From Conception...To Election

"Preventing an individual with plural loyalties, whether by biological, political or geographic origins, which may present lawful or perceptable doubt as to his allegiances thereof, other than one with the fullmost sovereignty of advanced citizenry, which is that of one who remains Natural-born from conception to election, from assuming the great power of this fragile office, was, without tolerance or vulnerability, the exaction of purpose of our fathers to induce the mandate of presidential eligibility upon our blood-ransomed Constitution..." Pen Johannson ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.

Friday, April 20, 2012


WRONG QUESTION: Regardless of transient political ideologies, confidence in a presidential candidate’s eligibility must be upheld unanimously among all Americans as a preeminent requirement before any legitimate debate over that president’s policies can be possible.  Any doubt, perceived or material, which befalls the legal status of a candidate must be remedied by that candidate to a degree which makes it impossible to undermine that candidate’s identity, loyalty, eligibility and citizenship to hold that office, whatsoever.  Failure to secure this foundation undermines the rule of law for all Americans and makes all laws implemented under that president illegitimate while simultaneously breeding revolution against anyone who serves in government.  Barack Obama’s failure to demonstrate this most basic and elementary quality ranks him with history’s most ridiculous and heretical tricksters.  

By Penbrook Johannson

NEW YORK, NY – According to Nazi lie master, Joseph Goebbels, the ingredients required for a recipe of tyranny and violence are a political liar, an abettor and a compliant authority unwilling to stop both. 
Goebbels would have greatly admired what the mainstream American media and the Judiciary branch of government has become under the spell of Barack Obama today.  Somewhere in the recesses of hell, as Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, ABC and CBS all silently echo the disgraceful decisions by judges presiding in eligibility challenges against Obama, the former head of Nazi propaganda has a big smile on his face, celebrating a victory for the crimes he modeled for government and media more than 70 years ago. 
Beginning in 1933, Goebbels used the media to hide the truth about the Third Reich’s murderous ambitions by pushing the idea of ‘big government’ supremacy using a self-righteous vilification of those who challenged the legitimacy of Hitler’s rule.  Among them, just like those working at the aforementioned broadcast networks, were those who upheld the false legitimacy of a fraudulently appointed usurper by exploiting the subject of race and accusations of criminality as incitements against their political enemies, despite the fact that Hitler, too, was not a natural-born citizen of Germany.
In 2004, liberal propagandists in the American media solidified themselves as renowned counterfeiters when they conjured documents and used them as evidence during prime-time news reports to promote unflattering lies about then GOP incumbent candidate, George W. Bush.  Seven people lost their career, including veteran news anchor Dan Rather, while Bush was elected to a second term. 
However, the same liars returned with a vengeance in 2008 undeterred in their vanity to exalt a usurper.  Whereas the 2004 forgery was intended to slander an opponent, this most recent episode of fraud was intended to help the liberal establishment.
Certifi-gate began four years ago.  America was told by a bowing liberal consensus with the help of a fawning, pro-Obama media that it was the short-form rendition of Obama’s alleged birth record, referred to at that time as a “Certification of Live Birth”, which was the only available documentation of Obama’s “natural-born” citizenship and that we should all just accept it without asking any questions.

That version of Obama’s birth documentation was alleged to have been issued by the State of Hawaii in June 2008 yet was inexplicably stamped by the Hawaiian registrar’s office in 2007.  The image of that document posted to the internet was visibly altered (the certificate number was redacted), rendering it invalid.  Ignoring its lack of authenticity, (the document had printed upon it by the agency that any alteration, including redactions of the certificate number, renders it invalid), it was also propped by organizations claiming nonpartisan objectivity, including the Annenberg Foundation…which was revealed as a former employer of Obama.
Liberal hacks in the media like Chris “leg-tingle” Matthews and Keith “hate merchant” Olbermann then went on a three year propaganda binge flapping a printed copy of the fake short-form COLB, and their mouths, in front of the camera declaring the holy grail of Obama’s eligibility to be president.  Even Hawaii’s Health Director, Chiyome Fukino, violated her jurisdiction and issued two press releases declaring Obama’s natural-born status.  No law under any jurisdiction gives legal authority to a state Health Department to grant citizenship status, only the Immigration and Naturalization Service has the capacity to do this. 
The “Certification of Live Birth” was an experimental lie which failed.  Intended to be used to see how much Obama could get away with, it deceived ignorant people for three years.  As demands for Obama’s original documentation increased, Hawaii even tried to help Obama by discreetly changing the header title of the state’s computer template from “Certification of Live Birth” in 2010 to match the standard, 100-year-old U.S. Department of Health paper document’s header, “CertifiCATE of Live Birth”.  It was an obvious attempt to provide more document camouflage for Obama by causing confusion and obscuring the farcical deficiencies of the Hawaiian short-form document by equating it with federal authenticity. 
Obama’s defenders are sanctimonious, if not outright evil.  Fukino escaped to the state’s medical board, Olbermann has since been fired, twice…and Matthews, along with the remaining slew of defamatory media lechery, has less of “tingle” over Obama after they were forced to see their pathetic failure as journalists.
In April, 2011, they would all be forced to admit before the world that, actually, Obama had not yet provided authentic documentation of his alleged “natural-born” identity and that the short form image was a rank hoax. 
27 lawsuits later, just as Obama’s political image was being sufficiently damaged enough to warrant a new and improved lie, Obama’s attorney, Judith Corley, scurried off to Hawaii on April 25th, 2011, where she was allegedly pressed to sweet-talk an inconvenienced Hawaiian municipality into digging up what the American public was left to assume was the only digital copy of a 1961 birth certificate in American history, presumably created in Adobe format 30 years before the software even existed.

Then, Obama tried to make us feel guilty for having the audacity to protect the integrity of our Constitution…a Constitution which, by the way, he has expressed overt contempt for over the past 30 years.  We were told we were subjecting Hawaii to arduous pains in asking municipal employees to actually perform the duties of their tax-funded jobs.  The poor Hawaiian agency’s vexation over long-standing administrative rules, complex processes, limited resources…sweat and tears, to provide this record was almost more than they could muster, according to Obama.

We were told how unreasonable we were being in our request to ensure the protection of America’s constitutional sovereignty by having the audacity to actually demand that America’s first self-entitled president be eligible for the office he sought.  It was even implied that we should consider ourselves privileged to be blessed with this lone scrap of regal documentation and therefore should feel guilty about doubting its veracity. 
We learned soon after that Hawaii had recently produced the same long-form documents for other applicants during that same week without so much as a complaint. 
Like a virus, multiple copies were then reproduced on paper by the White House and used to infect the press, while Obama’s media organ, NBC, appointed an overbender for Obama, Savannah Guthrie, to physically inspect the allegedly certified-with-a-raised-seal paper version of the document.  Guthrie remains the only individual on the planet, outside of Obama’s government, to have witnessed this ghostly document. 

“If the posse’s mind-blowing findings are correct, what is it that Judith Corley couriered back to Washington? And what is it that Savannah Guthrie touched?” asks WND’s Diana West.

“I find such questions most intriguing – even if the rest of the media do not – particularly after last week’s court hearing into Obama’s eligibility to appear on the ballot in the New Jersey presidential primary. After literally dozens of such eligibility cases since 2008 (evidently, the media are waiting for a discernible story trend to emerge before they pounce), I can report, having watched a video of the New Jersey hearing online, that the president’s team is making progress. Only now it’s away from his long-form birth certificate.”

A digital image of the record was posted to the website on April 27 to worshipped by all.  It was endorsed as authentic by Obama and former White House counsel, Robert Bauer, at a formal press briefing…just before Bauer mysteriously resigned without explanation, perhaps as a result of his realization of the level of deception being wrought by Obama.

This is the same Internet image, along with an image of Obama’s alleged Selective Service registration card, discovered by a constitutionally empowered law enforcement investigation group to be forgeries.  At a press conference held on March 1, 2012, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s office explained that it believed the online image originated as a computer file and never even existed in original paper form before being fabricated from multiple sources and posted to the government website.

West goes on to write about the recent New Jersey ballot challenge hearing in which Mr. Obama’s attorney, Alexandra Hill, “couldn’t have been more adamant about not citing the online birth certificate as a means of proving the president’s identity in this recent challenge – and after everyone went to so much trouble to get it! Indeed, she called the Internet image “legally irrelevant,” arguing that New Jersey law doesn’t specifically call for a birth certificate to qualify a presidential candidate for the ballot.”

As indicated by online video of Hill’s arguments, she agreed with the plaintiffs “great arguments” that the image of Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and made the absurd claim that, therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status. Therefore, she argued, it is “irrelevant to his placement on the ballot”.

Hill went on to contort reasoning by implying that Obama needs only invoke his political popularity, not legal qualifications, in order to be a candidate.  During the hearing, Hill's bizarre argument was showcased by the following exchange:

Judge Masin asked Hill, “I understand you have a general objection before we get to the question of what is his (Obama’s) qualifications?”

“Yes, I have an objection as to relevance,” replied Hill, as to the plaintiffs’ witness testimony regarding the authenticity of the image of Obama’s alleged 1961 'Certificate of Live Birth'.

“The objectors carry the burden of proof to show that a candidate is not eligible under New Jersey statutes.  Photographs (of Obama’s alleged birth certificate) are not relevant as to the discussion of the law today,” said Hill.

Then, shockingly, Hill went on to agree with widely publicized suspicions that the image of Obama’s alleged Certificate of Live Birth is, indeed, a fabrication. She conceding that the plaintiffs’ arguments against the authenticity of Obama’s birth certificate were valid saying, “I understand that they have great arguments (that the internet image of Obama’s birth certificate is a forgery), but I don’t see how that is relevant in this case.”

Hill’s misunderstanding of administrative law reveals a strategy to defend Obama’s fraudulent election in which our legal system has reversed the legal assignment of burden of proof in order to equate eligibility with a legal definition of innocence of a crime for Obama.

Unfortunately for Obama, eligibility for political office does not fall under the precepts of criminalogical reasoning of "innocent until proven guilty", unless a charge is made that a crime has been committed, such as forgery or fraud, in order to deceive people about your identity or citizenship status. Obama's ineligibility, by itself, is not a crime...being fraudulently elected by deceiving voters is.

Simply put, Obama does not have a right to hold an office he is not eligible for and, therefore, he is not harmed by a lawful denial of an opportunity to hold the office he is not eligible for. Therefore, it is incumbent upon Obama to prove he is eligible in order to avoid harming others by his illegitimate election.  It is not the responsibility of those who are risk to show evidence that Obama is ineligible.

Hill incorrectly argued that Obama is automatically eligible until proven ineligible, yet she sought to suppress the very evidence which shows that Obama’s eligibility has never actually been proven to begin with.Hill then attempted to have the judge declare that Obama was preeminently eligible without any legal responsibility to prove with documentation that he was, in fact, qualified to hold the office of the presidency.
Absurdly, Obama’s position, as contorted by Hill, is that his appearance on New Jersey's presidential ballot is not related to his actual eligibility to be president.

West wrote, “Exactly how a presidential candidate demonstrates he is at least 35 years old and “natural born,” the constitutional requirement New Jersey upholds, Hill didn’t say, but Administrative Law Judge Jeff Masin found her arguments persuasive to the point of preventing an expert witness from offering testimony that the online image is a forgery.”

“Even though the Obama team entered no documentation of the president’s identity into the record – not even that “certified” birth document Obama’s personal lawyer traveled so far to retrieve – Judge Masin managed to find that the president was both born in Hawaii and “natural born.”

“Neat, huh? But note the shift in legal tactics. If, in New Jersey, the online birth certificate was “legally irrelevant,” in January’s Georgia eligibility hearing, the president’s lawyer, Michael Jablonski, considered it legally decisive. Jablonski cited “the documents evidencing the birth of President Obama” that are available online to try to quash a subpoena that “commanded” Obama to come to court and bring “any and all birth records” with him (among other documents).”

“A golden opportunity to show off that certified, hand-couriered birth doc from Hawaii, and be done with it, no? No. When Administrative Law Judge Michael Malihi refused to quash the subpoena, Jablonski and Obama ignored it. They just didn’t show up. Not to worry: Flouted subpoena and all, and without any evidence from the Obama team, Judge Malihi found that the president was both born in Hawaii and “natural born,” too.”

“Amazing how that works, and no matter what the president’s lawyers do – so long as they don’t enter tangible evidence of the president’s identity into the court record.”

“As for that new birth certificate that came online last April? Since government and media have abdicated their responsibility to help determine whether it’s the real McCoy or a forgery, what else is there to do but wish it a happy first birthday?”

In other words, when the liar tells his lie, use the national media to promote it as truth.  Then, when decent, honest citizens discover the lie and seek a redress of their greivances , just have the legal system ignore them. 

Before you know it, 10 million people will be murdered and your usurpation of power will have violated every inalienable right endowed by God upon humanity. 

The Nazis could not do it any better.


  1. Well and truly stated.

    The fact that the judge in NJ, the NJ SOS, and no doubt the various attorneys involved (among others) swore an Oath to protect and defend the Constitution ....

    ... and THIS is how they do it??? Lies, lies, lies. If the SOS does not determine the man's eligibility when others in that state have been removed as being ineligible, then HOW is the SOS "upholding and defending"?? - or, more correctly WHO is the SOS "upholding and defending" as it surely is not the Constitution.

  2. Good points!

    Obama's attorneys are trying to argue that just because there aren't state requirements - administrative regulations - for candidates to prove their eligibility, then there is no need whatsoever to prove eligibility, even though the Constitution outlines the requirements to run.

    The brain matter in the legal field has had seizures...and we are left with a bunch of ridiculous rat-scurrying feces.

  3. Mr. Penbrook, please come out of the shadows and lay out a game plan that you think will be the best possible way to end this President's reign of terror and I am not talking about allowing him on the ballot for an opportunity to win or lose an election. We want a resignation and a total embarrassment for all those who have enabled this to happen and are enabling this to continue. You are a very intelligent man, please allow that intelligence to work overtime and lay out a plan that will lead to the goal of a resignation and possible prosecution. Time is running out. Please Mr. Penbrook One, do it for the little guy who has one stinking vote in November. I think millions will rally if the game plan seems attainable.

  4. "... not evidence of forgery..."

    Awesome insight Mr. Johannson.

    It may be to late to impeach the titular "putsch(er)" of the "transformation" insurgency.

    With John Boehner, a "go-along-to-get-along" Speaker of the House, and the shallow thinkers in the House and Senate who are not aware and/or are not concerned, such as Sen. Marco Rubio and former Sen. Rick Santorum, about "natural born Citizen" and Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5, it may be too late to start impeachment proceedings against the OCCUPIER-in-Chief, aka THE "putsch(er)" MAN BHObama.

    So, looking forward... before it happens again... let the educatin' begin... one billboard at a time.

    A suggestion for those who have the BIG Bucks and the know-how, maybe something similar to the WND "Where's the REAL Birth Certificate?" billboards.

    A suggestion, simple and clear -

    The U.S. Constitution
    ... Article 2, Section 1, Clause 5
    ... "natural born Citizen"
    ... what is it?
    ... what does it mean?
    ... www.a2s1c5[.]com

    the url is not active... yet.