter.

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